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Our President tackles the tough issues


The Middle East is falling apart, law enforcement officials just captured another known terrorist who snuck into this country as a refugee under Glorious Leader's immigration plan, unemployment is still super high, race relations are the worst since the 60's; I could go on but most of you know the problems.

So what does our 'President' talk about? He tells the Coast Guard graduates that they need to be on the front lines of the fight to stop global warming and decrees that police officers must wear 'softer' appearing uniforms. Way to tackle the tough issues Kimo Sabe.

As much grief as the Coast Guard takes for allegedly not being a real military unit, they serve a vital role to protect our coasts from not only drug runners but in the event of an attack on our shores, they are a key line of defense. Global warming is not something they need to worry about; their boats float so if sea levels are rising, they'll be OK. Maybe they'll have to rescue a few more morons but changing climates isn't in their job description. But then again neither was teaching Muslims about their place in history part of NASA's purpose. It is now.

Now Obama says that part of the problem with police departments is the harsh look they present to the public, with all the riot gear they wear; helmets, bullet proof vests, shields, battering rams, armored personnel carriers; you know, all the stuff the federal government gave to the local police departments.

Maybe there is a need for police in certain jurisdictions to wear all this protective gear, like misunderstood utes carrying Uzis, shot guns, hand guns, intent upon using them not only on each other but police trying to enforce the laws that we, the citizens, enacted to protect us from bad guys. You know, he may have a point. It's probably not fair to the gang bangers, rioters, err protestors, that police have more protection for themselves than the gangs have. Never mind that the gangbangers could probably buy the same gear and make a choice not to do so, but it's just not fair to the poor communities being oppressed by white police forces.

So the obvious solution is not to enforce laws, create real change that provides more economic opportunity, or hold people accountable for their actions; no the obvious solution is to remove the safety equipment from the officers and make them compete on an even footing with criminals. Let's put their lives in more danger. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I wonder if federal officers are going to have to give up their protective gear also? Maybe our national police force will be a bunch of softer looking men and women. I'm thinking a few thousand officers who look like Paul Blart, mall cop. That'll calm things down I'm sure.


We are raising a nation of pansies

cry baby

Seriously, this is what is passing for science these days. Some namby pamby wuss is complaining that she is in a constant 'brain fog' suffering from headaches, perspiration, pain in my jaws and my heart; it's like a physical expansion of my heart'. So what is making Suzanne Hoyt sick? The Wifi signal from her recently installed system in her apartment. And some environmental wacko masquerading as a serious scientist is backing her up. Remember as you read this, C's get degrees.

Dr. David Carpenter, an MD I believe, and an 'expert' on environmental science including the potential death threat of Wifi and similar signals, says that there "is a body of evidence that is strong. It's not 100 percent understood, but it's strong evidence that this is a real syndrome that causes real harm to real people." If that's true, the human species has stopped evolving and is devolving into a bunch of butt hurt victims just waiting to die out.

Dr. Carpenter says about 5% of our population suffers from this type of illness and most have no idea it's Wifi signals causing their problems. Other doctors say this is not a real problem and that the power of suggestion gets in a person's head and they begin to think that Wifi is the problem

So lets look at this from a common sense perspective. Wifi signals are radio waves. Suzanne has been exposed to radio waves, including Wifi signals for at least a decade. How many public places have had Wifi for 10 years or more? A lot. But it's not just Wifi. AM/FM radio waves have been around for a hundred years and you have been exposed to them every damn day of your life. You cannot get away from them if you tried. If radio waves were causing the problems, we would have figured that out by now.

Let's not forget the radio waves coming from space, bombarding our planet for the entire existence of mankind. Haven't seen a problem until now. Come on people, if radio waves are bothering you, it's not the Wifi. But you know what's going to happen; because we have become a society that has to cow-tow to the extreme minority who are being offended or injured, the other 95% of us are going to have to give up Wifi, cell phones, radios... some people are a special kind of stupid.

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They believe you are ignorant


It's one of the undeniable truths of life; politicians lie to you because they believe they can get away with it and get re-elected. They rely on your ignorance and your trusting nature to pull the wool over your eyes. We, as a people, are trusting and don't want to believe that our elected officials, or the MSM for that matter, would lie to our faces. But they do.

The narrative in the media and in the chambers of governmental bodies around the country has been that our police forces are a racist lot, hell bent on killing black men especially. If you were to listen to the pundits on the talk shows, the nightly news and so on, you would have to believe that black men especially are being killed by police more than any other demographic. The liberals are exploiting the narrative not only to demonize the police but to push through more laws and programs that are supposed to help poor black communities but really do nothing more than enslave and endanger them.

Fortunately we have some people willing to do some research and stand up to the race baiters and bullies. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has been out front debunking the myths. This week he was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee giving them input into their grandstanding hearing titled, "Policing Strategies for the 21st Century." As an aside, I don't think Congress should be debating this at all, but they are.

Clarke pointed out a study completed by researchers at the University of Toledo which analyzed FBI and other law enforcement data bases and statistics. What they found was that of all the deaths resulting from the use of force by police, 61% of the decedents were white males. Between 2009 & 2012, 1,491 people died at the hands of police, 915 were white males; 481 (32%) were black males. So if the data doesn't support the liberal mantra, why do they continue to push the story?

Simple, liberals need minority voters in order to win elections. They have carried the black population's vote by huge margins for decades. They have to make it appear that they care more about minorities than any other group, that they understand the plight of the poor communities and the oppression foisted upon them by a racist country and society.

The truth is if the liberals really cared about the plight of minority communities, they be doing more to stop black on black crime, end gang violence, promote responsible fatherhood and reducing barriers to small businesses, improving economic conditions etc. The truth is, to liberals, black lives only matter as long as they are voting for liberal politicians; it's the agenda and the power that really matter.

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Quick hits

quick hits

U.S. Representative Alcee Hastings, D-IL, is complaining that he and his colleagues are vastly underpaid and we, the American people, need to pony up some more money, unless you want to get the representation you deserve by underpaying your overlords, err, representatives. It has been 7 years since they have received a pay raise and $174,000 a year is not enough money to live upon. Hastings believes 50, or maybe 75, reps are actually living in their offices because they cannot afford digs in Washington D.C. Mr. Hastings, lets not forget that the position for which you ran and were elected was never intended to be a career, an avocation, or your primary source of income. It was meant to be a citizen legislator, coming together for a relatively short time,setting the policies by which the executive branch ran the country; then you returned home to your life, living under the rules you promulgated while in session. Let us also not forget that you have seriously abrogated your duties, not having passed a budget in seven years, for example. I can go on about how you have burdened this nation with hundreds of thousands of regulations, endless taxes, and killed jobs. Mr. Hastings, there are people who have not worked in seven years, people who have lost their health insurance because of your policies and laws. Maybe you are actually overpaid for the work you have done.

Speaking of getting a poor value; Hillary Clinton is getting caught in more and more lies. It appears she knew within hours of the Benghazi raid that the attack was organized at least 10 days prior to the event. Yet she continued to call it a spontaneous event. Thick Ankles then said she had one email address while at the State Department because she didn't like carrying around 2 phones. Video tapes have shown she had 2 phones and now the NY Times has shown that she also had 2 email addresses while she was Secretary of State. But leftists and RINOs will continue to support here because we need to have a female president to show ourselves and the world how 'progressive' we are. Look how that's worked out for us the last 6 years.

Chris Rock said, "white people must start owning their actions." Yeah, we need to feel guilty about crap that we never did. I never owned a slave, neither did my mom, dad, or grandparents. It was black people who sold other black people into slavery if you believe you should atone for the sins of your fathers. It was a black man who was the first legal slave owner in America. More white people are shot and killed in America by cops than black people. Last time I watched the news about riots in Baltimore, Ferguson, Los Angeles or anywhere else that blacks were being 'discriminated against' it was black people looting their own businesses; black people pulling white men out of trucks or their homes and beating them, just for being white. Last time I read about history, it was Democrats standing on the school house steps saying blacks would not be allowed into the building; it was white Republicans ending slavery, starting the NAACP and battling against Jim Crow laws. It's black leaders telling black communities that they have no power and can't do things for themselves. So tell me again who needs to start taking responsibility for their actions?


So many ways to go with the stupidity from Oregon


Michael Bloomberg, the ultimate RINO, financed the campaign and liberals across the land flooded the phones and email accounts of Oregon's elected officials. The result was the Governor signing SB 941, and creating some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation. The biggest part of the law is the universal background check requirement. That means if you want to give or trade guns with your cousin, your best friend or anyone else in a private transaction (not to mention a public transaction) both of you must submit to a background check, report the proposed transaction to the state police AND get their permission to trade guns. Want to give a gun to your son or daughter? Background check, report, and receive permission.

Because we know that criminals will comply with the law when one of them steals a gun in a burglary, then tries to sell it to a gang banger; of course they'll submit to the process. There is no empirical evidence that such laws actually reduce violent criminal activity. It's another liberal panacea designed to make namby pamby panty waists feel like the government is 'doing something' to make their lives safer. If fact, they are making it easier for criminals to have guns and harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. The icon of liberal polices has seen Mayor Rahm Emmanuel tighten up gun laws in the last couple of years. What has been the result? One of the most violent cities in the country and the world. Criminals have guns, law abiding citizens don't. The criminals know that and take advantage of the disparity in protective and offensive capability.

Over the weekend, 42 people were shot in Chicago. Including an 81 year old grandmother waiting on her front porch to attend her daughter's memorial service. While standing on the porch waiting for her ride, some thugs in a white SUV drove by, opened fire and hit her multiple times. She is in critical condition having suffered gun shot wounds to her wrist, stomach, and arm.

Back to Oregon; Americans are tiring of being told by the left wing that we are gun toting, Bible thumping nut jobs, that we are a danger to ourselves and others because we own guns and believe in the Christian God. A Facebook page has been started by freedom and Constitution loving Patriots; they will not abide by the law and are going to hold a rally to express their displeasure with not only the law, but the fact that we are being punished by our elected officials for the actions of law breaking criminals. And that those who seek to curtail our freedoms and infringe upon our rights are often the ones breaking our laws in pursuit of socialist policies and a tyrannical pursuit of power.

A storm is coming. I have no doubt that the planned demonstrations will be peaceful, unless the politicians decide to crack down on the 'terrorists'. It remains to be seen what the coming storm will be; a political tidal wave that would remove the current cabal from power or a rebellion, peaceful or otherwise, that will forever change the United States. The only certainty is that the liberals have pushed us to the point that a sleeping giant is being awakened and a time of reckoning is upon us.


MMF – morons running things

Cowboy training camp

They say 'go big or go home'. Sometimes it is prudent to start small, see if your plan is feasible and then go big. But not in the world of the environmental nut job. Creating artificial reefs is an idea that's been around for a long time. So has the questions, what to do with all those old tires. It might seem like a good idea to dump the old tires into the ocean and let coral begin to grow on them, attracting fish and other sea life. That was 1972, 700,000 tires were dumped into the ocean off of Ft. Lauderdale. 35 acres of sea floor covered in old tires. Now we have a lifeless pile of old tires covering the bottom of the ocean where nothing really grew and few fish swim. In fact the old tires began to break apart and it's not uncommon to have them wash ashore. Now the Florida Dept. of Environment Protection will spend at least $1.6 million and take 2 years to remove the old tires. They will leave some because pulling them out might stir up too much silt and muddy the waters for a few months. Then 'engineers' and 'scientists' will study the options to remove the remaining tires; that means another 7 figure project for someone's brother in law.

What would we do without 'Southern Logic'? Senoia, GA - John Paul Jones Jr is a frustrated man. A contractor by trade, he's been out of work for a year and a half. He's also had his house on the market for some time, without many lookers and certainly no buyers. Then his wife called, apparently nagging him about her being the breadwinner and him just being lazy. After hanging up the phone, he walked out back, got into his pickup and drove to the front of the house, through the living room. Jones told a reporter that he was taking out his frustrations over everything in his life that isn't going right; "I don't know, it was just one of those spur of the moment, crazy things." But on the bright side, Jones said while the job doesn't pay anything, he's been busy making repairs. Jones will not be charged with a crime since there isn't a law against driving your truck through your house. That's a handy piece of information to have right there.

It's quite practical and potentially the perfect arrangement. Especially if you are an overweight, shy computer geek who's made a bucket load of money but still can't talk to girls. Enter Rola Misaki, 22, one of the most popular porn stars in China and Asia. The half Russian, half Japanese erotic actress has just signed a deal that will pay her $10 million over 15 years to give the Chinese billionaire exclusive rights to her services. The duo made their first public appearance at some charity event where they held hands and showed great affection for each other. Well of course they did, he's getting to touch a girl and she's rich and doesn't have to touch dozens of men she can't stand anymore. She only has to touch one she can't stand and $10 million is a pretty good booby prize; pun intended.

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Quick hits

quick hits

It took less than 24 hours for the Democrats to exploit another tragedy. You would think at some point they would get a conscious but I guess that's impossible. The day after the train crash in Washington D.C occurred, the Dems and their lapdogs, the mainstream media began blaming Republicans for failing to increase spending on infrastructure for Amtrak. They said budget cuts had created the conditions that caused the accident. So now Democrats are blaming the Republicans for creating physics? The train crashed because the speed of the train, 107 mph, was twice as fast as the safe speed for that curve. Pure and simple. There has never been any plan to redesign the layout of the track where the crash occurred. Some other facts get in the way as well. Amtrak has never had it's budget cut. It has received more money each year than it received the prior. It has had the requested increase cut but never had a real decrease in budget. In 2009, there was that infrastructure stimulus bill which put $800 billion into rebuilding roads, bridges, and train tracks. While a lot of that money ended up in other places, the Republicans didn't stop that bill; the federal bureaucracy just spent it on other things than infrastructure. But don't let a good crisis pass without trying to make political hay of the situation.

Giving a speech, last week I think it was, First Lady Michelle Obama said she still goes places today and is mistaken for the help by many people. She is of course trying to prove that America is a racist country. She wants you to believe that she is one of the most famous black women in the world and people still think she's a maid at the 5 star hotel. Because of course, most maids have a Secret Service detail surrounding them at all times.

One of CNN's anchors, Carol Costello, is following the liberal mantra completely. In commenting on the D.C. train crash, she said she rides an Amtrak train every other weekend to go visit her husband in Boston. She said there are a myriad of problems with the trains. Last week as the train pulled into Providence, RI, the engine quit running and they were stuck on the tracks for 45 minutes. Her litany of complaints went on; doors are often stuck open, as are windows; the air conditioning or heating systems are often on the blink; bathrooms are often out of order; the list went on. Carol, who runs Amtrak? Who's been responsible for subsidy after subsidy without requiring accountability? Maybe that's a big part of the problem.

New England QB Tom Brady apparently was aware of the deflating of footballs he used in NFL games. It's pretty apparent the Patriots' equipment managers were doing this for a while and Tom knew about it, if he wasn't orchestrating it. But he claims he was innocent and the Patriots organization released a 300 page rebuttal to the 240 page independent investigator's report. The Patriots blame science for 11 of 12 balls being under-inflated; the cold temperatures along with barometric pressure, humidity, and the amount of sunlight shining out of Tom's derriere combined to decrease the pressure in the footballs. Now, the footballs used by the Indianapolis Colts weren't under-inflated; weren't they subject to the same atmospheric conditions? But if science was responsible for the under-inflated footballs, things that were completely out of the control of any human being, then why did the Patriots suspend the 2 equipment managers without pay? Do they control science? Tom has said repeatedly over the last few months that he has no preference regarding the inflation of the footballs, is barely even aware of the condition of the balls. In 2011 he gave an interview on T.V. and radio in which he said he preferred under-inflated footballs. He is going to make a good politician.


Another Democrat success story


Detroit is a dumpster fire of a city because of the policies of the Democrats that have run the city for decades, all while claiming to be helping the poor of the city. Now they can't pay their bills, protect their citizens, or keep businesses in town. Chicago has apparently not been watching Detroit's descent into ruin and bankruptcy because they are now spiraling into the depths of ruin as well.

Moody's Investor Service on Tuesday pushed Chicago's credit rating into the junk category. That move could accelerate the city's debt payment making it even more difficult to meet the financial obligations the city has in front of it. The state has ordered Chicago's city government to pay $550 million more into the city pension program by next year in order to fully fund its obligations.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the rating agency was playing politics with the city calling the action, "premature." No Mayor Dead Fish, it's not premature. Chicago's Democrat leaders, long known for corruption and pandering to public employee unions have spent decades running the city into the ground. Payola and cushy public sector jobs, not to mention the outrageous pensions provided to city employees, have been traded by the city's Democrat politicians for the loyalty and votes of the unions and their employees.

Higher taxes have caused businesses to flee the city which has in turn lead to fewer jobs, more unemployment and more poverty. Let's not forget the crime rate which always seems to follow Democrats' social policies as well. As businesses and jobs leave the city, fewer tax revenues are generated, leading to the typical Democrat solution, more taxes or higher tax rates on the rich, which always include businesses and middle income families.

Then as social programs expand, revenues continue to lag and at some point the city faces a financial crisis; they begin cutting services. More poverty, more crime and then more social programs offered up by the Democrat leaders to deal with no jobs. It's a vicious circle that causes the city to borrow more money, which they can't pay back and voila! Detroit, Chicago, and more cities in trouble financially.

No Mr. Mayor, this is not an agency playing politics, you just jump to that conclusion because that's what you do with your power in order to get your way, to keep your position, and unfortunately to line the pockets of your friends. This move is based upon math and math doesn't lie. Unless it's common core math.

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In case you’ve forgotten, there’s a war going on in Syria & we’re involved


You'd never know it from the 'reporting' being conducted by the media, but that civil/regional war going on in Syria is still happening. Remember all the lines in the sand drawn by Obama against President Assad and his tyranny? Yes, we were putting boots on the ground and putting together a coalition to fight Assad's barbarous troops. How's that working out? In light of the fact that Obama is holding a summit on Middle East affairs and no one is attending, I'd say it's going swimmingly.

Obama and John Kerry are so good at foreign relations that the recent statements refuting their success are being completely ignored in the U.S. media. But the statements came from administration officials, so shouldn't they be credible proof that Obama's incompetent at best?

Remember the much ballyhooed accord between the U.S. and Russia, the one that was supposed to remove chemical weapons from Syria? Robert Malik, U.S. ambassador to the Organization for the PRohibition of Chemical Weapons; Undersecretary of State Antony Ninken and our ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power all admitted that Syria's army is in fact using chemical weapons and never got rid of them as agreed to in the pact with Russia. It was also confirmed that reports by international human rights groups about sarin and VX nerve gases being used in Syria were true.

Remember, Iran and Hezbollah are allied with Syria. Iran is most likely providing some of the chemical weapons, along with Russia providing missiles and other support. But how can that be? Iran, we are told by Obama is sincere in its desire to create a peaceful Middle East. They mean no harm to anyone and only want nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. They will of course honor any agreement negotiated by Kerry and Obama, even though they have not only said they won't allow inspections, they have not abided by this agreement, but then that's none of my business.

But wait, Obama is going to save the day at the last minute, riding in on his steed like a savior from on high. He has a plan and he's sure it will work. He is going to embarrass Iran's General Soleimani, head of the al Qods army who orchestrates the Republican Guard's subversive operations. He will call him a bad guy, saying he's solely responsible for the heinous crimes in which Iran is involved. Then he'll call General Ali Jafari a 'moderate' who is the good guy of the regime and only wants peace and cooperation. This will give Iran's leaders a chance to get out of the conflict by blaming a 'rogue' general and saving face while doing so.

Sure, because the Grand Poobah isn't orchestrating every move...


It’s about the Constitution


Justice Antonin Scalia is one of those people with an ability to break down potentially complicated concepts and put them into words that make an idea easy to grasp and understand. He was speaking to the Federalist Society last week discussing what has gone wrong in our country over the last several years.

He opined that our basic freedoms have endured for over 2 centuries because of our Constitution and not the Bill of Rights. He pointed out correctly that most dictators in history, especially recent history, have established a bill of rights for the citizens in their country. We know from their actions, this was a lot of show politics to make people feel good. The Constitution on the other hand gave us a structure for our government and basic political system that really protects us, or did.

The best part of our Constitution was the dispersal of power, that's what really gives teeth to the Bill of Rights, because there are equal or superior powers to protect our rights from a centralized power; whether that be a tyrant or a centralized government.

Scalia then made a very interesting point; he believes the centralization of power with the federal government began in May, 1912 when the 17th Amendment was ratified. That provided for the direct, popular election of U.S. senators, who had previously been appointed by the state governments. He points out that when you have a bill that says states will not receive federal highway funds unless they raise the drinking age to 21, that bill would not pass prior to the direct election of senators. State governments would tell their senators that their jobs would be in jeopardy if they voted for that bill.

In some part, that's because it's easy to fool or hoodwink the larger, less informed general population of a state than it is to fool a couple of dozen elected state representatives. The original system was put in place by our Founding Fathers to help protect states' rights and keep them more powerful than the federal government. Now we have U.S. senators who are not only less responsive to their individual states, most don't even live in the states they represent any more. That move has given lobbyists more power than the people of the respective states.

A number of state elected officials pointed out at the time that this was a bad idea. A state representative, assemblyman or senator could exert influence on a national level because he/she could influence the U.S. senator and hold that person accountable if something negatively affected his state. The population in the state also had more influence because their elected state representative was more responsive to the electorate in his district. Now, our U.S. senators show up in our state to bring back pork or get re-elected.