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Ban the penny

I am going to start a campaign, in fact I will send a petition to president Donald Trump if I can get enough signatures. I know that my liberal friends will get on board immediately and I hope my conservative friends will do so as soon as they hear my logic for this campaign.

I want to put in the penny. But this has nothing to do with the idea that the penny cost so much to make and we don't use it anymore but it has to do with the fact that it's undeniable; the penny is racist. You cannot argue with my logic.

First of all let's talk about the color of the penny. It is different than all of the other coins. No I'm not talking about the Susan B Anthony dollar or any of those coins that were created and meant it in the last 20 to 30 years because those were created at a time when political correctness ruled.

I'm talking about the coins that, along with the penny, we're created: old racist white man made the decisions about what our money would look like. The penny is the only one that is a different color and it's darker.

And the penny is worth the least of all the other coins that we have. We value with less so we made it a darker color.

And as I said it is the least valuable of all the coins that we have. Kind of like how we treated black people in this country or anyone with darker skin for that matter.

Look who is on the front of the penny, Abraham Lincoln. Do you think that's a coincidence? There's no way that it is. No well Lincoln did signed the Emancipation Proclamation, I'm sure that the people who made the decision about the penny wanted to point out to everyone the difference between the penny and the other coins.

Where can you use a penny these days? You can't put it into a vending machine to buy some potato chips or a candy bar or a soda. You can't even put it into a bubblegum machine to get a toy or a treat. There are payphone still in this world but you've never been able to use a penny. It's kind of like saying, "we don't want your kind in here".

And what do you do when you get a penny at the convenient store or supermarket in change? You throw it away into a little container there on the counter hoping someone else will need it. If you see a penny on the ground in the parking lot you don't bend over to pick it up but you will for one of those silver coins. You value it less then the other coins which are essentially white.

So you see, using "logic", we need to get rid of the penny because it is racist. There is no argument and if you disagree with me then you are a racist bigot.

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We’re back, with more liberal hypocrisy…

We took a little time off from this page after the election, but have been posting more on Facebook. Maybe that's why kind of forgot about putting things up here. But we do have some thoughts about the liberal hypocrisy that has been raising its ugly head in fantastic fashion.

I've seen several stories about the people who are being bused into locations like Oakland, Seattle, anywhere that a demonstration has turned violent. There are two things that are apparent. It appears that only about half of them actually voted but they're protesting anyway. Maybe if they had voted there would not have been something to protest. But many of them are being paid. Not not talking about all of them and most of the ones that are in peaceful demonstrations probably have not been paid. But the ones that are in the violent protests, many of them have been paid by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg back organizations.

The tolerance from average citizens who do not like Trump is president is absolutely 100% absent. Okay not 100% but it is amazing how many of them have been spewing vitriol against our President-elect and anyone who supported him. We have seen multiple reports of high school, college students, and average citizens attacked and physically beaten because people believed they voted for Trump. They don't always know for sure but some of those cases did have situations where it was clear they did vote for Trump. One man was stopping a carjacking, his car by the way, when the people trying to steal it exited the vehicle and began beating him. A crowd of African-Americans stood around and videoed the incident with their phones and began chanting "fuck Trump". There was no indication the guy voted for Trump except that he's white into the liberals that means he must have voted for Trump because we are all racist.

As I said on last week show it's very clear that liberals want to things: first that we all look different; second that we all think alike. There is no room in the liberal agenda for diversity of opinion. Now even the hit Broadway play, Hamilton, is involved. On a night when vice president elect Mike Pence attended the play, the cast came onto stage at the conclusion of the play and one member began lecturing Mike pence about racism and tolerance and relations. Typical liberal babble. Pence did get up and walk to the back of the auditorium but stayed to listen. Many people have criticized the cast for doing so. Some of the audience booed by the way. Not at the cast but at vice president elect Pence. The vice President-elect had a very classy response basically saying it was their right to exercise their right of free speech and he was glad they did so in a polite way.

Now many liberals are calling him a baby and criticizing him for his response. Somewhere out there somebody is misinforming the the public as to what he actually said. He did not attack the cast of the play, he praised them and respectfully disagreed. That is what tolerance looks like the liberal wouldn't know what hit them in the face like a brick. All they know is they did not vote for him and thus he must be killed. Or at the very least silenced. But isn't that the typical liberal response when they don't get their way?

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When it’s your time, it’s your time

Four Horseman Death

Often we are told that when it's your time to die, there's nothing you can do. I've been told that hundreds of times when people find out I'm afraid of flying, assuming that my biggest fear is that I'm going to die. And they are right to an extent; I am afraid the plane is going to crash which I believe more often than not results in death. But it's not the fear of death itself that bothers me, it's the falling 30,000 feet while still alive and conscious that bothers me. The time to think about it and know that I have zero chance to do anything about it. And what are the odds that God or whatever overseer of fate you believe in has put 130 people whose time it up on that plane, at that time?

But for some people the odds are less daunting. Yang Dae-jin, 39 is a civil servant Gwangju, South Korea. He was leaving work in the public relations department for the county, headed home to his 5 year old son and pregnant wife. Just as he exited the building, whack!! An unnamed 25 year old student ran into him. Dae-jin never even saw him or had a chance to avoid him.

You see, the student had jumped from the 20th floor of the building and was rapidly approaching terminal velocity when he landed directly on Dae-jin's head. The student was killed instantly while Dae-jin passed later at the hospital from head injuries.

Police say the student was preparing to take the civil service exam when he decided to jump from the window. I can totally understand; a future of working in a bureaucracy would not be appealing at all.

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How’s that Iranian arms deal working out?

Iran President Rohani

Glorious Leader wasn't pulling a prank when he said on April 1st that Iran was living up to it's end of the nuclear 'we can't call it a treaty' pact he made with Iran. Despite Iran still supplying Hezbollah with weapons, testing banned missiles, and doing pretty much anything it wants. Yes he did say that Iran needs to send better signals about it's intent to quit doing these things but he's not withholding any aid and in fact he's going to give them more just to reward them for something.

In fact, he is going to allow Iran to gain access to more U.S. dollars because the $150 billion we've already given them, by them I mean the big six, hasn't had an immediate positive impact on the Iranian economy. That proves that he still doesn't have a clue about economic practice or foreign policy. You can't pull any economy out of several decades worth of mismanagement in a few months or without a complete change of philosophy. Neither can you believe that Iran is spending that influx of capital on economic growth as opposed to military growth.

While Iran continues to flaunt the terms of the agreement, there is one thing that is continually swept under the rug by Obama and the media; Iran has never signed the deal. Not the real powers that be. It was agreed to by President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, not by the Grand poobah Ayatollah Ali Khamenei nor the Revolutionary Guard. Without their support, the deal will never be ratified by Iran nor will they abide by the terms of the agreement, but Obama continues to live in his fantasy world; either he really believes that the trust and good will he exhibits will change the behavior of the Iranian government or he's working to build them up and destroy the West.

According to most sources, Iran is using the money that has been given to them to fund the very projects that were supposed to end under the terms of the agreement. Fully 50% of the new influx of capital is being diverted to items termed 'defense', which means the nuclear and missile development programs. Also some of that money is going to Iran's overseas military operations including funding Hezbollah with more and better weapons, subsidizing the Syrian rebels, funding new terror organizations operating in the Sinai Peninsula specifically to attack Israel and the moderate, pro-West government in Egypt.

In fact, word from inside Iran is that Obama's waffling and capitulation has virtually destroyed the opposition reformists inside Iran. Remember, Rouhani was seen as a 'moderate' and was part of the opposition to the Ayatollah, as much as you can call them an opposition party. Now the Ayatollah has begun to ramp up the rhetoric about dissolving any opposition parties and groups. Way to go Obama. Is that what you wanted? Many of us are beginning to entertain the thought.


What would your last meal be?


We hear about it now and then, some criminal is put to death and of course the ritual involves giving them whatever they'd like for their last meal. I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering what I'd request for my last meal if I were ever to find myself in that position. Probably more likely that I'd be dying of something rather than being put to death but that's another discussion. You know what would be kind of cool? If you ate your last meal, then got a stay of execution, then had another last meal... how long could that go on? Here are some last meal requests from death row inmates

Teresa Lewis, convicted of killing her husband ordered fried chicken, peas with butter and apple pie along with a Dr. Pepper. Ho hum except that Dr. Pepper is the most popular drink ordered in the south. I'd be wary of anyone drinking Dr. Pepper.

Allen Lee Davis ordered lobster tail, 1/2 lb of shrimp, 1/2 a lb of fried shrimp, fried potatoes, 1/2 loaf of garlic bread and 32 of A&W root beer. Good thing it was before the ban on Big Gulps.

Victor Feguer ordered a single olive with the pit still inside, hoping it would eventually grow into an olive tree from inside his body.

Timothy McVeigh ordered 2 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

John Wayne Gacy had a bucket of KFC, fried shrimp, French fries and strawberries.

Stephen Wayne Anderson ate 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, a point of cottage cheese, corn and hominy mixed, a slice of peach pie, pint of chocolate ice cream, and radishes.

Ricky Ray Vector was fed steak, fried chicken, cherry Kool-Aid, and pecan pie. He left the pie uneaten saying he'd be back later to finish it. Guess that stay didn't come after all.

Joseph Mitchell Parsons wanted 3 Whoppers from Burger King, 2 large orders of fries, Coke, and a pack of Hubba Bubba bubble gum.

Velma Barfield ate a bag of Cheetos and drank a Coke. Where she'd get the ganga?

Dobie Gillis ate 12 candy bars and a pint of rocky road ice cream. No doubt he was nuts.

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MMF – how to stay single

Bicyclist in a Thong

It's difficult enough to find that special someone, it seems that any little thing can turn someone off enough to leave you, especially in today's "me, me, me" society where people are offended by the simplest of things. David Greenman, 34, has ensured that he will be forever alone by winning an eating contest at a fair in southern England over the weekend. To be sure, David is not a professional eater and he isn't particularly out of shape or ugly but no woman will get within 20 feet of him. David even came within one portion of matching the world record in this particular eating contest. He downed 33 raw cloves of garlic in less than one minute. Organizer Mark Boatwright said David had come very close to downing that 34th clove but rules are rules. Come on man, he's got no one and has ensured he'll have no one coming with 20 ft of him for quite some time, give him that last clove.

If this won't get you to stop drinking then nothing will. Off to the Himalayas where a 44 year old man was attacked and killed on Thursday. The man was walking home from a local establishment where he'd been consuming adult beverages. He was staggering and bit slow. The man was attacked by a leopard after the man had stopped at a public outhouse. Local officials say the man is the 12th victim of the leopard in the last 2 years and it is strongly believed all 12 were intoxicated when they were attacked. Wildlife experts believe the leopard is elderly and has learned it is easier to attack drunk humans than chasing its more normal prey. Interestingly the leopard seems to attack more people after they leave public toilets, maybe because it gives him an element of surprise or because he can smell the strong odor of consumed adult beverages being expelled from the body and has learned this means the potential meal is slower and less likely to land a blow with the stick that most locals now carry with them. Now we're cleaning the gene pool.

Chris Putnam moved to Colleyville City in TX a few years ago. He bought a nice house and became involved in his community. He thought he'd found the perfect place to live. Now the current city councilman is leading the way against a blight that he believes could ruin his new home. You see, Putnam purchased a nice home in Colleyville. The back yard was really nice because he didn't have any neighbors back there, just on old railroad track. Now a private company, which owns the tracks, is proposing to put them to use by running a commuter train between Grapevine and Ft. Worth. This has Putnam up in arms because who knew the rails could be used to run a train? To be fair, when he moved in a few weeks ago, the knew there was a local 'old timey' train that ran a few times a week along the tracks but no one told him a commuter train that goes real fast near the community trails would be moving along. A little research dude; this isn't a plan that popped up over night. Of course, Putnam says he's all for mass transit and the benefits but like most liberals, not in my backyard.

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Is it the end?

Four Horseman Death

Look around and you'll see lots of signs pointing to a major upheaval in our world; not just politically but think about all the natural phenomena happening very recently. The small quakes in California and just off the coast; tremors in Alaska and Yellowstone; now a big quake in Chile.

Of course scientists say they can't be sure if these are precursors to a huge upheaval because we just don't have the technology or knowledge to be able to accurately predict when a big quake or volcanic explosion will occur. I'm sure most of us have seen or read about the caldera in Yellowstone; how the ground has been rising over the past decade or so most likely due to the build up of magma in the caldera. Scientists studying the geology say that every so many years the caldera explodes and we are overdue.

If the Yellowstone super volcano explodes, it will be an even the likes of which man has not seen, at least in recorded history. It appears we may be on the verge of something big. Reports are coming out of Yellowstone that after the 4.8 quake hit on March 30th, the animals started leaving the area. Small quakes hit the area regularly and animals get nervous; there are even widespread reports throughout history that animals can sense when a big quake is coming; but to have the animals begin to flee the area en masse is unusual.

With the bison, elk, deer and other fauna running for the hills, is it time for us to panic as well? We won't know for sure until it happens but something tells me that we should probably start stocking up on supplies and find a secluded cave...

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Quick hits

quick hits

So far no one has been jailed for violating Uganda's anti-homosexual intercourse laws but Obama has ordered foreign aid to the country be slashed. Monday of this week, the bodies of 7 Egyptian Coptic Christians were found on a beach outside of Benghazi in Libya. Yes, that Benghazi. The victims were kidnapped from their apartments and shot in the head, execution style. It is believed Ansar al_Sharia is responsible for the executions. Stories abound about heavily armed men going door to door in Benghazi asking occupants if they pray to Allah or Jesus Christ. Answer Jesus Christ and you will be dragged out and beaten or shot. So far not one word from the Obama administration.

Lobbyists for large banks are pushing Congress to end the tax exempt status for nonprofit credit unions saying it gives them an unfair advantage over for profit banks. Adding taxes to the bottom line of credit unions would of course reduce interest rates paid on savings; increase interest rates on loans; cost jobs and hit mostly middle class customers and small businesses. Never mind that credit unions have only 6% of the market share. If it was such an unfair advantage don't you think the CUs would have a larger market share?

The new defense budget approved by the Senate this week slashes the size of the U.S. military to pre-World War II levels. Certainly there is pork to be shaved out of the military complex but why is Obama cutting the pay of active duty military, reducing the subsidies military families enjoy at the PX and on base housing; increasing healthcare copay amounts and reducing retiree benefits. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Congress has taken important step in recent years to cut costs but the DOD must do more. What a moron. Congress hasn't cut crap from any budget or continuing resolution in decades. Instead of cutting the pay and benefits of those risking their lives why not cut Congress' pay; pay of their staffers; pay of Cabinet members; cut food stamps for perpetual welfare recipients; oh that's right Obama and the liberals don't like the military.

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Quick hits

quick hits

So the Republicans are the problem and aren't acting in good faith according to the MSM, Harry Reid, Obama et al. The House votes on a bill, as does the Senate; but Reid and Obama say they will not negotiate on any issues. The House says they'll fund Obamacare if the Senate agrees with the House Republicans to no longer exempt themselves from Obamacare and Reid and the Senate says "no way". So who is being obstructionist? Who is being arrogant? The House Republicans have offered 9 bills as a compromise; Reid has rejected all of them out of hand. Now answer me this; how are the chefs in the White House 'essential' and keeping their jobs while military and border patrol personell are not getting paid? Obama did sign an executive order reinstating pay for the military but guess who took both of those bodies off of the 'essential' employee list? Democrats using them for political gain. And part of that bill would have repealed the medical device tax; the Dems said no way...

Might as well just make crap up; CBS' Bob Schieffer was interviewing Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn when she commented that Obamacare has only partisan support. Schieffer interrupted her and said that was not true. Now where was he going with that, since all polls show the vast majority of Americans don't like Obamacare and don't want it. Was he going to call her out and tell her that even liberals and Democrats in the citizenry don't like it? No, Schieffer said that polls show Obamacare is popular across the board. He cannot produce one poll showing that Obamacare is popular with any demographic. In fact, CBS/New York Times had JUST released their own poll showing that 51% of Americans oppose Obamacare. I guess that's the new math...

Obamacare is ramping up with great success. The exchanges opened on Tuesday to great fanfare from Obama. Yet every website in every state couldn't handle the traffic. People couldn't get signed up for the exchanges. Problems ranged from not being able to access the website to being told they didn't exist, while they were trying to sign up. It was an absolute train wreck, despite having years and billions of dollars to get the websites ready. If fact HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebilius told NBC News on Monday that success in her mind would be having 7 million people sign up for the exchanges by March 2014. That sounds like a lot but it's only 16.9% of the total number of uninsured HHS said are eligible for the exchanges and need to be served. So what other 'business' would be happy with a 16.9% success rate, especially if the customers were required by law to buy your product? That's your government. I can't wait for them to run healthcare in its entirety.

From at least July to September 15, the government's website promoting Obamacare and encouraging people to enroll touted the ability of people to get "free or low cost healthcare". The website, healthcare.gov touted the topic, “Where can I get free or low-cost care in my community?” the following statement appeared: “If you can’t afford any health plan, you can get free or low-cost health and dental care at a nearby community health center.” Now they have removed the 'free' since that turns out not to be true. When are they going to drop the 'low cost' since we've seen nothing but huge increases in the cost?



It happens every now and then, for whatever reason, but my motivator breaks. When that happens nothing in the news really appeals to me or sets off my buttons and inspires me to write something. Today is such a day, as was yesterday to an extent. So I'll take today off and be back tomorrow...

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