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PC is going to kill Americans

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Certainly I'm not a fan of political correctness and the philosophy has taken over our governing bodies and society. To say that PC will kill us is not a stretch of the truth or a metaphor but a reality. Ebola has now been found in at least one patient in Dallas and dozens may have been exposed, including children. (I mention children because that will get the liberals' attention)

I was out and about yesterday and got back in the truck to hear a spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control being interviewed on a news program. I did not catch the name but he was talking about our efforts in Africa to control and fight the virus. How anyone can expect this to work is beyond me but it demonstrates the inanity of the PC thought process. First, if someone is trying to leave the country, that person is asked a series of questions designed to identify those that may have been infected. Certainly no one is going to lie when asked these very serious questions, knowing that if they give the 'wrong' answer they will be denied permission to leave. Naw, that won't happen.

The second barrier put in their way is a hand held thermometer that can take a person's temperature without being inserted into a body orifice or even coming into touch with the person. It can detect an elevated temperature from several feet away. I think I heard and I could be wrong, that a person can be infected with the Ebola virus and not have any fever for a period of time. If that is correct, then I feel so good about those two barriers designed to keep the virus from spreading. No way anyone carrying the virus could get through those stringent tests. (Man there has to be a sarcasm font)

But the PC thought process comes into play in the man's next comments. There might be a desire to isolate the populations where Ebola is prevalent. We might want to quarantine them but that would be a mistake he said. To think that we would be any safer by isolating the infected populations would mean we are actually hurting ourselves. Why? Because we are discriminating against Africans? That's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard anyone say.

Let's see, it's been well established in hospitals around the world that you isolate patients with highly contagious diseases so the chance of the infection spreading is minimized. Likewise you isolate those with diminished immune systems to keep them from catching other diseases. Putting a complete and total quarantine on a country where Ebola has spread will put some at risk but will minimize the exposure to the rest of the world. It might seem cruel to those that have not yet contracted the disease but we can fight a smaller scale battle against this deadly disease by isolating it to a much smaller geographic area. Letting infected persons out will only put more people at risk and make it much harder to fight the spread of the disease.

But what's more important? Saving lives or making sure we don't discriminate against someone? I think you know how the liberal, politically correct mind answers that question.


Quick hits

quick hits

NFL Husain Abdullah was penalized during Monday night's game; he made a play and then, while on the ground was 'praying' or giving thanks. You've seen professional athletes do it a million times in as many different ways; pointing sky ward, Tebowing, crossing themselves. The NFL issued a statement on Tuesday saying the official was wrong to throw the flag. But why was it that every Sportscenter report on the incident mentioned that Abdullah was a "devout Muslim". Did you ever hear them say Tebow was a devout Christian? No reason to point out that Abdullah was a Muslim or any other religion for that matter, much less a devout one.

KFC is among some of the larger restaurant chains to have tested being Halal friendly in some of their restaurants; to appeal to Muslims. Graham Noakes visited a KFC in Leicester, England last week and upon consuming his meal looked through the bag to find the wet nap. He didn't get one so he approached the counter and asked for a wet wipe. He was told he could not have one because the wet naps contained alcohol and might be offensive to Muslims. Wet naps have been a staple at KFC's for decades but not at Halal friendly establishments. Noakes told the manager that he was not offended by alcohol wipes but that didn't matter. There were Muslims in the restaurant at that moment and he didn't want to offend the Muslims. Noakes said he was offended but that didn't make a difference to the manager. Noakes pointed out that alcohol wipes are used in hospitals; what happens if they decide alcohol based wipes are religiously offensive. Interestingly, when the Leicester based Federation of Muslim Organizations was contacted by a reporter, Suleman Nadgi said that alcohol based wipes are just fine since the alcohol is not being consumed. Using alcohol as a cleansing agent is halal; it's consumption of alcohol that is prohibited. Hey, better go overboard on the PC train rather than take a chance of offending someone, other than Christians.

The rest of us would have been fired, unless of course we had some powerful union to protect our 'rights'. Rep. Mark Meadows, R-NC, has introduced legislation that will prohibit the access of pornographic websites or material from federal computers and make such conduct a fireable offense. The problem, which Meadows said is widespread, was brought to light by the case of an employee at the EPA. The individual was caught "actively viewing porn" during working hours. He was placed on leave and a subsequent investigation found that he/she spent between 2-6 hours a day watching porn movies or looking at pornographic materials. He/she had stored more than 7000 pornographic files on the work computer. Four months later that person is still on paid leave, even after confessing to the acts, because EPA bosses said there was not a specific prohibition, aka law, against watching porn. How about the fact that while the employee was watching porn, he/she wasn't doing his/her job?! Oh that's right, doing something productive is not the government way.


MMF – Florida parenting edition

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Police in Miami are used to being called to bars around closing time as patrons begin fighting over the fat chicks. It's not unusual for the violence to include guns or knives as well. But when Miami police arrived at a club called The Spot at 1 a.m. Sunday morning, they found not only chaos and injured club goers but they found kids as well. 5 of the injured were young girls ranging in age from 11 to 17. In fact witnesses said it was not unusual for club goers to bring their kids to the bar because they couldn't afford or find babysitters. The kids would usually hang out in one area while their moms, who are usually single, mingled and partied. Wait, single moms? Was this a gentleman's club? Apparently not but now you know why Florida parenting has been leading to the dumasses we feature so often on these pages.

The image of the French intellectual or movie star has seemingly always included a cigarette. I originally was intrigued to click on the link to the article not only because the cheese eating surrender monkeys are about to enact some of the toughest anti smoking laws in the world but I was promised by an aside next to the link that warned not safe for work images were included in the article. Maybe some partially nude photos of Brigitte Bardeau or some other French model smoking a cig? No, the NSFW photos were of the cigarettes themselves. That says everything about the world in which we live these days; photos of cigarettes are offensive to some people's sensibilities. Sacre bleu.

Let's continue with the inanity that is our world; it's not so much funny as it is sad. Lebanon OH: the Thunder United Metro Futbol Club, soccer for you arrogant Americans, has implemented silent soccer for their youth soccer program. Parents, family members, fans and even coaches are required to be silent during the games. No cheering, no yelling, no criticizing, no noise whatsoever. The occasional clap is allowed but most parents are now afraid to do even that for fear of being asked to leave because they are too enthusiastic. Rich Markich, director of the program, said it's about giving the game back to the kids and letting them just play; the way it's supposed to be. Parents interviewed for the news said they liked it because you didn't have to sit there and listen to another parent be critical. Each of the parents interviewed said their kids loved it. Yet 11 year old Drew Forte said he missed the cheering, didn't like it. Way to go mom and dad; refuse to deal with negative cheering and promote a positive atmosphere and just punish everyone. Oh and don't actually listen to what your kids are saying.


Isn’t that indoctrination?

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Jefferson County CO; teachers are on a rampage as the union is demonstrating or striking or something. The claim is that the students are upset about changes being made to the curriculum as ordered by the school board. According to some teachers the lessons to be taught should be left up to the teachers to decide. As one history teacher put it, students don't want capitalism being taught in the schools, instead they want to be taught about the struggle for equality that has identified America through the years.

First of all, if capitalism is being rejected by the students, I wonder why? Is it because teachers are telling them that free markets are bad and the bane of society? And just when did we start letting young skulls full of mush decide what should be taught in schools? Let's stick with capitalism for now. Shouldn't students be taught the basics of every economic model or theory in school? Capitalism, communism, socialism all should be discussed and examples of each type of economic model should be shown to the students, without endorsing or leaning towards any one type. Tell them the basic principles, show them examples and let students decide which systems have worked best. To eliminate one model is to begin to indoctrinate students into believing that what is being taught is the best way, the only way and that's not educating students, that's indoctrinating them.

But what's really going on in Jefferson County? The school board decided that teachers are going to be evaluated based upon how well their students are performing; merit pay is being implemented. Oh, the teacher's unions can't have that because how can teachers be judged in a fair manner. If students aren't learning or doing well on standardized tests then teachers can't be held responsible. The tests are biased or teachers then begin teaching kids to pass tests and not educating them. Um, I'll say it again, through our history, we evaluated teachers based upon whether or not kids were learning and yes tests were implemented. We took tests that evaluated our ability to analyze, reason, read, and complete other tasks. If a majority of students couldn't do well on tests, then that indicates a problem with the teacher or education system or something. Time to figure out what's wrong and fix it.

And why should teachers be any different than most of us. Aren't you judged based upon your ability to complete essential functions of your job in an adequate manner? Can you get a raise or promotion if you do your job well? Or fired if you don't? No system is perfect and that's why there has to be a human element, an evaluation to determine what the real problem is causing the deficiency. Tests are just one tool to be used in the evaluation process. Using kids as a tool, indoctrinating them, that's the real tragedy.


Just work whenever…


Billionaire Richard Branson has caused a stir with one of his recent comments; actually an excerpt from his latest book I guess. The gist of what he said is that people should be allowed to take off as much time from work as they want and to work when they want. When I first heard this, presented pretty much in that manner, I thought what a moron. Can you imagine if the pilots at Branson's Virgin Air decided, 'eh I'm not feeling like flying today, I'll just take the day off." I wouldn't be too happy if I was left sitting on the tarmac and I'm sure that Branson would eventually see that this was not a good idea as people quitting flying Virgin. Heck, pilots not showing up might not be so bad if the mechanics are slacking off; actually saving lives by not flying.

But I heard Rush talking about the comments and reading the actual quotes from the book or interview. What Branson was saying is really nothing new; he's talking about not keeping track of vacation time or time off. He heard that Netflix essentially allows employees in certain positions to just work when they want and to take a few hours off here and there, but when the work is done or they are at a good place to take a break. As I interpret what Branson is saying, the work is the focus and getting it done is the point. If you have accomplished what you need to get done for the day, then go home or go skydiving or day drinking but get out of the office or the workplace. That's not a new concept. I was allowed to do that when I worked in insurance claims back in the late 80s and early 90s.

Branson also believes that employees will take more responsibility for themselves and making sure their work is getting done. Employees, he believes, aren't going to abuse the privilege of taking unlimited time off, because there are still consequences for not getting work done. There's the key, consequences. The idea is that people won't abuse the privilege because they know if they aren't getting things done or they take too much time off and others show that they can do the job without the employee, then the employee is going to be out of a job.

I agree with the idea, when the company for whom I worked allowed us to take off an afternoon here and there because things were caught up, we didn't abuse the privilege. We worked harder in fact to get things done. Now, we didn't have unlimited time off and sneaking out had to be an exception to the rule but nonetheless, it worked.

So why not give people in certain positions the ability to control their work time more, empower the employee (for the liberals worried about that type of thing) or make the employee more personally accountable and responsible (for the conservatives). Either way, you will have some people abuse the privilege but they'll be dealt with eventually and they are slackers anyway. But it can serve to make employees more productive, more satisfied and less likely to jump ship. It's not a new concept, at least not to most of us.

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Quick hits – VP of Social Responsibility

quick hits

The NFL now has a vice-president for social responsibility. I don't know her name but was listening to her interview yesterday on ESPN radio. She pointed out that the NFL has long had a program in which players and staff are made aware of issues such as domestic violence, DWI, drug usage, sexual harassment, racism and so many other issues. She said it's an ongoing program and people need to be reminded of the problems, where and when to get help and so on. But I have to ask, what do liberals expect from a society that doesn't speak out when rappers or comedians or other public figures talk about women in such demeaning ways; calling them ho's or bitches; talking explicitly about how they want to perform certain sexual acts upon them and then throwing them to the side of the road. About tolerating men with so many baby mamas and not taking care of the kids; about women who think it's not only acceptable but expected for them to send nude photos of themselves to men. Talk about objectifying women.

Then we have the Florida State QB, standing on a table in the student union and shouting vulgarities; 'fuck that pussy' or words to that effect. The phrase has become an internet sensation after some kid got on live TV twice saying the phrase. What happens to him? He's suspended for half a game. People weren't coming out of the woodwork to condemn him because of his race and his age. I heard pundits say that speaking that way is part of the AA culture and he's immature. First of all, if that's true, it's part of the AA culture, well it didn't used to be and it shouldn't be. Period. Secondly, if you don't know that standing on a table screaming vulgarities isn't acceptable behavior, well maybe you have been brought up wrong. I did a lot of stupid things when I was young, but nothing like that. But that's where society has progressed.

I've been watching the development of smart vehicles very closely. I can't wait for the day when I can sleep while driving to football/basketball games. I normally drive there and back on game day, which can often mean I'm on the road 8 to 13 hours one way. Can you imagine how nice it would be to punch in the destination, sit back and snooze, especially on the return trip? Google has been testing a model without a driver and it seems to be working just fine. But I have to ask, what happens when it's time to refuel? Near as I can tell, and I've put on a lot of miles, even hybrid cars need gas and there aren't any full service stations, outside of New Jersey, to fill 'er up.

Obama gets off Marine 1, half ass salutes the Marines standing there, with a coffee cup in his hand. His aloofness is pathetic and offensive. Some are trying to defend him saying the Commander in Chief is not required to salute military men and women. I'm not sure about that but at the very least it has become expected and it is an act of respect. Let's not forget, since he has, that those men and women flying him around, standing there at the steps, are willing to give their lives to defend the President and his family. I'd say the least Obama can do is show them a little respect.


The EPA is quietly sending families into poverty


It's interesting how much climate change has been on the lips of liberals these past few weeks; it's like they are really trying to draw attention away from ISIS, the economy and Hillary running for President. Obama has talked about it; various high ranking administration officials have called anyone denying man caused climate change a number of derogatory terms and the EPA is quietly moving ahead with killing coal fired electricity generating plants. More regulations are being put upon the plants and yet even more are being proposed, all with the goal of putting any business related to coal production or that uses coal for any purpose, out of business.

So think about what that means, given that America's economic success was built in large part due to cheap energy; that meant cheap gas and cheap coal to produce cheap electricity. Now, for you close minded morons on the left side of the aisle, I am not proposing going back to smoke belching coal fired power plants; I am saying that the regulations being put in place and proposed are based upon false data leading to false conclusions and are more harmful than just about anything the government has done in the last 100 years.

So the EPA regulations, by their own estimates, will change our system of power regulation in fundamental ways including adding a minimum of 6% and as much as 12% to your electricity bill. Right now there isn't a way to efficiently replace the generating capacity of those coal fired plants that will likely shut down due to the EPAs meddling. That means that not only will costs increase but there will be shortages as well, especially during peak usage times. We've already seen rolling black & brown outs in California over the last several years as they've moved to alternative energy sources. And when do the black outs happen? When people need the energy the most, during extreme cold or heat. Old people will die.

That doesn't take into account the estimated 7 million households across the U.S. that won't be able to afford the increased cost and will have their energy shut off periodically for non-payment of their bill. Peter Roff, a Sr. Fellow at the Frontiers of Freedom estimates 300,000 households representing 840,000 Americans will be pushed below the poverty level due to increased energy costs alone.

Let's add in the increased cost of whatever is made, transported or sold using electricity; which is just about everything. Food, clothing, medical care, education... you name it, the cost of providing those goods and services will increase as well. And who gets hit the hardest? The poor and middle class as a bigger chunk of their already shrinking pay checks is being doled out for electricity and other necessities.

Early this year the DOE predicted that power prices will increase by 4% this year and by 13% by 2020; that's without taking into account the proposed regulations from the EPA. Look out.

This part is simple economics, reduce the choice consumers have as well as the supply and keep demand constant, the price will increase. And if demand increases, Katie bar the door. But hey, liberals will push the envelope on the number of families on the government teat and claim they are being compassionate, so they'll feel good about the situation, all while ruining our economy.


And you thought you’d be getting money back from the government…


When will you learn? The vast majority of politicians will tell you what you want to hear and then do what they want, which means that you are pretty much going to bend over, grab your ankles and say, "Thank you sir, may I have another?" And it's not a spanking that you're getting in the derriere. The sad thing is that some of us have been telling you you're getting screwed, deep down you know it and yet you still vote the bastards back into office.

This time it's the affordable care act tax credits that you were supposed to receive to cut the overall cost of health insurance. Many people took advance payments of the premium tax credit for health insurance; but if your actual income doesn't match up with your actual income, you've got to pay that money back, which could be anywhere from $600 to $2500 or even more for a married couple filing jointly. But I'm sure in this stellar, booming economy, you've got 2 or 3 grand just sitting around doing nothing.

IRS officials will take a look at your 2014 income tax return and the amount of income you estimated when you applied for insurance and the tax credit; if those numbers don't match up then you're going to be giving money back. The IRS said you are also required to report changes in income or your life, such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child etc, throughout the year on Healthcare.gov.

But because you probably didn't read the fine print or forgot to report income or life changes and now you fall outside the parameters for receiving the support, you'll have to pay that money back. Good luck with that.

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Think it can’t happen here?


Obama appears to think it really can't happen here: that a homegrown terrorist, especially one who's been fighting abroad, won't do anything to us, that's why the State Dept. won't take away the passport of American citizens known to be fighting with al Qaeda or ISIS. In Australia, they are learning it can happen.

On Thursday last week, conducted a raid that thwarted a plan to kidnap and behead an Australian citizen. Police had intercepted a phone call between Mohammad Ali Baryalei and Omarjan Azari. During that call the pair discussed the plan to kidnap a random Australian citizen off the streets, behead that person and send the video to ISIS for posting on the internet and to show that ISIS is everywhere. Azari is an Afghani by birth but his family emigrated to Australia ten years ago. Baryalei's family had also emigrated to Australia some years ago.

In the raid the police obtained documents that show the pair are actively recruiting members from Australia as well as a curved sword the pair had discussed using for the beheading.

The situation highlights a couple of potential problems; how do you know the person or people emigrating from war torn areas are truly refugees and not trying to get into the country to create terror cells? It's a tough call. They are also recruiting native citizens, successfully I might add, to join their cause. It's not clear yet if any native born Australians were participating in the plot or not. But we already know they have been successful in getting others to join their cause.

The only way the police caught these guys before the act was by surveillance. This fact will be used by many to say the NSA and other government agencies should be monitoring our phone calls, internet usage, and other methods of communication. Wrong. What they should be doing is profiling. It's not 86 year old grandmothers in wheelchairs that are the danger, it's Muslim men from other countries. Start there by monitoring their activities and communications. They are not protected by the Constitution. If their actions lead police legitimately to American citizens, then monitor them as well, because now you have probable cause.


MMF – Back in my day…

june cleaver mother

Just some random stuff this week...

Back in my day:

We used the bathroom to pee, not take photos.

We had to remember phone numbers, give people directions and don't get me started on the dinosaurs.

We didn't have to tell kids not to try this at home because we weren't complete morons.

Recess was when they sent us out to play on steel slides and swings on concrete, now people can't eat gluten

Slogans should be more honest:

Linked In: Connect with people for no reason at all.
Pizza Hut: We have a salad bar for some reason
K Mart: We're still here people.
Best Buy: Try it out before buying it on Amazon
McDonald's: Because you only have $4
Target: Wal-Mart for the middle class
Ben & Jerry's: Eat away your feelings
Hot Pocket: Every bite's a different temperature.

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