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If you were to believe the MSM and the left…

stepping on Israel flag

It's pretty clear now that Obama hates Israel, as do many in the main stream media. Obama has threatened to abandon Israel and allow the U.N. to pursue a two state 'solution' to the Palestinian situation. That would be tantamount to starting all out war in the Middle East. And if you listen to the narrative, you might think that Israelis hate Palestinians and all Arabs. But once again the facts don't support the narrative.

Did you know for example, that there are some 1.2 million Arabs living in Israel? They enjoy all rights of citizenship including representation in the government and the right to vote. They live peacefully with the Jews. And here's a little factoid that probably chafes the left wing pundits to no end; the village of All Naim is the most pro-Bibi voting district in Israel.

The residents of All Haim voted for the Likud party 77%. The residents of All Haim are Bedouin Arabs. So if Bibi was this horribly racist person who hates all Arabs, then why did the majority of all Arabs living in Israel vote for the Likud party and to re-elect Bibi? Doesn't make sense if you believe the American media.

NRG, an Israeli news service, reported that the village had been fighting for upgraded electric and sewage service for a long time. Netanyahu was the first politician to make that happen and keep his campaign promise. Several of the residents interviewed for the article said Bibi and the Likud party were people of good things; they were people of honor.

It's interesting to note that it's just not the American media failing to report the extent of support that Netanyahu enjoys among Israeli Arabs; the paper Haaretz reported comments by unnamed sources in All Naim as saying they really didn't like Netanyahu but felt compelled by their tribal leaders to vote for Likud, a fact the tribal leaders denied, but the unnamed sources fit the narrative for the anti-Likud, pro-Obama newspaper.


Now eligibility is a legitimate question…


Now that Ted Cruz has declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination, the left wing pundits are all of a sudden concerned with 'eligibility' for the office of President. From the view to MSNBC and in between there has been discussion about whether or not Cruz is a citizen and thus eligible for the office.

Let's point out a couple of facts; eligibility for the office is a legitimate question that should be asked of and answered by all candidates. Period. Unless a person can show they meet the requirements, he/she should not be allowed to run for the office.

Ted Cruz is eligible because he meets all requirements including that of being a U.S. citizen. Despite being born in Canada, he was born to American citizens and thus he was granted citizenship automatically. Natural born does not mean they were born on U.S. soil but were citizens at birth because they met the criteria as laid out in our laws. Being born to an American citizen is one way to be a natural born citizen.

Unlike Obama, Ted Cruz produced his birth certificate to prove his birth parents are Americans. He put the question to rest quickly, although there are those pundits still adhering to Alinsky tactics by claiming he doesn't meet the citizenship test. Obama has never produced his birth certificate, although others have claimed to have done so on his behalf.

The left wing is afraid of Cruz and will do/say whatever they can to keep the focus off of issues and Cruz' record. That's how the leftists win, throwing out baseless accusations and muddying up the waters. That's all this is at this point. Remember, 'birthers' were and are still ridiculed by the very same people claiming citizenship is a legitimate question...


Obamacare or Princess care?


Make your choice now while you are young. My mother in law is in a nursing home; as far as nursing homes go, this one is pretty nice and the people do care about the inmates, err, patients, err, residents. But it's still institutional care. She didn't have much choice as she'd made bad financial decisions but if you start now, you can make the choice this lady made and it's working out pretty well.

A man and his wife were on a Mediterranean cruise aboard a Princess liner. They noticed an elderly woman sitting alone at first dinner. The staff, everyone, seemed to know her well and said hello, waited on her hand and foot. She was getting special attention. So he asked their waiter and was told she wasn't a VIP but that she'd been on the last 4 cruises, back to back.

As the man and his wife left the dining room he stopped to say hello and asked her why she was on the cruise back to back. Without hesitation she replied, "It's cheaper than a nursing home. A nursing home costs about $200 a day. I have long term reservations with Princess lines; pairing that discount with the senior discount, it costs about $135 a day, leaving $65 a day for tips or shopping or whatever I want."

Think about it; on a cruise their are 10 meals a day and the food is fantastic. Or I can have breakfast in bed everyday if I choose. There are three swimming pools on board, a workout room, free washers and dryers and shows every night. Free toothpaste, razors, soap, and shampoo. They treat you like a customer and not an inmate. T.V. broken, light bulb burned out, need new linens? No problem, it's fixed right away and they apologize for the inconvenience.

If you fall in the nursing home you are on Medicaid or Medicare and have to deal with all the hassle. On a ship they have a full time doctor and clinic plus they'll upgrade you to a suite while you recuperate.

And get this; your views are the Mediterranean, Australia, Alaska, the Panama Canal, Tahiti, wherever you want to go. And when you die, they'll just dump you overboard at no charge. No nursing home for me, I'm saving for my Princess Cruise Lines retirement.

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MMF – a hodge podge edition

gay pride

OK, you know all the guys are going to say they would do this in a heartbeat but would you really? A brothel in Berlin is advertising for quality control testers. The ad says the candidate would be responsible for checking on the quality of services, cleanliness, safe sex practices, and the value offered for the price. According to the add, the company has legal brothels in Germany, China, and Spain so being multi-lingual is a plus, particularly if you speak French. French? Really? That's what the cheese eating surrender monkeys are doing with their women now? You'd better have a college degree, particularly in business, experience in brothels and a full health certificate. Go ahead and explain to your wife how come you meet all of those qualifications. I dare you.

Aah, the beauty of a nice spring day; chirping birds, warm temps, sunshine and a walk in the park. A great day to be alive until you say, "hold my beer and watch this." Christopher J. Stewart was 'hiking' with friends in the Starved Rock State Park in Illinois when he climbed over a fence, stepped off a walkway onto the top of a waterfall. Just a little pro tip for you potential Darwin Award nominees, waterfalls are generally at the top of a cliff, that's why they are called 'falls'. Stewart then walked out onto some ice along the edge of the pool and began jumping up and down. I think most of you can see where this is going. He broke through, and was unable to gain his footing, went over the edge and broke both of his legs in the fall. He did survive and hopefully will hit the road as a motivational/educational speaker letting other mouth breathers know of a little thing called 'consequences'.

Emma McCabe has not had good luck with men. After her last "disastrous" relationship she decided to find something else. Most women turn to other women, begin batting for the other team or they start hoarding cats; heck at worst they become a teacher and start having relations with underage students. But now, our desired to 'accept' everyone's life choices has lead to this; Emma McCabe is in love with 'Tim', a sturdy Poplar tree. Yep, a tree. She wants to get married to him and is seeking legal authority to do so. What ever happened to the days when you just kept stuff like this to yourself, had your own little ceremony and didn't tell everyone that you were batshiat crazy? Can't we go back to those days? "He fulfills my emotional and sexual needs. I orgasm by rubbing against the bark naked. I love the feeling of skin on bark contact, which gives me a more pleasurable pain sensation and the feel of his leaves against my skin makes me tingle. I have sex with him every week - it's the best I've ever had!" I know, you guys are saying that she just hasn't been with the right man, namely 'you'. Stay away from her, she's crazy and not in a good way. She'll stalk you dude.

The Oakland police continue their world training tour, going on 10 years now. West Bengal police are trying to crack down on illegal brothels in their district. They conducted a raid on a brothel Sunday morning and found more than they had expected. Among the customers of the brothel were four of their own officers AND the murder suspect they were supposed to be transporting from prison to a hospital for a medical checkup. Officials say the officers were taking the suspect from a jail in Jharkhand to a clinic and the brothel trip was 128 miles out of their way. This wasn't just a last minute decision, they had time to think about this romp. The murder suspect actually got away during the raid but he found his way back to the jail, knocked on the door and asked to be let back into his cell. I guess Indian women aren't as good as the Kama Sutra would have us believe.


Seattle liberals are shocked, SHOCKED, I say!

head out of ass

One of the undeniable truths of life: liberal policies have the best of intentions but often end up doing more harm than good. Just look at the welfare state we have created; look at the environmental policies that have killed entire industries; look at Obamacare. Too often liberals take the wrong tact in trying to address a concern and never fix the problem they were trying to fix. Maybe because they don't understand the problem or they want to do what seems to be easiest, like raising taxes and redistributing the money. Maybe it's because they enjoy power; whatever the reason the result is often the same, abject failure and complete and total shock that there were "unintended consequences".

Seattle WA: the city has imposed a new minimum wage of $15 an hour, following the lead of several suburbs around the city. The new wage is set to go into effect in a few weeks. But as typical liberals, the city leaders had the best of intention and completely ignored history. We've documented the businesses that have closed in various areas due to the increased minimum wage and now Seattle's leaders are watching business after business close in anticipation of the wage increase.

Seattle Magazine ran an article recently asking, "Why Are So Many Seattle Restaurants Closing Lately?" The article said, "last month - and particularly last week - SEattle foodies were downcast as the blows kept coming: Queen Ann's Grub closed February 15. Pioneer Square's LIttle Uncle shut down February 25. Shanik's Meeru Dhalwala announced that it will close March 21. Renee Erickson's Boat Street Cafe will shutter May 30 after 17 years with her at the helm. What the *$#&@* is going on? A variety of thing, probably - and a good chance there is more change to come."

The article went on to say that one major factor affecting the restaurants in particular is the impending minimum wage hike. They quoted Anthony Anton, president and CEO of Washington Restaurant Association as saying, "It's not a political problem, it's a math problem." He estimated that restaurants usually have a budget breakdown of about 36% for labor costs; add in other costs and generally there is room for a 4% profit margin. With the increased cost of labor imposed upon them by the city government, something has to give.

Certainly they can raise prices, reduce labor hours, buy cheaper ingredients but all of those actions have consequences, which generally reduce sales and thus profits. Many restauranteurs believe they cannot raise prices further and reducing staff, which is already at bare bones, or buying cheaper ingredients will hurt the quality of their product. And remember, the businesses from whom they buy products or get services are also increasing their costs which adds more to the expense ratio for the restaurant.

It's not just restaurants. Hotel employees are seeing the same things happen. A reporter from the magazine visited a Clarion hotel and spoke to a couple of employees. A cleaning woman said it sounded good in theory to raise her wage from $10 an hour to $15. But now she lost her 401K, health insurance, paid holidays and vacation. And the free meals she used to get at the hotel restaurant, which is now closed.

A part time waitress on the catering staff said she is getting $15 an hour, the hotel is in the area of SeaTac that imposed the wage increase last year. But she is making less money now than before. She told the reporter that she used to get $7 an hour but her tips were huge, she averaged over $17 an hour after receiving tips. Now her tips have almost disappeared. AND she has to pay for her own meals and parking.

Guests at the hotel also now have to pay for parking and room rates have been increased by 10%. Guess what? Room nights are down. The hotel has also laid off a maintenance worker and a night desk clerk.

Of course liberal politicians are shocked that this is happening. They believe that increasing costs would easily cover the livable wage imposed upon the businesses and people would gladly pay more for products and services understanding they were helping out poor workers. The problem is that it's not a zero sum game; we can't just raise taxes and force people to give us more money to cover the increased cost of socialist programs, like governments can. No, we have a limited income and can't just go out and get more money and pay more for our stuff. We have to change our buying habits and that often means eating out less, traveling less and buying fewer things. But at least a few people are seemingly making more money...


The new ‘lawn darts’? I love it

Whiskey Barrel

Let innovation come up with ways to create new products and in the meantime find ways to help stupid people kill themselves. Mark Phillips now has federal approval to market and sell his product, Palcohol or powdered alcohol. Just mix the powder with water and you have instant alcohol. Just think of the implications.

Now you can sneak the powder into sporting or entertainment events and avoid the price gouging exorbitantly high cost of beer or mixed drinks. Just buy a water, pour in some Palcohol powder and get down with your bad self. This is brilliant!

It comes in two forms, beverage and industrial. The beverage formulation is for ingestion, making ugly people good looking, allowing white people to dance and encouraging bad decisions. It's light weight and can be easily carried when traveling, hiking, camping and airlines will like it because it's lighter than bottled booze.

The industrial formulation can be used for manufacturing, medical applications (which includes taking on hikes or camping) commercial applications and as a fuel source.

According to their website, there are all kinds of applications, like one ice cream manufacturer in Hawaii wants to add it to their product line to make an adult version of ice cream.

What's it taste like? Well they have several versions, vodka, rum and three cocktails; a Cosmopolitan, Margarita and Lemon Drop. Just add six ounces of your favorite liquid and you're on your way to a great time.

And yes, you'll probably see teens and college kids snorting it. That'll clean out the gene pool early, hopefully before they reproduce, although these days, it's not just some redneck's sister getting pregnant at 14.

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Time to clean the gene pool

Cowboy training camp

I spent the last several days at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, CA. Being around a lot of people reinforces my belief that banning lawn darts has been one of the most consequential actions our government has ever taken. It's lead to stupid people being able to live longer and thus reproduce, not to mention vote. I saw a number of examples of their stupidity, not to mention the effects of 'participation and self-esteem' societal standards.

It is apparently now acceptable to wear a pillowcase as a shawl.

Apparently $10.50 a beer is where I draw the line, but lots of people like paying the equivalent of a case of beer for a glass of Bud Light.

It was mid 90s every day. I heard several women complain incessantly about being hot, yet they were wearing black; long sleeved shirts with yoga pants which is apparently the uniform of trophy wives now. I heard on woman say she can't believe she was hot since she was wearing 'thin clothing'. It's a good thing you have nice boobs.

There are very few seats in any stadium that are in the shade for significant amounts of time. Of course people arrived early to get those seats. It was common for people to show up 2 hours or more later and bitch at those who were already there, calling them "selfish". Maybe if you'd have gotten those fake boobs...

Audi was a major sponsor of the event. They had a special parking area, close to the facility that allowed anyone with an Audi to park there. I listened to some self important moron argue with the attendant saying it's clear his Cadillac Escalade with 28" rims "deserved" to be in the lot since it was nicer than some of the Audis. How is that rap career going? I see you sat in general admission on court 9...

I don't care what you call it, man bag, murse, brosac; it's a purse and you're a girl.

Just when did a grubby t-shirt, Dockers shorts and flip flops become the 'uniform' of the successful Californian? Especially those shirts that come with the bulge in front.

When walking through the cheap seats to get to your court side reserved seats, it is imperative that you don't make eye contact with or speak to anyone, including the ushers or security staff keeping the riffraff out; besides they shouldn't ask for your ticket, isn't it apparent that you're one of the special people.


Ben Savage proves the point, again.

Dan Savage

It should be someone's doctoral thesis, I think it would be an interesting study: that is, analyze how liberals respond to legitimate discussions and expressions of opposing views. If you pay attention, you will notice that liberal tactics are generally to launch personal attacks upon those with whom they disagree. How many times have you heard a liberal respond to an opposing view point by calling that person a racist, bigot, ignorant and too often more vile names? A lot. It's the liberal way.

Dan Savage is, in that regard, the stereotypical liberal. Savage is a sex columnist for something called 'The Stranger' as well as an advocate for gay rights, an author and Obama's Anti-Bullying advocate. His bio on the Stranger reads:

Savage can also lay claim to being the only person at The Stranger to have actually converted his sexuality into a profession. Of the 100-120 days he works in a given calendar year, Savage dedicates fully 90 of them to psychologically abusing his staff by rewriting articles without telling them, assigning huge pieces at the last minute, and questioning their dedication to the paper, their intellect, and indeed, their sexuality. He has a boyfriend and a child. He is also wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice and cheats at racketball. (I know it's misspelled)

Read that bio, which I'm sure he either wrote or approved even tacitly. Doesn't that sound like a bully? What if someone like Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh was accused of bullying employees in that way? First of all, I'm sure most people wouldn't brag about being a bully at work, questioning the sexuality of employees, or admitting to being a cheater and laughing it off. But if a right wing personality was even accused of those things, the left, including Savage would be screaming about how mean and terrible they are and calling for that person's death.

Potential Presidential candidate Ben Carson gave an interview a while back and made a comment about how being gay is a choice for some because people "go into prison straight and come out gay." That is an accurate statement, on some level. It's certainly one that could be debated and discussed in an intellectual manner. But not for the liberals like Savage.

Savage engaged in the very behavior that he's supposed to be advocating against, he began bullying Dr. Carson. He sent Carson a message that can only be described as vile:

Dear Dr. Carson,

If being gay is a choice, prove it. Choose it. Choose to be gay yourself. Show America how that's done, Ben, show us how a man can choose to be gay. Suck my dick. Name the time and the place and I'll bring my dick and a camera crew and you can suck me off and win the argument.

Very sincerely yours,
Dan Savage

Well there you go, the typical liberal intellectual discussion. I am right and you are wrong if you disagree with me. Male and female prisoners who have by their own admission never ever thought of engaging in homosexual acts do so in prison. Sometime they are forced into that behavior but they make a choice. But here's the point, whether you agree with Dr. Carson that it's a choice or you believe people are born that way, it's open to discussion, or should be. Simple fact is, I have friends who have 'tried it' to see what it was like. That's a choice. I don't doubt that many people are born that way. Isn't it possible that both sides to this argument have some validity?

Savage instead chose to denigrate the open and free debate of ideas, possibly educating some people in the process. It's the liberal way, the arrogant way, the intolerant way. To them, there is only one opinion.


Quick hits

quick hits

Isn't it interesting that 30-40 years ago the hippies, who are now the left wing pols and pundits, were telling us that marriage was an outdated institution used to control our lives. We were told that living together was a much more satisfying and natural arrangement that eased stress and made people happier. Now these same people are the ones fighting for the right to marry for gays, lesbians, and even multi-partner marriages. Having told us that society can't or shouldn't dictate how two people express their love for each other, they are now telling us that we have to celebrate the marriages of everyone and anyone; that we must protect their right to marry. Seems their principles have changed with the situation...

President Obama and many on the left side of the aisle have their panties in a wad over the open letter signed by 47 Republican Senators warning Iran that any deal signed by Glorious Leader will not last. Let's remember two things, the Constitution provides that all treaties signed by a President MUST be ratified by the Senate. We know that the proposed agreement allows Iran to have a nuclear weapon within 10 years and the Senators have every right to tell the participants what they think. Let's not forget the Democrats have done much worse. Ted Kennedy sent Russian President Yuri Andropov a letter apologizing for President Reagan's actions, signing a treaty to put medium range defensive missiles in Western Europe because those countries feared Russia's aggressive stance toward them. Let's not forget John Kerry, Tom Harkin and others met with Daniel Ortega, an avowed communist who had agreed to allow Russia to establish a military base in Nicaragua. Kerry, Harkin and others not only went to Nicaragua but openly violated our official foreign policy towards Ortega and his regime; in both instances, these Democrats were counseling our enemies on how to deal with our President, our media and the American citizens to dupe us into believing they meant us no harm. Which is worse?

Finally, some common sense from a judge. In 2010 a New Jersey man went to an Applebee's and ordered fajitas. When the plate arrived, he bowed his head in prayer. He claimed that the greased from the hot plate popped and burned his eye and face. He panicked, knocked the plate off of the table and the food burned his legs and groin area. The resultant mild burns did not leave scars or cause any permanent damage. A lower court dismissed the lawsuit and a NJ appellate court has upheld the dismissal saying the fajitas posed an "open and obvious" danger that the man should have been aware of and changed his behavior in order to prevent injury. In other words if you don't know by now that fajitas are served on a sizzling hot plate, you're a dumass.

For you Obama supporters, isn't it a bit unnerving to, once again, have Obama say he only learned about a 'problem' in his administration by watching the news? He told CNN that he learned of the Hillary Clinton personal email accounts "at the same time everybody else learned it through new reports." It's probably true since his own staff says he regularly skips morning briefings to watch ESPN. It's probably not true since we now know that he was receiving emails from then Secretary of State Clinton from that private account. But still doesn't it say something about his opinion of the American people that he continually expects us to believe that he's either incompetent or that we'll believe him despite the fact that he is clearly lying?


You don’t own you, the government owns you


Do you think you own your identity, your name, your image? Nope, not completely; I'm not talking about identity theft, I'm talking about the government having the ability to use all information about you and without your express permission or knowledge.

Sondra Arquiett had been arrested and convicted on a drug charge, sentenced to probation; basically it appears she'd been a user, not a seller although that's irrelevant to the case at hand. Arquiett then found out that a DEA agent involved in her case had created a fake Facebook account using her name, photos and general information, even posted pictures of her, some of which were a bit racy and then used the page to try and communicate with suspected criminals. They 'friended' people and did everything you and I do on FB.

When Arquiett found out, she was mad and tried to get them to take down the fake account. The DEA agent who created and maintained the page, Timothy Sinnigen, would not. She sued and the court sided with the DEA.

In a court filing, a U.S. attorney claimed the agent created and maintained the account "for a legitimate law enforcement purpose." They admitted that Arquiett did not give express permission for the use of her photographs, which were obtained off of her phone after her arrest, but that she implicitly granted permission to use her name, information and photos by granting access to her cell phone and thus consenting to the use of that information to aid in an ongoing criminal investigation.

In other words, because she cooperated with law enforcement officers investigating her, she was really granting them almost unlimited permission to use her information in ongoing investigations, without ever being asked. Some in the law enforcement community say this is no different than an officer going under cover or a person being wired by police.

Oh yes it is. In those cases the person has complete and full knowledge of what they are doing. And a narc going under cover creates a fake persona, not only to gain the trust of suspected criminals but to protect that officer's family by hiding their identities. Now the cops have put Arquiett in a dangerous position because anyone arrested and/or convicted by cops is going to believe she assisted them in the investigation.

Not to mention the rights to privacy and other rights as laid out in our Constitution. But as we know, if Obama doesn't have to obey the laws of this land, why should the cops?