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Holder admits truth about Ferguson, media snores

Barack Obama, Eric Holder

As AG Eric Holder leaves office he won't have a big time signature prosecution of Ferguson MO police officer Darren Wilson, that he apparently wanted more than just about anything else. Even the witch hunting investigators at the DOJ admitted the whole "hands up don't shoot" scenario made famous by activists, protestors, and professional athletes was not true.

"I recognize that the findings in our report may leave some to wonder how the department's findings can differ so sharply from some of the initial, widely reported accounts of what transpired." Yet he refused to criticize anyone for the false narrative that lead to riots, destruction of private property and put officers' lives in danger.

Instead he chose, as most liberals do, to excuse the actions of local 'activists' due to the "highly toxic environment, defined by mistrust and resentment, stoked by years of bad feelings, and spurred by illegal and misguided practices." Although he could not or would not point to specifics about the alleged practices by local police.

But of course, now he and Glorious Leader are using those claims, long term police abuse, to justify their attempt to federalize all police agencies in the United States. Can you say, "Jack booted thugs?"

So let me ask this; if the "rigorous and thorough" investigation of the Brown shooting determined that Brown did not in fact put his hands up and say, "don't shoot" then why do you automatically believe the police department in Ferguson or any other town for that matter is automatically abusive, bigoted, or racist and needs to be brought under federal control?

No, this is just more of a plan to grab control and power and bring everyone under the control of centralized, all powerful government in Washington, D.C. Let's ask the people in Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran how that works out for them?

And while the media went nuts over the racist white officer shooting a poor, young, black ute who was no danger to him, they are not covering Holder's admissions with the same gusto. You see, they make money off of racial strife and tension, not off of covering the facts.

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This is what we’ve wrought


I was visiting a website that I go to occasionally for laughs but a post put up today just typifies the thinking that is creating a generation of wussies. The post had to do with reasons kids growing up in the 80s should be dead. The gist was that parents of those kids should have had their children taken away from them for allowing them to do certain things. Were some of the things dangerous, sure but come on kids still find ways to get hurt.

Some of the things that horrified this poster:

Did you ever sit on your dad's lap and steer the car? You should be dead.

Did you go out to play and wander the neighborhood without your parents knowing where you were at all times? Then your parents didn't love you.

Ever use Solarcaine to relieve the sunburn? You're parents didn't use sunblock?! Oh my God!

Never wore a bicycle helmet or elbow/knee pads? What was going on?

And cooking a meal unsupervised?! I'm surprised you weren't in a burn unit.

Sitting in the back of the station wagon or a pick up truck. Where was child protective services?!

Left at home for a couple of hours after school? Why not put up a sign inviting pedophiles into the home?

Letting your 12 or 13 year old child babysit the younger siblings? How did you survive? Irresponsible at best.

Oh my God!! What are these 'toys' called lawn darts? Eye patches must have been rampant.

She thinks it was normal to have one friend or classmate in a cast at all times; which meant we got to draw on it instead of being a representation of negligent parenting.

Steel slides, monkey bars and no padding on the ground? What if you'd fallen or it was a hot day?

She missed a few:

What about riding downhill in a wagon, pulling the handle backward to try and steer? You're right, no helmet either.

Playing football or baseball in the street, where cars could come driving by or we might fall on the asphalt.

Why did she forget BB guns or cap guns? Not to mention firecrackers we used to blow up anthills or tin cans; no our parents weren't around.

Some of this was not the smartest, but guess what? The vast majority of us survived without major injuries or being emotionally scarred. And we figured out how to do stuff without getting hurt, for the most part. Certainly without getting killed. We learned valuable lessons, like what not to do and how to avoid getting hurt too badly or how to deal with situations by ourselves. Yeah, a terrible time.

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Seriously? You won’t even shoot at our enemies


Several news sources in the Middle East, including papers in Kuwait and Israel are reporting that President Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes if Israel went ahead with a planned attack against the nuclear facilities in Iran. If it were any other U.S. President, including Jimmy Carter, I'd have refused to believe it but given Glorious Leader's past actions, I am not at all surprised and think it's very believable.

According to the reports, when Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, learned the U.S. was about to sign a deal with Iran that would essentially preserve Iran's ability to enrich uranium, continue building missiles capable of carrying nuclear payloads, and removing sanctions, he and his advisors decided they needed to conduct a preemptive strike against Iran.

A high ranking Israeli government official advised John Kerry of the plan. The country's air force created a plan of attack and trained for several weeks. They reportedly even carried out experimental flights in Iranian airspace and found they could enter the country without being detected by radar or other defensive measures.

According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, former advisor to Jimmy Carter and enthusiastic Obama supporter, he told President Obama that the planes would have to fly over Iraqi airspace, "Are we just going to sit there and watch?" He told the Daily Beast that he advised President Obama to shoot down Israel's planes if they tried to attack Iran. Brzezinski was considered for a top advisory post in Obama's administration but was shot down by both Republicans and Democrats because of his anti-Israel attitude.

The fact that a U.S. President would consider stopping the planes of one of our strongest allies is almost unbelievable. Israel has been threatened as the first target of Iran's nuclear missiles, you know the ones that Obama says they won't develop because it's against their religion. But the ones that the Grand Poobah said last month were the divine right of Iran to obtain and use against their enemies. The same guy who said they will wipe Israel off the face of the Earth and fly the Iranian flag over the White House.

The combined actions and inactions of Obama when dealing with Israel and our enemies in the region give credence to these stories and unfortunately are very believable. Just see what happens when Netanyahu speaks before Congress tomorrow night. Glorious Leader will have a fit, throw a temper tantrum and enact sanctions against Israel.


MMF – Ouch! edition


Holy crap! A German man crashed his motorcycle and showed up at the emergency room. The major 'complaints' listed on the EMT's report, an enlarged and slightly bluish scrotum and an externally rotated and shortened left leg. One thing I don't think you want to hear in the ER is "Wow, never seen this before." X-rays revealed that the top of the man's femur had been sheared off and forced into his scrotum. The ball at the top of the femur was now in his real man bag. I guess that's one way to make yourself bigger, forget all the pills Ron Jeremy is hawking on late night T.V. Doctors were able to remove the bone from his bag and re-attach it to his leg. 14 months post operation the guy is doing just fine.

Henry Earl either has a protege or someone is coming after his record. Surprise, the guy isn't from Florida. Jason Brown was pulled over on Saturday in the NY town of Yaphank. He initially gave a fake name but after being arrested for possession of marijuana, heroin and cocaine, officers discovered his real name; along with the fact that Brown was driving on a suspended license. AND he'd had his license suspended 41 times previously. How, at the age of 36, do you have your license suspended 41 times?! Who is giving your driving privileges back? I want your lawyer if I'm ever in trouble. As I recall, Earl was significantly older and had been arrested somewhere around 70 times... that record will fall soon if Brown is released.

Back in the day, you knew you were in trouble when dad took off his belt or told you to go get a switch from the tree out back. That doesn't fly these days but shooting them with a BB gun doesn't seem like an acceptable alternative. Weirton, WV; Joseph F. Majewski, 35 is under arrest and has been charged with child abuse after he disciplined his children, ages 6, 9 & 13, by shooting them with a BB gun. Officers say the practice resulted in serious bodily injury. Really? I've been shot with a BB gun and it stung. Besides, given how fat little kids are these days, they've got lots of cushioning to absorb a the impact of a little BB.

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The Keystone pipeline is just one of 70, 69 are already built

Obama liar

In vetoing the bill authorizing the Keystone pipeline to be built, Obama lied yet again. First he said that the impact of the project needed to be fully studied so we would know what we were getting into and that American lives would be protected. You've had six years to study it and there are not any unknown factors. IF there are, that's your problem for running an incompetent government. Second he said the claim by proponents is that thousands of jobs would be created and that just simply wasn't true. Unions, oil companies, contractors all agree that ten thousand jobs at a minimum would be created, many of them permanent since the refineries receiving the oil would have to increase capacity. And history teaches us that when we have inexpensive oil, our economy benefits and grows creating tens of thousands of jobs.

But let's take a look at the need to study the impact of the pipeline. What is the best teacher? History. Maybe if we had some pipelines that were already operating we could look back at those and learn what worked and what didn't. Hmmm, lets see. Where to find some pipelines. Maybe there's one in Alaska? Yeah how about that one. NO major spills in 40 years. Or how about the other 46 cross border pipelines that already exist between the U.S. and Canada? 24 more exist between the U.S. and Mexico according to the Congressional Research Service. All of these pipelines carry oil and gas.

And let's not forget the pipelines that carry only crude oil. According to U.S. government figures as well as the Association of Oil Pipelines, there are 60,911 miles of crude oil carrying pipelines in the U.S. The Keystone line would be about 1180 miles long. Add in liquid natural gas and things like jet fuel and the U.S. has 192,396 miles of pipes carrying liquid fuel. Throw in non-liquid natural gas and that adds another 300,000 miles of pipelines carrying dangerous fuels.

Don't forget to add in the transmission lines, you know the ones that travel through your neighborhood delivering natural gas to your house, the stores and factories or delivering jet fuel to the airport; that's brings the total to 2.5 million miles of hazardous substance pipelines. I'd say we probably have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't and how to build the pipeline.

You probably missed the ceremony, but on January 16th Canadian officials joined the CEOs of Enbridge Energy and Enterprise Product Partners along with town officials from Freeport, TX to celebrate the construction of a pipeline carrying 850,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Canada to Freeport TX. The last section that was completed comes from a hub in Cushing, OK. This particular pipeline runs from their to Illinois and up into Alberta. Just to compare, Keystone would carry 830,000 barrels a day.

So, once again Glorious Leader, climate alarmists, politicians, pundits in the MSM and many of you ignore the facts, history and the truth in favor of using your power or allowing politicians to wield power over you. Why not just come out and tell the truth? You hate big oil, want solar powered cars and it doesn't matter how much it will cost the consumer.


Get ready for the alien invasion, no not from Mexico

aliens attack earth

NASA scientists have discovered something on the dwarf planet Ceres that should concern all of us; two shining lights looking at us. Or maybe two metallic objects reflecting light from the sun. Either way, this can't be good. For you recent public school graduates, Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt and sits between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is in the same category as Pluto.

NASA's spacecraft, Dawn, is approaching Ceres and will rendezvous with the planet on March 6th. A few weeks ago, Ceres' cameras picked up a single 'light' shining from the northern hemisphere. Then on Feb. 19, from about 29,000 miles away, the light proved to be two lights shining back. One thing about really smart people, they often don't have a lot of imagination, so explaining what is 'looking' back at us without admitting it could be aliens is a struggle for the folks at NASA.

They say the most obvious culprit is ice. They've previously seen water vapor escaping from Ceres so ice is the most likely cause of reflected light. But these are really bright lights and the ice would floes would not only have to be huge but also have to be really smooth. Plus, why in only these two spots and no ice caps? Strange.

The second explanation could be salt patches, like the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and Nevada. Really? That's the second best explanation you can think formulate? Ask MIT for a refund. Finally it might be lava from ice volcanoes. But that's unlikely not because lava is really hot and would melt ice, but according to the scientists, lava would reflect more than 40% of the sun's light, which is what they estimate the objects are bouncing back into space.

No, the real cause of the reflected light is obvious, alien ships are either reflecting light back or they are generating light as they recharge and prepare for a direct assault on Earth. It's that simple. They've seen that Obama won't fight back and is welcoming of aliens, so they are here to get their green cards, appear to assimilate into our culture and then, BOOM!, they'll attack. Or maybe they'll just attack right away, but either way, this is an alien group ready to wreak havoc on our planet. You'd better finish that bucket list quickly, because in the next 16 weeks, I guarantee something will happen to Dawn and we'll stop getting signals from the probe. You'll know then the alien invasion is imminent.

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Cue the ’50 Shades’ lawsuits in 3, 2, 1…


You knew that once the movie aired, mouth breathing nimrods all over the world would begin trying to re-enact some of the sex scenes. I know the book has been out for a while but most of our population can't read thanks to our public school system, but put up pictures and they're on it free cheese from the government.

A 'student leader' from the University of Illinois at Chicago has been charged with sexually assaulting a 19 year old female student. Mohammad Hossain, 19, has been in several university sponsored leadership programs, was a student ambassador and is on the triathlon team but is now facing criminal charges because he didn't go to the University of Virginia which has been all sexual contact between male and female students.

It appears Hossain and the female student had been sexually intimate before and the pair were in his dorm room. He then began to re-enact a scene from the movie by binding her hands and feet to the bed, then stuffing a necktie into her mouth. He then removed her underwear, (stop touching yourself, this is informative journalism not a porn site), and began whipping her with a belt. The woman said it hurt and told him to stop; but that would have ruined the integrity of the tribute to the movie and he continued hitting her, including with his fists. She got her arms free but he held her down and had sex with her.

She was able to 'get free' after he had concluded his artistic interpretation of the popular movie because that's what kids do these days, especially at liberal schools. Don't they watch porn? There's supposed to be a safe word that when uttered stops all activity; so I guess without her saying the word he thought it was OK to stop.

Or given his name, maybe he's a Muslim terrorist and he's just exercising his rights as a man, since women can't say no for fear of being stoned or beheaded. Besides she came to his room and thus must have been asking for it. (we have to come up with a sarcasm font)

But you know what's going to happen, her lawyers will wait for Hossain to be convicted and then they'll file suit against the University and the movie producers because they have all the money. UCI officials, it will be claimed, don't have programs in place to teach kids right from wrong and when to say "no". Because it's not the parents' responsibility to teach kids morals or to teach them what's real and what's not. The producers probably should have had a disclaimer at the start and end of the movie, not to mention before each sex scene, reminding the slack jawed morons to not try this at home.

If I were Hossain's lawyers, I'd be asking to have the case removed to a Sharia court where they could blame the girl for tempting Hossain and make her family pay him a dozen goats for his trouble.

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What about separation of church and state?


Liberals are constantly banging the drum about 'separation of church and state': we can't discuss God in public, can't wear symbols of our Christian faith to school for fear of offending someone, can't display the ten commandments in public spaces because it might be construed as forcing our belief system upon someone, the list of 'can't do' if your a Christian, Catholic, or Jew is long. Of course the idea that God should be absent from public life goes completely against our founding principles. What our Founding Fathers said was that there should not be a state sponsored religion that was forced upon all citizens. That is a far cry from separation of church and state.

But that debate is for another day, the current administration does everything they can to promote Islam and denigrate Christianity. Liberals will do anything to prevent Christians from expressing their faith including forcing them to violate the tenets of their faith or face legal punishment. But when it comes to Islam, the state must promote the values and tenets of Islam, must promote the free practice of their religion and must prevent discrimination.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said it was the government's responsibility to "give voice to the plight of the Muslims". "We in the administration and the government should give voice to the plight of Muslims living in this country and the discrimination that they face. And so I personally have committed to speak out about the situation that very often people in the Muslim community in this country face; the fact that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and the Islamic faith is one about peace and brotherhood."

There are so many ways to point out the hypocrisy: Christians in the is country face much more discrimination from this government and the liberal, activist judges, than do Muslims. Why not give voice to them instead of forcing them to violate their belief system. By the way, Muslims will kill homosexuals while some Christians will only try to 'cure' them of their 'choices'.

Why is it the job of the government to promote the values of a particular religion? It is not and that was specifically discussed by our founding fathers. While they believed that our rights came from God, that we must have a morality based upon the principles as handed down to man by God, the founders of this country did not promote one religion over another. This administration is clearly, through its words and actions promoting the values of Islam over all other religions and giving them special treatment in promoting the values of "brotherhood and peace", values which are promoted by Christianity and Judaism by the way and one could argue better practiced by the Christians and Jews.

Here is the simple fact: we are fighting a religious war with the Islamic terrorists. You can argue that Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood, and for this point let's assume that is true. The terrorists of ISIS, AQAP, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and all other Islamist groups are basing their actions upon their beliefs about Islam, whether or not they are right, that's what they believe. They truly believe they are doing what Allah and the prophet Mohammed have commanded them to do through the writings in their holy book. Until you realize that fact you will never begin to win the war. If you want to convince them they are wrong, then you must speak and act in terms that they will understand. So avoiding talking about Islamic values, teachings, and principles in favor of talking about jobs and midnight soccer games is never going to work. They are not listening to that drivel because that's not what they are fighting for. They believe they are fighting to conquer the infidel and accomplish a goal given to them by Allah. That's it.

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Another celebrity is wrong, sort of…


Patricia Arquette became just another celebrity in a long line of stars to make a political statement while accepting an award. The self-righteous shrill screamed about women being paid less than men, although that argument has been, for the most part debunked. And of course several in the audience had faux orgasms over her courageous statement.

It's already been shown that the claim that women are paid less for doing the same jobs is not accurate through the economy as a whole. But of course that doesn't matter, it's all about standing up for the little people while you accept your gift bag worth $160K and take a limo to a party where you'll ignore the waiters and waitresses, only until you need another Hennesy or champagne.

But Arquette was right on a smaller scale, although I doubt she'll like to hear it and won't believe it. The Washington Free Beacon analyzed the payroll of Senator Hillary Clinton and found out that Cankles Pantsuit paid her female staffers 72 cents for each dollar paid to male staffers. During the six years of the analysis the median annual salary for female staffers was $15,708 less than those of male staffers. The analysis included only full time staffers that worked for a full year, temporary staffers were not included.

The same analysis has been done for the Obama administration and the results were pretty much the same; female staffers and even high ranking members of his administration are paid about 3/4 of what male staffers with comparable positions and levels of experience are receiving. But, the left wing litterati will ignore those facts.

Maybe they'll look at Hollywood, where female stars are paid less than male stars for comparable roles. Remember the hacking of Sony Studios executives' emails? It was shown that women were paid less to star in films while their male co-stars were making significantly more. Hunger Games anyone? Now if Wal-Mart were proven to be doing that, there would be an uproar among the left wing, but since the 'right' people with good hearts are the hypocrites, no one on the left is saying a word.


MMF – Never pick up a stripper edition


Guys think that the stripper is really into them and really likes them. If you ever get yourself into a situation where the stripper wants to go home with you, remember nothing good can happen. At best she'll take all of your money, you'll have to explain to your wife/girlfriend why you have glitter on your junk. At worst her boyfriend/pimp will take all of your money and you'll have to explain to your wife/girlfriend how you got glitter on your junk and a black eye.

An unidentified man from Tulsa OK walked into a local hospital early Sunday morning. He was suffering from a gunshot wound. After being treated for the wound, he told police that he'd spent the evening at The Landing Strip, a local gentleman's club. After spending most of the night with one particular performer, she convinced him to leave with her and engage in a little physical activity. I do believe their definitions of 'physical activity' were completely different. He drove to an alley and began to get naked. She opened the car door and two men appeared, one of whom shot the unlucky patron in the face. The poor sap did have a gun and fired back, which probably saved his life. But the stripper had already taken his wallet and fled along with her accomplices.

I don't know why but I get a kind of perverse pleasure out of this next story. Maybe it's because kids today are so condescending when it comes to their technical savvy and our lack of knowledge about cell phones, computers and the internet. Think about this, with much of the country once again getting buried under snow, schools are closed for several days. Some of those districts will have to make up the snow days at the end of the year, but lots of districts are using technology to their advantage. Students in many districts are required to log onto the school website from home and complete work assignments. So instead of staying home and playing video games all day, kids have to go to virtual school. Who's proud of their technology now?

A coroner in England is warning frequent fliers and airline crews that their health could be in danger from the toxic fumes present in airplane cabins. Stanhope Payne, of Dorset England, said the death of Richard Westgate, a British Airways pilot, was caused by a long term and consistent exposure to excess oil particles in the air. Most commercial airplanes have a system that compresses air from the engines and uses it to pressurize the cabin. In the combined space with the air being recirculated, the cumulative effects on frequent fliers can be sickening and deadly. That would probably explain why Taco Bell doesn't cater the inflight meals.

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