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Bigotry in America


It used to be that bigotry was out in the open, there for everyone to see. Democrat Governor Wallace standing on the steps of the school telling everyone that he would not allow black children to attend a white school. Whites only restrooms, water fountains, pools, facilities of all types were segregated. You knew who was bigoted and who was not. Let's not forget Al Gore Sr. and Senator John F. Kennedy rallying the Democrats to vote against the Civil Rights Act put forth by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower.

Walter Williams has argued that one unintended side effect of civil rights and anti-discrimination law has been to drive bigotry underground. You don't exactly know who hates you become of some demographic characteristic over which you have little or no control; unless you are Michael Jackson or Snookie. Wouldn't we be better off being able to easily identify bigoted people, businesses or institutions? Then you could make conscious decisions to avoid doing business with them, supporting them with your donations, and just speaking out against them. Ultimately the power of the pocket book is more powerful than a law driving bigotry underground. It also makes it easier to fight bigotry if it's out in the open.

Obama has brought it back out in the open, yet it's not what most people would think of when you talk about discrimination. The left wing seems to think that only whites are bigoted; white guilt, white privilege, white cops killing black criminals. When a black cop kills a white kid, there isn't a peep from the race baiters. Yet they claim to hate all bigotry.

The problem with the kind of bigotry practiced by the left, is that it's acceptable, fashionable, hip, and taught to our children in our educational institutions. And it's now leading to open violence against those groups who are seen to be racist, even if individuals in that group have never done anything racist and have in fact fought against bigotry with their words and actions. Just take a look at what white protestors in Ferguson were told; to stand aside, don't put up your hands in solidarity, you are white, you don't understand and can't relate.

That is bigotry pure and simple. It is assumed because they are white they have not been discriminated against. Yet they are being discriminated against by black activists delineating them as a group because of the color of their skin. We can point out all kinds of subtle instances; whites can't say the 'n' word; it's OK to call whites 'crackers'; to stereotype white people as poor dancers or having an inability to jump.

Again, Obama brings it back into the open with his comments on what happened in Ferguson and the killing of two police officers in NYC this weekend. Two cops targeted simply because they were police and it was a black man openly saying he was getting even for what happened in Ferguson and NYC. Compare what the 'uniter in chief' said about both instances:

Regarding Ferguson: There's no reason for folks to be patient. I'm impatient. That's why in the wake of what happened in Ferguson and what happened in New York, we've initiated task forces that in 90 days, are going to be providing very specific recommendations," he told Candy Crowley on CNN's State of the Union. "On the other had, I think an unwillingness to acknowledge that progress has been made cuts off the possibility of further progress. If - if critics want to suggest that America is inherently and irreducibly racist, then why bother even working on it? I've seen change in my own life. So has this country. And those who would deny that, I think, actually foreclose thee possibility of further progress rather than advancing it."

Now compare that to what he said regarding the assassination of the NYPD officers: "I unconditionally condemn today's murder of two police officers in New York City. Two brave men won't be going home to their loved ones tonight, and for that, there is no justification. The officers who serve and protect our communities risk their own safety for ours every single day - and they deserve our respect and gratitude every single day. Tonight, I ask people to reject violence and words that harm, and turn to words that heal - prayer, patient dialogue, and sympathy for the friends and family of the fallen."

So in one case, the case in which a black youth is killed, he expresses impatience. He tacitly calls for protests, violence and a condemnation of the judicial process. Never mind the black youth is a thug, was attempting to do great harm if not kill a police officer. In the second situation a black man expresses a very clear desire to kill all 'pigs' and carries out his plan on two innocent men. In that case, we must not rush to judgement, we must have a dialogue. Is Obama saying there are two legitimate competing points of view in this case? Yes, he is. But in the Ferguson or NY cases, there is not a second point of view; it was racist pure and simple.

He has brought racism back into public view, pure and simple.

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MMF – You can’t be cool doing these things

Socks with sandals

I don't care who you are, there are some things that are patently uncool. Doesn't matter where, when, why; you just don't look cool. Period. So don't get caught doing these things in public.

Of course, wearing socks with sandals reminds us of our dads on vacation.

Working out with a shake weight, even if you are woman with natural, bouncy boobs, we still get one image in our mind.

Using Google glasses in public. You look pretentious and dumb.

Putting on a condom.

Anyone making a duck face when taking a selfie. Guys doing this are automatically elevated to douche bag status.

Wearing Crocs. Even worse if you are hiking.

Riding a Segway. Double douche bag status if you are wearing a helmet.

Taking photos with an iPad.

Power walking, or walking at all, down a street using hiking/ski poles. If you can't make it down a level street without help keeping your balance, get a Segway, put on a helmet and let us film you.

Sagging pants.

Wearing a fanny pack. Bonus points if your sweater is tied around your waist. King of douche bags if you are wearing socks with sandals.

Running with a back pack.

Throwing with your non dominant arm. Unless you are Obama; then it doesn't matter which arm you use.

Using a Neti pot. Don't. Just don't.

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That must have been harrowing


Remember when Hillary came out last year and tried to empathize with the working class; she related how worried she was about leaving the White House at the end of her husband's tenure, not knowing how they were going to pay their bills. All of this despite knowing that her husband was going to have a life time pension of over $400K, not to mention the speaking and book deals both of them had lined up. Good times.

Michelle Obama tried to one up the former first lady and next in line to be ruler of the Democratic People's Republic of Americastan. With all the furor over Ferguson and Eric Garner and the horrible race relations found in a country run by a black man, Michelle and Barrack turned to the hard hitting journalism found regularly in People magazine to relate their bouts with racist Americans. Might as well have gone to the National Enquirer.

Michelle tells about the time she was in Target on one of her 'secret' shopping forays into the 'common people's store'. A woman asked her to help get something off of the top shelf because she couldn't reach it. Michelle said the woman didn't see her as the first lady but as someone who could help her. The horror! I guess the First Lady wouldn't help a peon, unless she voted for the First Lady's hubbie maybe, but even then that's questionable.

Now, if I had a dollar for every time I had been asked to help someone get something off of a top shelf at a store, I'd be able to pay for one of the Obama's appetizers or maybe a desert. It has nothing to do with someone mistaking me for an employee (I'm white in case you didn't know) but with asking for help from a fellow human being. And since when is it assumed that only black people work at Target?

Obama still couldn't be left out of the 'me too' pity party. He talked about how there isn't a black man alive of similar age and who is a professional who hasn't come out of a restaurant and while waiting for their car and somebody handed them their car keys mistaking them for the valet. Because of course, only black men over 40 are valets. Why wasn't this in the CIA torture report?!

I asked the two black guys who are my friends if that's ever happened to them and both said, "no". So I guess they aren't professionals. Or maybe they just haven't been privileged enough to dine in restaurants that charge $75 for a chopped steak and have valet parking for your limo. The ones that will usher your girlfriend or boyfriend if you are on the down low, out the back door when your she-male of wife shows up.

I know what I'd have done if some wahoo handed me a twenty and the keys to his Porsche; I'd call some chick and impress her with my new ride until I figured out I couldn't have sex in a Porsche.

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Cuba’s free!!!


Great news everyone! The Messiah has decided to 'normalize' relations with Cuba! Now with the magical swipe of his pen, Obama will bring joy, happiness, hope and change to the poor, downtrodden citizens of Castroville, aka Cuba. The people of Cuba are now free from the oppression forced upon them by America since the embargo was put in place 40 years ago. Now they won't need to wait for the government to be magnanimous to get their rice cooker, they'll be able to go out and get a job and buy one themselves.

Not really. Let's not dwell on the fact that Obama is once again ignoring the laws of this country by normalizing relations with the communist run island that once wanted to fire nuclear missiles at us; let's look at reality and understand that nothing, absolutely nothing is going to change in Cuba. The people are still going to be poor, driving around in 1950s era automobiles, if they are allowed by the government to have a car. They are still going to be dependent upon a central regime for their job assignments, told what they can buy or have, where they can go. Absolutely nothing will change other than I'll be able to buy Cuban cigars directly now.

Here is the truth; we are the only nation in the world that was participating in the embargo against Castro and Cuba. Germany, Britain, France, Russia, China, Canada; all of the other countries in the world have been trading with Cuba for 40 years. And look at what has happened in Cuba. Nothing good. It's a communist country with a centrally controlled economy. People live in squalor despite the huge fancy resorts hosting the tourists from around the world. Regular citizens are banned from visiting the resorts unless they work there and they can only go there when they are working. They can't eat there, go to the beaches, pick up lonely tourists and show them around Cuba.

This is not a panacea or a solution for Cuba's people based upon 'engagement' and trade with the United States. This is a distraction from Obama's failed policies; the killing of children in Pakistan because his military policies have allowed the Taliban to become powerful again. The 'Cromnibus" spending bill that will help us reach $20 trillion in debt. The failure that is Obamacare and how many people are beginning to realize it's costing them more and giving them less. We could go on but you are likely aware of most of the problems. No this is a PR move to make the Chosen One look like he actually earned his Nobel Peace Prize.


The religion of peace and their worshipers

Religion of Peace

Muslims grab more hostages in Australia; the Taliban (Muslims by the way) raid a school in Pakistan as revenge for the girl receiving the Nobel Peace Prize; they kill 130 plus kids and burn their teacher alive in front of the snowflakes. And what is the left wing's response? Certainly not to condemn the actions of the Muslims trying to kill everyone that's not a Muslim. No, they rush to make the 'good, peace loving Muslims' safe.

Now, only an idiot would believe that all Muslims are terrorists but it's only slightly less idiotic to believe that all terrorists are Muslim, but in today's world, there is not doubt that the vast majority of terroristic acts are carried out by Muslims hell bent on creating an Islamic caliphate around the world. And by the way, it's the liberals that jump to the conclusion that all Muslims will be seen as terrorists based upon the actions of a few million Muslim terrorists.

So as soon as an Islamic cleric took those hostages in the Sydney coffee shop, the left wing Twittersphere went ballistic in an effort to make Muslims around the world feel better about themselves and show them that 'we care.' Because that's worked so damn well in the past 4 or 5 centuries. Maybe it's not worked so well because we didn't have social media to spread the word quickly, succinctly and lovingly.

The hash tag, #Illridewithyou, spread across the Twitterverse in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S., where people seemed to believe that telling Muslims that they'd be willing to ride public transportation with them would make things so much better and quell the violence. Of course, shortly after the social media push blew up in the MSM, well, that's when the Taliban killed the kids. I guess their wifi must have been out in Pakistan and they didn't get the message. Or maybe the Taliban leaders didn't get enough 'likes' on their FB page and thus had to go kill kids for going to school. I'm sorry for not responding to their friend request; I'm sure that's what caused the violence.

Maybe we'll start a new hash tag campaign, #WhyAreLiberalsSuchWimps? or #WhyDontLiberalsLearnFromHistory?

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More immigrants coming to America

Islam protesters

More immigrants are coming to America, but you probably knew that was going to happen when Obama announced his amnesty plan. Heck the immigration train in Mexico was extra full the next day as people scrambled to get here and join their kids. But I'll bet you didn't think immigrants from other nations would be coming in droves also. Who could blame you because the MSM rarely reports on those people sneaking across the border from the Middle East or Asia.

The U.S. State Department announced last week that the FIRST major contingent of refugees from Syria would be on their way to America for resettlement in American communities. Now, don't panic, they say; there are only 9,000 of them and we've hand selected each and every one. Because the State Department is so good at figuring out who's a terrorist and who's not.

The release, which was only on the State Department's website, said the plan was to relocated approximately 75,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years. When has the federal government ever stuck to a plan and not expanded it? And we are already relocating refugees from the Congo, Somalia, and Iraq. I doubt that any of them will be terrorists. After all, if the terrorists see we are kind and accepting and taking in the women and children of Islam, they won't want to kill us, will they?


Yuck is not a strong enough word

Mama june

I understand publicity stunts; a necessary evil to try and gin up some free pub for your company but given the fact that the porn industry is a multi-billion dollar affair, I'm not sure Vivid Video needs to stoop this low.

Vivid had offered Mama June $1 million to make a 'sex with the folds' porno. I'm not into that stuff but doing a little internet research, it appears the consensus is that a guy has sex with the meat curtains and not the fun ones.

Thank God in heaven that Mama June turned them down. But her 'reasoning' is pure red neck; making such a film would make her family look bad. Um, have you ever watched your reality show? I would guess she has regular T.V. watchin' parties with the couch lovin', government check recipients that are her fans. And she doesn't get it... of course she may be laughing all the way to the bank.


I love the irony – electric car edition


It's just so fun to take the arrogant left wingers down a notch. That's why it's so much fun to watch the left wing bigots at Sony squirm after all of their emails exposing their hypocrisy are being leaked. But this post isn't about that, it's more of a widespread net we are casting. This has to do with all those electric car snobs looking down their noses at my gas powered truck.

This isn't something new, we've said this for a long time but this study comes from the University of Minnesota, which is a very left leaning institution; for them to admit this about electric cars is a big deal. Julian Marshall authored the study which found that electric cars and ethanol are not as environmentally friendly as you might think. "It's kind of hard to beat gasoline" for public health and environmental health, she said.

The key for electric powered vehicles is what creates the electricity. If it's a coal fired power plant, then electric cars produce 3.6 times as much soot and smog deaths than gasoline. They are also significantly worse at heat trapping carbon dioxide which worsens global warming. (I'm not saying I agree with man caused global warming, but hey, the left wing is saying they were wrong)

Similar links to deaths were found for ethanol; 80% more air pollution mortality due to ethanol fired engines. I just love it when liberals figure out they were wrong. They start infighting and feeding off of each other. It's like watching "When Animals Attack" on Nat Geo.


Damn history and facts keep getting in the way


America's bars and taverns are where things really get discussed, hashed out and problems solved. Our country was hatched in the bars and taverns of colonial America. As such I try to spend a fair amount of time there solving the world's problems or at least talking about how we can solve them. I overheard a conversation between some hipster types this past week in which they were quite distraught about how no one is really doing anything about global warming. I'm not sure what world they live in but I see a lot of regulations coming from the EPA alone in an attempt to stop climate change.

That little factoid being ignored by people who really care about our world, they nonetheless seemed to take great pleasure in what will happen to the rich folks living along the coasts of our world; of course the oceans will rise taking their property without recompense, which 'serves them right'. Of course the poor islanders in the Pacific or Caribbean or wherever will have to suffer but they appeared to be less concerned about them; although I was tempted to remind them of that but I didn't want to contribute to their enjoyment of the evening.

But lets look at history shall we, since that is often the most successful predictor of future events. Scientists tell us that sea levels are never constant but in doing a little research, including the checking out the climate alarmists' web sites, it appears that ocean levels are rising between 0 and 2 mm per year. Global temperatures are at worst flat and at best cooling; unless of course you make your living off being an alarmist. Snow cover and polar ice caps are as stable as they probably ever have been in Earth's history.

We know that in the most recent ice age, about 16,000 years ago, that a thick sheet of ice covered much of North America and Europe. That means there was less liquid water covering the globe. Early man and certainly many animals could walk from what is now London to Paris or from Siberia to Alaska. There would not have been a Great Barrier Reef since what is now Queensland was part of a plain and not a coast.

Then the Earth's temperature began to rise; without man's help I might point out. The glaciers melted causing ocean levels to rise. Most scientists agree the sea levels increased by about 130m or almost 500 ft. Our early ancestors were forced to move and did so without zoning laws or some nanny state to tell them it was time to get the heck out of Dodge. I'm sure they were happy to see warmer temps come with rain instead of snow.

And they rebuilt after watching what had been coastal cities being flooded and now standing under water. With warming temps came more arable land, meaning more ability to grow food that fed more people. You know what's more dangerous than warming climate temperatures? Cooling temps. If the ice age comes back that takes a lot of farm land out of production, meaning at the very least, more clearing of the forests in the Amazon to try and feed the population. What it also means is more starvation and hunger due to a lack of food. Thus more wars... we've seen the cycle before.

Despite all the hand wringing, the actions of the EPA or the U.N., much of what we know as protected species will disappear.


MMF – Mad cow edition


Every cow has its day but they all end up the same, as someone's dinner. Pocatello, ID: a 1000 pound cow was waiting to be slaughtered when he decided he needed one last run. The bovine jumped a 6' foot fence at Anderson's Custom Packing and took off through the streets of Pocatello. Police were called and gave chase, at first in vehicles, but the cow rammed into and damaged two police cars and an animal control vehicle. Officers determined the cow was a safety risk and decided to shoot the animal. After hitting it in the head with the first shot, the cow took off through the downtown streets, evading officers easily. Finally a second shot stopped the raging bovine. UNM football coach Bob Davie said he wanted to offer the cow a full ride to be the Lobo's running back.

Umm, what kind of jail is this? Oh, it's in the south? I understand, that explains a lot. 2 men charged with murder and another being held on robbery charges were put in a cell at the Choctaw County jail in Alabama. One of the men started yelling that one of his cellmates was very sick. The guard on duty looked through the porthole and saw one of the inmates vomiting. As he opened the door, the other two men jumped him, took his cellphone and keys and locked him in the holding cell. They hurried to the door and began trying to find the right key to try when one man turned the knob. It was unlocked. As were the exterior door and the gate in the fence. Sheriff Tom Abate said they normally lock all the doors but it's unusual for inmates to try and escape... OK, you go with that story.

Boy, those forensic scientists are really smart people. Vienna, NY police were trying to solve a burglary and assault that occurred last year, Dec. 20 2013 to be exact. A man had broken into a local home, armed with a butcher knife. He confronted the female homeowner demand cash and jewelry. The woman was afraid he was going after more than just property and she put up a fight, grabbing the man by his beard and pulling as hard as she could. He left after she pulled out a chunk of hair. Despite a pretty good description, the police were not able to locate or identify the perpetrator, so they sent some of the hair to the state police lab in Albany. In September, the preliminary report arrived at the Oneida County Sheriff's office; the state police scientists had, after 9 months of analysis, determined that the hairs submitted by the sheriff's office were indeed human. The 'Finding Bigfoot' people were extremely disappointed. In October the lab sent a second report to the Sheriff telling the they had identified the bad guy; 54 year old Leon M. Tennant. Really? We have him in the jail. He's been here since the summer. And you couldn't put together the artist's drawing with his mug shot? That's some fine police work all around Lou.

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