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Let’s fix immigration laws


If we would enforce our current immigration laws, we might not be able to meet the demand for employees; that's one of the arguments for not protecting our border. Let's agree that may be true. The downside of illegal immigration doesn't justify letting just anyone in willy-nilly. So how about a common sense overhaul of our immigration laws? Here's a good start:

1. There will be no special bilingual laws in the schools.
2. All ballots will be in this nation's language.
3. All government business will be conducted in one language.
4. Non-citizens will not have the right to vote no matter how long they live here.
5. Non-citizens will never be able to hold political office.
6. Non-citizens will not be a burden to the taxpayer; they are not eligible for welfare, food stamps, government provided health care/insurance, or any other government assistance program.
7. Foreigners can invest here but the amount must be at least 40,000 times the minimum wage.
8. Non-citizens can buy land but options will be restricted. Certain parcels, such as waterfront property will be reserved for naturally born citizens.
9. Foreigners may have no protests, cannot display another nation's flag; cannot organize politically.
10. You must prove, when asked, that you are here legally. If you enter illegally or overstay your visa, you will be hunted, sent to jail and deported. You will lose any assets you may have acquired.

Do you think these laws are too strict? They are already in place and very strictly enforced, in Mexico.

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Random thoughts about recent shootings


The 'Black Lives Matter' movement held a rally in Minnesota one day after the police officer in Texas was assassinated. During the rally, they continued their vitriol against police officers by chanting, "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon!" This is typical of many of their rallies over the last few months. Why isn't that considered hate speech? It's calling for a specific group of people to be killed. Elizabeth Hasselback asked why the movement hasn't been classified as a hate group not only because of their call for the death of police, but many in their ranks have called for the death of white people. Remember, the gay black man who killed the T.V. reporter and cameraman used the same rhetoric in his manifesto and claimed the church killings as a breaking point. Sounds like "Black Lives Matter" movement. A couple of pundits on the left then accused Hasselbeck of calling for black people to be shot down in the streets by their own government. No she did not, she posed a legitimate question but you can't argue on the merits so you use some inane emotional argument to rally support among your base.

The United States is 3rd in murders among all the countries of the world. But if you remove the murders that take place in Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C., and New Orleans, the U.S. is ranked 4th from the bottom. What do those 4 cities have in common besides high murder rates? Some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. I don't think that's a coincidence.

8 policed officers were killed in a 9 day span. What was Obama's response? To have his staff release a statement that he was going to be on a reality T.V. show in Alaska. Now that's leadership. Yes he did finally, several days after the officer in TX was killed, give a lukewarm statement about the lives of officers being important. But of course he blamed guns.

If the Stars & Bars flag has to be banned from public after the Charleston church shootings because the killer once posed with it on his Facebook page, then doesn't the rainbow flag have to be banned after the gay black man killed the T.V. reporter? Not according to liberals. Isn't it funny how the narrative changed when a member of one of the golden minority groups does something horrific?

Obama's responses to the Charleston shooting and the Virginia shooting are telling. After the Charleston murders: "The motivations of the shooter remind us that racism remains a blight that we have to combat together." After the VA shootings (in which the shooter himself admitted he was being racist); "The number of people who die from gun related incidents around this country dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism." Not true by the way but tells you what he thinks of white people being killed by a black man.


Quick hits and random stuff

quick hits

We as a country are about to kill the coal industry, under the guise of protecting ourselves from man caused global warming. There is just another product that we'll need to import. You see, coal is not just used to cleanly, effectively, and cheaply power electrical plants but it has many other uses as well. How about being used in toothpaste, shingles, metal roofing, charcoal filters to purify water, bicycles, water repellant, carbon fiber used in kidney dialysis, medicines... the list goes on. I'm sure some of you won't mind either paying even more for kidney dialysis or letting a loved one die since we can't mine coal in this country.

Donald Trump and many others are racist for wanting to build a fence to keep illegal aliens and drugs from coming into this country at will. Mexico built a 15' high fence on it's southern border to keep Guatemalan's out. Are they racist too?

As Obama pulls our troops out of Afghanistan without having finished the job, can you say Vietnam part 2, we are hearing more and more stories about the Taliban undoing all the progress that was made. In Western Herat province early Monday, 100 school girls were poisoned. Many have died, while some are in the hospital, even though Taliban officials threatened doctors if they attempted to save the girls. The girls' only crime was attending school. What was that you were saying about the Republican's war on women, Hillary?

We went to the moon before someone realized it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage.

If you were able to dig a hole to the center of the Earth, then drop a rock into the whole, it would take 42 minutes for the rock to hit bottom.

A human could swim through the arteries of a blue whale.

Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.

If you are pro gun control, you are not really against guns, because government authorities will still have guns. The government will still have guns used to take away our guns, keep us in line, and arrest us. History tells us this is true. So really, you aren't for gun control, you are for centralizing gun ownership into the hands of a small political elite class and their body guards.


Did they read what they’d written?


I know that most of the time a reporter doesn't write the headline or byline; neither does an anchor write the scroll across the video on a T.V. news program; usually it's some underpaid, maggot infested, F.M. type intern wanting to get into journalism to make a difference in the world. They are paid next to nothing and really believe they are better than the person getting all the credit. But sometimes you have to wonder if they really read what they write.

A video about a bad decisions on a local T.V. news program showing Paul, who has a bunch of tribal facial tattoos. "Paul has also found that his tattoos have made it impossible to get work" That's what he just said.

Colorado Springs newspaper: Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25.

Scroll on a live report on T.V.: Man killed to death

A live report on T.V. about weather and rain falling: Rain makes roads wet.

In a newspaper: Turns out throwing spears is dangerous.

T.V. scroll: Homework can lead to stress.

CNN Live: Boeing 777 will struggle to maintain altitude once the fuel tanks are empty.

Headline in English paper: Diana was still alive hours before she died. A series of previously unseen CCTV images have revealed that Diana was alive and well before she was tragically killed in Paris.

People magazine: Stars - they're just like us; they use shopping baskets!!

I wonder how much they paid for their degrees? No matter how much, they got ripped off.

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Liberal hypocrisy shines bright once again


It always amazes me that liberals just don't seem to be able to understand when they are being hypocrites. I know it's probably because many are unprincipled or believe they are right and you are wrong if you disagree with them. Nonetheless it still amazes me when it happens and believe me it happens often.

Let's compare some behavior. The left wing believes that you MUST violate your religious beliefs in order to be fair to every one. If you do not like gay marriage, you MUST bake them a cake, put together floral displays, or rent them your facility. Otherwise you are bigoted, hateful, or some other bad word. It doesn't matter that they could get similar services or products from a business that actually supports them, it's about proving a point. As an aside, it always amazes me that some would rather force a business to deal with them, rather than supporting a business that agrees with their point of view. At any rate, you MUST provide them with products or services.

BUT if they disagree with your life style or choices, they can absolutely, without a doubt, refuse to provide goods or services to you and they will not only do so, they will often do so with vitriol and hatred unmatched by any Christian bakery or flower shop owners.

Case in point: a local resident needed some work done on his gun sights. He was having trouble seeing the front sight so wanted a small bead welded to the top end to make it easier to see. The gentleman looked around for someone and was referred to a local artist, who specialized in working with metal. He removed the sights from the guns, went to see her and she agreed to do the work. Then she found out what the little pieces of metal were used for and things got interesting to say the least.

I have listened to the voice mail messages from the woman to her customer. Real tolerant that one. Like many artists she displays her work at someone else's gallery; the customer has been banned from entering the gallery and cannot under any circumstances tell the gallery owner what the little metal devices are designed to do; that is "kill innocent deer, elk," and other cute animals; hopefully not people, she said. The artist is afraid the gallery owner will ask her to remove her art and leave the premises if it becomes public knowledge that she has helped someone kill sweet animals. Especially with what's going on in our country and the plethora of people being killed by guns. I guess the gallery owner is not tolerant of other people's beliefs and/or rights.

The gist of the 2 voice mails are very clear. The gun owner/customer cannot, under any circumstances, set foot in the gallery again because he is a gun owner. In essence, she is now keeping his property isn't she? If he can't go inside to get the sights, then he is being deprived of his property.

And to the point, she is refusing to serve someone because of his lifestyle choices. Being a gun owner and a hunter is a choice many of us make; we don't know why we have a desire to own guns or hunt, we were just born that way I guess. I will bet dollars to a pile of rocks that this same person is happy that a Christian bakery was forced to bake a cake for a gay couple's wedding. I will make the same bet that she doesn't see the comparison between her actions and those of the Christian bakers. Simply, she is refusing service to the man because she disagrees with his lifestyle. But that's none of my business.


Oh boy, here we go

cry baby

The 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is upon us this month and already the whining, err reminiscing, has begun. It just boggles the mind that people are still crying about Katrina. It was 10 years ago, get over it already. Put on your big boy pants and get on with your life. You aren't the first ones to have suffered tragedy but you might be the first to have wallowed in the pity for this long.

Some things I've heard and seen across the spectrum of shows this past week and we're not at the anniversary date yet. Mississippi and other Gulf Coast states were hit much harder by Katrina than New Orleans but Chocolate City is the focus of everyone's attention. Yes there was devastation in the Big Easy and people lost their lives but when you looked at photos of Mississippi for example, it was like the coast was wiped clean. No buildings, houses, structures of any kind. Total destruction. We didn't hear much from them and still don't.

This was more of a man made disaster than it was a natural disaster. New Orleans was devastated because of the failure of the federal government built levee system that didn't stand up to the storm surge and rain fall. The federal response in trying to stem the flow of water, shore up remaining levees and repair damaged levees was pathetic at best and deadly at worst. They didn't do a good job. Maybe because they were more focused on hiring a diverse workforce than actually having someone competent design and build the system.

Remember the FEMA supplied homes? Poison in the building materials, falling apart before people moved in, and worth nothing after about a year? Great idea that we probably paid 10x market value for and didn't work. Let's not forget they couldn't get water, medical aid, or other help to people to stupid to leave. Oh, that's right, I can't call them stupid for staying and looting or expecting someone to come get them. I'm supposed to realize they were too disadvantage because of white privilege to be able to get on a bus or drive a car out of town. I know, Mayor Ray Nagin (sp?) couldn't get the buses running to help people leave because the feds wouldn't promise to pay for gas or hotels or something.

I listened to an ESPN the Magazine writer on Tuesday morning; he is from the gulf area of MS and spent the summer there. He lamented how people are still deeply affected by the storm and still haven't recovered. The federal response is still ongoing he said and hasn't helped people in the way you would expect. So you are telling me that areas are still rebuilding 10 years after the storm hit? Government efficiency at it's best.

And these are the same people you want to run your health care system. But that's none of my business.


If this is racist…

stars & bars

We are not far removed from the height of this controversy. People want the Stars & Bars removed from just about everything, including history books, because it represents to them, racism. That shows their ignorance along with their victim mentality. But let's assume that the flag did represent racism and thus should be removed from public display. There's something else that should be removed from public usage and display because of it's ties to a terrible time in world history.

The iconic VW Beetle has to go. If you own one, drive one, or had one in the past, you are anti-Semitic, hate anyone that isn't of Aryan descent and you are racist, bigoted, and support the Holocaust. Using the same logic as the left wing uses for anything they don't understand or agree with, the 'car of the people' was designed by one of the most vile individuals to ever walk the face of the Earth.

Think about it folks; in addition to removing the Stars & Bars, many of the same people want to remove Thomas Jefferson from our history and reverence because he owned slaves. All the good things he did are wiped out by one aspect of his life. And if you support Jefferson, the in the twisted mind of some, you support slavery and hate black people.

In case you are a public school graduate and not taught any history, here's the story: Sitting at a restaurant in Munich in 1932, Hitler designed the prototype for the immensely successful car that became the Volkswagen Beetle. At the time, only the rich could afford cars but Hitler believed that regular people should be able to buy an auto as well. In 1938, Hitler laid the cornerstone for the factory that would create the best selling car of all time. A favorite of not only Nazis but also surfers, moms, college kids, and so many more.

So, Hitler killed millions of people prior to and during WW II because of their religious beliefs, their ethnicity, or other unsavory characteristics, all to promote the Aryan ideal. Using the same loose logic that is used to brand anyone selling, displaying, or talking about the Stars & Bars, then anyone owning a VW is at best, a Nazi sympathizer and probably needs to be taken out and shot. I think I'm going to have a bumper sticker made that says something like, "I love Hitler" and put it on the first VW Bug I see.


Oh, now you’re shocked and offended!

head out of ass

Chris Carter, NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver and current ESPN analyst, is in hot water. What he did has been known for a long time, in fact, it's been promoted by the NFL for more than a year. ESPN had to have known what he did since the video was out there for all to see. But now, someone has come forward and blamed him for something and all of a sudden everyone is offended, shocked and ready to discipline Carter for what he said.

Let's set the stage. The NFL holds a rookie symposium each year, inviting all drafted rookies to attend. They give them a lot of information about what to expect from life in the NFL. Rules are reviewed, coaches talk about practices, etc. Former players also come in to talk about all the pitfalls one can expect, especially now that they have some money in their pocket. Carter knows about making bad decisions after he was kicked off the Eagles for his off the field behavior which included partying and drugs. It's a good program that should make kids aware of how people will treat them now and how they can derail their careers with bad decisions.

During the 2014 symposium, Carter told the attendees that they should have a fall guy; some guy on the team who doesn't play a lot and will take the blame for you if you break the law, drive drunk, get in a fight, etc. Not good advice but it's a reality of the league and Carter was telling them the truth. Now, telling them to get a fall guy, not a good decision, maybe he should have said don't get in trouble or don't be the fall guy.

But the point is, that video has been out there on the NFL's website for over a year. All of a sudden former 49er's linebacker Chris Borland tells some reporter that he was advised to get a fall guy and didn't or something like that. Now the NFL pulls the video, claims that is not the message they wanted veterans and former players to give to rookies. ESPN brass issued a statement saying they told Carter in no uncertain and very clear terms that they do not condone his message and presumably, any further transgression will have him following Collin Cowherd and Bill Simmons out the door.

OK, so now you're offended? I would bet my own money that the NFL reviewed that video before it was posted. I'm also sure there were NFL reps in the room during the speech Carter gave to rookies. ESPN is so anal about what they're employees do or say that they had to have reviewed the video at some point. What changed that made the statement offensive now as opposed to a year ago? It went viral after Borland talked about it an interview, is that it?

It's time for the NFL and especially ESPN to get off of their sanctimonious high horses and either grow a pair, telling people to shut up and not be offended, or to have principles that would have led them to never post the video in the first place. If what Carter said was offensive now, it should have been offensive then. Both ESPN and the NFL should have talked to Carter in private at the time, pulled the video, and when Borland brought it up, they could have said with a straight face and integrity, "we've dealt with this issue already and it's a moot point." End of story. Now we have to listen to everybody and their brother talk about the video ad nauseam, feigning disgust and shock, claiming the moral high ground. Just shut up already. Let's talk on the field stuff.


Things that make you go, ‘hmmm’


Sometimes you if you just stop and watch the world go by you'll see some wonderful things; other times you shake your head and wonder how the stupid ones are able to reproduce so often.

We had a bit of a storm on Sunday night, trees and telephone poles were knocked over; flooding closed several streets; electricity was out for hours in some parts of town; fortunately there wasn't a lot of damage to homes. The next day as I was leaving my office, I drove by a park in town. One of the larger trees had split and fallen. There were a couple of trees still upright but that had been damaged. Yellow tape had been placed around the area to keep people out until the trees could be trimmed. Of course two boys, maybe around 11-12 years of age were playing inside the cordoned off area. With the wind picking up again, it was only a matter of time before a damaged branch broke off. If something had happened to injure the boys, their hippie dad would have had a sit in, drum circle demanding the city fathers do something about the problem, all while his bottom feeding mud sucking attorney filed a law suit. Hey, you taught your kids to be themselves, to rebel against the man, do what you feel like- not that I want to see them get hurt, but with behavior like that, it's more of an eventuality than it is a possibility. They will get what you deserve.

I was listening to Robert Griffin III being interviewed. The QB for the Washington Redskins said he believes he has nothing to prove to anyone and that he is the best QB in the NFL. Certainly he had one good season but the last two, well, he's not even in the top half of the QB rankings. He is being castigated by many in the press and pundit world for saying something so brash. In order to be the best at whatever you do, you have to believe that you are the best. Yes you have to work hard and deliver the goods, but when you are climbing to the top, you have to believe in yourself. But we don't want to hear you say that you believe you are the best. Isn't that a strange dynamic? We expect you to behave in a certain way but don't talk about it. Show humility but it should be hiding a huge ego.

Some days, I just need to decompress a bit. On those days, I'll take my lunch, go park at a local hiking area and just relax for a bit. Enjoy some solitude. On one such day this week, I was parked at the end of the parking area when a couple pulled into the lot and drove straight to where I was sitting. The pulled up in front of me, a couple of car lengths away, and sat there staring at me, talking to each other. It was like they were waiting for me to move and give them my space. After a short time, the man shook his head and backed up, seemingly frustrated or upset that I was there. Maybe it was 'their' space. But they then parked in the middle of the entrance, blocking ingress and egress, got out of their car, opened the hatchback and let their dogs out to go run around and do their business. No leashes despite the signs telling park users to keep dogs on a leash. No plastic bags to clean up the deposits left by their family members. They gave their dogs some water, then put them back in the car and left. They had blocked others from entering the area for about 8-10 minutes. I guess if they couldn't have it their way, everyone else was going to be inconvenienced as well.

I met the guy that owns Wal-Mart. Walking into the big blue mall on the hill, I was following an older couple. He was pushing a cart and was a bit slow. As we entered the foyer I slowed for them. At the second door, the woman stopped him and she got a wipe from the dispenser and began wiping down the shopping car. I stopped for a moment, as did the people following me. The old couple were not going to move to allow us to enter. They were busy, we could wait. I went over to the other door, as did some of the group behind me, got a cart and went on. Of course I kind of gave the old couple 'the look'; you know, "do you know how much you are inconveniencing me?' Then I thought about it. She was wiping the cart down to prevent her one foot in the grave husband from catching some terrible disease from that had been left on the shopping cart by some unwashed previous user. Too late lady. He's already been pushing the unclean cart for 15 minutes walking in from the handicapped space. If ebola was on the cart, he's already got it. I felt that strange warmth of satisfaction enter my body knowing that karma was on the job. I know I'm not a good person but you've done similar things too.


Really now. That’s news?


So often we hear a 'news' story about someone and you wonder, why do they need to report that? Is it because they don't like the person or is there so much competition in the media that everyone is looking for an angle to get attention? The Washington Post has the headline, 'Marco Rubio Prepares for Dolphins Season by Hitting a Kid in the Face With a Pass.' Rubio was tossing a football around and the pass was right on the money. The kid dropped the ball. Of course the intrepid reporter had to tell us it 'appeared' the kid was going to be OK. A couple of other outlets reported that Rubio hit a kid in the face, one with a tag line 'no surprise there'. Sounds like he's beating children doesn't it. And really, we are concerned about the health of the kid?! If it was news every time someone let a ball slip through their hands and hit them in the face, the Dallas Cowboys would be front page news every day.

Here's a good use of taxpayer money: West Addison, VT authorities were called to Vermont Skydiving Adventures to investigate the death of Joseph Crossley. Crossley was skydiving; witnesses said his chute tangled and he spun out of control, hitting Earth at a high rate of speed. Police say they aren't sure what caused his death and an autopsy will be conducted to confirm what killed the man. How about this, give me a bottle of vodka and I'll tell you what caused Crossley's death? It was the ground. He hit hard. His body crushed. Done. End of story. Who cares if it was his spleen rupturing or an artery being punctured by a broken rib? He's gone. There problem solved, I've saved you money. You can grovel at my feet now. Hicks.

Huber Heights OH - two men entered a Waffle House shortly after 4 a.m. One of the men brandished a hand gun and demanded cash. The staff and customers just stared at the two men and didn't move. After a brief, awkward moment, the two would be thieves left, taking only a menu. If you've ever been in a Waffle House at 4 a.m. and seen the clientele, you'll understand why they decided there wasn't anything of value to be had.