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You’re missing the point

Obama common sense

The administration is trying to down play the latest intelligence report that says North Korea has made significant strides in trying to get a nuclear weapon that can hit the United States mainland. Some of the comments made by people like Director of National Intelligence James Clapper belie not only the naivete of the left but show they don't understand the situation.

It's not about us getting into a nuclear war with a super power or even a 2nd world country. Presumably the leaders of both countries understand the mutual destruction and would opt for their own survival. That's likely why we never got into a nuclear war with the Soviet Union or China; we had the ability to wipe them out and visa versa. Now that Obama has decimated our nuclear weapons stockpile, Russia and China are real threats to us.

However, the more likely threat comes from a rogue nation with an unstable leader or regime. If that country gets nuclear weapons and out of desperation, delusion or just plain suicidal indifference, it doesn't matter why, they could launch a nuclear attack on an enemy, real or perceived. And just who might qualify as such an threat? How about an isolated country run by a whole grain version of the Pillsbury dough boy? You know the guy with the bowl cut, a pension for porn, wine and who's best friend is an ex-NBA star with tons of tattoos, piercings and into sexual escapades.
Yeah, North Korea.

Best Korea has the ability to enrich uranium and build missiles for a long time. They have fired missiles at Japan and into the stratosphere. Each time they have gotten a bit closer to succeeding at coming up with a viable ICBM. Intelligence reports are now telling the administration and the rest of the world that NK has been focusing on getting the nuclear warhead smaller and they've made significant strides.

Director Clapper is trying to trivialize the reports including that of his own agency by saying it "would be inaccurate to suggest the North Korean regime has fully developed and tested the kinds of nuclear weapons referenced in the passages." That's true, they are not fully developed yet but what the reports are saying is the country has made significant strides, more so than anticipated by past estimates of the status of NK's nuclear weapons program.

Clapper says the administration's approach will be to continue economic and diplomatic efforts to induce better behavior. Let's see, we've done that for 30 years and what has it gotten us? Absolutely nothing that we've tried to accomplish. We keep giving them food, heating oil and building power plants for them, they say they'll stop building centrifuges, missiles and selling technology to Iran. What happens every single time? We look like fools. Last month Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong made our decision very easy when he said the country's nuclear arsenal and program is not a bargaining chip in any negotiations.

OK, that is very clear and concise. We should stop trying to buy their compliance and cut them off even further. Send in the Navy Seals and blow up their facilities being used to build missiles they have openly said will be used against us. Period. End of story. Obama will never do that and he'll send Dennis Rodman back in to play nice with bowl cut boy. They'll watch a basketball game, drink some wine, go make a porn movie and nothing will change. Except their nuclear program will continue to advance until at some point out of pure luck they end up with a missile that will target Japan or the United States. Or they'll sell it to Iran who will use it on Israel.


Who does he empathize with?


A Palestinian teenager, who is also a U.S. citizen, was killed by Israeli defense forces a week or so ago. His funeral was held last Friday and Obama issued a press release expressing "its deepest condolences to the family."

The teenager was shot while throwing Molotov cocktails at cars driving down a highway. He was targeting non-combatants including children. He did not get many chances to hurt or kill someone as Israeli soldiers quickly shot him dead.

AP reporter Matt Lee asked State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki if offering such condolences was appropriate given what the teenager was doing at the time he was killed. Psaki said the administration doesn't agree with the claim by Israel that the teenager was a terrorist, thus the statement was appropriate.

Asked if it changed anything knowing the teen was buried wearing a Hamas terrorist headband, a sign that the deceased died while supporting the cause; which in this case is to wipe Israel and all Jews off the face of the earth. All Psaki could say is "I just don't have any more on this particular case."

That, along with every other action to support Muslim terrorists tells you all you need to know about Obama's sympathies.


Let’s not offend anyone

Kiss my big fat white buttocks

We just can't offend anyone these days, unless of course you are Christian or a middle aged white guy.

Children in Newington, CT were getting ready for the Halloween festivities at school but will now have to wait for Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday to have any fun. The town has decided to cancel Halloween in order to not offend anyone; especially by conjuring up negative spiritual connotations.

There will be a Fall Festival and kids will be allowed to dress in costume but they must dress as a character from an approved list of books they have read. So get ready for a lot of kids dressing up like Karl Marx or the prophet Muhammed.

Town officials said that Halloween is a religious holiday and they don't want to offend non-Christians. As one parent said, it hasn't been a religious holiday or recognized as such in my life time.

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Monday morning funnies


Actual headline on an NBC news affiliate's website; Hawaii Officials WArn of Possible Lava Evacuation. The story doesn't say to where or how they'll evacuate the lava.

Oh, the irony. Vegetarians and vegans often say they don't eat meat because it's cruel and animals know when they are being killed, they have feelings you know. A new study shows that plants also know when they are being eaten. Researchers at University of Missouri say that it's long been known that plants possess intelligence (what?!) but now they can prove that plants can sense when they are being eaten. The study was carried out on thale cress, which is closely related to broccoli, kale, mustard greens and the like. The researchers were able to record vibrations made when a caterpillar was eating the thale cress and show that the plant secreted mildly toxic mustard oils in response. So now what vegans? Water and sunshine? You murderous torturers.

I think most of us have been there at one time or another, waking up the morning after with someone in our bed that we didn't recognize. If not, maybe you were the stranger in the bed. But what happened to a Connecticut man is a bit different. A man woke up about 4 a.m. due to hearing a 'strange noise'. The man lives alone in an apartment complex, so imagine his surprise when he realized the noise was the loud snoring of a man he did not know lying next to him in bed. 26 yr old Tyler Sullivan had been out drinking and wandered into the wrong apartment, laid down in bed and passed out. Sullivan said he thought he'd gone to his mom's apartment. Dude, if your mom looks like a man... the man called 911 as Sullivan refused to leave, even after police showed up. Hey, when you have a bad hangover, you don't want to move. He'll have plenty of time to sleep it off in the hoosegow.

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Liberal logic part… I can’t count that high

a liberal_brain1

I know some of you don't follow football, but often sports show us the good and bad in life so much more clearly than life itself. Percy Harvin is a professional football player, a very good football player. He was drafted by the Vikings and made an immediate impact as a wide receiver, punt/kick returner, running back; he could play a lot of different positions and was good at them all. Then all of a sudden we started hearing he was not happy in Minnesota and he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks. Last year he won a Super Bowl with that team. But once again, despite Seattle committing to him as their premium offensive player, non-quarter back, he was traded out of the blue to the New York Jets. Understand this, that hurts the chances of Seattle returning to the Super Bowl immensely.

But what we are told is that Percy was a problem in the locker room. He had anger management issues and was often arguing and getting into physical confrontations with teammates. It must have been bad if the Seahawks, who had made a commitment to him, traded him for a 4th round conditional pick. That's like trading in your 1990 Dodge mini-van for a 2013 Corvette. But here's where the ugly side of racism starts to enter the story. It is said that Harvin didn't like Seattle's QB, Russell Wilson. There were potentially legitimate reasons, such as Harvin's claim that Wilson never took responsibility for his mistakes made during games. He was getting all the credit, but took none of the blame when things went bad. Harvin also thought that Wilson was too much of a 'company man' going along with decisions the team made, such as trading their other really good wide receiver, Golden Tate. Harvin thought Wilson could have pushed for the team to keep Tate and didn't.

Then Harvin complains that Wilson is not black enough. He has too many white friends; he talks like a white man and not like a brother. That my friends is racist pure and simple and if it's true, then Harvin should be labeled a racist. Expecting someone to behave in a certain manner just because of their ethnicity or color of their skin is racist pure and simple. To argue that it is not, that's inane. Of course some people are trying to make that argument claiming that Wilson's failure, whether intentional or not, to 'represent' the hood in the manner they expect is hurting the cause, the movement, the push for equality and is betraying his heritage. So let me get this straight, because he speaks like an educated man, in full, grammatically correct sentences, he is disrespecting the black community? Because he isn't calling women "ho's" or "bitches" and he's not stealing crab legs, he's disrespecting the black population of America?

Colin Cowherd, ESPN radio & TV show host, touched on the topic yesterday and began by saying that he, as a white man, couldn't talk about the topic because he's white and couldn't understand the black culture. So he had to bring on a black guest to discuss it intelligently. That is also racist. I can't understand Harvin's position but it's not because of the color of my skin, it's because I don't understand a culture that glorifies men who have multiple children with multiple wives and many don't take care of their kids. A culture that glorifies uneducated men using foul language to describe women; a culture that celebrates men who treat women like chattel, as pieces of property to be used and discarded when the next big bootied ho comes along to suck his... you know where I'm going with that.

Shouldn't they be celebrating men like Wilson, like Stephen A. Smith, Donovan McNabb, Ben Carson, Walter Williams. Men who respect themselves enough to treat others with respect, to succeed in their chosen careers and who act in a manner they believe is right. No, too often, as Stephen A. said on his show yesterday, these men are ridiculed and made fun of by their peers. And for Colin or anyone else to say we can't call out racism or comment on the situation because we aren't black, is just as stupid of an argument as saying Wilson is not black enough.

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Yeah, that’s right

head out of ass

I was at our local university last week and happened to see a flyer that the Native American Club had been handing out on Columbus Day. It had the usual left wing propaganda on it about Columbus being a murderer, rapist, killer, spreader of disease and so on. I couldn't help but think once again how our education system has failed our society.

Were there things done by the Spanish, yes, the Conquistadors, that were abhorrent? Yes, there were. But things were not idyllic before the Spanish showed up on the shores of what would become America or Mexico. The native tribes were not living in peace; it's not like they didn't raid other tribes, go to war, kill and enslave their enemies.

Here in the Southwest United States, many people believe the Apache tribes were native to this area. They were not. They originally roamed in the Oklahoma, Texas areas. Constant raiding and warring with the Comanche was their way of life. The Comanche overwhelmed them and drove them out of their 'homelands', so they made there way to the NM/AZ/Mexico territories. Here they began raiding the Navajo, Pueblo, Zuni and Hopi tribes.

The Spanish wrote in great detail about the Apache, especially their attempts to make peace and to convert them to Christianity. What was common about their experience and their failure to truly convert most Apache to Catholicism, was the inherent belief in the Apache ethos that raiding rival tribes and taking their stuff was honorable. The only way to make your death honorable and get to their version of the great beyond, was to die in battle or to die a natural death but having been a great warrior.

The Apache would rape, kill, torture and plunder their enemies and it didn't take the Europeans to show them how to do that. Missionaries wrote about converting some Apaches to their religion but said that often the native tribes would pretend to have converted because they were out of food, ammunition and other supplies. But as soon as they could raid and steal what they needed, they were gone.

To be sure, there were Apache that helped the immigrants, I'm not in any way shape or form saying all Apache were evil; I'm saying that the Europeans who came after Columbus 'discovered' the New World did not destroy a Garden of Eden and bring evils and ills to this world. Teach the entire story.

Just an aside, for those of you that support illegal immigration and amnesty; those Spanish coming to America through Mexico were the original illegal immigrants.


Random observations – vegetarians are all female

Cliff Claven

Vegetarians, especially men, have been subjected to ridicule, often being called feminine, effeminate, and other more socially unacceptable phrases for being a female. Now it appears there is scientific proof the taunts were correct. I'm not sure we should make this study known to vegans & vegetarians because we don't need them multiplying, but most of them are reading Mother Jones or some rag like that, so they probably won't see it. Researchers at Loma Linda University Medical School have concluded a four year study to find out how being a vegan or vegetarian affects life spam. They theorized that Seventh Day Adventists, who are strict vegetarians, live longer than average because of their diet and its affect upon sperm quality. Why would they theorize that link between sperm and life expectancy is not clearly explained but what they did find surprised them. Vegetarians have a lower sperm count than meat eaters. And the activity level of their sperm was 60% lower than meat eaters. One theory is the high level of soy in vegan diets, which has a high level of phytooestrogens, which mimic female hormones. So now when someone calls you vegans, sarcastically of course, "manly man", you know they are only expressing scientific fact.

Another university study is making the news as well. UCSF researchers lead by Dr. Elissa Epel, have concluded a 5 year study into how drinking soda affects our body. The study followed 5300 healthy adults. Those that drank regular soda on a frequent basis, 2-3 cans a day, may not have gained weight but what the researchers did find is that the soda consumption is killing them sooner. The ends of their chromosomes, telomeres, where shorter which is a strong indicator of a short lifespan. Diet sodas consumption did not have the same effect on the telomeres; neither did fruit juices. And if they were vegetarians, ooh, watch out.

The local Native American Club at our university passed out cards on Columbus Day accusing him of rape, murder and all other kinds of bad things. Have they forgotten what Native Americans did to each other before the white Hispanics showed up? They probably were never told in history class, because we are to believe that Native Americans lived in harmony with the land and each other. Never mind that the Comanches ran the Apaches out of their native lands, violently I might add. The Apaches then terrorized the Navajo and Pueblo indians. Apaches believed that raiding and taking another tribe's stuff was an 'honorable' way of life. They believed the only way to die an honorable death was while raiding another tribe. Yeah, harmony, peace and love. Oh, and enslaving the vanquished was something done regularly, especially taking the women and raping them. I am not excusing what ensued after Europeans came to America, some bad things were done; many more good things were done. Same with the Indians, some were bad, some were good. Let's make sure we are teaching the truth and not propaganda.

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MMF – I don’t understand why that was wrong edition


At least Jason Strainer and Peter Avramis tried to hide the fact that they'd been scammed in a drug deal, but still, calling police when your drug deal goes bad... Wilton, NY on Saturday, Strainer and Avramis agreed to sell just over a pound of ganja to Stephen Ales and Michael Lilledahl. The purchases asked to check out the product, to make sure it wasn't oregano. When handed the bag, they took off running, jumped into their car and drove off. Strainer immediately dialed 911 and told the operator two men were driving a car around and pointing a gun at people. State troopers found the car and while there wasn't a gun, they found the dope. I guess Strainer and Avramis thought Ales and Lilledahl would keep their mouths shut; more likely they didn't think it through completely. The run away duo told cops where they got the dope. No word on whether or not the four will be sharing a cell.

The Elvis wedding chapel in Las Vegas has said it will not offer marriage services to same sex couples. Their reason? To protect the dignity of the institution of marriage. Apparently getting hitched by a hunk of burnin' love signing "Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog" is dignified.

This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. Allison Voner, 23 of Framingham MA was arrested Thursday after she decided to make fun of her parole officer. Elisa Currie saw the video and while it didn't so much bother her that Allison had said some mean things and posted it on her Facebook page, it was the cocaine and heroine that Allison was doing while shooting the video that caused Currie to seek and obtain an arrest warrant. Bonus: Voner said Currie was too stupid to know what Voner was doing in the video. I don't think you understand the concept Allison.

Apparently there is a new rule regarding Halloween. I did not get the memo but someone sent it out. Some people believe that handing out candy or other foodstuffs is a bad idea, since some kids have food allergies. So they hand out pencils, or gosh knows what, but I'm sure those things are really in demand. But if you are going to be handing out something other than candy, you are supposed to display a teal colored jack-o-lantern to let those special kids know you are friendly. Um, I'd say you've just identified your house as the one to egg.

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Yeah, that’s the government’s job


Just when it became the federal government's job to fund research, outside of MAYBE defense projects, I'm not sure. Apparently it's now the job of the feds to completely and totally take care of us and come up with products to help us do so.

The feds are now spending $2 million to develop wearable insoles and buttons that can track a person's weight. The goal is to fight obesity. Maybe the insoles are made in such a way that once you get too fat, the button cracks, cuts your foot and let's you know your butt is too big.

The NIH is funding 2 project to monitor lifestyle behavior with the technologies that will encourage you to exercise. SmartMove, Inc. got the first grant. Their insole will work with a smartphone app to tell you how much you weigh, monitor posture, physical activity and energy expenditure. Sounds like a pedometer, except for the weight part, which can be purchased at Wal-Mart for 5 bucks. You can get a scale for $10.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh got the second grant to develop the 'eButton'. Their goal is to monitor your eating habits along with physical activity levels and gain a better understanding of what causes obesity and how to fight the epidemic. Here's a thought; most obesity is caused by eating too much and being inactive. Give me $10K. I just saved you 3/4 of a million dollars. You're welcome.

The researchers at Pitt want to implant a button into your chest or worn on your chest. It will have a powerful microprocessor, a novel eating detector, 2 cameras and a variety of electronic sensors to automatically and jointly measure energy intake and expenditure as well as environment and behavior. It will monitor when you eat, what you eat, drink & smoke and it will be linked to the EPA database to measure the outdoor environment. Are you kidding me? Smoking, so the nanny state police can target you? The EPA to prove that your smoking or methane emissions are contributing to global warming?

The button, in one scenario being considered, will tell you that you shouldn't order the chicken nuggets because of the high caloric and fat content and suggest other alternatives. This is the biggest next step in monitoring our behavior and someone from the government will show up at your door if you ignore the warnings.

Can you imagine being told you have to wear a button then go to the doctor every 3 months to discuss what you've eaten, how active you have been, and what damage you are doing to the environment? Don't laugh, it's coming if this idea takes off. Then you'll get a visit from the EPA because you let rainwater run off your house and create a puddle in the backyard creating a water way which has to be monitored for endangered species.


I think my head will explode; do they listen to themselves part 247


Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is back in the news and continues to utter words that just make no sense. His latest expert opinion regarding Ebola and keeping us safe has to do with riding a bus. Remember, Obama told Africans that you can't get Ebola from riding a bus but then told aid workers not to ride public transportation for fear of contracting the virus. Apparently Frieden has been sent in to clean up the mess, pun intended or literally & figuratively.

In a conference call with reporters Wednesday the eminent Dr. Frieden said you cannot get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone on the bus. I think my head is going to explode as I try to wrap it around that statement. What am I missing?

You cannot contract the disease by sitting next to an infected person on a bus but if an infected person sits next to you, they can transmit the disease to you. I guess it makes a difference who sits down first(?) If the infected person sits down after you have already taken a seat, that's when you can get infected but if you sit down next to an infected person you won't get the disease.

Frieden was answering questions related to Obama's video and he said the CDC did vet the video before it was aired and they stand by the accuracy of Obama's statements. Which is the same thing Frieden said about riding public transportation. He warns anyone who may have been exposed to an infected person or may be exhibiting symptoms to not ride public transportation. He said the administration is putting into place policies to control the movements of anyone who has been exposed to an Ebola infected patient. So now they are going to control how health care workers travel.

Let's go deeper into the mire here. The health care worker No.2 who travelled from Ohio on Monday Oct. 13th should not have travelled said Frieden. She should not have been allowed on a plane or a train or any public transportation. Although she did not report any symptoms and her fever was 99.5 not at the level of 100.4 that the CDC said was the threshold for staying off of public transportation.

This is just idiotic. The CDC, at the direction of the Obama administration, is trying to play political hot potato with our lives. This is one of the entities charged with disseminating accurate information and debunking myths or incorrect information. How are we supposed to make accurate decisions when the people in charge are more worried about how it will impact the polls than keeping us safe?