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Quick hits – Told you he was in over his head

quick hits

Could banks be ready to take your deposits in order to recapitalize? It's a distinct possibility if you are listening to the Federal Reserve, namely Vice-Chairman Stanley Fischer. Fischer has been talking about the bailout of banks that were too big to fail, back in 2008. Those banks got tax payer money to get out of financial trouble. Fischer and others are now talking about following plans set in place by Europe and Japan, recently used in Cyprus. The idea is that banks can take funds deposited by their customers and essentially give you a bond in return. That's it, a promise to do better and repay your confiscated money, with interest, but you may not have a say in the transaction. Now, they may not take your entire deposit but something in the range of say, 10-20% of your funds. Can you afford to lose that cash?

Who didn't see the possibility of ISIS? Not that our intelligence and military community should have known specifically about ISIS, but about any radical terrorist organization continuing to fight and threaten those that didn't agree with them. Apparently our President and his advisors. Obama admitted on Thursday that the U.S. doesn't have a plan or strategy for dealing with ISIS. Now, I'm sure our military people have a plan; what Obama is really saying is that he hadn't been listening to his advisors and now that things have blown up, he's behind the curve. Or if you are concerned that Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, then he's delaying action because he wants to give radical Islamists time to get themselves entrenched. If that is true, then Obama has pulled one of the greatest scams in the history of the world. If Obama is not a radical Islam sympathizer, then he's the most incompetent person to ever hold elected office. How can you not have a contingency plan for something that everyone knew was a possibility? Just proves that re-electing Obama was like backing up the Titanic and hitting the iceberg a second time.

And let's not forget that Russian troops, about 20,000, have entered the Ukraine and are fighting alongside the separatist rebels. Where's Obama's leadership on this expanding crisis? Oh, that's right, we aren't leaders but participants; equals with every other nation. OK Jamaica, time to step up and tell Putin to stop it.

All of this may be a moot point anyway. NASA scientists have detected a powerful new sunspot spewing powerful X-class flares and it may be turning towards Earth. If the X-class flare hits Earth directly, it could wipe out our electrical grid completely; at the very least cause massive disruptions to service. And the sunspot, dubbed AR 2151, could last for weeks, making it difficult to repair our grid and causing worldwide outages. NASA and others scientists say a direct hit from the most powerful type of flare, which the X-class is, could cost us $2 trillion to repair the grid and could result in a loss of 90% of the U.S. population due to lack of services, starvation and disease. Let's hope these are the same scientists that think global warming, err climate change, is man caused.


Let the brown shirts come


The federal government is funding a project to track 'misinformation' and 'hate speech' on social media outlets like Twitter. Researchers at Indiana University have received almost $1 million to create a computer program that will identify "political smears, astroturfing, misinformation and other social pollution."

The group's website says the public can use the tool in the future to report on other Twitter users as well. "Truthy uses a sophisticated combination of text and data mining, social network analysis, and complex networks models. To train the algorithms, we are leveraging crowdsourcing; we rely on users like you to flag injections of forged grass roots activity. Therefore, click on the Truthy button when you see a suspicious meme!"

The want you to turn in your fellow social media users so they can be dealt with somehow? Isn't that similar to what the Gestapo did during the Nazi regime's reign of terror and conformity? Who decides what is 'misinformation' or 'hate speech'? What about pure disagreement or facts that are making someone in charge uncomfortable? And what happens once you are in the database, is the IRS going to come looking for you?


More hypocrisy from a left leaning liberal,


Warren Buffett is one of those people who's life and words are often at odds. Warren made his fortune by himself, making deals that turned out to be quite profitable. He's brought a lot of people along for the ride. He seems to understand business and the economy very well. However, he often advocates for higher taxes, especially on the wealthy and businesses. Yet, he has been involved in a lengthy court battle with the IRS; the government saying he owes over a billion dollars in unpaid taxes and penalties, Warren saying he doesn't owe the taxes. Seems to me if you believe in higher taxes on the rich, you'd just write that check and not argue. But of course, it's his money he's fighting for, not someone else's bankroll.

Once again, Warren's actions are belying his words. Burger King announced this week that they are merging with Tim Horton's. The deal will create a company operating 18,000 restaurants around the world with annual sales of about $23 billion. But more importantly for Florida based BK, they will move their headquarters to Canada and will shed about 15% of the annual tax burden levied upon them by the United States. That little move will save them about $3.45 billion a year, potentially. No wonder BK wants to ditch the U.S. in what Obama calls a tax inversion move.

Enter Warren Buffett, Obama's tax increasing advocate; Buffett is dumping $3 billion into the merger in the form of equity financing. BK's majority owner is a Brazilian PE firm owned by Jorge Paulo Lemann. Lemann and Buffett have partnered together in the past to buy Heinz and of course Heinz supplies BK with catsup. You can bet Horton's will be switching to Heinz as well. But Buffett also has a large ownership stake in Coke which currently has BK's business. But Lemann's PE firm has been pushing BK management to switch to Pepsi in Latin American markets, which is apparently more popular in those areas.

Coke's sales have been flat and a loss of BK's business would hurt the company and the brand. BK also sells Nestle's water and Buffett won't be shy about demanding a switch to Desani, which would of course help Coke's non-carbonated drink division. Buffett will also demand a healthy return on his $3 billion; if past experience is any indicator he'll likely get a stake in the company and around 10% return on his cash. Not a bad deal if you can get it, which Buffett can.

Certainly, we don't begrudge Buffett making money, however it sure seems his principles will disappear when he can take advantage of a business opportunity. He's supporting a tax inversion deal all the while advocating for higher taxes. I guess a few billion in the bank can make it much easier to look yourself in the mirror.

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Why isn’t someone being charged with a crime?


Judicial Watch is reporting that Lois Lerner's 'lost' emails actually do exist. Remember we've found out that an IRS IT department employee has already contradicted reports about the hard drive from Lerner's computer being scratched and broken at the time Lerner and others claimed it was destroyed. He said it was in good shape over 6 months later than the official time frame.

Now according to a Justice Department attorney, the IRS officials did follow federal law and backed up the hard drive as required. The attorney told JW reporters that the emails are on a backup computer that is used as a fail safe in case of catastrophic loss in Washington; this allows the government to continue operating. The attorney claims it is difficult to get retrieve the emails from the back up drive but it is possible. How difficult could it be if the purpose is to get the government operating again in case of catastrophe?

If this is true, someone should be going to jail not just for lying but for covering up a conspiracy to discriminate against conservative political groups and individuals. This is bigger and worse that Watergate because the powers of the federal government were being used by Obama and his staff to target individual American citizens; not to find out what their opponents were doing. Obama has as one of his goals to completely silence his opposition; to wipe them out and he was using his power as President to do so. That is the worst kind of political tyranny and the left would be screaming bloody murder if a Republican were in the White House.

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People are starting to cave to the nut jobs


Sometimes you have to stand up and say "no" to the PC crowd. But so many people are afraid of being tabbed as insensitive or offensive. And if a word offends you that's your problem not mine.

Sneakers Bistro in Winooski, VT was capitalizing on the recent fad surrounding bacon. Bacon makes everything better and apparently Sneakers Bistro made some pretty darn good bacon. They chose to put up a sign near their restaurant that said "Yield for Sneakers Bacon". Nothing wrong with that or so you would think. A woman in the community was so offended by the word bacon, she demanded it be removed. She claimed it was "insensitive to those who do not consume pork."

The restaurant owners said they refused at first and things started to get bad; bad reviews on Yelp started showing up; people began posting bad things on their Facebook page. So the owners caved and took the sign down. That got other people mad and they began posting on the FB page also. The owners finally took down their FB page also.

This is just politically correct BS trying to place other people's sensitivities over the rights of others to advertise their business. Where does it stop? If we start removing every word that is offensive to someone, you can bet we are going to have a pretty limited vocabulary.

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Sometimes we are the last to know and wish someone would have told us; that sentiment can apply to lots of situations; we have toilet paper hanging from your derriere or maybe you're being an idiot. But being dead, I think we don't need to be told about that. Mrs. B Fulton, Lincolnshire, England, received a letter from Spalding Life, the provider of her pension, telling her that she had passed away, they were sorry to hear, and would no longer be receiving her retirement benefits. Of course, you know, Mrs. B. Fulton, while a frail 80 years old, was still alive and didn't appreciate being told she was dead. Spalding Life said the last check sent to Mrs. Fulton was returned, so a clerk marked the reason for the returned mail as Fulton being dead. Human error. Dang public school graduates.

The Scottish Government celebrated their most recent attempt to give youths viable job skills last week. At a big reception in Edinbourgh, Gleneagles Chairman Peter Lederer was among the guests to be served scotch by one of first 100 youths to complete the Learning for Life program launched in Scotland earlier this year. The course teaches youths in Scotland how to properly serve scotch whiskey to patrons, with hopes that they'll be able to land a job serving whiskey to their countrymen. Because serving whiskey to Scotsman is such a tough job...

A controversial Egyptian Imam has issued an opinion concerning men watching women shower, without the women's knowledge. He says it okey-dokey. Imagine that. According to Osama al-Qusi, a Salafist or ultra-orthodox Imam, peeping toms can watch women wash themselves as long as their intentions are pure, such as an interest in marrying the woman. "If you are really honest and wanted to marry that woman and you were able to hide and watch her in secret, seeing the things that she wouldn't usually let you see before marrying her, then it is acceptable..." according to the controversial cleric. Great, here comes another defense for the perverts; I'm Muslim and just practicing my religious beliefs. Hmm, on the other hand.

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He’s in over his head


This is what you get when you elect someone with no experience; not even washing dishes. Watching from outside they have no idea how to run an administration; what goes into making decisions; how to delegate authority; when to make the tough decisions; heck, whom to hire. It all becomes about image and appearing to do something.

We have heard a little bit about the attempted rescue of James Foley and other Americans being held by terrorists in Syria. The rescue attempt failed, in part we are told, because intelligence used to locate Foley and the others was dated and they weren't where they our troops thought they were located. Now we find out why the terrorists had time to move Foley.

The Sunday Times is reporting that sources in the Pentagon might very well have been rescued had President Obama been decisive about approving the mission. Operations suggested going into Syria in early June, at a time when they had very credible evidence of Foley's location. President Obama was concerned, rightfully, that U.S. troops could have been killed or captured in Syria and the ramifications of such an occurrence. This, apparently, to his military leaders was of secondary consideration since the operation was to be covert and remain covert, with plausible deniability.

But more importantly to Obama and his staff, they wanted to be able to make an announcement about the rescue of Foley over July 4th weekend. They thought it would make a nice political scenario. Instead Obama played golf on July 5th, delaying the military's request to go after Foley once again. Obama claims to have agonized over the decision but he played golf six more times in July before finally giving the raid the green light.



Quick hits – Obama hates America edition

quick hits

Why do we have to be hyphenated Americans? You know, African-American, Mexican-American, Asian-American and so on. The terrorists don't talk about killing hyphenated Americans, they just talk about killing Americans. That's the way it should be, we are all Americans. Using the hyphen with a descriptor just separates us, keeps us apart. It's part of what leads to Ferguson MO and Trayvon Martin; it leads to discrimination and bigotry. That's not to say you shouldn't be proud of your heritage but shouldn't we be more proud of being an American?

A black officer shoots a white youth; the young man was unarmed, wearing headphones and couldn't hear the officer's instructions. It appears he really did shoot the young man from behind without provocation. There is video including that from the camera the officer was wearing but the police chief won't release the video for fear of starting a riot. That is pretty telling right there. The media, the ones actually covering the story, have no problem telling you the youth was not the most respectful, upstanding citizen; he was also dressed in baggy pants and covered in tattoos at the time of his death; he had a long rap sheet and was known to police. Compare that to the images of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, which turned out to be true. Compare the riots for those boys to the riots and demonstrations in support of the white boy. That's right, there aren't any riots or claims of discrimination because the left wing will tell you blacks can't be bigoted. If I used left wing 'logic' then I should be mad because it's clear that the shooting was raced based just because the two parties involved were of different race. Isn't there some kind of double standard?

The terrorists have talked over and over about their goal of wiping out America, killing Americans. In the ISIS video wherein James Foley was beheaded, he was forced to read a letter condemning America and blaming us for the world's problems. It's pretty clear the terrorists hate America. Think about this; Obama was raised by a mother, a father and mentors who all hated America. He was taught that America was a colonial power, invading other countries and taking their natural resources, oppressing the people. He was taught that communism was good and free market capitalism served only to make a few people rich and keep minorities oppressed. He was taught that we imposed our will on others through bullying and threats. Remember he said over and over in his campaign that he was going to remove America from our position of 'leader' and become one with the rest of the world, working together. He also talked about respecting others and their choices, not imposing our will upon them, not imposing our beliefs or systems of government/laws on them. He really believed that when he came to power, our enemies would understand that we were no longer a threat to them because Obama was in charge; he believed they would lay down arms. Now they have not; now things have gotten worse and Obama has no idea what to do to stop the attacks on America and our allies. He never thought about a plan B, other than the abortion drug; so he's lost. What was that question about having some real world experience?

We have talked about ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorists coming across our southern border and the need to secure the border to protect ourselves. But what about the Americans and Western Europeans who have gone to fight alongside ISIS jihadis or with other terror groups? We've seen high profile members of ISIS who are Americans. We've seen Americans fighting as members of terror groups. The person shown killing James Foley was probably British. What happens when those people decide to return home? Wouldn't they be a serious threat to our safety? Wouldn't it make complete sense to send those people back to their countries of origin to coordinate and participate in a terrorist attack on our soil? Just saying.


Don’t bother me, I’m golfing.


Obama held a quick press conference concerning the murder of an American journalist, James Foley. He was terse and condemned the action but why he was terse is not what you think. He wasn't terse because he hated what happened nor was he terse because ISIS terrorists have promised to kill another American journalist, Steve Sotloff; in fact Obama didn't even mention that threat; no Obama was terse because he was mad that he had to work for a few minutes when he had a tee time and wanted to hit a few range balls before playing golf.

It's pathetic that so our Commander in Chief is taking so many vacations, plays so much golf and our world is in total and utter chaos. The ISIS terrorists said in the video, not to mention pretty much every time they are in public, that they will bathe in the blood of America. That's a direct threat to us and our President should be working closely with our military and intelligence staff to craft a plan to protect our country. He should also be making clear and direct statements that we will not be bullied and will hunt down every terrorist murderer responsible for killing innocent American citizens.

Not to mention that it took 2 days for our Partier in Chief to even make a statement condemning the killing of an American. Instead he was in Martha's Vineyard having a "working vacation". PM David Cameron cut short his vacation upon learning of the gruesome murder and called a cabinet meeting to determine how Britain would respond to the killing of an American. PM Cameron made a very quick statement condemning the barbarous act and is ready to take action. Maybe he's used to every other American President put in a similar situation taking the lead and he's ready to assist. Not our Glorious Leader, he can't be bothered with matters of importance while he parties with rich folk and celebrities.

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Waiting to pass judgement – getting all the information


The situation in Ferguson is getting worse by the day because, in large part, people jumped to conclusions about what happened between the officer and Michael Brown. The media jumped on the narrative and fanned the flames with biased reporting and now more people are dead, injured and many have lost their businesses. We talked last week about how the MSM used favorable photos of the dead youth and repeated over and over how he was not threatening the police, had his hands in the air. Several members of the Washington Redskins ran onto the field Monday night with their hands in the air in support of Brown and by inference damning the police.

But once again by waiting to pass judgement we find out things are not always as they seem. We've already talked about how Brown was involved in a strong arm robbery just minutes before the altercation with police. Now over a dozen witnesses have come forward to confirm the officer's side of the story; that Brwon was not being docile but rather rushed the officer and ignored his instructions and warnings. The officer was hit by Brown with such force, that it broke his eye socket. Why aren't all the haters and race baiters coming back and changing their tune? Why aren't people rallying in support of the officer? Because we've been taught over and over that police are racist, are mean, are bullies and that narrative has stuck.

Dr. Ben Carson hit the nail on the head, as did the black guy who's video is going viral, when they talk about how the black community has to change; has to quit listening to others tell them how they are supposed to think, who they are supposed to like & conversely hate, who they are supposed to follow. Quit being victims and expecting others to do things for you rather than doing things for yourself. As Dr. Carson points out, when the black community began relying on others to tell them what to do & think, it led them to a bad place; try living for 24 hours without the police, what would that be like in those neighborhoods? Look at what is going on now in Ferguson; look at what goes on every weekend in Chicago or Oakland. It's not a pretty picture. Do you still hate the police in general?

Following the same politicians, civil rights leaders and the same old 'I'm a victim mentality' has led the black community into poverty, the break down of the family unit, crime, violence and the continuing cycle of it all. What is all the rioting and muck raking trying to accomplish? As we've said before, the 'leaders' are talking about emotional issues, racism, bigotry, killing our kids. What is it you want to see done, specifically? Come up with a plan that can be put into place that doesn't involve giving you more money and we'll listen.

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