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Men are pigs and women are defenseless


One of the major, if not the major differences, between liberalism and conservatism is in how each views the average person. Liberals believe you are entirely incapable of making the right choices in life and thus unable to think for or take care of yourself. Conservatives believe the exact opposite; we believe in the ability of the individual to overcome, to achieve, to adapt, to be responsible for themselves. That does not mean that you will be successful, it just means you should be the one in control.

The National Panhellenic has now ordered all sororities at the University of Virginia to stay away from frat parties this Saturday night. You may recall that UVA was the subject of a scandalous article in Rolling Stone magazine which alleged there was a culture of sexual abuse and specifically about a rape that occurred there; it was later revealed the entire story was fictitious; aka a lie for you public school graduates.

But of course that didn't stop the administration from behaving as if the story was true. The Greek community was put on suspension for a period of time while authorities investigated the alleged rape. Even though it was proven to be untrue, the administration put some strict and inane rules in place to combat potential rape of women while they are at Greek community parties.

This weekend was the first weekend the fraternities and sororities were off of probation and it's known as Boy's Bid Night; the night pledges are welcomed into the frat and of course partying is the traditional way to celebrate. Sororities always attend but now the National Panhellenic Council, which is the governing body for sororities has issued a ban, telling UVA sororities to stay home for their protection.

Now here are the rules the frats have to follow; by 11:59 p.m. on the Tuesday before the event, the frat must have issued written invitations and keep an invitation list. Beer must be served in cans, (I have no idea why), the event must be registered with the Inter Fraternity Council by 11:59 p.m. on the Tuesday prior, and the frat must designate sober monitors to watch over attendees and make sure they are safe. The sober monitors must be clearly identified so drunk girls can go to them for safety.

Not enough for the Panhellenic Council. They believe girls will not be able to take care of themselves if they are drinking. The Council also believes the Bid Night should be cancelled because of course all drunk college age males will try and rape women. Poor, defenseless women incapable of making good decisions or taking care of themselves or each other.

And remember, this action is being taken because of a false story about rape and a culture of rape that was proven to have been a lie. But it's a chance for overbearing liberals to show how much they care and want to keep everyone from being hurt. The only way to do that is to ban parties and interaction between the sexes.


Free College, sure, that’ll work.


One of the undeniable truths in life is that politicians, especially liberals, use enticing images to get what they want; never do they reveal the entire picture and probably all too often, they themselves are ill informed about the true consequences of their actions. So it is with free college education. Sounds like a good idea but it's not. And as a solution to the high cost of college, it's a terrible idea.

First of all, TANSTAAFL; There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Do you think contractors are going to build the buildings for free? How about the professors? Will they work for free? Utilities aren't going to be donated. No, someone has to pay for the education and that falls upon the taxpayers. Everyone is all aflutter about Germany not having tuition and fees even for foreign students. Germany also has the second highest tax burden of the 'developed' countries at 49% but estimates say that figure is about to increase dramatically.

OK, you are fine with your taxes being used to pay for free secondary education. That model is extremely inefficient and has lead to decreasing standards as bureaucrats go away from quality of education as a standard of measurement and more towards inclusion, diversity, self-esteem or graduation rates as the way to judge the success or failure of their institutions.

But we know that having someone else pay for the cost of education takes the consumer out of the model. The user, in this case the student, doesn't care about the cost-benefit analysis. We already know from history that when a consumer is made to pay for the goods or services out of his income or savings, he tends to be much more careful of how he spends his money. He worries about the quality of education, the value it will give to him in terms of skills and knowledge that will make him more competitive in the marketplace when he graduates. He worries about the costs and how quickly he can get his degree.

Thus, universities are forced, by marketplace forces, to innovate, to operate efficiently and effectively, to add value that can be perceived by the consumer. Some universities will still cost more, but the perception will be that the cost is worth it to the graduate. Others will compete on lower cost or quicker graduation rates or other factors they perceive to be important to the consumer. That keeps costs down and quality up. Just look at the cost of tuition since student loans and government subsidies became the way to pay for a college education. Costs regularly increase at twice or three times the rate of inflation.

'Free' education also attracts students who are not as dedicated to getting an education as others may be. Students striving to learn will be surrounded by students who are just there because they don't want to go get a job. That becomes a distraction for the students and for the faculty. We've seen this happen in our public schools over the last 40 years. It used to be that kids were grouped based upon their ability to learn. Faster learners were in one class and so on. When that model was deemed to be discriminatory and hurtful to some students' self esteem, students of all learning abilities were mixed together.

Then teachers had to tailor lesson plans and teaching styles to the slowest learner in that class. More time was spent on getting the slower learners up to speed while the faster learners sat around and doodled on their book covers. Overall quality of education decreased and now the U.S. is way down the list when it comes to knowledge of students; we used to be at the top of the list.

Once again the liberals are showing their biases and discriminatory attitudes. Not everyone needs to go to college. I could make a strong argument that 12 years of public school is not necessary either. But what is wrong with someone being a mechanic, a janitor, a garbage man or a clerk at a store? Too many people look down on these professions as beneath them or somehow lower class. That's your problem that you've made society's problem. Anyone who is working and earning a living, providing for themselves and their family is just as good of a person as the CEO of Microsoft or the professor at the local college. We need people to do these jobs.

Free college is not free, neither is it a good thing for society.

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Poor baby…

cry baby

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to speak to Congress soon. During his visit to the U.S. he will not meet with President Crybaby, err Obama, since Obama is butt hurt and vengeful towards Netanyahu over perceived slights. Really he's mad at Israel for kicking the crap out of Obama's friends, the Palestinians, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood... Ron Radosh as PJ Media has an interesting take on Netanyahu's visit.

First let's set up the situation: Dennis Ross was chief negotiator for the Arab-Israeli conflict from 1993 to 2001 and a special assistant to President Obama for the Middle East and SE Asia from 2009 to 2011. Understand he served the Bushes, Clinton and Obama until he resigned his post, in a way some consider abruptly and w/o explanation in 2011. He has now penned two op-eds for the NY Times. In September of last year, Ross opined that the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS were not our friends. Obama, he says, was not ready to make clear breaks with Assad in Syria, which would mean we'd be partnering with Iran against ISIS. Not to mention that the MB was Islamist before it was 'legitimized' in the President's eyes, in Egypt.

In his recent op-ed, Ross pointed out that three times, he participated in major negotiations between Israel & Palestine: Clinton's in 2000, Olmert's in 2008 and Kerry's in 2014. Each time, despite proposals and concessions put forth by Israel, the Palestinians either immediately said "no" or had no response. Their inflexibility is rooted in their belief that Israel is illegitimate and compromise by any Palestinian leader would be seen as betrayal by the people of Palestine.

Ross opines that we, the West & Europe, should stop giving the Palestinians a pass and begin holding them accountable for their positions and actions, by withholding economic support. He believes the solution for Palestine is to give up the 'right of return' and allow Israel to keep its character.

There is similar criticism of the situation coming from a high ranking member of the Israeli government as well. Former Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren is critical of Netanyahu's speech, in which the P.M. will call for Congress to pass tough sanctions on Iran if that country continues to push forward with it's nuclear weapons program. Obama has threatened a veto of any such bill passed by Congress. Oren is worried that Netanyahu is going to create a rift with the American government. Doing so would hurt support that America would have for taking any actions against Iran, should they become necessary in the future; which is more likely than not.

Ross tends to agree with Oren, saying Israel should not upset Obama who wants detente with Iran. Here's what both he and Oren are missing. Whatever Bibi does now will not help his cause with this administration. Obama is at the very least a scared pussy cat when it comes to confronting tyrannical governments like Iran's. He will not support in any way a preemptive Israeli military strike against Iran, no matter how justified. And as far as sanctions, Iran hasn't really given up anything in negotiations with the U.S. yet Obama continues to release their assets as if the Grand Poobah were genuflecting in front of Glorious Leader.

If Netanyahu were to stay home and quietly lobby Congress to take a tough stance, our child like President would continue to oppose those efforts. Look at Obama, he is upset and acting like a baby, refusing to meet with the leader of the only truly free country in the Middle East, our staunchest ally. He has told aides that if Bibi goes through with the speech, there will be "hell to pay." How do you ever deal with someone like that?

Netanyahu should go through with the speech and let the American's, who far and away stand with Israel, see how their President continues to support terrorists and abandon our allies. There is already a rupture in relations between Obama and Israel, not between the U.S. and Israel, so speaking to Congress isn't going to hurt Bibi with us, only with our crybaby President.

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MMF – parenting edition

Fatherhood Motivational Poster

I love my daughters but they are grown and have figured out most of my 'tricks'. But if you have younger kids or grandkids you can still have fun with them, because they don't really know very much and will believe just about anything you tell them.

Coconuts are bear eggs.

Hills are really where giants are buried. And they can come back to life when Zeus wants them.

The rumble strips along side the highway are for the blind drivers.

Scallops are really dolphin testicles.

Tell them the dog is your spy and will rat them out if they do something bad.

When you lie, your ears turn red.

Tell them when an earthquake happens it's because trolls and orcs are fighting underground. They'll never go near a cave or sewer drain again.

If the ice cream truck is playing music, it's because they are out of ice cream.

Have a talkative kid? Tell them that we only get 1000 words a month, then you cannot physically speak until the next month. Warn them they are over 900...

Oil spots on the street are where little kids got run over because they didn't hold anyone's hand while crossing the street.

Tell them if they swallow bubble gum, their poop will bounce up and down in the toilet and never get flushed.

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No go zones coming to America

Religion of Peace

France is now trying to deny they have 'no go zones' where Islamists are free to govern themselves, Sharia law is prevalent and non-believers are not tolerated. England has the same areas as do several other European countries. We have talked about the Muslim enclaves in Texas and Michigan where local law enforcement is not welcome; the Islamists are becoming bolder.

Dearborn MI has been a stronghold of Islamists for some time, with their community organizers trying to implement Sharia law, even filing suit to have their efforts endorsed by our judicial system. Recently they held their annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn. A group of Christians decided to protest the attempts of Muslims to override American law. What happened next was very telling.

The Muslims began throwing rocks, bottles, cans and attacking the demonstrators. Certainly the signs were provocative but not any more so than what Islamists carry. The Wayne county sheriff's deputies were there but turned away for fear of creating a riot by the Muslim attendees to the festival; so said the Sheriff. While the Sheriff did say there had been a 'free speech zone' set up as requested by the demonstrators in advance, the Chamber of Commerce decided they did not want to antagonize the revelers and took it down.

In TX, another Muslim 'festival' or gathering was held but it was invitation only. Heavy security surrounded the meeting with the press being kept out, law enforcement was kept away and locals who showed up to protest were escorted away for fear of creating another riot. Law enforcement officials monitoring attendees are certain that high ranking members of CAIR were in attendance.

Isn't it interesting that when Christians gather, anyone is allowed to protest but whem Muslims gather, free speech rights are thrown out the door?


The world is safe and we are respected


Obama's foreign policy is working so well, we don't have to worry at all about anyone harming us, being aggressive or taking over other countries. Bambi, Thumper, Flower and all the animals are romping through the woods, feeling happy and safe because the wolves now know they mean them no harm and will give them a hug if they are feeling sad.

On the eve of talks between U.S. and Cuban officials a Russian war ship has docked in Havana, without being announced. It's interesting that the ship would come into port in Cuba on the eve of the talks, given that one of the reasons there is an embargo against Cuba was their attempt to put Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba and aim them at us. Many of you probably don't realize it was President John F. Kennedy who backed the failed counter revolution in Cuba, who pushed us as close to the brink of nuclear war with Russia over their attempt to put missiles in our hemisphere. He did what needed to be done.

You might say it's just a coincidence, and that is what the Russians and Cubans are saying about the Viktor Leonov, but let me ask you this grasshopper: why is the ship docking in Havana when it is assigned to the Russian's Northern Sea fleet? Isn't that a bit far from home? Putin doesn't do anything without intent. He's not the head coach of the New England Patriots.

Russia has also moved six more Iskander tactical ballistic missile units into position near the Ukraine and moved six more units into areas facing Eastern Europe, strangely close to Poland and the Baltic countries; where Putin has said he is concerned about the rights of "ethnic Russians". Oddly, the same thing he said before he sent troops into the Crimea. Another coincidence? I think not.

The simple fact is Russia is becoming more aggressive, including backing Iran and helping them with their nuclear program, because they do not believe the U.S. under Barrack Hussein Obama will stop them. Freedom is being threatened around the world and our failure to attempt to stop it diplomatically, with the legitimate threat of a big stick, is encouraging tyrants and terrorists to become aggressive. And that threatens our safety.

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Female logic

Mama june

Women and men are different, it's a fact, it's an undeniable truth, it's great. But sometimes it can be exasperating. Yes I used a big word, just because I'm a man doesn't mean I don't know big words. Here are some things that definitely differentiate the sexes.

When a woman says nothing is wrong, you can safely assume everything is wrong.

You're supposed to pull my chair out for me, hold the door open for me, pay for the date; all while treating me as an equal.

Dear God, please send me a man that is handsome, caring, romantic, loving, smart, funny, a good listener, who would never cheat on me and never criticizes my friends. And when you do, I'll put him in the friend zone for ever.

Why women cry; they are sad; they are happy; who the hell knows?

Men socialize by insulting each other but they don't really mean it. Women socialize by complimenting each other but don't really mean it.

I am convinced that some women don't fart; they hold it in until it comes out as drama.

If she's not in the mood, she just wants to go one night without sex. If I'm not in the mood, she thinks I'm calling her fat and ugly and I'm an asshole.

Women: I had a dream that you cheated on me. Apologize now!

Doesn't order fries to avoid the calories. Eats all the fries I ordered.

Women wear bikinis to show off their bodies; 'my eyes are up here!'

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You’re doing it wrong

Kelly Brook

Doctors in Brazil have released the results of a thirteen year study in which they tracked men who had suffered penile fractures during sexual acts. They have concluded that most of the injuries occurred while couples were carrying out their pleasurable activities in specific positions. What do those positions have in common? Women were in control of the action.

Scientists gathered data from the medical records and interviews with the injured parties and their partners. They found that 50% of the painful injuries occurred when the duos were in the 'cowgirl' position, that is women on top. Coming in at second most dangerous with 29% of injuries was the 'doggy-style', with the woman on all fours and the man behind.

Scientists said the problem occurs when the woman is on top controlling the action and doesn't realize the penis has almost completely exited and she comes back down with her entire body weight. "She is not able to interrupt it when the penis suffers a wrong way penetration, because the harm is usually minor in the woman with no pain being experienced by her." No kidding, Jose! The injury is in the man. Where'd you get your medical degree, from a quarter machine in the gas station bathroom?!

I know, generally doggy style means the man has more control, but according to the doctors, the injury occurred when the woman became active in the act by rocking 'enthusiastically' back and forth and once again didn't realize the member had exited the orifice. Not realizing the member had exited? That doesn't say a lot for the size of Brazilian men's members, does it?

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Quick hits and random observations

quick hits

Did you ever notice that when you go through the driver through at the bank, the canisters have a piece of paper taped to them to identify which lane from which it originated? You would think that someone either at the bank or at the company manufacturing the canisters would have thought to make them with a number already stenciled or affixed to the canister. That's real professional, a post it note taped to the canister. It's kind of like, OK thanks for your money, we'll put it over here next to the computer, yeah, that's what we'll do with it. We're not really sure what that closet with the big heavy door is for but it's nice and shiny.

Do you know why Americans are obese? Because a 5000 calorie double bacon cheeseburger costs $3.50 while a chicken salad costs $12. For $5 you can get a burger, fries and a soda or put a down payment on a bowl of arugula.

There is a story making the rounds of the MSM this past week that 1% of the world's population owns 50% of the world's wealth. I don't really buy it but lets go with that in light of the Imam's speech, that's Obama by the way, this week in which he said he was going to tax the rich more and give it to us. Let me ask you, do you know anyone who got rich by being given any transfer payments from the government? Has that ever worked? And what tax cuts occurred over the last 6 years that allowed rich folks to get even richer? No, you can't name one.

The whole debate about the deflated footballs in the AFC championship game is ridiculous, but only because there are so many people who don't think it matters. There are two reasons it matters; comfort level and integrity. Ask anyone who's played a competitive sport and they will tell you they play better when they are more comfortable with the conditions. Tom Brady has said he prefers an under-inflated football because he can grip it better, which means he is more accurate. Yes it makes a difference. Second, integrity. The Patriots have been caught cheating multiple times. Why have rules? To protect the integrity of the game; if people believe the games are fixed or certain teams are allowed to bend the rules, they stop watching and the league goes away. Even if the infraction is perceived as minor or small, it's still a rule for a reason and you should follow the rule. If you are going to break this one, you are likely to break others as well. Then the trust is gone.

NBC has launched a news site for blacks, NBCBLK, with news dedicated to black people, they claim to elevate the conversation about what matters to the black community. If it's so important why not report on black issues on the main outlets? And where is NBC Latino or Asian? What about Native Americans? I'm white, am I allowed to watch NBCBLK? I'm probably going to get in trouble for even talking about it.


MLK Jr Day


Today is MLK Day. A day we are supposed to celebrate the strides we've made in equality for all. Yet, we find ourselves in a position that, while not as bad as it was when Dr. King was alive, is certainly worse than it was several years ago.

The perception that race relations and the plight of the black American are worse or have not made progress is widely held among the black community due in very large part to people like Jackson, Sharpton, Obama and the left wing media perpetuating myths.

I can go on but we've said it all before. The one thing I'll say, is that Dr. King's dream is being twisted by the race baiters. Read Dr. King's speeches and writings, you'll see that what he wanted was the color blind society, didn't like quotas, wanted all people to be truly equal in opportunity and to be judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character. Where is that message in the hate filled rhetoric being spewed by the so called leaders of the black community?