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Is this the outcome you expected? We did.

Iran President Rohani

I thought things were supposed to be hunky dory now that Glorious Leader and Lurch had negotiated an historic nuclear deal with Iran. Weren't butterflies supposed to start flying out of the Grand Poobah's butt? Glorious Leader told us he didn't think Iran would use their 'new found' money to support terrorism, aggression, or hatred of the west. How's that working out for you?

Not only has Iran turned up the rhetoric against the West, especially the Great Satan that is America, but they are now putting their money where their mouths are and rebuilding their conventional weapons cache. Lots of people on the right told you this would happen; we told you not to trust Russia, China, or France because there was only one reason they were pushing this deal; it benefited each of them financially. It would also lead to not only a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, but Iran would begin buying arms from Russia and China.

Multiple military intelligence agencies are confirming that Iran is about to ink a deal with China to purchase 150 Chengdu J-10 jet fighters. These planes are known in the west as the Vigorous Dragon and is comparable to the U.S. F-16 fighter and the Israeli Lavi. The Lavi is an Israeli fighter plane developed originally in the late 80's and is still considered an above average fighter jet. Certainly the avionics have been updated by the Chinese.

In addition, the 2 countries are well along in talks to sell Iran 250 of their highly advanced Sukhoi Su 30MK1 twin jet multirole air superiority fighters. Admittedly the jet, used by the Indian Air Force as well, does have a propensity to suffer from engine failure when carrying full ordinance loads but it can be used for air cover and ground support without carrying a full load.

Iran has also inked a deal with Russia to purchase 100 IL78 MK1 in flight refueling planes which can extend the range of Iran's current fleet of warplanes by about 7300 KM. Each plane can refuel up to 8 planes at one time.

This latest deal brings Iran's recent acquisitions of warplanes to 550; all from China and Russia. It's painfully obvious what the Ayatollah Khameini is going to do with all the money they are receiving now that sanctions have been lifted. Their words are being backed up by their actions. Russia and China both need influxes of cash and oil; Iran wants military equipment and wants to dominate in the Middle East, taking down not only Israel, but Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, and several other countries whose leaders don't agree with their particular brand of crazy. I'm sure that Kerry and Obama are shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, to see what is transpiring giving all of their capitulating, genuflecting, and concessions.


More quick hits

quick hits

You are going to have to be careful when you read this one, don't read into the words something other than what I'm saying. Drinking and driving is a bad thing, you can get into an accident, for example you could run over a pedestrian and kill him/her. Or you could get arrested and charged with a DWI. Getting a DWI could be worse, because 100% of the time, getting a DWI is bad. But running over a pedestrian may not always be a bad thing. What if the person you ran over was a pedophile? That might not be such a bad thing, would it? It's just a numbers thing, the odds of running over a pedophile, rapist, politician; at some point you will hit a bad person. I AM NOT advocating that you drink, drive and run over people, it's just a random thought that turned into a postulation.

Jeb Bush made a pandering comment about how his daughter's have experienced discrimination due to the darker color of their skin. He said they were made to feel inferior. My first thought was, "that's your fault, dude." Didn't he teach them that people who are racist don't matter? Unless the person(s) being racist are in control of something that they really need, like surgery, their opinion should be brushed aside and discarded. Their opinion has nothing to do with how the girls should feel about themselves or their self-worth. Shouldn't the attitude of the girls be "too bad, now I know that person is a racist, I will stay away from them." Don't we teach our kids to be strong, to not give stupid people control over our lives? Oh, that's right, a bunch of people voted for their dad. But in most cases don't you just figuratively kick that person to the curb and go on living your life as best you can?

We've talked about the concept before, but we've almost taken the consumer, the voter, out of the equation. When a business takes a stance that is not popular with some segment of the population, often the offending group calls for government to take action. They want the government to force the company to adhere to that group's belief system; thing Hobby Lobby or Chik-Fil-A, or Denny's for example. You know what is more effective? Hitting those companies in the pocketbook. You quit spending your money at these establishments and, if enough of you do that, then the management takes notice. They will either change their policies or they will go out of business. It's much more effective than trying to get politicians to ban a behavior or force a behavioral change. Besides, politicians aren't always effective or ethical given their number one goal of being re-elected, for which they need money, which comes from whom boys & girls? But it's just another example of how we've abrogated our ability to take care of ourselves to the government bureaucrat.


Quick hits – libs won’t like this…

quick hits

We always hear about the crazy, angry, confused, guy shooting and killing unarmed civilians. I see many more stories where an idiot with a gun tries to rob or kill someone but is stopped by an armed citizen, with a legal firearm. Why don't we hear about those stories with the same fervor? Cincinnati, OH: 8 p.m. Sunday night Thomas McCary, 62, gets into an argument with a woman. The woman's brother, Patrick Ewing (Not that Patrick Ewing) approaches the man to settle him down. McCary pulls a .38 caliber handgun and begins firing. Ewing was not hit but pulled his gun and fired, hitting McCary in the leg. McCary retreated into his home, obtaining a 2nd gun, and with a gun in both hands begins firing into the crowd of people at his home, including a 1 year son of the woman with whom he'd been arguing. Ewing opened fire again and stopped McCary forcing him to go back inside the home. Ewing was taken to the hospital, treated and released to go to jail. No one from the party was injured. Likely they would have been had Ewing not had a concealed carry permit.

This is almost unbelievable. Those hourly workers in Seattle who still have jobs but are making $15 an hour have asked their employers to reduce the number of hours they are working. In this screwed up world, the workers are now making too much money they no longer qualify for government assistance programs like food stamps, rent subsidies, or welfare payments. Wait, wasn't that the idea of the 'livable wage'? Wasn't it supposed to push the income of the hourly worker above the poverty level so they COULD take care of themselves? The un-ending, high level of welfare benefits are actually a disincentive to people to work and take care of themselves. And the $15 an hour minimum wage doesn't help workers become self supporting. Who knew?

Ms. Zhang was recovering from a stroke in a Shandong China hospital. She felt an irritation in her left eye, which at first was something more of a nuisance, than intolerable. She thought it might be part of her recovery and didn't say much. After a few days, she noticed a "seeping discharge" coming from the eye and the itching had become much more severe. She asked her son to check it out and he noticed something, several things, moving under her eyelid. Dr. Bao Guisheng found 20 little worms in her eye. At first he thought they were mites but after careful examination under an microscope, he saw that they were head lice. Nurses were able to remove several more lice using tweezers. Nope. Just nope.


We’ve jumped the shark


It's an undeniable truth of life; change happens in increments and it's often not a good thing. Just look at what our society has decided government must control; the size of your soda cup for example. Some of us were laughed at and ridiculed when we said it would end up here because it seemed ridiculous at the time but bit by bit, government bureaucrats inched towards telling you that you can't have 36 ounces of soda in one cup.

Off to Pinellas County, FL; what is one of the quintessential American weekend pastimes? Barbecuing. Light up the grill and throw on some hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks, ribs... have a beer and invite friends or family over. It's red, white and blue to the core. Now it's pretty much illegal in our "I'm offended" world.

There is a video posted on Facebook of a Pinellas County environmental code enforcement officer issuing a citation to a resident for allowing the smoke and odor emanating from his BBQ grill to cross his property line and disturb a neighbor. No, really. Stop laughing, it's not a joke.

The environmental gestapo agent received a call from a neighbor, who is across the street, complaining that the smoke and odor from the backyard grill was offending her. According to the resident being cited, the woman making the complaint is one of those neighbors that no one likes because she's always complaining, calling the cops about the littlest perceived slight.

But that doesn't matter (and shouldn't if the complaint is legit) in this case because the county officer stood in her yard, took pictures of the smoke emanating from the neighbor's backyard and then stood in the street to ensure that he could smell the wonderful aroma of ribs and burgers cooking. That's all it took, he issued a citation for failure to control odors and smoke.

He is very polite about the whole thing but explains that residents of Pinellas County are required to ensure they odors and smoke from their BBQ remain within the property line of their lot. He suggests buying a specially constructed BBQ grill that keeps most of the smoke inside the housing; but doesn't explain what happens when you open the grill to check on the meat. And it can't be completely air tight, can it?

I did an internet search in using several phrases but couldn't find a 'smokeless' or airtight BBQ grill. I did find smokeless grills but they are electric, indoor grills for city bound apartment dwellers. None that our 'regular' BBQ grills that control and contain the smoke and odor. But give them time. UC Berkeley student researchers received a $15,000 starter grant to begin studying how to control and contain BBQ smoke and odors in order to stop man caused global warming. I'm sure they'll come up with a solution that will cost an arm and a leg and the meat will be cooked by some laser contraption that sears the animal flesh in 10 seconds leaving it tasting like tofu.

This is just ridiculous. We are expected to control the wind, the smoke, the wonderful odor of meat grilling over an open flame. When are we just going to tell people to close their windows and get over it?

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Is there no shame?

cat lady

Have you heard the story of Kim, the 22 year old college student? She was given $90,000 by her grandparents tagged to pay for her college education. Kim was a guest on the Atlanta based, 'The Bert Show', and told the story of how she went through the 90 large in just three years and now believes she has no way to pay for her final year of college, which will run about $20,000.

Kim's tale is probably not that unusual, the part about how she went through the money anyway. She admitted that she would 'budget' for clothes and spring break or summer travel, figuring that these luxuries were part of her educational experience. She admitted to having gone to Europe for example. It appears that when Kim budgeted for clothing and travel, she didn't follow the usual college student on a shoe string budget travel and clothes shopping stereotypes. It sounds like she went first class all the way. Kim admits that in hindsight she should not have been so extravagant.

Get ready for the face palm; she blames her parents for her fiscal predicament. "Maybe my parents should have taught me to budget or something. They never sat me down and had a real serious talk about it." That might be true but today's colleges and universities actually have classes, that are often mandatory for incoming freshman, to teach them how to budget, balance a checkbook, find an apartment; in other words, how to be a responsible adult. Maybe Kim was a spoiled little rich girl with unlimited credit cards and no responsibility. Maybe her parents did talk to her about it but she didn't listen. Either way, it's there fault.

The tale continues to deteriorate. Her parents said there was nothing they could do for her when she asked them for more money. She thinks they are lying when they say they don't have the money because her dad has "worked for like a million years and they have a retirement account." Of course they have a retirement account, they are budgeting and planning for their future. Maybe you could have asked them questions about how to be an adult and handle money. Maybe you could have realized that while daddy was working and earning money, he was also paying for your home, food, utilities, insurance, mortgage, car... that stuff just doesn't fall to Earth for the special people.

The parents suggested she does what almost every other college student is doing; taking out a loan or getting a job. OMG! That's like so embarrassing. How am I supposed to do that? I have to go inside a bank and get a loan. Honey, you'd better be very good looking and freak in the bedroom because you are going to need to marry a sugar daddy with a huge bank account. Remember to be nice to the help because they'll spit in your food and leak a video of you doing the pool boy which will activate your prenup and leave you with a paltry $10k a month.

There have always been spoiled, incompetent, entitled, little brats in our world. But what's becoming more and more common is that society, at least the wing nuts on the left side of the aisle, excuse their behavior and feeling of entitlement. They do blame the parents or someone else and encourage the whining little future plastic surgery patients making them feel like their crybaby attitudes are justified. It's become more acceptable in America to espouse these feelings and not feel ashamed that you screwed up so badly or that you're not taking responsibility for your actions or learning from your mistakes.

That's what is really wrong with our country and why so many people fear for the future of America.

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Oh well if the agreement doesn’t allow it…


After agreeing to a nuclear 'deal' Iran is receiving the unfrozen assets totaling $150 billion. Many of us are worried about how Iran's government will put that money to use, given their past of promoting terrorist groups around not only the Middle East but the world. Isn't it possible that some of their new found wealth will increase their support of Hezbollah or the Shi'a militia in Iraq?

Of course not says Secretary of State John Kerry. That would be absurd to think Iran would use any money received as part of the nuclear program deal to fund terrorist activities. Kerry told Judy Woodruff of PBS News Hour, "they're not allowed to do that. They're not allowed to do that outside even with this agreement. There's a U.N. resolution that specifically papplies to them not being allowed to transfer to Hezbollah. They are specifically not allowed under another U.N. resolution to transfer to the Shi'a militia in Iraq."

Oh, well, in that case I feel so much better about the situation. This dude really is a special kind of stupid. Either that or he is really doubling down on the ignorance of the American public, which is a safe bet as well. The Iranians have not complied with any of the U.N. sanctions put in place since those sanctions were put into place. Our own defense and intelligence agencies all confirm that Iran has been supplying both Hezbollah and the Shi'a militia with arms and other support. In fact dang near every country in the world believes Iran has been snubbing their noses at the U.N., the U.S. and the rest of the international community for decades.

Heck the Ayatollah Khamenei Skyhook Abul Ali Baba has said they will continue to work for the destruction of Israel, the United States, and the rest of the world that isn't their particular brand of crazy. But apparently that's just rhetoric. Kerry, Obama, and crew are either the most naive, inept, bumbling gang since the Apple Dumpling Gang. Or they are the most devious, sinister group succeeding in fundamentally changing the United States forever. Either way, we are in more danger now than at any time in history.


It’s one world government time


John Kerry believes the U.S. should submit to the whims of the United Nations before Congress gets a chance to vote on the Iranian Nuclear Arms capitulation. In an interview with ABC's Jon Karl, Kerry was asked, "But the bottom line, the U.N. is going to vote on this before Congress Gets to vote on this?"

Kerry's response: "Well, they have a right to do that, honestly. It is presumptuous of some people to say that France, Russia, China, Germany, Britain out to dow what the Congress tells them to do, they have a right to have a vote. But we prevailed on them to delay the implementation of that vote out of respect for our Congress."

That quote is so telling, in so many ways. First, we are not telling any other country what to do with our Congress' decision on the treaty our administration has negotiated. Our Congress is going to review the treaty (that's what it is despite the attempts to call it something else and avoid Congressional approval) and tell our President that it's either good for America or it's not. That's the process put into place in order to keep the Executive Branch from entering into treaties that are not good for the U.S.A. and that put other countries ahead of the U.S.

It doesn't matter if it's good for Russia, China, or France; those countries do not enter into the equation. Let's not forget that those three countries support this deal because they stand to make a ton of money off of Iran. All three countries have violated sanctions and now we hear that China is already making a deal with Iran to upgrade oil drilling facilities and build refineries for Iran. Of course they want the deal approved.

Did you also notice that Kerry said, "... we have prevailed upon them to delay implementation of that vote..."? That tells me that not only is the outcome of the vote already determined, approval I'm sure, but that this administration will support implementation of the provisions of the treaty should Congress vote against approval of the pact.

This is going down a road that is scary. If we cede power to the U.N. nothing good can come of it. That corrupt body doesn't have the interests of the U.S. or any freedom loving country at heart. It has ignored genocide, tyranny, and corruption ever since it's inception. The U.N. has put some of the worst human rights abusing countries on the Human Rights Council or the Security Council. It has proven to be inept and corrupt and should be dismantled, not given more power. The U.N. believes the United States to be one of the worst human rights abusers in the world because of the makeup of our prison population. Maybe if we beheaded a few Christians we'd be given a little slack.

It is becoming an inescapable conclusion that the administration has abrogated it's oath to obey the Constitution and protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Too bad we don't have politicians with enough backbone to do what needs to be done.


Quick hits – Didn’t we do this before?

quick hits

Obama has one more feather in his cap with the Iran nuclear deal. The one that ignored all the red lines, the must haves and basically ceded everything we said we must get in order to reach a deal. He promises that Iran will be held to the terms of the deal regarding inspections, reduction of nuclear enrichment capacity, or whatever other pretend requirement is in the document. But we've been here before. President Bill Clinton reached a deal with North Korea. In his triumphant announcement Slick Willy said, "North Korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program. The entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons. The U.S. and international inspectors will carefully monitor North Korea to make sure it keeps its commitments." How's that working out for us? North Koreans are amateurs compared to the Iranians. Now we have Iran getting to keep their nuclear program, receiving more money since sanctions will be lifted, and Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other enemies of Iran are now seeking their own nuclear weapons. Nice arms race Obama. Obama is the front runner for the Neville Chamberlain Award.

Jarvis Milton gets it and that has the left wing mad. Milton is currently serving a life sentence having been found guilty of murder. He is a life long gang banger, drug dealer, all around bad guy. 2 of his sons, 17 year old Jamar and 12 year old Jarrell were involved in a shooting that left one man dead and another wounded. When his kids lived with him, he did nothing to hide his nefarious activities and didn't want them picking it up in the streets. "we were right smack dab in the middle of drug dealers and everything and they see it." I taught it to them. Now he blames himself for setting his sons on the wrong path and it's given him a lot of sleepless nights. "I was a poor role model. I was more a friend to my boys than I was a father. I should have been more of a father than a friend." He gets it now, which is too late but maybe his words can lead others to be a dad. He said he didn't believe that he and his boys could have left the hood because they didn't have the money. But their mom moved with them to Omaha to get out of the hood and he now knows she was right. But the boys had already seen what was going on and moved back with their dad since mom wanted to enforce discipline. Too late for these kids but maybe someone else will listen to Jarvis' words and change their lives.

Another ESPN personality doesn't get it. Surprise! Israel Gutierrez was on the Dan Lebatard show Thursday and of course was talking about Caitlyn Jenner. He said that anyone not agreeing with the decision to give Jenner the Arthur Ashe courage award is just ignorant and needs to be educated. It's that they just don't know what it's like and don't understand the motivation of someone just wanting to be themselves. He pointed out that it was courageous for Jenner to 'invite us in' to his world and that Jenner really didn't want to have all the attention, the ridicule and so on. Israel, your world must be pretty neat, tidy and nice. Jenner craves the attention. No one forced him to come out on TV or to go to Vanity Fair or to sign up for a reality show documenting his transition. He made those choices, so yes he does crave and desire the attention. He's been a celebrity for a long time so he knew he would be criticized and some pretty mean things would be said about him. Your comment about there being a 40% suicide rate among transgenders is true; but many well respected psychiatrists say it's because most people getting a sex change don't get help for what is really hurting them, so after the euphoria of making a big change wears away, the underlying problem is still there. Jenner was not being courageous. He's far from being the first transgender, far from being the first athlete to have a sex change, far from a time when there would have been almost zero tolerance for his choice; he knew he was going to be lauded in many circles, especially the press, that's not courageous.


This should scare you but it won’t


No matter what you think of Dinesh D'Souza, you should be terrified at what a judge is doing to him, because it could happen to you. This nation was founded upon the rule of law so that men or women in power could not use their authority to punish or get rid of those they did not like or to coerce others into doing their bidding. We have seen over the last six years especially not only a President ignore the rule of law but more and more judges ignore the law as well.

Let's set the stage quickly; In 2014, D'Souza plead guilty to violating campaign finance laws. During the sentencing hearing, U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Berman opined that he couldn't understand why someone of D'Souza's intelligence and credentials could do something so stupid as to violate federal campaign contribution laws. As part of the sentence, Judge Berman ordered D'Souza to undergo psychiatric evaluation because in Berman's mind, D'Souza must be crazy.

2 separate psychiatrists evaluated D'Souza and found no evidence of mental illness, depression, or any other mental illness. They gave him a completely clean bill of health. But Judge Berman was not impressed, maybe because he's a liberal Democrat appointed by Bill Clinton and D'Souza has been very critical of liberal policies in his movies and books.

Judge Berman explained that he was a psychology major and had social work training which made him sensitive to the psychological issues in the people he sees in criminal cases. Thus he is smarter than two independent practicing, licensed psychiatrists. He thus ordered D'Souza to continue weekly counseling session because while the doctors said D'Souza was an optimist, Berman read that to mean that D'Souza was not introspective enough and tended to see his own actions in an overly positive light. Being an optimist and projecting a positive attitude appear to be a problem for Judge Berman.

D'Souza's attorney argued that his client had signed a new book deal, was working on a movie and teaching English as a second language classes; having to spend a day a week in counseling was not only unnecessary and a waste of time and money, but interfered with D'Souza's ability to make a living. The Judge was not impressed. It not only belies a hugely inflated ego, but should D'Souza fail to live up to the Judge's expectations, which appear to be that D'Souza admit he is mentally ill, it would not be out of the realm of possibility for Judge Berman to find D'Souza in violation of the terms of his plea deal and sentence D'Souza to jail.

Berman is trying to shame D'Souza so that no one takes him seriously anymore; so that liberal pundits can diss D'Souza's new books, speeches, and movies as being fantasy from crazy person. It's typical tyranny at its worst. But because it is a conservative, the liberals will let it go. What will they do if and when it happens to them or one of theirs? They certainly won't see the parallels...


Obama is making Carter look like a great President


The new Iranian deal imposed upon our B team of an administration by a much more experienced regime in Iran, with the help of Russia and China, is so bad it's making arguably the worst President in the history of the U.S. look like a champ in comparison. Almost everything Obama said were baseline requirements that the U.S. would not cede in negotiations were in fact given up without a fight. Maybe if Obama had looked at the Iranians as Republicans, things would have been different.

1. Obama said that a requirement to achieve a deal was for Iran to disclose previous military applications of it's nuclear program. In other words they had to admit to the violations of previous agreements and/or violations of international law. Was that done? No. There is a provision that purports to address past and present issues of concern relating to it's nuclear program but Iran has dodged all past efforts to require them to comply with international law, so what makes you think that will change now?

2. Iran will still be allowed to operate thousands of centrifuges at its main Natanz facility, where most international observers believe they are enriching uranium to weapons grade levels.

3. Iran will not be required to shut down its Arak heavy water reactor and plutonium production plant. They must convert the facility but it can be restarted in 15 years even if they comply with the agreement.

4. Iran will be allowed to continue its ongoing missile development which was already in complete and total violation of U.N. accords.

5. The deal allows ongoing research and development of high speed centrifuges which have been used to weaponize uranium. The deal specifically allows Iran to continue that work.

6. After saying 'anywhere-anytime' inspections were an absolute must, the U.S. completely caved. We can demand to inspect a facility but Iran can refuse. The disagreement is submitted to a committee which has 14 days to issue a decision; if Iran doesn't comply there are more panels and time frames. They could have 24 days to clean up or hide anything they don't want us to see and that's if we get the arbiters to allow us to inspect a facility. With Iran, Russia, and China on the committees/panels, that's not a guarantee.

As an aside, Obama said that 'anywhere-anytime' immediate inspections are not and have never been feasible. OK, tell that to inspectors from the USDA, Homeland Security, the EPA, the FBI; I could go on.

We can go on to detail the items the Obama administration said were a 'must' but that were thrown out in the final agreement. We have completely and totally caved in to a terrorist regime, even to the point that we lifted sanctions unrelated to Iran's nuclear program by reclassifying the sanctions related to their support of terrorist groups as 'nuclear program related activities'.

This deal once again exposes the naivete and inexperience of Obama. He believes that Iran is honorable and will comply with the tenets of the agreement despite the laundry list of times they have violated previous agreements, sanctions, bans... Russia and China will likely be the overseers of Iran's nuclear program which is designed to ensure compliance, but those two countries have already helped Iran to violate U.N. and other requirements. It's exactly like letting the fox guard the henhouse.

This agreement could not be worse and should be a textbook example of how to lose a negotiation. It will be a textbook example of how to win a political battle and hoodwink the American public.