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Are we better off because Obama was President?

in Obama's tribute to himself, also known as his farewell speech, he had a laundry list of the ways he made our lives better as president. Everything that he touched turned to gold and event did not perform the way it was intended it's because the Republicans fought him tooth and nail every step of the way. Never mind that he got almost everything he wanted whether it was through Congress or by executive action, the notable exceptions being most of his budgets which even the Democrats wouldn't support, never mind that the Republicans did not put up any kind of fight on most legislation. So if something didn't go as planned it was because, like Obama care, it was a piece of crap that could never work.

But are we truly better off now, especially economically, then we were when Pres. Obama took office? Let's look at a few facts that might help you answer that question truthfully.

When Glorious Leader took office our deficit was just over $10 trillion. While we will not have the final numbers for a while it is very clear that our deficit exceeds $20 trillion now. This is despite the fact that they have collected record amounts of revenue through taxes. that means the average amount of debt per person in the United States increased from $31,000 to $62,000 per citizen during his tenure. To be sure Congress helped with that but he is the captain of the ship.

The work force participation rate dropped from just over 65% down to 62%. There are more Americans of working age who are not working now than at any time in our history. The homeownership rate dropped from 67.3% down to 63.5%, again the biggest drop in history during any presidents tenure.

The median household income in America dropped from almost $58,000 per year to just over $54,000 per year. And about that health insurance promise he made the average family used to pay about $12,000 a year for their health insurance; now that cost is over $18,000 a year which means most people can't afford it and are now going without insurance, that is working families, the nonworking poor have theirs paid for by the rest of us.

The number of people receiving food stamps jumped from 32 million in 2008 242.6 million this year. And the number of people living in poverty in the United States rose from 38 to 45 million. Since the advent of the "great Society" program by Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats, the program designed to eliminate poverty in America, we have never seen a jump in the number of people living below the poverty level like we saw under Obama's tenure.

Many of you will say that the rich got richer and you hate them for it. While that is the wrong place to vent your anger, why do you think so many rich people support the Democrats? Because they are the ones that have enacted the policies allowing the rich to increase their wealth significantly. But I don't think we've seen anything like the increase in wealth for the top 1 to 2% in America at the expense of the middle class like we have seen over the last eight years. Obama is correct, he is the best at what he did, enacting policies that hurt more middle-class American families than any other president in history. That is his legacy.

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Back with some random thoughts and observations

it was unintentional but we have not posted for a while for a lot of reasons. But we are back after having some time to drive around Southwest New Mexico contemplate what I was hearing on the radio and come up with some observations and of course opinions.

I listened to a good portion of Obama's final press conference (Yahoo!) And it is very clear that he lives in a fantasy world. All of his comments about how great the economy is how much better America is because of him being president and all that egotistical bull crap that he likes to spout about himself. One thing that was very clear is that the press representatives in the room idolize him and never asked him tough questions about the deficit, the increase in terrorism, or any of the reality that we live with every day. But one thing struck me more than everything else about his statements; that was his claim that race relations in America are so much better now than when he took office. Of course he said there is some work to do but things are so much better and he is so hopeful because among our young people they are much more tolerant and understanding and less likely to judge people based upon the color of their skin or some other demographic characteristic. What a load of crap. How many times have we seen college students hold a rally to keep white people from entering certain areas? How many safe zones do we have in college campuses where you cannot say the word Trump or other words that might be offensive to their little ears? There are places where white kids are not allowed so that black kids or those practicing the Islamic religion can go to be by themselves, heaven forbid that one of the excluded groups enters their safe space, that person is likely to be verbally assaulted if not physically assaulted. We can go on with the examples of the tolerance that our young people are showing in the acceptance of others, damn I need a sarcasm font. We are raising some of the most intolerant kids because of what they are being taught in college and for president Obama to say anything else means he is totally ignorant or is a liar. Hell, he might even be both.

Mark Lamont Hill is a professor at some school teaching race history or tolerance or something like that. He's probably one of those people responsible for safe places where black kids can go and not be exposed to white people. But he's making news because of what he said about comedian and television host, Steve Harvey. Harvey is an activist in addition to his professional gigs. He often talks about issues facing black communities. He was invited to meet with Donald Trump this week and like other black activists who have met with Mr. Trump, he came away believing that the president elect is serious about addressing the issues facing many of our inner city citizens. Mr. Hill is not impressed with Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, or any of the other black activists who have met with Donald Trump. Mr. Hill says that Steve Harvey is a "mediocre Negro". He states that Harvey is not really an activist for his race, especially because he is successful and is thus not a good example of what black people face in this world. In fact he doesn't like any of the successful black people talking about race issues that face the average black person in America, according to Mr. Hill. Never mind that many of these successful black Americans came from impoverished backgrounds; never mind that they overcame many of the obstacles that Mr. Hill claims to be an expert on, never mind that their experiences could serve as a shining example for everyone, not just black youth. But can you imagine if a conservative or a white person used the phrase "mediocre Negro"? There would because for that person to be strung up from the nearest tree, for them to lose everything that they had ever built or gained or earned, and for them to be banished from public life forever. Maybe Mr. Hill should get out in the real world and try to understand that you do not have to be a professor to be a leader in any movement, that practical experience can make you a leader in your community.

I have a new definition for Metro sexual: gay in the streets, straight in the sheets.

I listened to portions of the four confirmation hearings being conducted by the Senate this week. Nikki Haley is the nominee for ambassador to the United Nations. One of the Senators, and I did not catch his name as I came in to the hearing midstream, was asking how ambassadors select Haley thought the United States should deal with the United Nations. The gist of the overly long question was did Nikki Haley believe that the United States should pull out of the United Nations altogether? Mrs. Haley said that there were certainly grave concerns about the integrity and efficacy of the United Nations as currently formed. She also expressed concerns about the fact that the United States pays approximately one quarter of the operating budget for the United Nations, yet that the body continually works against the best interest of the United States and its allies. I thought it was interesting to note that we are still the primary funding nation for the United Nations. When Obama took office he said that the United States cannot be the sole leader of the world that we must take our "rightful place" alongside the other nations of the world rather than out front. So wouldn't that mean that every nation that is a member of the United Nations should be paying their fair share of the operating costs? Yet not one nation even comes close to supporting the United Nations monetarily compared to what the United States pays. Shouldn't Russia, England, France, or Germany be paying as much as we are?

I was listening to some of the Democrats in the Senate question Dr. Tom Price, president elect Trump's nominee for health and human services director, and they were talking about the repeal of Obamacare. One of the Senators asked if the plan that would be put forth to replace Obama care would insure or guarantee that all Americans would have insurance coverage. She opined that any replacement for the current affordable care act would leave so many Americans out in the cold without access to healthcare. First of all, there is no problem with anyone having access to healthcare. It is typical of the liberals to skew the argument to make it seem like people are going to die if the current plan is scrapped. The simple fact is that Obama care and any other similar program is not about healthcare but paying for healthcare. That aside, if making sure that all Americans have coverage is a goal for the Democrats then why do so many Americans not have coverage now? How is it that the affordable care act that they authored and shoved down our throats took health insurance away from so many American people but yet they demand that any replacement cover everyone? There must be some kind of device that removes all principles, ability to detect hypocrisy, or somebody's ability to tell the truth when they enter Congress.

So if Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden of Eden because they ate the forbidden fruit of knowledge, was it God's goal or wish that man remain ignorant and half naked?

If Jesus is the Lamb of God, did Mary have a little lamb? A friend tells me I'm going straight to HE double toothpicks for that one.

Have you ever noticed that the symbol doctors use for their profession is a snake on a stick? How did they come up with that? If you saw someone coming at you with a snake wrapped around a stick how would you react? Would you be all happy and saying, gave the doctors here? Or would you be like get the hell away from you with that snake on a stick you crazy moron? Shouldn't a snake wrapped around a stick be the symbol for lawyers?


Hate crimes are on the rise?

the media is reporting that there has been a spike in "hate crimes" since the election of Donald Trump. The majority of these records are based upon a press release from the Southern poverty Law Center which lists 701 hate crimes against Muslims and other minority groups since election day. What's interesting is that a significant portion of those 701 reported crimes involve people using racial slurs that are uncorroborated and, if they happened, while reprehensible do not meet the definition of a crime. What is also notable in its absence is the attacks upon Donald Trump supporters were people that someone believes is a Donald Trump supporter. If calling someone names that are vile and reprehensible is a crime then certainly anyone who has supported Donald Trump has experienced those crimes. Shouldn't they be reported as well? Not to mention the actual vandalism and property damage Trump supporters have suffered at the hands of the tolerant left.

But has there really been a spike in hate crimes since the election? As an example, the female Muslim student at the University of Louisiana who claimed that a white male ripped her hijab off, then spent at her admitted later that she made the story up. She is not the only one: Eleesha Long, a student at Bowling Green University, posted on her Facebook page that three men wearing Trump T-shirts began throwing rocks at her and calling her racist names. She did not report the incident to police but after her Facebook post began to get a lot of attention, police at Bowling Green University took her down to the station where she filed a written complaint. as police began to investigate her claim, other posts on her Facebook page as well as a search of her cell phone found that she was nowhere near the location where she claimed the incident occurred at the time she claimed it occurred. Again, she later admitted that she made the incident up. Yet the Southern poverty Law Center kept these and other fake incidents on their list in order to prove their claim. These are far from the only incidence that have proven to be fake.

Then there are the incidence which have dubious connection to any type of hate crime. A woman in Florida returned to her car after shopping to find that her car window had been broken out and her purse stolen. A note was left under the windshield wiper which contained a number of racist terms and threatened the woman if she did not leave the country. It turned out that she had left the note in order to make it look like a hate crime rather than a simple burglary. Once again, even though disproven as a hate crime, Southern poverty Law Center kept this on their list. There are number of other dubiously reported hate crimes that include things like vandalism, such as a swastika being painted upon the door of a minority business owners shop. Video surveillance shows the individual spray painting the symbol on the door but it cannot be determined what race this person is or was.

Quite simply if you begin to look at the list from the Southern poverty Law Center which is the basis for most of the reports in the media, and you extrapolate the number of false or unprovable stories, hate crimes are not on the rise. What is on the rise is the hatred from the left being spewed towards those that they believed to have voted for Donald Trump. What is also on the rise is the number of attacks upon the person or property of people that others believe may have supported Donald Trump. That story is not being reported in the media because it doesn't fit their narrative that America is racist and that Donald Trump supporters are racist as well.

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Another politician gets really rich and other observations

so many of you are worried that Donald Trump will take actions as president that will enhance his business interests making him much richer. Based upon history, it's a valid concern and bears watching. We can argue that if Donald Trump creates business conditions that benefit everybody including himself that's different than a politician who lined his or her pockets while in office. Let me ask those of you who are screaming the loudest about this potential problem why aren't you criticizing Obama? When Obama entered office his net worth was about $1.5 million: as he gets sent to leave office his net worth is now $12.2 million. How does a man who makes $400,000 a year save $11 million in eight years? Mathematically, for you public school graduates, it is impossible. Yet it happened and not one word from you liberals. At least Bill and Hillary waited until they got out of office before making the majority of their money.

John Kerry gave a speech regarding the recent vote at the United Nations to condemn Israel and their settlements in the West Bank. It is unprecedented for the United States to betray the only democracy in the middle east and our biggest ally. But Kerry justified it in several ways, none of which were accurate or historically truthful. But probably the most egregious thing he said was that Israel has to make a choice; they can either be Jewish or Democratic but not both. Why not? They have more freedom than any other country in the region. They also allow Palestinians to come into Israel and work and live not to mention others that are Islamic or of Arabic descent. Which country in their region that is trying to attack them does the same thing? Iran is not going to allow Jews to live there in their country, neither is Palestine if they get to be state. That list goes on. So does the same principle that the secretary of state spouses applied to Islamic countries? I guess Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries in the region can be Islamic because they are not democratic. And isn't it ironic that the administration like Obama's is calling for America to open its borders to all sorts of refugees but wants Israel to respect the borders of Palestine and other countries?

When did it become necessary that we have chicken nuggets with a hamburger and fries for a meal?

I was reminded by a friend of a flight we took a number of years ago. We were flying out of Elko Nevada headed for Reno. This was a smaller plane, about 25 passengers and had two propeller driven engines. As we were waiting at the gate, the pilot came over the public address system and advised us that they were having a little problem with the left engine but he assured us, they would try and get it fixed before we took off. While I would hope so, what if they didn't get it fixed? Were we going to take off anyway? Why would you say that you would try to get it fixed, tell us you're going to get it fixed or we won't take off that would make me feel much better. And if you're not going to be able to fix it before we get in the air then you better open up the bar.

A restaurant named Café eight in Honolulu has put up a sign that says if you voted for Donald Trump we will not serve you because we don't want any Nazis in our establishment. While they shouldn't have the right to refuse service because of someone's belief system should they? We've seen other businesses forced to provide services to people with whom they disagree philosophically. Of course the difference here is that the liberals will agree with this restaurant and their position so it's okay to discriminate.

Ed Asner and a bunch of other left-wing act doors are really upset about the new minimum wage laws in California. A whole bunch of them have gotten together and asked for an exemption from the minimum wage laws that apply to all jobs in California, requiring businesses to pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour. According to Asner and his friends small theaters cannot afford to pay $15 an hour to act doors, set designers and builders, sound engineers, ticket sellers or anyone else that works for the small theaters. Asner claims it will put them out of business and ruling opportunities for the future stars of television and movies or Broadway. Asner says, correctly, that the small theaters or where a lot of future stars learn their trade and without the ability to exempt themselves from minimum wage laws those opportunities will disappear. I'm sure they still don't see the correlation between the small theaters and any other small business in California, but you and I do.

Do you remember when the media got all upset over president elect Trump going to dinner one night and not letting them know he was going or not allowing a pool reporter and photographer to accompany them and get pictures? NBC television made a huge deal out of it as did many other mainstream media news outlets. They began to worry that Donald Trump was going to shut them out of the process and not let them tell us what he is doing every minute of every day and of course this meant that he was going to be hiding a lot of big things too. Just to prove that they do not have principles to which they adhere consistently, Pres. Obama ditched the media on his last vacation to take his daughter to a water park. Did you hear anything about that and his lack of transparency? No of course not. In fact the New York Times even opined that it was understandable given the high level of scrutiny that Obama's family is under and their desire to have some privacy and normalcy.


The narrative continues

one thing the liberals, along with the media, are good at is building a narrative. They can weave a story that would make Mark Twain jealous. Their latest story is about the Russians hacking into computer systems in the United States. The narrative they are trying to build is that the Russians somehow affected the voting in the United States and defeated Hillary Clinton. None of this is true, that we know of because of the lack of proof.

We have heard for example that 17 intelligence agencies in the United States have confirmed that Russia had into some computer system to have an effect upon our presidential election. There are not 17 intelligence agencies in the United States government. The FBI and CIA released a 13 page report that is being touted as proof that they believe Russians hacked into the computer systems. But if you read the report it starts off with a huge disclaimer that essentially says the information contained in this report cannot be proven and is basically conjecture.

We also know that various intelligence experts including those that specialize in cyber spying have said that Russia did not hack into the systems and Hillary's private email server or the DNC. The interview with Julian Assange, the founder of wiki leaks, made it very clear that he did not get the information he released from the Russians. He said that he knows who hacked into those systems and it was not Russia. He is not the only one that makes that claim. I have talked to a so-called white hat hacker who has back that claim as well.

We also know that federal authorities advised the DNC and Hillary Clinton that their computers were being targeted by outside hackers. They were warned of not only the attempts to break into the system but the emails that were being sent to key members of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, like John Podesta, yet neither of those groups made any efforts to tighten the security of their computer systems.

Since Obama has been president Russia has invaded three countries; they have reset the nuclear arms treaty with America which favored them greatly; they are harboring the most wanted intelligence fugitive from America since the Cold War began, Edward Snowden; they have essentially shut the United States out of the middle east peace process and have threatened our Air Force trying to fly over Syria. The list of transgressions by Russia against the United States has only grown under the Obama administration. We also know that the Chinese government has conducted extensive hacking operations and at one point obtained over 2 million documents and private information, some of it classified as top-secret, yet the Obama administration did not even utter a peep. but now all of a sudden it is time for sanctions?

I guess because now it is called cyber-intrusion rather than hacking. Doesn't that sound much more dangerous? It's a typical tactic of the left, come up with a new word or a different word that makes you wonder what they are talking about and is at the same thing we've been talking about for the last few months with Mark you spend more time wondering how the name changed rather than thinking about the real problem. It's exactly what they did with global warming by calling it climate change. They did the same thing with Isis and ISIL.

The simple fact is this, Obama and the Democrats knew about the attempts to hack into those computer systems. They did nothing until they realized that they lost the election and then they began screaming bloody murder. It is about their loss of power rather than the safety of our national computer systems or our electoral process. Besides, as we've said before, the information that was leaked was already known to an extent and all this information did was prove that the allegations against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee were true. That's the other reason they want to distract from the underlying problem by telling us the sky is falling and that they are going to make sure we are protected.

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Let’s bring in MORE people, that’ll work

Obama is the typical liberal in that they are a mile wide and at the best having Steve, especially when it comes to economic issues. They somehow believe they can wave a magic wand and make things better for everyone. Let's raise the minimum wage to $15 and that will make everything better, ignoring what will really happen and what has happened. Let's give people free stuff because it works so well in Venezuela. Now it's happening with economics and immigration. I am sure that Obama loves this idea.

Rutland Vermont is a small town that is struggling. There economy, like many small towns in America, is in the doldrums. As an aside, Obama tells us that the economy in America is going great guns so how do they have an economy that is lagging behind? But back to the point, the mayor of Rutland Christopher Louras has decided to bring in 100 Syrian refugees. Not only is that the moral thing to do in his mind but it will somehow magically revitalize the economy in Rutland.

The theory is that these refugees will bring youth and marketable skills to their town, and they will be quickly hired by local businesses. Mayor Louras has said that many people are leaving Rutland who are of working age so the population demographic is aging. I wonder why those younger people who could be holding down jobs are leaving? Maybe it's because there aren't any jobs in Rutland Vermont. Maybe it's because they've had to move elsewhere to find jobs and I'm not talking about just high-paying jobs, I am talking about all types of jobs. So where are they going to put these refugees to work? Will the jobs magically appear?

Now I know some of you are saying that it will bring an influx of cash because these refugees are being paid by the government in the form of benefits. That's not exactly true, in fact the first group of refugees have been the drain on the limited resources of this small town to help people who don't have anything. Most of the city leaders have complained to the federal government that the promise of monetary assistance has not materialized. So the nice people of Rutland are being asked to use their limited resources and pitch in to help these people out. And let's be honest, no business is going to move to Rutland that just because there are workers there, especially workers who do not speak the language, who probably don't have marketable skills like other Americans do. And to say these folks will do the jobs that Americans won't do is disingenuous at best.

In fact the whole argument that immigrants, whether they are legal or illegal, do the jobs that Americans won't do is a farce. The biggest reason that Americans won't do many of these jobs is because they are paid too much to stay on the sideline. Transfer payments like unemployment, welfare, snap, and housing assistance make it difficult for them to take a job because they actually earn less than staying at home collecting government checks. Many of these people would return to work if they didn't have that "security blanket".

And let's not forget the security issues the terrorist killer in Berlin and the most recent one in Istanbul Turkey both came in through similar programs to those respective countries. Both posed as "family men" who were looking for jobs to support their wife and children. We do not have any way of screaming these people out to determine if they are a threat to American citizens are not. So any one of those people being sent to Rutland or anywhere else in the United States could be a terrorist.

We are watching Germany, Greece, Sweden, Turkey, in fact the name a country, suffer the consequences of these relocation programs that are unfettered. And now we want to do the same thing here? What was that definition of insanity again? This is textbook, as they say.

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Monday Morning Funnies: more shower thoughts

I really don't know what causes things to come in threes but it happens; it is almost an undeniable truth of life. Shower thoughts have been coming fast and furious and not just in the shower but that is where they are the most common. So here are some more random thoughts for you to ponder what you are lathering up and rinsing off.

We can replace a person's heart but we still have not figured out how to evenly heat a pop tart.

If only my bed was as comfortable when I was trying to fall asleep as it is when I am waking up.

We all are already living in a post-apocalyptic era, the dinosaurs went through an apocalypse.

Why is it that when we are dreaming our brains do not see the plot twists or the scary moments even though our brain is the one creating the dream?

Funny names for your wireless network are the new funny answering machine messages.

If an alien race browsed our Internet, they would probably think that our planet is ruled by kittens.

isn't it ironic that in order to show people you really did laugh in a text message you have to type out the words I laughed out loud instead of just typing LOL?

Whomever said "nothing is impossible" has never tried to eat a nature Valley granola bar without getting crumbs everywhere.

It's not "cosplay", you are just wearing a costume.

Is it really premarital sex if you never marry that person?

Harry Potter went to a school staffed by experienced wizards and a bunch of wizards and witches in training yet no one knew a spell that could cure his eyesight?

People disobey traffic laws all the time yet I've never seen anyone mess with a traffic cone.

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More shower thoughts

I said in an earlier post that these things go in bunches and this week has been a boon for random shower thoughts; so here are some more for you to ponder:

think about this for a minute, your age reflects the number of times you have ridden a giant rock around a giant ball of fire in a random solar system.

It seems to me that replying to an insult is much easier than replying to a compliment.

If I am lucky, the seatbelt I put on every time I get in an automobile will continue to be useless.

Most relationships start off with "don't ever change", then progress to "you have to change", and end with "you've changed".

Popping bubblewrap is not as much fun when you realize that you are releasing toxic air from China into our atmosphere 1 cm³ at the time.

Why is it that my Dragon dictation system recognizes the word "bubblewrap" but Microsoft word does not?

When a medication says you should not operate heavy machinery while taking that prescription, they probably mean don't drive my car, but my mind always wanders to a front end loader.

With cell phone cameras in everybody's pocket or purse, we now have a generation that has diligently documented themselves accomplishing almost nothing.

It's funny that most men who kiss a sleeping or possibly dad Princess in Disney movies are idolized, while men who do that in real life end up in prison.

A person's legs and privates makeup their lap. think about that acronym.

UPS will leave a $500 Christmas gift in a box on my front porch. Yet, I have to sign for a $10 pizza.

I wish I had a real voodoo doll of myself, and I could give myself a backrub. You could probably also do some other things but I'll leave that to your imagination, you sick person.

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It’s the end of the year, time for end of times predictions that went wrong

well it's the end of 2016 a year that is being called one of the worst ever by the media and the liberals, I guess because they got rebuked in the election and have lost their power. But around the end of the year somebody always comes up with predictions for the following year which are inevitably horribly wrong, nonetheless they are fun to talk about. Looking back on history there is always a doomsday prediction by someone who believes this is the year that Earth as we know it will and including life as we know it. So why not take some time to look back at some predictions about doomsday that have been horribly wrong.

Since it was the most recent why not start with the Mayan calendar prediction that our world would end in 2012. As you will recall the theory was that the Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012 and the reason the calendar ended on that date is because the Mayans new our world as we know it would and on that date as well. There were lots of predictions about how it would end whether through a cataclysmic volcanic explosion, a series of earthquakes, or even a comet or meteor hitting the earth and wiping us all out. Of course people built bunkers in their backyards, survival kits became the hot item to buy, even a Chinese guy build a modern day Noah's Ark. 50 years from now people will look at those bunkers and wonder what we were thinking just like we look back on the 50s and their nuclear holocaust bunkers.

A Taiwanese man named Hon-Ming Chen founded a religion that he called "true way" which was a combination of beliefs from several modern-day religions as well as UFO conspiracies. Among other things that he believed, he claimed that God would come to earth in the form of a human that just so happened to look a lot like him. He claimed that in 1989 the earth would be ravaged by demons who would flood the earth and kill us all. We are still here but maybe the flooding of Earth and the rising of tides was the basis for Al Gore's theories.

William Miller preached to the masses in 1831 about a time that Jesus himself would walk the earth again in 1843. Nearly 100,000 people believed him and felt that when Jesus came back he would take them all up to heaven. When the date had passed and nothing had happened, Miller decided that the world would actually end in 1844. If i’m not mistaken, that didn’t work out either. But he continued to have a large following for another 20 years until his final doomsday prediction failed to materialize; imagine that.

Harold was a man who has predicted the end of the world more than 10 times. After a failed prediction in 1992, he then claimed that on May 21, 2011, the world would drown in a massive flood. The flood would take place exactly 7,000 years after a the biblical flood. When the date had gone by and the world was still alive, he proclaimed that his math was wrong and that it would actually happen on October 21, 2011. C’mon, man.

German mathematician Johannes Stöffler predicted that when all of the planets were aligned under the Pisces, earth would be flooded. The date that this were to happen was February 25, 1524. When word got out, great panic ensued, and a giant ark was built by Count von Iggleheim, a German nobleman. on the appointed day, storm clouds gathered as did the faithful who believed the prediction was going to come true. The amount of rain never got above a light drizzle, kind of like the anticipation and disappointment many teenagers feel on prom night.

During the year 1806 in the English town of Leeds, a little hen apparently had the ability to lay eggs that were inscribed with messages declaring that Christ was coming and the end of the world was near. The entire city was struck with fear and began visiting the hen in the hopes of finding new information about when exactly the world would end. Well, it never happened, and as it turned out, the owner of the hen was writing messages on eggs and then stuffing them back into the poor hen! This was the precursor to seeing images of Jesus Christ on toast, pancakes, potato chips, and various other foodstuffs. predictably, with the same disappointing results.

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Why the stereotype?

it seems like we are going to talk about some of the undeniable truths of life this week. I don't know why that happens but it does; things seem to come in bunches, pairs or threes. Often we will get similar stories all happen within a day or two of each other when we may not have seen that type of story for months or even years. It's just the way the universe works. But back to the point, one of the undeniable truths of life is that there is a modicum of truth to every stereotype. We've seen it happen over and over and everyone believes them to an extent. It certainly doesn't mean that everyone in that demographic acts, thinks, or behaves the same way or has that attribute: but enough people in that demographic do that it becomes a stereotype.

Tahani Mansour, 27, Of Ohio was a successful young woman. She had graduated from college with a Dr. of pharmacy degree and had built a successful career. Her father, Jamal Mansour 63, had emigrated to the United States in the 70s. Friends say he had assimilated to the point that he often wore Western style clothing, jeans and T-shirts and had some behaviors that were Americanized. But for the most part he still lived a life according to his religious tenets. That included his belief about the way women are supposed to act, especially in public. This often led to arguments with his daughter who still lived at home despite her successful career. That is part of the Islamic religion requirements for young women until they are married.

Recently father and daughter had argued over a business trip that Tahani was to take to Las Vegas Nevada. Her father was upset that not only was she traveling without a male family member but that she was going to Sin City. Despite his protests apparently she took the trip. After returning home, she was killed at the hands of her father. He claims it was an accident but the evidence strongly points to, what we in the West call and honor killing, required by sharia law. Tahani Was shot in the head three times while she lay sleeping in her bed at 1:15 AM.

Her father claims it was an accident and that he did not know the gun was loaded. Jamaal is a successful businessman owning, among other things, several gas stations in the Cleveland area. Videotape from one of those gas stations shows him loading the gun that was used to kill his daughter the day before. That makes it difficult to believe it was not premeditated. And if she died in her sleep what was that he was trying to do by pointing what he claims to be an empty gun at her while she slept. I guess we will have to wait for trial to find out what that theory might be.

But there is the stereotype that he was making honor killing because his daughter had disrespected the family and brought dishonor to the family through her actions. There is truth in that so-called stereotype that many people choose to believe because it does happen. Islamic religious leaders have spoken frequently about the punishments that Islamic men may mete out to the women in their family for disobeying the teachings of their religion. Those punishments range from scolding all the way to death. Given the history between father and daughter and the fact that Jamaal practiced his religion fervently allow many people to believe that he killed her on purpose because she brought disrespect to the family.

Of course Jamaal's attorney claims this speculation is not true and it is racist and bigoted. First of all let's remind everyone that Islam is not a race but it is a religion. So by definition it cannot be racist but the attorney has learned well from the media and political, especially the liberals, that if you use the word racist or bigoted, then you will garner empathy from many in society. I'm sure the attorney will play the race card during the trial, if it gets that far, given that the average juror or is a low information, low educated member of society. And for him to use the discrimination card is not genuine line because there is truth in the stereotype that many people hold of those who practice sharia law. Just because they claim it isn't true doesn't mean it isn't. To this day, right now at this very moment some woman somewhere in the world is being berated for bringing this honor to her family and is being threatened with death if not being actually stoned to death or killed. That is a fact.

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