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We’re letting them in free, while Mexico is charging us…

King Obama

Emperor Obama declared de facto amnesty last night. Most people think that means Mexican immigrants or at least from Latin America. That also includes people who've snuck in or overstayed their visas, from other countries, whether from Africa or the Middle East. There is also word being leaked by White House staff that Obama and Igor, aka Biden, are going to begin flying children from Latin American countries to the U.S., free of charge. Then eventually their parents will have to be let in... you know where this is going.

But while leaders from Mexico, Costa Rica etc shake down the U.S. for more money, complain that calls to secure our border are racist and bigoted, Mexico is not only securing their border more, they are going to charge foreigners to enter the country. And by foreigners, I mean only American citizens.

The National Immigration Institute in Mexico, INAMI, has started a pilot program in which Americans entering Mexican territory for more than seven days or if they will be involved in paid work, will be charged 306 pesos or about $28.

"We are doing what should be done," said Rudolfo Figueroa, representative of INAMI in Tijuana and the Baja region. "Foreigners who enter Mexico have an obligation to register; if they will be in national territory for more than seven days, they have to pay the right of non-citizens."

Let me get this straight, one more time. Mexico's government believes our border should be porous and we should let in anyone who wants to come here. But if you are a visitor in Mexico, you can be asked to show your papers at any time and must prove you are there legally. This includes those people who winter in Mexico, owning houses. And now you have an obligation to pay to stay in Mexico if you are there for 7 days or more? If I'm visiting, vacationing, then I'm already spending a butt load of money to stay in hotels, buy booze and food, snorkel, fish etc. Now I have an "obligation" to pay you to come to Mexico? And if I'm there paid working, such as in a Ford plant, I have to pay you for that also; even though my company is bringing jobs to your corrupt country?

Of course that's OK with our political leaders; let's just open the doors and quit being racist but when they do it to us, that's their 'right' as a sovereign nation. Kiss my big fatt white buttocks.

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Teacher unions

Marxism, socialism, liberalism; college campuses around the U.S. lean left in their teachings, there is no dispute about that. UC Berkley is one of the most left leaning in the world, with weekly symposiums about Marxism and communism and the benefits of those belief systems and the evils of capitalism.

Ami Horowitz decided to conduct a little experiment visiting the UCB campus and conducting a couple of demonstrations. In the first half of his video, he waived an ISIS flag, condemned 'American imperialism', said it was responsible for the death of people around the world; claimed ISIS only wants a country of their own; ISIS is really a peace loving organization but was forced to violence by American imperialism and policies. Most people walked by and took little notice of him. One man, presumably a professor, said, "good luck", while a student shook his head in agreement with the statements about American imperialism; a female student raises her fist in solidarity.

Then Ami goes to another location on campus and pulls out an Israeli flag. That brings out the tolerance from the student and professors who stop to taunt him with "F**K Israel", "tyranny is not cute", students flip him the bird, call him sick, yell "free Palestine", scream about supporting Hamas, call Israel enslavers of the planet and murderers. Ami asks if Hamas is a terror organization and is told they are not.

Odd that the only true democracy in the region, a nation that is attacked on a daily basis, has shown restraint in not wiping out its enemies, brings out the tolerance from the left wing nut jobs at Berkley, while a terrorist organization responsible for the senseless, brutal beheading of three Americans, and has a stated goal of wiping America off the face of the Earth brings out the support.


Let’s stick to the script despite the facts


I was reading an article in a NY area newspaper and it warned of the coming snow storm. The title used the words, "Lake Effect Snowstorm", which is the preferred term for those that believe in man caused global warming. A refresher for those of you that don't remember the term or aren't familiar with its usage. Global warming alarmists/liars, needed a term to explain why there were large snow storms hitting areas of the U.S. despite their claims that our weather was warming and it wouldn't be long before the mainland U.S. was a tropical paradise. So they came up with the lake effect snow phenomena.

Lake effect snowstorms come about because the water in the lake is at a higher than normal temperature, thus water is evaporating at a higher rate. Cold air comes in and turns that moisture into snow, but most likely only for short periods of time because the warm air will return. But nonetheless that was the environmentalists' explanation of snowstorms during periods of catastrophic warming. Never mind that there isn't a big body of water near Tucson AZ.

So now the media is portraying this huge, record breaking snow storm hitting the northeast as 'lake effect' storms. So let's take a look at the temperature of the water in the Great Lakes. It must be higher than average right? Data from NOAA and Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa from Michigan shows that current water temps on the lakes is about six degrees colder than last year and three degrees colder than average. Guess that kind of ruins the lake effect theory doesn't it? Not for the true believers of course.

Torregrossa goes on to use real science to talk about the effect the lakes has upon temperatures. "A warmer Lake Superior and Lake Michigan can really have a modifying effect on bitter cold temperatures. For example, in an early season cold outbreak, Green Bay, WI may have a temperature of 20 degrees. Traverse City, on our side of Lake Michigan may hold in the mid 30s for temperatures. I usually figure there is a 10-20 degree warming effect from Lake Michigan, and also Lake Superior. But if the lake temperatures continue at this colder pace, cold air will have an easier time moving into Michigan. So the first impact of cold water could be earlier cold temperatures in November and December."

So you're telling me that warmer water actually mitigates cold snaps, making it warmer on the eastern and southern sides of the lakes?! Historically, that is proven by factual data. So 'lake effect' snowstorms are a bunch of hooey? The reason there is so much snow and bitter cold temps is because the lakes are actually colder than historical average. Who knew?!


Why hate oil companies?


So many environmentalists and left wing nut jobs hate oil companies, that's a fact. They would like to see Obama do to oil what he's doing to coal, make them go away. The fact that solar and wind energy are not as efficient or inexpensive as petroleum and we can't power our vehicles with solar yet, doesn't mean anything to them. In fact if we regressed a hundred years in our use of technology, many of them would love it.

But why do they hate oil companies so much? What was life like before our society made cheap fuel available to the masses? Think about what we used to heat our homes for example. Wood, coal, whale oil. Have you seen photos of your town, especially if you live west of the Mississippi? There were not many trees because they had all been cut down for wood or building materials. Clear cutting was not unusual.

Look at larger cities, where there weren't trees left to cut down; coal fired heating stoves left the cities covered in soot and huge clouds of black smoke hovered overhead, especially in winter. Kind of reminds you of some cities in China today. And let's not forget whale oil being used as fuel for lanterns.

How were we getting around? By horse, train and sail ship. Streets were muddy or where there was pavement of some type, horse manure and urine was all over the place. It took weeks to get across a very small country and getting goods shipped to you was virtually impossible in some situations. Now we have a great system of roads and vehicles that make it easy for you to get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered quickly to your local store; products that you may never have been able to buy are not just a day away.

It's nothing for us to load up the car and go shopping in a town 2-3 hours away; get on a plane and visit relatives on the east coast, arriving in a couple of hours. Or moving to find a better job or better place to live. All because we had an inexpensive source of fuel to power everything we use. We now have breathable air, trees in our communities and whales swimming in the oceans. Not solely because of oil companies, but in large part because they are there.

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Who Knew?! Part 12… I can’t count that high


Shocked, SHOCKED, I say! That's the reaction of many people in Seattle who are finding out that their decision to force a $15 an hour minimum wage upon the businesses in Seattle is having negative consequences. They did not know! Had no idea! Who knew?!

Earlier this year the city council passed the ordinance unanimously. There was cheering in the chambers, halls and in the streets. We are going to have a livable minimum wage! Socialist councilwoman, Kshama Sawant was the main proponent of the ordinance and said in one interview that would be "no unintended consequences."

Here we are about 3/4 of a year later and how's that working out for Seattle's minimum wage workers and the businesses that pay them? Kathrina Tugadi, owner of El Norte Lounge said she no longer hires musicians for her restaurant because she can't afford it. She is also cutting hours, now serving dinner only. She said that she is concerned about being able to stay open. She doesn't want to pass on the cost because that prices her food out of what her customers can pay or want to pay.

Pagliacci Pizza, a local chain, is moving its call center outside the city. Now those soon to be former employees are making zero dollars per hour. They are out of a job.

The Seattle Times ran a graphic that showed how the cost is affecting restaurants, the group that was really the target of the ordinance. A typical full service restaurant in Seattle, prior to the ordinance, was spending about 35% of its money on labor costs and running a 4% profit margin. The ordinance eats up most of that profit. A fast food restaurant spends about 29.6% on labor before the implementation and has a 6% profit margin. Again, most of that is going away.

According to the Times, which apparently supported the ordinance, their surveys are finding businesses in all sectors cutting back on hiring, downsizing or being forced to increase prices which also hurts their business. But at least there weren't any unintended consequences.


Quick hits

quick hits

Obama has far and away exceeded his authority as President using executive orders to bypass Congress and enact legislation that Congress refused to pass. His threat to use EO's to reform immigration laws has many talking about impeachment; I would agree that he should be impeached. However, Trey Gowdy has pointed out the best reason for not impeaching Obama; I must say that it makes me stop and think that I agree with him. The reason? Joe Biden. Nuff said.

I've said that one of the reasons employers have such a hard time finding employees is that the poor and unemployed make too much not working to go back to work. The safety net has become a paycheck and a darn good one at that. The CATO Institute has analyzed the pre-tax equivalent income of those on welfare and receiving benefits and the results are eye opening. In 13 states welfare recipients make the equivalent of over $15 an hour, untaxed. That's $32K a year. 8 states give their poor over $20 an hour. Why would anyone work? Hawaii gives its poor the equivalent of a $60K a year income. Others in that list: D.C, Mass, CT, NY, NJ, RI, VT; all over $20/hr. 34 states are over the minimum wage. Small business can't compete with that. If you look at the other end of the spectrum it's the states, like TX, with some of the lowest unemployment rates. Coincidence?

It's a different world; are you a woman desirous of becoming a police officer in Indonesia? Then you'd better be a virgin and ready to prove it. Women applying for a position with the police department are subjected to a "two-finger" test to determine if their hymens are intact. No resistance and you are rejected, but if there's a 'wall', you may proceed. Maj. Gen. Ronny Sompie said the tests are designed to insure recruits are free from STDs and that men are subjected to testing for STDs as well, albeit via a blood test. "All of this is done ins professional manner and did not harm the applicants." Similar test are apparently done in Somalia, Egypt and Afghanistan. Hmm, what do all of these countries have in common? Islamic.

Just a note for you single people. How are you going to feel about spending Christmas and New Years alone while Charles Manson is getting married? To a 26 year old hottie no less.


From your cold dead hands


Gun control advocates aren't going to stop until they have all the guns; except for criminals because it's the legal gun owners who are the problem. Buffalo Police Commissioner has announced that his department will start collecting guns from deceased persons who had permits to own firearms; "in order to keep the guns from falling into the wrong hands."

Daniel Derrenda said that his department will cross check death announcements with gun permits and send officers to the home to collect the guns "in case there might be a burglary" at the dead person's home. When asked if that has been a problem, Derrenda couldn't provide any statistics to support his concern.

Now, there is a law on the books in NY that says an estate has up to 15 days to dispose of the guns OR turn them in to authorities. The police can then hold the guns for up to 2 years; failure to comply can result in a fine and a year in jail. And the law applies only to handguns, says specifically handguns, but Derrender said his department will take all guns.

Think about guns with sentimental or collecting value. If it's a collector's gun, disposing of the gun within a couple of weeks could be difficult, amounting to at best a forced sale; some of these guns run into the tens of thousands of dollars, money the family might need. But Mayor Byron Brown agrees with the police chief; getting one gun off the streets can save a life and that's a good thing. Why not get the illegal guns off the streets; including the 'drop' guns your cops carry to cover their asses when they shoot someone who wasn't armed?

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Let’s just bend over and take it up the economic butt

Obama common sense

Why? Just why? If we are all to be equal, why doesn't everyone have to play by the same rules?

Not much has been said about Obama's trip to China, especially the agreement he made with China on carbon emissions and other measure to curb man caused global warming. Wonder why? You know the reason; because it's an unfair deal for Americans, that could just cost you your job, those of you that still have a job. But China won't have to comply with the rules until 2030. That's fair. For a country that is putting more emissions into the atmosphere in one day, from coal fired power plants, than the rest of the world puts out in a month.

President Obama agreed that the U.S. would reduce carbon emissions between 26-28% of 2005 levels immediately. China will have until 2030 to try, TRY, to peak their emissions and attempt, ATTEMPT, to get 20% of their energy from zero emission sources. So not only do we have to ruin our economy, China only has to say they tried to peak out in 2030, not reduce anything. That's really equitable.

Several analysts, including Christopher Horner from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said that even if we completely killed coal and coal fired plants, eliminated them all right now, we wouldn't meet the goal set by Obama. It would take an almost complete and total economic collapse, shutting down manufacturing plants nationwide to meet the goals.

Obama has really committed an end run on this one also. By not calling this a treaty, he doesn't have to go through the Senate for ratification. He's calling it an agreement, which is kind of like using executive orders to by pass the legal process. Now the EPA will be all over our economy, ruining it in order to solve a problem that science says is not a problem.

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MMF – Family Feud Edition


Rednecks are everywhere, not just in America. Homberg, Germany: a 49 year old man had been at a family member's home for a celebration of some sort. But as can happen, too much alcohol flowed and an argument ensued. Apparently it was an ongoing problem between the man and another member of the family, a feud if you will. The man then left the party only to return several minutes later, parked the vehicle outside the house and blew it up. With himself inside the car. That'll show them who's right! Several members of the clan received minor injuries from the debris. Police said the man was licensed to handle and possess explosives. A family feud ending in the death of the guy who felt wronged, I'll bet Steve Harvey never saw it coming.

If you don't want to hang out with your girlfriend, just fake being sick. Don't tell her you've been kidnapped unless you've thought the plan all the way through to its logical conclusion. Justin Sarten, 22, sent his girlfriend a text message on Friday telling her he'd been kidnapped while in Tempe the night before. She of course notified police who contacted Sarten via text message. Opportunity #2 to make a bad decision presented itself and Sarten took it whole heartedly. He told officers 3 men had taken him and forced him to take money out of his bank account. They were currently stopped on Hunt Highway in San Tan Valley. Police were able to find the 4 men inside a convenience store. Imagine the surprise of the 3 men with Sarten when officers subdued them and accused them of kidnapping Sarten. Sarten was arrested and will be able to find out what happens when you lie to your prison boyfriend.

While the rest of the country laments the arrival of snow, 20 below temperatures and generally wishes Al Gore had been right, Chicago city officials were glad to see the cold snap show up in their city. Police officials announced that 3 men and 1 woman had been killed and only 15 people injured in shootings around the city over the weekend. That was the best weekend they've had this year and it's due to people staying inside due to the cold weather.

Now that California has made it 'legal' for illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, DMV offices around the state are being inundated with customers. The State announced they will expand office hours to deal with the influx of requests. Now DMV employees will go from working 25 minutes a day to a full 1/2 hour.

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One of the undeniable truths proven

Obama liar

Jonathan Gruber is one of the main, if not the main, architect of the Affordable Care Act. He said on at least 6 different occasions that they had to lie to the American people in order to be able to pass Obamacare. He called the American people stupid, too stupid to know that they were being taxed. That proves one of the undeniable truths of life in My World. I'll get to that in a moment but first some observations about Gruber's admission.

Gruber said, among other things, that they knew when they were writing the bill that Americans wouldn't go for a 40% tax on the so called 'Cadillac' health insurance plans. The more expensive plans with lower deductibles, more procedures covered, etc. So instead of adding a 40% tax directly to the plan, Gruber and his minions decided to tax the insurance companies 40% and thus just increasing the price of the plan. That way the average American wouldn't know they were being taxed 40% on their plan.

He also told his fellow liberals that they cooked the books in order to get the Congressional Budget Office to score the bill as budget neutral; even though there was no way it would ever be budget neutral and would in fact increase the deficit. By requiring states to create exchanges, then putting language into the law that said, "people could only get subsidies if they purchased health insurance through STATEexchanges, that shifted the burden of payment to the states and made the bill budget neutral from a federal standpoint." That is why he put language in the law prohibiting the payment of subsidies through the federal exchange. More on that in a moment...

Gruber went on to conclude that the lack of transparency, remember we must pass the bill in order to find out what's in the bill, assisted them in getting the bill passed and signed by the President. If the average American had known what was really in the bill, they would never have supported it's passage. This from the 'most transparent administration' in history.

Gruber's statement about the subsidies will be key in the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare in the upcoming session. That lawsuit specifically deals with subsidies. Despite Gruber's statement that payment of subsidies on the federal exchange were specifically prohibited by the law, the feds have been paying subsidies through healthcare.gov, the federal exchange. That's because so many states refused to set up an exchange because they cannot afford to pay the subsidies.

It's now surprise that the MSM is not running with this story; they defended Obama and the ACA so vehemently they cannot admit they were so wrong. But some are surprised that the Republican leadership is not making more of a big deal about these latest revelations. I am not. Boehner, McConell and the rest of the RINOs believe that we, the American people want some form of Obamacare not to mention they watch the MSM and if it's not being reported in the MSM, then it must not be important enough for them to comment. They would also have to admit they were duped and they can't do that, neither can they admit that politicians and bureaucrats lie to the American people.

You see that brings me to one of the undeniable truths of life; why does Congress have such a low approval rating yet many of the same people keep getting re-elected? Because we believe what our elected officials tell us rather than what we see. We have kind hearts and probably genuinely like the person for whom we voted. So when that person goes to Washington and votes for continuing resolutions, increases the debt, passes Obamacare etc, etc, etc, we tend to believe him/her when he comes back to our homes and tells us he's against increasing the deficit, wants to balance the budget, or whatever it is that pushes our buttons. Then, he goes back to Washington and does whatever it is they do to ruin our lives but we don't hold him responsible because he tells us he's trying to do the right things. We are a forgiving lot and we want to believe the people we elect are ethical, truthful and honest with us. It's the, "who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes" syndrome.

If the politicians begin crying foul about Gruber, they are afraid that the conversation will start to turn to their lies to us...