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We probably pay her


Meet Milo Moire, performance artist. Not actress, not mime, not feminine rights activist, performance artist; which means she gets paid to do stupid crap that makes no sense, but she does it naked. Since she's a hottie, it might be worth watching.

Moire has done several projects that got attention of the news as well as the art world. She has ridden the subway completely nude; instead writing the words of various articles of clothing on her body, where you would normally see those articles of clothing. 'Shirt', 'bra', 'jacket', 'panties', etc. Maybe it was some sort of protest representing the societal standards and restraints placed upon women, but it's hard to listen to what she's saying when her nipples are staring at you like that; it's just uncomfortable. That and she speaking French, which I don't understand either; it often sounds like someone is having a convulsion.

Her latest stunt, err performance piece, is to stand in a square on top of two folding ladders used as a platform. She is of course completely nude. Underneath her platform is a canvas upon which she is going to create a painting. But given that this is performance art, she will have a unique manner by which she will create her artistic masterpiece.

Ms. Moire inserts eggs, filled with paint, into her vagina, then with some effort expels the egg from said lady parts; the egg then drops onto the canvas, its contents splashing across the blank page until she has inserted and dropped enough eggs to complete her artistic vision. Of course there is some inherent statement in the process which, once again I do not readily grasp because this is just, well, weird.

You know what struck me more than anything? Ms. Moire and her assistants have rigged a small sheet from a ring. Ms. Moire steps behind the sheet where she is completely hidden from view from about the chest down, in order to insert the eggs into her vagina. So that's the limit of indecency? That's where she draws the line? She can stand in a busy public square shooting things out of her vag, with no little effort mind you, but to allow people to watch her insert those eggs into her body is something that she must do in relative privacy?

Like most performance art, it makes little sense. I don't know for sure but I would bet Ms. Moire is living off grants from the government, because we must promote such stupidity for the greater good. If she'd just put the videos on a website and charge $1 for access, she'd make a pretty penny and we wouldn't have to support her.

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This is not over…


Now that the BLM and Park Rangers have pulled back from the Bundy ranch in Nevada, many low information voters think the situation has died down and is over. No, not even close. Of course Harry Reid has said this is not over; but there are other situations developing across the country that show the government bureaucrats and politicians believe they have complete authority and control over the population and our property.

Look at the Bundy's cattle; we knew that some were being killed by the BLM as they gathered the herd while moving them off the disputed land. What Bundy found out was more were killed than left alive and then buried in mass graves. On the surface this appears to be a revenge killing to prove a point to Bundy for being a thorn in the side of the BLM for 20 years. Some of the cattle, according to Bundy were shot. I know the BLM and Park Service have experienced wranglers, even if the killing of cattle was not deliberate, why didn't the agencies call on their own experienced employees to avoid such a large percentage of cattle deaths?

While Harry Reid made his comments and the BLM regroups, the citizens are not sitting by quietly. There are still dozens of supporters staying in Nevada waiting for the government's return. This week the Oklahoma militia pledged the full support of its 50,000 members saying they will come to Bundy's aid if the government returns. That's a lot of guns for the BLM to face or domestic terrorists according to Harry Reid. This will force Obama's hand if even half of that group arrives in Nevada or wherever the next stand off occurs.

But armed resistance is not the only option. This week 50 political leaders from 9 western states met to discuss taking back valuable land from the federal government. Lawmakers from AZ, OK, CO, ID, NV, NM, MT, OR, UT & WA discussed unifying strategies for taking back land confiscated over the decades by the federal government. The first step appears to have been taken by the Utah state government as they have already demanded the feds turn over land they control in Utah. Much of the land is valuable in resources, such as timber, oil and minerals. The states make a very strong argument that they are better at managing the lands since they live and work in the area every day and understand challenges and opportunities much better than a bureaucrat sitting in Washington D.C.

It appears the uneasy truce between the states and the feds is about to come to an end. Whether it is through armed conflict between citizens and jack booted thugs sent by Glorious Leader to keep us in line or the state governments finally asserting their rights and putting the federal government back in its place, that of course is the $64,000 question.

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We are exporting idiocy


Maybe you've heard about it, maybe not; 'it' was the avalanche on Mt. Everest that killed a large group of climbers, including several Sherpas, the guides that are vital to the safety and success of any climbing expedition.

The Sherpas that survived or were not involved in the accident are petitioning the Nepalese government for redress of their concerns. Through the Nepal National Mountain Guide Association, the Sherpas are demanding the Nepalese government to share the wealth with the families of those killed and with those that were injured in the tragedy. Among their demands; a payment of $10,400 to the families of the victims, including the wounded. A permanent fund to be created out of the fees the government charges from climbers that will pay any future victims of 'workplace accidents' $20,800. They want a monument erected in the capital city in honor of the fallen. And they want greater workplace safety.

If the Sherpas do not get their way, they will boycott, disrupting the climbing season. Whether their move actually hurts the government, since fees may not be refundable, is questionable but it would certainly hurt other working class Nepalese that rely on climbers for their livelihoods. Typical liberal 'unintended consequences'. Hurt the little guy while trying to damage the government or big business.

But here's reality. Sherpas will typically make $6000 during the three month climbing season; the average Nepalese makes $700 a year. Yet Sherpas are demanding a bigger piece of the pie. Is it the UAW that's advising the Sherpas? The government already has a disaster program in place, although the payment is only $415 per family of a deceased guide. But at $6000 a year, in a country where it takes only $700 a year to live, why can't the Sherpa families take care of their own future?

And pray tell, what is the government supposed to do about 'workplace conditions'? Avalanches are part of the job folks. Falls, snow storms, high winds, freezing, oxygen depletion; all are part of the job and one of the reason Sherpas are sought after is because they know how to deal with the dangers of the mountain better than anyone. But no matter what anyone does, the hazards of the job will not be eliminated. Don't like the working conditions, then don't take the job. Or find a way to minimize the hazards yourself.

The language the Sherpas are using, workplace safety/relief funds/boycotts; it's clear someone from the West is advising them on how to make demands and what to say, creating a victim mentality; which is apparently now our #1 export.

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Sorry, you can’t be a judge

British Judge Wig

Liberals expect perfection from those with whom they do not agree. It doesn't matter if you have been perfect 99% of the time, if you make one mistake or express one opinion that they hate, you are branded for life as the most evil person imaginable. If you are a liberal and love spending other people's money, telling them how to live their lives and having control over them, you can send photos of your genitalia to a 23 year old woman, that is not your wife, and they will vote for you over and over.

California liberals are pushing the Supreme Court Advisory Committee on the Code of Judicial Ethics to go forward with a rule that would essentially ban judges from being affiliated with the Boy Scouts or face losing their position. The move would classify the BSA as practicers of "invidious discrimination" against gays and would end the group's exemption to anti-discriminatory ethics rules thus prohibiting judges from having any affiliation with the group.

The proposed amendment, according to proponents, would enhance public confidence in the impartiality of the judiciary; since anyone that is affiliated with the Boy Scouts must be biased, anti-gay and thus unfit for the bench. But what about other groups that openly discriminate against others on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity or some other characteristic? Don't the Girl Scouts discriminate against boys? What about La Raza? Do they allow non-Hispanic members? The NAACP also discriminates as does the LGBT.

As usual, despite their stated goal of perceived equality, what the liberals are doing is ignoring the vast amount of good the BSA does for boys. Whether you agree or disagree with the BSA's stance on allowing gays as members or leaders, you cannot ignore what the group does to develop admiral qualities in young men and the vast amount of good they do for their communities through various projects and activities. Well, you can if you are liberal.

Not only that, but the Committee is promoting an amendment that will tell the public that in order to be a judge, one must think a certain way; cannot truly have diversity of opinion or experience; with whom they must associate and only those that toe the line will be allowed to sit on the bench. Does that really represent the population? Not at all. Does that promote tolerance? Not in the least. Does that promote confidence in the impartiality of the judiciary? Not even close. Rather it promotes the image of thought police, the SS or Big Brother.


Sure, Mr. Kerry, we have a deal


While John Kerry was telling reporters that another deal with Iran was imminent and certain to happen this past weekend, Iran was following Russia's lead, using trickery and misdirection to avoid complying with the terms of the agreement, if there really ever was an agreement.

Iran's VP Ali Akbar Salehi said his country had offered to redesign the Arak reactor that it produces one-fifth of the plutonium initially planned by Iranian scientists. This concession, he said, will virtually resolve the dispute with the West over Iran's nuclear weapons program. But Salehi followed his statements with a very telling comment; "We still don't know why they (nuclear inspectors from the IAEA) want to visit Parchin for a third time." Maybe because for three years Iran's government has denied access to the military facility. Iran's scientists and military have conducted many of their nuclear explosive tests at the facility.

Secretary Kerry told a Senate committee that Iran had enough enriched material to build nuclear bombs when he testified 2 weeks ago. Now he's saying that after the deal was reached over the weekend that Iran has or will reduce their nuclear stockpile to levels incapable of providing enough material for use in a nuclear weapon. This statement ignores at least two key facts: The deal, which Iran's government has said it will not ratify, leaves Iran with more than enough 5% enriched uranium which can then be sent to Parchin. At Parchin, Iran has the equipment necessary to upgrade the enrichment level to 20% without any problem.

Kerry and Obama are also ignoring Iran's statements. Having gotten Iran to reduce their 20% enriched uranium stockpile and ignoring the 5% stockpile, Kerry did not push Iran to allow inspectors into Parchin. Kerry has essentially ignored questions, not just from the media but the IAEA staff, as to why they are not getting access to the facility. Kerry has shrugged off concerns about what is being done at the facility saying no one is sure that Iran has any nuclear equipment at the base. Umm, Iran has admitted that they have over 1600 centrifuges at the base; centrifuges used to upgrade 5% uranium to 20% uranium.

No, it's more about being able to go back, tell Obama to brag about reaching a deal with Iran and making the world a safer place; using partial facts and sugar coating or ignoring or denying claims that this deal isn't worth the toilet paper used to wipe... the low information voter and the MSM will believe Obama and tout him as a great uniter worthy of yet another Nobel Peace Prize.


Monday morning funnies


Darwin is bleaching the gene pool. 8 people are reported dead after the small plane in which they were riding crashed. 3 people survived after they jumped from the small plane using their parachutes to land safely. That's right, the plane is owned by a company that carries parachutists into the air so they can jump. Why the others didn't jump out is being investigated by the police. I guess it's because they were taking a 'crash course' in sky diving.

Darwin doesn't always get the morons on the first try or the second. But if you can avoid him a 3rd time, you should buy a lottery ticket or maybe you should just be given the money. 26 year old Carlos Cooper Jr of Michigan City said he lost control of his truck on early Thursday morning when he swerved to hit a pot hole. The vehicle ran into a restaurant and was totaled but Cooper was uninjured. 15 hours later, Cooper was seen walking along the railroad tracks, talking on his cell phone, when he was hit from behind by a train. Imagine that. He was thrown several feet from the rails and is in the hospital with serious but not life threatening injuries. He's being kept alive by karma for something spectacular. Not saying good or bad, he'll either save 20 children from death or he'll die in a spectacularly stupid fashion for our entertainment.

A German man was curious, why we don't know. But the 59 year old man, with a life long criminal record related to fraud mostly, decided to find out if he was wanted in Austria, where he was visiting. Dude, haven't you heard of Interpol? The 59 year old walked into a police station in Vienna, gave the officer his name and asked if they had "anything on him." Why yes, yes we do. An arrest warrant had been issued, by a Vienna judge, on 4 counts of fraud and embezzlement. I'll be he was surprised when they didn't let him walk out and instead took him to jail.

"In retrospect I should have put my pants on." If you ever have to utter that phrase it's either been an epic night of drinking with friends or you're a county supervisor making bad decisions. Learn the difference people. Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo explained that he'd met his new neighbor a couple of times after she moved into the house next door. Since one of those times was at a local night club he thought she probably stayed up late like he does. One night, after his girlfriend dropped him off at his house, at 2:30 a.m. he saw his neighbor's kitchen light was on and thought he'd pop over for a drink. It seemed like a good idea at the time but the execution, let's say it was lacked a little something; like clothing. Efren had stripped down to his underwear and socks, grabbed a couple of beers and knocked on the sliding glass door. I'm guessing that's not what she wanted to see at 2:30 a.m. since she called police.

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The police are getting out of hand

gay pride

We are seeing more and more stories about police brutality, overstepping their authority; maybe it's because of the reporting, more likely it's because more people are waking up and seeing what is going on. Air Force Captain Nicolas Aquino is a frist generation immigrant. His parents came to the U.S. from Paraguay as political exiles. He was a model airman by all accounts. But now he has been kicked out of the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey CA because he was arrested for breaking and entering into his own home. He was also charged with resisting arrest and obstructing an officer.

Last December, an officer responded to a call from a neighbor of Aquino's. The neighbor had seen someone enter the home and suspected a burglary. The officer asked Aquino for identification, after being told by Aquino that this was his home. Aquino asked the officer if he was being detained; he knows his Constitutional rights. The officer said he was so Aquino gave the officer his name and said he was in the military. Aquino showed the officer his military ID but refused to hand it to the officer.

Well, that right there son is a hostile move. The officer responded by tackling Aquino and putting him in a choke hold. The officer described the hostile movement as pulling "his hand away from me, thereby moving the card away from my hand." Ooh, I'll bet you feared for your life with the id card being such a terrifying weapon, especially when it's moving away from you.

But that was just the beginning of the threats the officer would face: as he sat on top of Aquino, who was not resisting, the officer told Aquino to put his hands out to his side. The officer claimed Aquino was moving his arms closer to his body and could have drawn a weapon, a point Aquino says is absolutely false. The officer said he "contemplated disengaging from him, drawing my own firearm and taking aim."

Things did eventually calm down and the officer accepted Aquino's claim that he was indeed the homeowner and not a threat. It seemed the incident was over and done with. Yet several weeks later Aquino found out a warrant had been issued for his arrest on the aforementioned charges. His military career is on hold. Interestingly Aquino had been featured in a promotional video for the Air Force in which he discussed how his parent's persecution in Paraguay had instilled in him a profound appreciation for U.S. values and the rule of law.

Too bad that Aquino and his parents followed the law by emigrating to the U.S. If he'd been an illegal, he'd have been set free and given applications for welfare, free healthcare...


You’re right Hillary, you reestablished US dominance & other stuff


Hillary claimed the U.S. was reestablished as a world leader with influence while she was Secretary of State. IF that's true, then John Kerry has done a bang up job of destroying our position. Obama announced more sanctions against Russia for increased military involvement in the Ukraine. What Russia is calling 'Pro-Russian militias' are now moving further into the Ukraine and attacking military bases and establishing 'temporary governments'. Funny, the armored personnel carriers being used by the 'Pro-Russian militias' are flying Russian flags and carrying soldiers dressed in Russian military uniforms. Now reports are coming out of Donetsk in the eastern Ukraine that the pro-Russian forces are hunting down Jews and forcing them to "register" and list all the property they own or face deportation and confiscation of their assets. Donetsk has been identified as the next region to hold a 'referendum' on joining Russia but there has been very active opposition, many of whom are Jewish. I'm sure Obama's putting in a lot of time thinking about what we should do with our new found clout. Maybe after the 18th hole and that visit to Cold Stone Creamery.

Obama's philosophy concerning foreign policy has been to "increase understanding" with our enemies and the bullies of the world. That way they will see that we mean them no harm. Maybe that explains how a NE elementary school staff came up with a program to help kids deal with bullies. The flyer that was handed out had 9 suggestions for kids to deal with bullies. The rules included: #1-Don't get mad: anger is a feeling we have toward our enemies not our buddies. When you get mad you are treating the bully like an enemy. Rules 2-5 are all similar and again tell the kid to not treat the bully like an enemy and since the bully is really a friend trying to help you, treat them like a friend & don't defend yourself verbally or physically. But rules 7, 8 & 9 are beyond the pale. 7 tells the kids to not tell on the bully because then the bully will hate you and will want to retaliate. You can tell if a theft occurs or a real injury has happened. 8 reminds kids not to be a sore loser; just lose gracefully. 9 suggests kids laugh at themselves and agree with the bully's verbal jabs. If they call you ugly for example, put down your sister by saying "If you think I"m ugly, you should see my sister." I have no idea how this made any kind of sense when the school staff was putting this together. They are telling the kids to submit, to give in and let the bully continue to make your life miserable. Then you can commit suicide and we'll have a nice memorial for you and talk about what a nice person you were.

Obama's spokespeople are claiming our intelligence community did not know anything about the party; but our intelligence community is saying "yes we did" and we told the boss. While our government has been happily using drones to spy on Americans, just waiting for us to do something wrong, they couldn't find a drone to attack one of the largest gatherings of known al Qaeda leaders in recent memory. And it took place in Yemen, one of our 'allies' in the Middle Eats. Video shows the gathering, out in the open, of what really does look like a rock concert or Obama political rally. In the middle of the clip one of al Qaeda's leaders, Nasir al-Wuhayshi walks through the crowd greeting admirers. He then speaks up and talks about attacking the United States and ultimate victory over the Great Satan. So I'm to understand we can locate and use a drone to attack a single al Qaeda terrorist in Afghanistan but we completely miss a gathering of top al Qaeda leaders out in the open in a country where we have naval bases and staff galore. Right. Clearly, those at the party aren't at all worried about being attacked. Apparently they did not get Obama's memo that they are on the run, strewn throughout the globe with no real leadership. They are in trouble now, I'll bet the IRS is getting ready to audit them as we speak.

Did Jordan' military stop an attack against a joint U.S./Jordanian military base? Appears that is what happened on Wednesday. The Royal Jordanian Air Force struck a convoy moving through Syria headed for a secret training base near Ruwaished. The base is used to train Iraqi military who are then sent back to Iraq to combat the growing al Qaeda forces threatening Baghdad. The attacking force came from Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (SS) fighters, groups that make up the majority of al Qaeda fighters in Iraq. Surveillance aircraft picked up the convoy as it left Iraq, moved through Syria, where it stopped to refuel and pick up more arms and fighters. With little time to put boots on the ground, Jordan moved their fighter/bombers into the area and destroyed the convoy. Maybe we misunderstood when Obama said al Qaeda was on the run; I'll bet he meant they were running towards us, not away from us.


Obama is the best ever

Obama liar

Time after time after time, Obama goes returns to his perpetual campaign trail and makes statements that are patently false, yet he never suffers the consequences. Even when some in the MSM, like the NY Times, report that his statements are incorrect, there isn't the media outrage at his fabrications that there were when Bush or Reagan were accused of lying but turned out to be right. Problem is, that when Obama says something, it gets reported as fact and the low information voter believes what he says.

Last Friday Obama was speaking at fellow race baiter Al Sharpton's National Action Network conference. Glorious Leader proudly proclaimed that under his watch, the Justice Department had taken on more than 100 voting rights cases since 2009. He inferred these had to do with discrimination against minorities, mostly African American voters. Here's the problem with that claim, the JD has only investigated 39 voting rights claims since 2009. Only 13 were related to minority voting rights. And in the cases the DOJ did take to trial, it lost several spectacularly.

Maybe Obama misunderstood the DOJ Inspector General's report about voter fraud and minority cases when he overstated his record by 60%. Maybe he was citing President Bush's record which was similar to what Obama claimed as his record. That's correct, the ever evil George Bush's DOJ had a better record of prosecuting voter fraud cases than Obama.

No one in the MSM is going to report with great fanfare the inaccuracy of Obama's claims, in fact most will fawn over his great record of protecting minorities and their ability to go to the polls without being intimidated or having their voices marginalized. The low information voter will believe minorities are being discriminated against, even though none of them have ever experienced or seen intimidation or behavior that marginalized their voice. Obama said it, so it must be true. He is after all the best ever.


How about taking care of yourself?


The fundamental difference between liberals and true conservatives is that liberals believe you cannot take care of yourself and the government must be there to make your decisions for you, to provide for you. Conservatives know, from history, that if the government just gets out of your way, you can make a very good life for yourself and don't need to be told what to eat, think etc. Bad things are going to happen, bad decisions will be made but no matter which philosophy is prevalent at the time, bad things happen anyway. Several stories are in the news this week that just made me want to pull the person speaking through the radio or T.V. and slap them across the face.

I was listening to the Fox Sports Radio morning show, I believe it was Steve Phillips speaking. The topic was the unionization of college athletes. If you've been following the story at all you'll know that Shabazz Napier, member of the national champion UCONN Huskies basketball team, said that he often goes to be starving because he's so poor he can't afford to eat. That statement has gotten people really fired up; Napier is at one of the premier programs in the country and he's starving?! As an aside, his coach says all they do is eat but that Napier was probably talking about not being able to order a pizza at midnight on Saturday night. But I digress, I know, a surprise right?

Phillips was basically summarizing why the football players at Northwestern wanted to unionize and get additional benefits. They want to know who is going to take care of them when their playing careers are done. Who is going to pay for their healthcare since their bodies are decimated and how are they going to earn an living. That is it in a nutshell; kids are being brainwashed into thinking that they cannot take care of themselves, the government or university or someone else should do it for them. Never mind that the vast majority of players won't need healthcare because they aren't physically destroyed, it's the minority of players that suffer long term injuries. Never mind that the player on a full ride is getting a top notch education in exchange for his talents. NW tuition was $43K in 2012-13, not to mention the cost of room and board.

Chris Hayes, of MSNBC went on a rant while presenting a story about Shanesha Taylor. Taylor was arrested and charged with felony child abuse after leaving her 2 year old and 6 month old children in a hot car, in Arizona, for 45 minutes while she was at a job interview. Someone noticed the older child crying hysterically and sweating profusely. The kids did not suffer serious injury but certainly could have had the passerby not called police. Taylor faces felony charges and up to 7 years in prison; her kids have been taken away from her. Hayes blames the state, rather than the mom, since Arizona had cut child daycare payments to the poor due to budget shortfalls. In Hayes' mind, it is the state's responsibility to pay for poor people to have daycare, food, a place to live and so on. Taylor apparently did not have the ability to think critically, to make a decision about the safety of her children, to make the right choice. I guess she didn't have friends or family with whom she could leave the kids for a couple of hours.

Another college athlete was highlighted in the NW unionization story. He complained that he'd had to give up on his dream to become a doctor because the could not play football and handle the heavy course load of a pre-med program. OK; there are lots of players that have done it before, Robert Smith of Ohio State and the Minnesota Vikings is just one player that comes to mind. But the ute didn't think he had options and wanted the coaches to excuse him from practices so he could pursue his career goal and still get his full scholarship and play football. In other words, have the team and coaches adjust to him not the other way around.

We could go on with the stories about how someone else is responsible for taking care of us, that we shouldn't be responsible for the consequences of our choices; in fact liberals seem to believe that we don't have choices. We are stuck. Sometimes the choices we have to make are tough but the beauty of this country is that we have the freedom to make choices; to better our situation. But sometimes the choices are difficult and may result in short term challenges but long term betterment of our situation. Liberals don't want us to have to make choices, don't want us to suffer consequences. Conservatives believe in the individual's ability to succeed; liberals believe you can't do it on your own, you need the government to coddle you. That is the fundamental difference between the two philosophies. The sad thing, liberals have been brainwashing our children in the schools for 40 years and now many of you believe you can't succeed on your own.

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