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How’s the Middle East situation?

Iran President Rohani

With all of the racial strife, news about Hillary, and other 'distractions' the media and left wing are loving, average Americans are essentially ignoring what's going on in the Middle East, especially with Iran. Don't you wonder what Iran is doing with all the money we've shipped to them not to mention the oil money that is now flowing into their coffers? Many of you won't be surprised, some of you will not believe it...

Iran's Navy commander, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari has followed the Grand Poobah's orders and is quickly expanding Iran's naval presence in the Mediterranean. Sayyari has negotiated deals with Syria and Italy to berth Iranian naval vessels in their ports, giving the terrorist nation a permanent presence in the area, expanding their reach.

What is more disturbing is that Italy has agreed to build war ships for Iran. Italy is hurting for money and Iran is hard pressed to meet the Ayatollah's demands for a stronger, more far reaching naval presence in the Mediterranean and beyond. This weakness is further exacerbated by Egypt's purchase and receipt of naval vessels from France. Egypt picked up one of two Mistral class helicopter carriers bearing 92 choppers earlier this month and got the second just a week ago. Egypt has quickly been building up it's stock of warships given the increasing threat from Iran.

You probably hadn't heard that Egypt's navy joined with Saudi Arabia and the UAE just a few months ago to kick Iran's navy out of the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea near Yemen. Iran had attempted to take control of the Bab-al-Mandab Strait at the entrance to the Red Sea in order to help terrorist forces trying to oust the Yemeni government and royal family.

Iran is taking advantage of the steady reduction of U.S. naval ships in the region, which has further lead to Italy's decision to take money from Iran. The U.S. reduction has hit Italy particularly hard in the pocket book. It's also lead to more aggression by Iran's navy, not just against it's neighbors but also towards U.S. navy ships in the region. Based upon Obama's statement, Italy expects its ports to be completely devoid of a U.S. presence in the very near future.

Italy will also be berthing ships from its navy in Iran. Sayyari said that the strategic alliance give his country access to ports that put his navy within close proximity to the Suez Canal and the Strait of Gibraltar. I wonder what Iran wants to do with those very important water ways? It can't be in the best interests of Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, or the U.S. and Europe for that matter.


It’s not about the truth or social justice

Jesse and al

Rioting and racism continue in North Carolina after the killing of a black man by police. Another black man is killed in OK feeding the argument that black people are being targeted by police around the country. If you listen to people like the MSM or Colin Kaepernick, you'd think blacks are being murdered by police on a daily basis. You'd also think that the rioting and racism being shown by blacks is justified. Let's take a look at a few facts before we jump to conclusions.

Before we get to the facts, lets make it very clear that when an officer unjustly shoots a person or uses unjustified force, that officer should be disciplined up to and including being charged with a crime if the situation warrants it. If it is shown that the officer considered a victim's race when using that unjustified force, then there should be a sentencing enhancement.

That said, according to Department of Justice statistics, there are about 15,400 police and sheriff departments in the U.S. These are local law enforcement agencies. Some of those departments are very small, while some are very large. But let's say the average is a very conservative 50 officers per department, that means there are 770,000 local law enforcement officers in this country. Given that number, if police are targeting citizens of any race or group, deliberately targeting and killing people, how many people do you think have been killed by police this year? Ten thousand? Five thousand? A hundred thousand? Would you believe 790?

Think about that; 790 people have been killed by police officers in this country so far in 2016. Last year the total was 990 (again the highest claimed number). That either means that 770,000 police are really bad shots or they aren't really targeting any group or citizens in general. To put that into comparison, 3,331 people have been killed in violent acts so far this year in Chicago alone. Chicago isn't even in the top 20 cities when it comes to the number of people killed by police so far this year. These people are being killed by other citizens and the majority are minorities being shot in gang or crime related incidents.

Of the 790 people killed by police this year, 661 victims were confirmed by independent investigators to have been armed at the time of their death. 122 were not armed and 7 were disputed and could not be independently confirmed or cleared.

You also probably think that African-Americans are being killed at a higher rate than any other group. You'd be wrong but then again you are probably listening to CNN, reading the N.Y. Times or getting your information from the guy at the end of the bar. Native Americans are actually being killed at a rate of 4.997 per 1 million people. Blacks are just behind at 4.805, while the rate of Hispanics being killed by cops is 2.258 per 1 million of population. Whites are next, 1.654 & Asians/Pacific Islanders are .7. 91 police officers have been killed in the line of duty this year, for a rate of 1.572 per million.

In the shooting of Terrence Crutcher in Tulsa on Friday night. By Thursday morning the officer had been charged with manslaughter in the first degree for her actions. There appears to be no doubt that Crutcher was not armed, however he was not following instructions being given to him by the officers. He also had a long history of crime and had recently been released from jail after serving a sentence that included having been charged with resisting arrest; a crime he had been charged with before at least 3 times. He was known to officers and thus they were on high alert when they encountered him. Now, that doesn't mean the officer was justified in using deadly force and she will have to face a jury for her actions. That's the way it should happen.

Police are human and are fallible; in this case it appears the officer involved had a checkered history and many of you would probably think she should not have been hired and put in a position of authority. But given the low pay, the current perception of police officers by the public and other pressures, many departments find themselves having to lower their standards just to put bodies on the streets. That's not to say all police officers are not people of high integrity but the lower end of the spectrum has been lowered a lot.

To the North Carolina situation; why isn't anyone calling out the family of Keith Lamont Scott for their inflammatory, racist comments? Scott was shot by a black officer yet the family of Scott is calling for the death of white people, call all whites "devils", and calling for boycotts of white businesses. A white man was chased by a mob of blacks into a parking garage and beaten badly even though he had no connection with the situation. He was targeted simply because of the color of his skin, as was apparently the CNN reporter who was attacked while broadcasting from the scene. All of that is racist isn't it? Aren't we all supposed to be judged equally? If a white person called all blacks devils and called for attacks on blacks, he would be lambasted by the media and society in general; as he should be, but when blacks do it, liberals make excuses for them.

Rioting doesn't help the cause either. When mobs riot, destroy property, and attack innocent people, it takes away from the real problem, when there is a real problem. It also tends to move people off of the fence in the wrong direction. Those who want to listen and learn about the situation and what really happened can become galvanized against the mob because of their actions. Let's not forget the chief of police is a black man; weren't we told by Black Lives Matter and other 'civic' groups that if there were more minorities in positions of authority that things like this wouldn't happen? Guess they were wrong.

We need to call out the race baiters, the fomenters of violence and hatred on both sides of the aisle. We need to focus our energy on letting the rule of law prevail, as it appears to be doing to a large extent in Oklahoma. We don't need the mob rule or the rule of man. That is how we move forward as a society, learning to trust each other and the system to work when real problems arise. The rest of this stuff is all chaff and doesn't do anything but continue to build hatred and misunderstanding.


Hmm, chemical attacks or ‘climate change’…

UN Climate Talks

Imagine you are the President of the United States and you are told that American troops in Iraq have been attacked by ISIS using mustard gas. What do you do? Do you tell the American people, who by the way, some already know it's happened because they are paying attention to something other than you and the MSM. Or do you do a little side step, three step shuffle and tell the American people to look over there? You know the answer if you are Obama.

While American troops were facing chemical weapons, which the liberals tell us are horrible (they are right) Obama is talking about climate change. Obama posts something on Facebook or You Tube that talks about climate change and his comment is, "In the words of a champion for climate change, 'We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change and we are the last generation to do something about it.' What kind of future we leave for our children depends on the work we do today."

He is correct in one aspect, what we do today will shape the future for our children. But everything else he said is dead wrong and he's ignoring the bigger and more immediate threat that we can control more than the climate, terrorists and their desire to destroy us. First of all, we are not the first generation to experience climate change; I do believe there was a mini-ice age in the 19th century that hit Europe hard. There was the ice age that many of our common ancestors faced and survived. Some of you won't acknowledge that during the entire history of mankind, we have been experiencing climate change because the Earth's climate is not a static thing. Mankind cannot effect climate change worldwide, that scientific question is far from settled and those of you that believe a consensus of climate scientists believe man is effecting climate change are ignoring the facts. It is not settled science, period.

If we do not address the more immediate threat of Islamic terrorism, Russian aggression, and other similar threats, it doesn't matter what happens to the climate. We will either be dead or living as slaves in an Islamic caliphate. That is much more likely to happen much sooner that any climate change that could cause mankind to have to adjust our life styles. But because Obama and the left refuse to acknowledge and recognize the immediacy and scope of the threat, average citizens worldwide are living in danger. Just look at Germany, Switzerland, Greece, and other countries who have welcomed refugees from the Middle East. They are surprised, SHOCKED I SAY, at what is happening in their cities and to their societies and not in a good way. German Chancellor Merkel admitted this week that allowing unfettered immigration was a mistake; she believes her government should have vetted the immigrants more carefully and thoroughly to weed out those who might be terrorists or unwilling to assimilate to and abide by Germany's laws and societal behaviors. Maybe Trump is right? Hmmm?

Simply, Obama is spending more time worrying about his legacy, his golf game, and how he's going to continue to disrupt things after his term is over to acknowledge that his policies have been massive failures. We are less free, in more danger, less unified, and poorer than when he came into office. His real legacy is that he succeeded in pulling a fast one on the American people.


Obama’s legacy in a picture


I shouldn't need to tell you anything, except this information came from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis.

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Let’s clear up some things about race & racism

Jesse and al

The 'conversation' about race relations continues in this country and it seems to be dominating sports talk radio more than any other genre of talk radio or T.V. I just continue to be amazed at how the liberals frame the argument and so many people buy into as gospel with which you cannot disagree. So let's clear up some things and make sure we understand the problem.

First, I've heard so many on the left side of the aisle talk about wanting to have a conversation about race relations in America. OK, let's have one shall we? Not really. Ryan Clark, former NFL player and current analyst for ESPN is the latest advocate for a national conversation to put in his 2 cents. Speaking on the Mike & Mike Show he said that too often people listen to respond rather than to learn and that he's supporting Colin Kaepernick because Colin wants to spark a conversation; a real conversation and not a shouting match. OK, but in true liberal fashion, in the next few breaths he tells us why white people can't understand racism and the black experience. Really? Isn't that racist in and of itself? Of course it is, but it's acceptable.

Why not say that he'd like to hear why some white folks don't agree with the representation by liberals and Black Lives Matter that blacks are so oppressed in this country? Why not say that he'd like to hear how whites, especially white men, are legally discriminated against in the United States? Clark brought up the recent shooting of a black man by police officers that does, right now, appear to have been unwarranted (although you can say the victim was once again not listening to orders from the officers). He used that as proof that black men are being targeted by police forces around the country. Why not listen to why many people of all races don't agree with that assessment. No as a true liberal, he believes that his opinion is actually fact and cannot be disputed. So we aren't really having a true conversation.

Secondly, if we want to have a discussion and conversation about race in this country, let's have a discussion of how members of all races might be oppressed or discriminated against. The conversation seems to always revolve around discrimination against blacks. What about bigotry faced by Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, and yes, whites. People look at white males and make assumptions about them, that we are somehow responsible for all racism, slavery, bigotry, etc. Let's also acknowledge that racism exists in every demographic.

And while we are at it, let's acknowledge the role of blacks and other 'minority' groups in the slave trade. Arabs were some of the biggest enslavers of other races in the history of the world and they enslaved not only blacks, but whites, Asians, and just about anybody they could. Of course let's remind everyone that it was other black Africans selling blacks to whites and Arabs. If we are going to say that whites have to acknowledge their role or ancestors' role in slavery, let's acknowledge everyone's participation. For those that say white Americans owe reparations to blacks, don't black Africans owe reparations because they also made money by enslaving others. In fact, slavery still exists in Africa today, with blacks being the masters and the slaves.

Let's also have a discussion about what real oppression is going on in this country. It's not the same type of institutional racism that we saw in the 30's through the 60's. No, it's in the welfare state that was created in the mid 60's. The systems that essentially say minorities cannot take care of themselves and need government to try and equalize outcomes. It's in the destruction of the family unit where fathers don't take responsibility for their children. All of those things we've talked about before, the handouts, destroy a person's desire and ability to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities. They then become enslaved by the politicians that control the purse strings. That is the oppression that many minorities face today in America. Let's talk about that.

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Where is the freedom from religion crowd or the ACLU?


How many times a month do you read about or hear a story where the ACLU, the Freedom From Religion group, or some government lawyer telling a Christian or a Christian based faith group that they cannot bring their beliefs into a school or other public venue? It happens all the time. The FCA can't meet at the school or the valedictorian can't say a prayer or mention God or Jesus in their speech. And if you wanted to talk about the role God and Christianity took in helping to create this country, well, God help you because all of those aforementioned groups would be screaming about oppression, indoctrination, and making non-Christians feel uncomfortable.

But if you want to teach Islam as part of the curriculum, by all means go ahead. In fact have kids recite prayers and bow to Mecca; make them read the Koran. Tara Cali opened her son's history workbook to help him with his homework. What she found was an assigned reading not just about Islam but from the Koran itself. There was also a link to a site where the students could listen to a call to prayer and an Islamic prayer. The lesson included asking students to list the pillars of Islam and to write down the tenets and principles of Islam. Of course, this was in Bakersfield CA; a state where if you mentioned Christianity or Jesus Christ in any way, shape, or form, you'd be suspended and sued.

Cali responded by writing a note to the teacher saying her son was not going to participate in this indoctrination and wondering why he'd never been taught about Christianity in any of his lessons. So the ACLU and Freedom From Religion crowds are strangely silent and absent from the debate. If they truly want religion free zones in our schools, doesn't that mean all religions? We know the answer to that.


Liberals get it wrong again


Collin Kaepernick took a knee to protest the condition of race relations in this country; still not standing for the National Anthem. OK, that's his right but again the liberals are either missing the point or deliberately misstating the argument from those of us that disagree with how he is attempting to bring to light his concerns.

I have listened all week to liberals both inside and outside of the sports world say that those who are angry that Kaepernick showed disrespect to our flag and what it represents are trying to limit his right to free speech. That is not true. Certainly there is probably a fringe element that doesn't want Kaepernick to be able to express his point of view but most of us are just saying we don't like his choice of expression. Guess what liberals? That's our right also. We don't like how he expressed his opinion and felt it was disrespectful. It's not that we believe he should be shut up, it's that we believe he should have chosen a different method to bring attention to his concerns.

You also have to wonder about his knowledge regarding the oppression of minorities in this country. He goes out to give a press conference regarding his actions and concerns wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt. Again, Castro is an icon of the left wing despite being one of the most tyrannical leaders in modern history. The abject poverty he brought to Cuba, a very well to do economy before he took over, is abhorrent. He jails those who disagree with him. But that's kind of what liberals want for this country. We've heard a number of leading liberals talk about making conservative opinion, which they call 'hate speech', illegal and punishable by jail time. Does Kaepernick really understand how much of a dictator Castro really is? Probably not. Does he also understand that Malcolm X was a racist as well, desiring a black only nation? Maybe that's what Kaepernick wants.

Kaepernick also wore some socks in practice that had a cartoon pig wearing a police hat. How tolerant is that? Isn't it bigoted to lump an entire group of people into one pigeonholed opinion of how they all are? There are bad cops but the vast majority of them are good and try to do the best they can to protect us. But let's go ahead and lump them all into the 'pig' category. Way to open up a real dialogue about the problem and foster understanding.

Finally, if minorities are oppressed in this country, they have themselves to blame as much as anyone else. They continue to vote for the liberal politicians and their policies that have destroyed the family unit, kept them dependent upon government largesse, and ruined the economies of the urban areas where many minorities live. They continue to buy into the false argument that conservatives want to oppress minorities when it was the Democrats who traditionally enacted laws that created racist policies in the first place. When was the last time you saw someone improve their lot in life because they relied on welfare, food stamps, HUD, subsidized housing? How about when they cut the cord and worked their way out of poverty through their own efforts?

We've also been told how brave Kaepernick is being. Really? Is it that bold to jump out in front of a crowd that's already headed in the direction he says he wants to take us? In today's world, taking the stand he's taking is so much different that what Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez took. Kaepernick is not living in fear of his life as many of those civil rights leaders did 50 years ago. Keapernick is not going to lose his livelihood like Ali did when he took a stand. I would argue that it's not that particularly risky or brave for Kaepernick to take his stand. You want brave? Try being a Christian, a homosexual, a lesbian, or a woman living in a country that practices Sharia law. That's brave.


Random thoughts and observations


Have you ever noticed that there aren't any female serial killers or mass murderers? It's kind of odd and what about gender equality? Don't get me wrong, a woman scorned will kill her husband or boyfriend in a split second. A man is kind of like, I'll kill anything or anyone if I'm pissed off, but a woman has to get to know you first, then she'll kill you.

This whole thing the left wing says about starting a conversation regarding race relations in this country is total BS. Tiki Barber and Jerry Rice took Colin Kaepernick to task for his statements and actions. They are being lambasted by the liberals for not supporting their brother and his attempt to fight oppression of minorities in this country. You see, they want a conversation as long as you agree with their point of view or are criticizing whites or conservatives but if dare disagree with their perspective, let the name calling begin. That's not an honest and open conversation or exchange of ideas.

John Kerry says the press shouldn't be reporting on terrorist attacks or at least report less and put them in context. What context he's talking about I'm not sure. But he misses the point. He believes if the press doesn't give terrorists publicity ISIS and others will stop attacking innocent people. Far from the truth. History tells us if they don't get publicity, then they'll do something more 'spectacular' and horrifying so it can't be ignored. He also fails to understand or is deliberately misleading us on the terrorists' motivation. ISIS and others want to create an Islamic Caliphate on Earth. Whether they get publicity or not in the Western media, they will continue to do whatever they can to accomplish that goal.

Collin Kaepernick is lauded by the left for taking a stand. Those who criticized the way he went about taking a stand, e.g. sitting through the National Anthem, are being criticized for infringing upon Collin's right to free speech, even if it offends others. First of all, the vast majority of people criticizing him for it are not saying he doesn't have a right to do it, they are saying that he is disrespecting the military and the country. On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys wanted to put a sticker on their helmet honoring the Dallas Police Department officers who were murdered earlier this year. The NFL says no, because it might offend minority groups. What was that about free speech again?

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Yeah, we are a racist country

Jesse and al

Let's get this out there first, once again: racism is still present in America. It has not been eradicated and despite what the left wing will try and tell you, no one is saying racism is gone from America. This is a complicated issue that people want to try and simplify to the point that their argument comes down to racist argument; that white America is racist, white America runs governmental institutions, and those institutions deliberately discriminate against black people. That's racist in and of itself.

Colin Kaepernick, QB for the San Francisco 49ers, sat during the National Anthem this past weekend as a protest of the racist policies and actions targeting black citizens of this country. Police of course are at the top of that list but the clear statements that are becoming more prominent from our political and community leaders is that everything about our country is racist and is the reason for the malaise that infects urban, primarily black communities.

Of course, if white people say it's not true, the left wing says what we are really thinking is that we don't want to talk about an uncomfortable topic. No, we have experiences and observations that are legitimate points of view based in fact. For example, we point out that police officers across the country have used excessive force when dealing with suspects of all races. Oh no, we can't have that because blacks are disproportionately targeted; maybe so, but it black communities have higher crime rates than other communities, white, Hispanic, Asian, et al. It doesn't mean that community police forces are all targeting blacks.

Bomani Jones and Mike Greenberg were dismissing the criticism of Kaepernick that he makes $12 million a year; their take is that we shouldn't be listening to a rich guy because he can't probably doesn't suffer from racism. He might have been discriminated against, but again the left wing misses the point that I think most are trying to make; that point is that a black man (his mom is white) is making $12 million a year. That point in and of itself is proof that America has come a long way in creating more equality among the races. It doesn't mean we've reached the promised land where all men are equal and judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin; but we've made tremendous progress.

Look around in America, we have black Supreme Court Justices, a black President, owners of sports teams are black, some of the most highly paid actors and actresses are black; we don't have whites only facilities, blacks only facilities; we don't have a lot of the things that were present just 50 years ago in this country. Many of the racist laws that were in place, put there by Democrats by the way, have been repealed. We now have Affirmative Action giving preference in hiring and other situations to minorities. How is it that you can see these things happening and say America is a racist country?

We are constantly told that black urban communities are downtrodden, with high crime and unemployment rates. If it is true to say that governmental policies have created the atmosphere leading to this situation, then it's the Democrats that have been in charge at the local level for decades and many of those elected leaders have been black. Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Boston, New York; all have one thing in common; Democrats running the local government. Many of those in power have been minorities; so is fair to say they are racist? Maybe so.

Many of you will dismiss my opinions because of the color of my skin, which is patently racist in and of itself. You will ignore the fact that I am more of a minority than Elizabeth Warren claimed to be when getting her $300,000 a year job at an Ivy League school to teach one class. When we did the DNA tests, I found out that I am partially African, black African. Explains some things in my family tree, but to some the fact that I appear to be a white male, I cannot understand racism. Wrong. White middle aged males are the most discriminated against group in the last 30 years. It is okay to hate us, to discriminate against us in hiring, firing, and many other situations.

I have one other question: Dwayne Wade's cousin was shot in a drive by type shooting in Chicago. She was shot by a black man with an illegal gun. She was not the target but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Somehow this was used in an ESPN town hall discussion about the status of race relations in America. I just can't make that connection, but it's probably because of the color of my skin.

Simply, until we begin to discuss race in real terms, that is trying to get to the point where we don't look at the color of a person's skin, we won't begin to solve the problem. If I am supposed to look at a person's skin and judge them in part because of the color of their skin, then are all blacks like Clarence Thomas or Condoleeza Rice or Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson? Are all white like Hillary Clinton and Robert Byrd or Billy Graham and Larry Bird? No. We are all different even if we share certain physical characteristics; that is why MLK's message about character was so important; it encouraged us to treat each other like the individuals that we are.

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We have not done a good job

Fat Kids poster

First of all, I will say it again, while I am going to speak in broad generalizations about today's utes, I know that not all kids are self-absorbed, entitled, cell phone absorbed zombies. But as with almost all stereotypes, there is some bit of truth that helped to create the image.

One of the biggest complaints small business owners have is the ability to attract and retain good help. That situation seems to have gotten worse over the last decade or so. The problems are myriad, including the inability to pass a drug test; lack of basic skills; but more frequently a feeling that you owe them something, rather than they have to earn it. That feeling is across the spectrum, not just with employees. And it's spreading.

2 recent examples come to mind for me, that really have put me off trying to help the less fortunate. There is a guy I have seen frequently over the years. He is not homeless but is part of the homeless crowd. He is disabled and on public assistance. He is not a friendly guy and never makes eye contact. About 2 months ago, he walked into my office, took off his hat and introduced himself. He then said he was short on cash and wondered if he could borrow a dollar to get a cup of coffee. He promised to pay me back on Friday.

Of course Friday came and went with no repayment. He walked by my office a few times but didn't say a word. The next week he came in and asked to borrow a dollar for the same reason and said he would pay me back. No problem. This scenario repeated itself a few times. I didn't expect to be repaid and didn't mind too much giving him a buck here and there. Although he certainly could have offered to a couple of things around the office.

Then 2 weeks ago, he comes in and asks for $5, saying he hadn't eaten in a couple of days and wanted a burrito. I only had a $20 bill. The restaurant is a block away and he promised to bring the change back. OK. I really expected that he would bring the change back. It was all I had in my pocket. I was a bit surprised and disappointed that he did not return with the change. A couple of days went by and I saw him walk by my office. Despite the door being wide open, he did not stop. I got his attention and asked what happened. He said he'd had an emergency and needed to use the money. OK, you didn't have time to come tell me or ask me? In the last 72 hours, he'd walked by my office a few times and didn't even attempt to come in and explain.

He promised to pay me back but of course has not. I saw him yesterday as I walked to the same restaurant to get a burrito. As we passed each other, he said he'd pay me back on Friday. I said, "sure" and kept walking. He went off. Started telling me how I should just give him money, that he didn't have to pay me back because I'm rich. Well I am not rich. I don't make a lot of money and I have bills to pay including employee salaries. He left the saying he wouldn't pay me back.

The second incident had to do with trying to help out a woman and her kids. This young person had 2 kids and a baby on the way. She wanted to rent from us and despite some concerns, we wanted to help. She received assistance from HUD so moving in is not a quick or easy process with all the inspections, paperwork, etc. And if HUD doesn't approve the property, you don't get paid. Despite that potential, we let her move in 2 1/2 weeks early. It was right before Christmas.

First, she lied about her baby daddy not living with her. Then she had a difficult pregnancy and had to be airlifted to Albuquerque. Before she left, they got a dog, which was against the rules and left the poor mutt inside, for 2 weeks. I had to go fix a couple of things for HUD or the dog might have died.

Over the next 8 months, repeated complaints from neighbors about loud parties, fights, police showing up on a frequent basis & the constant traffic in and out at all times of day & night; always a quick visit too. The baby daddy was around all the time, but of course said he wasn't living there and refused to sign on to the lease.

All they had to do was pay $50 a month rent. But they couldn't even do that. We could have charged a late fee, but didn't. You know how the story goes, at first promising to pay next week, then ignoring us completely. Oh but when something needs to be fixed, the calls were quick and demands were rudely expressed. Then finally we'd had enough and filed to have them evicted. They yelled at us, called us vile names and threatened us with physical violence.

And after the eviction notice was granted, they destroyed the place; punching holes in walls, spreading paint all over the wood floors, tearing doors off the hinges, punching holes in the metal siding. It went from being a nice home to looking like it had been abandoned for a year and used as a meth house. And why? Because we are mean and they deserve a nice place to live, without any responsibility.

This is the society that liberal policies have created. The entitlement class, unappreciative of others; unwilling to work like the rest of us, because they can get more (earn more) by sitting around day drinking and doing drugs, than they could if they actually had to get a job. They believe that working class people have so much and we've gotten it by taking it from them in some way. That's the liberal narrative; the 'rich' got rich by taking it from someone else rather than working hard and earning it.

In the 8 months of renting to them, we got $800 a month, from which we paid electric, propane, water, insurance, maintenance. Let me tell you, they used the propane during the cold months like they weren't paying for it. Now we will spend close to $10 grand to repair the damage they did to get 'even' with us for kicking them out because they wouldn't pay $50 a month. Trust me, I've seen the booze bottles and beer cans, they spent more than $50 a weekend on booze.

And now, we are wary about helping others again. We can't afford it.

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