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Stupid criminals – local edition

normally we have to go to the South for our stupid criminal stories, especially Florida which is a gold mine of stupid people. But every now and then something happens locally that just really exemplifies not only how much our public education system is failing our kids and not teaching them how to think critically, but also gives us a chuckle. And very often we can identify with some of the people and the situations they find themselves in and how they react.

I was reading this story in a local fish wrap, it concerned a baby daddy and the baby mama's new boyfriend or husband. According to the story, baby daddy was visiting baby mama and their children. I would assume that one of the younger children used a curse word because baby daddy and new boyfriend began arguing about whether or not children of that age should be using curse words. It certainly is a discussion I would want to have with the new boyfriend had I been in that situation. Again the story is not clear but I assume that baby daddy did not want his children cursing and new boyfriend didn't think it was a big deal.

So how would you deal with it if you were at an impasse with new boyfriend? Walk away or maybe take your kids aside and tell them why it's not good to use those words and encourage them to not learn from new boyfriend? Based upon baby daddies next action, I assume that the disagreement with new boyfriend was more about the fact that he is in the house with baby mama and their children rather than baby daddy being there.

Baby daddy's next step was to pull a gun and pointed at her new boyfriend. One thing I don't think you should ever do when someone is pointing a gun at you, especially if the situation is heated, is asked the question, "what, are you going to shoot me?" That's an invitation for baby daddy to pull the trigger and prove his manhood. Which happened, with the bullet striking new boyfriend in the leg. Now I have to think that cursing is a much more desirable trait to have in young children as opposed to showing them how to handle conflict by pulling a gun and shooting the other person. But that's just me.

And when as with many of the stories that we've done over the years, it does not end there. Baby mama realizes that new boyfriend has been shot in the leg, grabs a couple of the little kids and new boyfriend, puts them in the car and drives him to a bar. Yes it was a closed bar, but a bar nonetheless. Because that is where I would think about taking someone who has been shot, even if it was to be able to meet the ambulance and/or officers of the law. And what about the other kids that she left at the house with baby daddy who was by now realizing that he made a mistake and could be going to jail or prison?

Fortunately the Oakland police were not involved in the training and the situation, and baby daddy had apparently left the residence before police arrived. Think certainly could have gotten out of hand and we are grateful for that, no doubt about it.

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Random thoughts and observations

it seems that we are experiencing a time in our country when liberal hypocrisy is being featured not only in their words but their actions as well. Don't get me wrong, liberal hypocrisy has always been on display but when you add the level of emotion that liberals are experiencing right now they tend to lose what little ability to think rationally that they may have had before. Many of you probably have not been aware of what is going on with the New York Knicks of the NBA. The Hall of Fame coach, Phil Jackson, was hired by the team to be the general manager and president of basketball operations. By all accounts he has done a terrible job. He is trying to get rid of their best player by humiliating him in public, he is hired a coach that does not like to run the offense that Phil made famous and requires him now to run that offense. He has done everything that he hated in a general manager when he was a coach. But I was listening to Stephen A Smith and a couple of other pundits and they opined that Phil is doing everything he can to get fired. Because if he's fired collects the remaining $24 million due him on his contract. If he quits, he doesn't get that money. It was an interesting observation and these commentators didn't seem to have a problem with it. But I have heard them opined before about corporate CEOs who are given a golden parachute. They have become outraged that someone who is not performing to expectations could be given tens of millions of dollars in severance pay. That's exactly what Phil is doing, protecting his "golden parachute". Once again it seems that when it comes to celebrities in the sports or movie world, those with liberal tendencies cut them a lot of slack and hold corporate executives to a different standard.

I was listening to a comedy channel on XM radio and the show that was on was basically a talk show. Touching a little bit on various topics including comedians but also political satire. The host said something about midgets. A guest berated him for using the word midget because that's not politically correct and is offensive to midgets. But Ralphie May, a well-known comedian, has a great take on midgets or rather the word midget. He says that the politically acceptable term of "little people" is too broad and not specific enough. If you say "little people", you could be talking about a kid or a short person. Maybe you are talking about a dwarf or a midget but how can you be sure? When you say "midget" everyone knows exactly what you are talking about. Plus midgets are grown people that said that the little kids table at Thanksgiving patient with the adults. The little people, the kids, said that the Broken down card table in the living room. I just thought it was a good point.

You really have to be biased and close minded or unbelievably ignorant to think that the mainstream media is treating Pres. Trump fairly and what stories they report. Earlier this week Pres. Trump held a meeting with the presidents of a number of traditionally black universities and colleges. He wanted to get their input on what needs to be done to help more minority children attend college, if they want to. He also discussed increasing the availability of financial aid for anyone wanting to attend trade schools as well. A picture of the group in the oval office was released. Instead of talking about the important things discussed in the meeting, the press picked up on the fact that Kelly Anne Conway was sitting on the couch with her legs folded underneath her. The media felt it was more important to point out that she was disrespecting the office rather than the discussion taking place between Pres. Trump and the university presidents. And once again the group that met with Pres. Trump was very complementary not only about his ideas but about the fact that he genuinely listen to them and understood their point of view. They are optimistic that not only does he really want to solve problems but he wants them included in the solution. This has happened in virtually every meeting Pres. Trump has held with anyone yet you do not hear that in the mainstream media.

On Tuesday of this week a representative from Congressman Steve Pearce's office was in Silver City to hold their monthly meeting at the Chamber of Commerce. This is a meeting that is generally used for constituents to request help or express opinions in a one-on-one format. Often it is veterans who need assistance in some way shape or form they come to speak to Congressman Pearce's representative. This week a group of people exercise their First Amendment right and formed a protest outside of the building. In some of the emails that were sent to me by the organizers it was inferred and stated in one case that they should force their way into the building and demand to be heard. First of all they would not have had to force their way in as Congressman Steve Pearce will listen to any of his constituents. Secondly the protesters occupied private property without seeking permission from the property owner. But what was really interesting was a conversation I heard later between a participant and one of his acquaintances that did not attend the protest. The nonparticipant was very excited by the turnout and believes that the progressives are regaining the momentum and will really change things back from the destructive actions of Pres. Trump. Just more proof that liberals live in a fantasy world.


Back with some random thoughts and observations

it was unintentional but we have not posted for a while for a lot of reasons. But we are back after having some time to drive around Southwest New Mexico contemplate what I was hearing on the radio and come up with some observations and of course opinions.

I listened to a good portion of Obama's final press conference (Yahoo!) And it is very clear that he lives in a fantasy world. All of his comments about how great the economy is how much better America is because of him being president and all that egotistical bull crap that he likes to spout about himself. One thing that was very clear is that the press representatives in the room idolize him and never asked him tough questions about the deficit, the increase in terrorism, or any of the reality that we live with every day. But one thing struck me more than everything else about his statements; that was his claim that race relations in America are so much better now than when he took office. Of course he said there is some work to do but things are so much better and he is so hopeful because among our young people they are much more tolerant and understanding and less likely to judge people based upon the color of their skin or some other demographic characteristic. What a load of crap. How many times have we seen college students hold a rally to keep white people from entering certain areas? How many safe zones do we have in college campuses where you cannot say the word Trump or other words that might be offensive to their little ears? There are places where white kids are not allowed so that black kids or those practicing the Islamic religion can go to be by themselves, heaven forbid that one of the excluded groups enters their safe space, that person is likely to be verbally assaulted if not physically assaulted. We can go on with the examples of the tolerance that our young people are showing in the acceptance of others, damn I need a sarcasm font. We are raising some of the most intolerant kids because of what they are being taught in college and for president Obama to say anything else means he is totally ignorant or is a liar. Hell, he might even be both.

Mark Lamont Hill is a professor at some school teaching race history or tolerance or something like that. He's probably one of those people responsible for safe places where black kids can go and not be exposed to white people. But he's making news because of what he said about comedian and television host, Steve Harvey. Harvey is an activist in addition to his professional gigs. He often talks about issues facing black communities. He was invited to meet with Donald Trump this week and like other black activists who have met with Mr. Trump, he came away believing that the president elect is serious about addressing the issues facing many of our inner city citizens. Mr. Hill is not impressed with Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, or any of the other black activists who have met with Donald Trump. Mr. Hill says that Steve Harvey is a "mediocre Negro". He states that Harvey is not really an activist for his race, especially because he is successful and is thus not a good example of what black people face in this world. In fact he doesn't like any of the successful black people talking about race issues that face the average black person in America, according to Mr. Hill. Never mind that many of these successful black Americans came from impoverished backgrounds; never mind that they overcame many of the obstacles that Mr. Hill claims to be an expert on, never mind that their experiences could serve as a shining example for everyone, not just black youth. But can you imagine if a conservative or a white person used the phrase "mediocre Negro"? There would because for that person to be strung up from the nearest tree, for them to lose everything that they had ever built or gained or earned, and for them to be banished from public life forever. Maybe Mr. Hill should get out in the real world and try to understand that you do not have to be a professor to be a leader in any movement, that practical experience can make you a leader in your community.

I have a new definition for Metro sexual: gay in the streets, straight in the sheets.

I listened to portions of the four confirmation hearings being conducted by the Senate this week. Nikki Haley is the nominee for ambassador to the United Nations. One of the Senators, and I did not catch his name as I came in to the hearing midstream, was asking how ambassadors select Haley thought the United States should deal with the United Nations. The gist of the overly long question was did Nikki Haley believe that the United States should pull out of the United Nations altogether? Mrs. Haley said that there were certainly grave concerns about the integrity and efficacy of the United Nations as currently formed. She also expressed concerns about the fact that the United States pays approximately one quarter of the operating budget for the United Nations, yet that the body continually works against the best interest of the United States and its allies. I thought it was interesting to note that we are still the primary funding nation for the United Nations. When Obama took office he said that the United States cannot be the sole leader of the world that we must take our "rightful place" alongside the other nations of the world rather than out front. So wouldn't that mean that every nation that is a member of the United Nations should be paying their fair share of the operating costs? Yet not one nation even comes close to supporting the United Nations monetarily compared to what the United States pays. Shouldn't Russia, England, France, or Germany be paying as much as we are?

I was listening to some of the Democrats in the Senate question Dr. Tom Price, president elect Trump's nominee for health and human services director, and they were talking about the repeal of Obamacare. One of the Senators asked if the plan that would be put forth to replace Obama care would insure or guarantee that all Americans would have insurance coverage. She opined that any replacement for the current affordable care act would leave so many Americans out in the cold without access to healthcare. First of all, there is no problem with anyone having access to healthcare. It is typical of the liberals to skew the argument to make it seem like people are going to die if the current plan is scrapped. The simple fact is that Obama care and any other similar program is not about healthcare but paying for healthcare. That aside, if making sure that all Americans have coverage is a goal for the Democrats then why do so many Americans not have coverage now? How is it that the affordable care act that they authored and shoved down our throats took health insurance away from so many American people but yet they demand that any replacement cover everyone? There must be some kind of device that removes all principles, ability to detect hypocrisy, or somebody's ability to tell the truth when they enter Congress.

So if Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden of Eden because they ate the forbidden fruit of knowledge, was it God's goal or wish that man remain ignorant and half naked?

If Jesus is the Lamb of God, did Mary have a little lamb? A friend tells me I'm going straight to HE double toothpicks for that one.

Have you ever noticed that the symbol doctors use for their profession is a snake on a stick? How did they come up with that? If you saw someone coming at you with a snake wrapped around a stick how would you react? Would you be all happy and saying, gave the doctors here? Or would you be like get the hell away from you with that snake on a stick you crazy moron? Shouldn't a snake wrapped around a stick be the symbol for lawyers?


Another politician gets really rich and other observations

so many of you are worried that Donald Trump will take actions as president that will enhance his business interests making him much richer. Based upon history, it's a valid concern and bears watching. We can argue that if Donald Trump creates business conditions that benefit everybody including himself that's different than a politician who lined his or her pockets while in office. Let me ask those of you who are screaming the loudest about this potential problem why aren't you criticizing Obama? When Obama entered office his net worth was about $1.5 million: as he gets sent to leave office his net worth is now $12.2 million. How does a man who makes $400,000 a year save $11 million in eight years? Mathematically, for you public school graduates, it is impossible. Yet it happened and not one word from you liberals. At least Bill and Hillary waited until they got out of office before making the majority of their money.

John Kerry gave a speech regarding the recent vote at the United Nations to condemn Israel and their settlements in the West Bank. It is unprecedented for the United States to betray the only democracy in the middle east and our biggest ally. But Kerry justified it in several ways, none of which were accurate or historically truthful. But probably the most egregious thing he said was that Israel has to make a choice; they can either be Jewish or Democratic but not both. Why not? They have more freedom than any other country in the region. They also allow Palestinians to come into Israel and work and live not to mention others that are Islamic or of Arabic descent. Which country in their region that is trying to attack them does the same thing? Iran is not going to allow Jews to live there in their country, neither is Palestine if they get to be state. That list goes on. So does the same principle that the secretary of state spouses applied to Islamic countries? I guess Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries in the region can be Islamic because they are not democratic. And isn't it ironic that the administration like Obama's is calling for America to open its borders to all sorts of refugees but wants Israel to respect the borders of Palestine and other countries?

When did it become necessary that we have chicken nuggets with a hamburger and fries for a meal?

I was reminded by a friend of a flight we took a number of years ago. We were flying out of Elko Nevada headed for Reno. This was a smaller plane, about 25 passengers and had two propeller driven engines. As we were waiting at the gate, the pilot came over the public address system and advised us that they were having a little problem with the left engine but he assured us, they would try and get it fixed before we took off. While I would hope so, what if they didn't get it fixed? Were we going to take off anyway? Why would you say that you would try to get it fixed, tell us you're going to get it fixed or we won't take off that would make me feel much better. And if you're not going to be able to fix it before we get in the air then you better open up the bar.

A restaurant named Café eight in Honolulu has put up a sign that says if you voted for Donald Trump we will not serve you because we don't want any Nazis in our establishment. While they shouldn't have the right to refuse service because of someone's belief system should they? We've seen other businesses forced to provide services to people with whom they disagree philosophically. Of course the difference here is that the liberals will agree with this restaurant and their position so it's okay to discriminate.

Ed Asner and a bunch of other left-wing act doors are really upset about the new minimum wage laws in California. A whole bunch of them have gotten together and asked for an exemption from the minimum wage laws that apply to all jobs in California, requiring businesses to pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour. According to Asner and his friends small theaters cannot afford to pay $15 an hour to act doors, set designers and builders, sound engineers, ticket sellers or anyone else that works for the small theaters. Asner claims it will put them out of business and ruling opportunities for the future stars of television and movies or Broadway. Asner says, correctly, that the small theaters or where a lot of future stars learn their trade and without the ability to exempt themselves from minimum wage laws those opportunities will disappear. I'm sure they still don't see the correlation between the small theaters and any other small business in California, but you and I do.

Do you remember when the media got all upset over president elect Trump going to dinner one night and not letting them know he was going or not allowing a pool reporter and photographer to accompany them and get pictures? NBC television made a huge deal out of it as did many other mainstream media news outlets. They began to worry that Donald Trump was going to shut them out of the process and not let them tell us what he is doing every minute of every day and of course this meant that he was going to be hiding a lot of big things too. Just to prove that they do not have principles to which they adhere consistently, Pres. Obama ditched the media on his last vacation to take his daughter to a water park. Did you hear anything about that and his lack of transparency? No of course not. In fact the New York Times even opined that it was understandable given the high level of scrutiny that Obama's family is under and their desire to have some privacy and normalcy.


Monday Morning Funnies: more shower thoughts

I really don't know what causes things to come in threes but it happens; it is almost an undeniable truth of life. Shower thoughts have been coming fast and furious and not just in the shower but that is where they are the most common. So here are some more random thoughts for you to ponder what you are lathering up and rinsing off.

We can replace a person's heart but we still have not figured out how to evenly heat a pop tart.

If only my bed was as comfortable when I was trying to fall asleep as it is when I am waking up.

We all are already living in a post-apocalyptic era, the dinosaurs went through an apocalypse.

Why is it that when we are dreaming our brains do not see the plot twists or the scary moments even though our brain is the one creating the dream?

Funny names for your wireless network are the new funny answering machine messages.

If an alien race browsed our Internet, they would probably think that our planet is ruled by kittens.

isn't it ironic that in order to show people you really did laugh in a text message you have to type out the words I laughed out loud instead of just typing LOL?

Whomever said "nothing is impossible" has never tried to eat a nature Valley granola bar without getting crumbs everywhere.

It's not "cosplay", you are just wearing a costume.

Is it really premarital sex if you never marry that person?

Harry Potter went to a school staffed by experienced wizards and a bunch of wizards and witches in training yet no one knew a spell that could cure his eyesight?

People disobey traffic laws all the time yet I've never seen anyone mess with a traffic cone.

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More shower thoughts

I said in an earlier post that these things go in bunches and this week has been a boon for random shower thoughts; so here are some more for you to ponder:

think about this for a minute, your age reflects the number of times you have ridden a giant rock around a giant ball of fire in a random solar system.

It seems to me that replying to an insult is much easier than replying to a compliment.

If I am lucky, the seatbelt I put on every time I get in an automobile will continue to be useless.

Most relationships start off with "don't ever change", then progress to "you have to change", and end with "you've changed".

Popping bubblewrap is not as much fun when you realize that you are releasing toxic air from China into our atmosphere 1 cm³ at the time.

Why is it that my Dragon dictation system recognizes the word "bubblewrap" but Microsoft word does not?

When a medication says you should not operate heavy machinery while taking that prescription, they probably mean don't drive my car, but my mind always wanders to a front end loader.

With cell phone cameras in everybody's pocket or purse, we now have a generation that has diligently documented themselves accomplishing almost nothing.

It's funny that most men who kiss a sleeping or possibly dad Princess in Disney movies are idolized, while men who do that in real life end up in prison.

A person's legs and privates makeup their lap. think about that acronym.

UPS will leave a $500 Christmas gift in a box on my front porch. Yet, I have to sign for a $10 pizza.

I wish I had a real voodoo doll of myself, and I could give myself a backrub. You could probably also do some other things but I'll leave that to your imagination, you sick person.

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It’s the end of the year, time for end of times predictions that went wrong

well it's the end of 2016 a year that is being called one of the worst ever by the media and the liberals, I guess because they got rebuked in the election and have lost their power. But around the end of the year somebody always comes up with predictions for the following year which are inevitably horribly wrong, nonetheless they are fun to talk about. Looking back on history there is always a doomsday prediction by someone who believes this is the year that Earth as we know it will and including life as we know it. So why not take some time to look back at some predictions about doomsday that have been horribly wrong.

Since it was the most recent why not start with the Mayan calendar prediction that our world would end in 2012. As you will recall the theory was that the Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012 and the reason the calendar ended on that date is because the Mayans new our world as we know it would and on that date as well. There were lots of predictions about how it would end whether through a cataclysmic volcanic explosion, a series of earthquakes, or even a comet or meteor hitting the earth and wiping us all out. Of course people built bunkers in their backyards, survival kits became the hot item to buy, even a Chinese guy build a modern day Noah's Ark. 50 years from now people will look at those bunkers and wonder what we were thinking just like we look back on the 50s and their nuclear holocaust bunkers.

A Taiwanese man named Hon-Ming Chen founded a religion that he called "true way" which was a combination of beliefs from several modern-day religions as well as UFO conspiracies. Among other things that he believed, he claimed that God would come to earth in the form of a human that just so happened to look a lot like him. He claimed that in 1989 the earth would be ravaged by demons who would flood the earth and kill us all. We are still here but maybe the flooding of Earth and the rising of tides was the basis for Al Gore's theories.

William Miller preached to the masses in 1831 about a time that Jesus himself would walk the earth again in 1843. Nearly 100,000 people believed him and felt that when Jesus came back he would take them all up to heaven. When the date had passed and nothing had happened, Miller decided that the world would actually end in 1844. If i’m not mistaken, that didn’t work out either. But he continued to have a large following for another 20 years until his final doomsday prediction failed to materialize; imagine that.

Harold was a man who has predicted the end of the world more than 10 times. After a failed prediction in 1992, he then claimed that on May 21, 2011, the world would drown in a massive flood. The flood would take place exactly 7,000 years after a the biblical flood. When the date had gone by and the world was still alive, he proclaimed that his math was wrong and that it would actually happen on October 21, 2011. C’mon, man.

German mathematician Johannes Stöffler predicted that when all of the planets were aligned under the Pisces, earth would be flooded. The date that this were to happen was February 25, 1524. When word got out, great panic ensued, and a giant ark was built by Count von Iggleheim, a German nobleman. on the appointed day, storm clouds gathered as did the faithful who believed the prediction was going to come true. The amount of rain never got above a light drizzle, kind of like the anticipation and disappointment many teenagers feel on prom night.

During the year 1806 in the English town of Leeds, a little hen apparently had the ability to lay eggs that were inscribed with messages declaring that Christ was coming and the end of the world was near. The entire city was struck with fear and began visiting the hen in the hopes of finding new information about when exactly the world would end. Well, it never happened, and as it turned out, the owner of the hen was writing messages on eggs and then stuffing them back into the poor hen! This was the precursor to seeing images of Jesus Christ on toast, pancakes, potato chips, and various other foodstuffs. predictably, with the same disappointing results.

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Just how stupid can you be?

Not everyone who commits a crime is stupid; sometimes someone feels a sense of desperation and believes they have no other choices. But to commit to a life of crime shows a lack of intelligence; if you get caught over and over, especially for the same reason, you jump to the top of the stupid criminal list.

Zachary Munoz, 26, of Cheyenne WY is making his bid for the title. Munoz was arrested last month and charged with breaking into a equipment rental store on 3 different occasions. He took various power tools including chain saws, drills, lawn tools, etc. He had pawned some of the chain saws at a local pawn shop but the clerk couldn't positively identify Munoz and surveillance cameras weren't much help as Munoz wore a cap and never looked up.

But not to worry, on the first occasion of Munoz's visit to the rental store, he decided to check out what was in the fridge in the employee break room. Yahtzee! There was someone's lunch including a peanut butter & jelly sammich. Munoz took the meal, eating only half the sandwich and leaving it at the scene. Police of course sent the unfinished lunch off to the lab and were able to get a match positively identifying Munoz as the perpetrator. Munoz was arrested, arraigned, told how they caught him, and then released on bail while awaiting trial.

It did not take him long to return to his wicked ways. Within the space of 2 weeks shortly have his release, Munoz broke into and robbed the J.C. Penny's store 3 times. Each time he took jewelry and pawned some of it at the same pawn shop where he sold the chain saws. The first time he broke into the store at the Frontier Mall, Munoz made a cup of coffee and left the cup sitting on the counter in the jewelry department. Yep, the lab made a positive match to Munoz's DNA off the coffee cup, leading to his arrest once again.

Police caught up with Munoz after the J.C. Penny robberies behind the Sportsmen's Warehouse attempting to break into that store. At least they avoided being burgled 3 times. Did anyone else notice that Munoz established a pattern of robbing a store 3 times? Is he OCD? What is going on in Cheyenne that you can successfully rob the same store 3 times? Do they not make changes to their security? It happened, oh well, at least it won't happen again, no one is stupid enough to rob the same place twice or now three times? Maybe the cold has affected their brains.

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Then v. now – Snowflake edition

I think we have put this post up before but it's always amusing and probably appropriate now because of the way our Utes have acted during this election cycle. We've raised a generation of namby pamby wussies.

Scenario one: Johnny goes quail hunting before he goes to school. He drive straight to school after hunting and his shotgun is hanging in the back window from the gun rack.

1970 reaction: the Vice Principal sees Johnny's gun hanging in the back of his truck, goes to his truck pulls out his shotgun and shows it to Johnny they talk about how many birds each one shot that morning.

2016 reaction: the Vice Principal sees Johnny's gun in the back of his truck locks down the school calls the SWAT team. Johnny is arrested and his truck and gone are seized by the police. The school calls in counselors to help the little snowflakes deal with the trauma of having a gun in the parking lot.

scenario two: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight outside of school.

1970 reaction: the crowd gathers all the to fight it out. Johnny wins the fight, picks Mark up off the ground shake hands and go their separate ways. Neither one holds a grudge.

2016 reaction: a crowd gathers to film the fight with their videophones. As Johnny begins to win a couple of marks friends step in to help you. Ultimately a member of the school administration sees the videos posted on Facebook calls the police and both Johnny and Mark are arrested. Both are expelled from school. Counselors are called in to help the snowflakes deal with the trauma of violence in the vicinity.

Scenario three: Billy breaks a car window when he throws a baseball while playing in the front yard. The car belongs to a neighbor. Billy's dad yells at him.

1970 reaction: Billy's dad makes him go next door and tell the neighbor what happened. Billy spends the next four weekends working for the neighbor to pay off the cost of replacing the window. Billy doesn't make the same mistake again and goes on to a successful businessman after graduating college.

2016 reaction: a neighbor sees Billy's dad yelling at him and calls CYFD. Billy is removed to foster care as is his sister. Dad is arrested and charged with child abuse. A counselor says that Billy sister suddenly remembers being sexually abused by her father. Billy's dad goes to prison and must register as a sex offender when he's released. Both Billy and his sister in the bouncing from house to house, using drugs and ultimately go to jail themselves. Billy's mom has an affair with the psychologist who identified her ex-husband as a sex offender.

Scenario four: Pedro moves to America from Mexico with his family. Pedro fails English class.

1970 reaction: Pedro goes to summer school to improve his English. He gets good grades the next year, goes on to college and gets his degree.

2016 reaction: an advocate for minority rights here's about Pedro and takes up his cause. The national media pick up the story and find experts to say the teaching English in American schools is racist. The ACLU files suit against the school system and the English teacher, as a result English classes are removed from the core curriculum at the school. Pedro doesn't learn English, gets his diploma anyway, and ends up mowing lawns for a living because he can't get a job where English is spoken.

Scenario five: Bobby take some firecrackers panels them on top of finance bed and put the can over them. He likes one and runs away to watch what happens.

1970 reaction: ants die and a coffee can flies in the air.

2016 reaction: ATF officers are called and arrested Johnny charging him with domestic terrorism. PETA asks for animal cruelty charges to be filed also. Johnny's parents were arrested and their computers are confiscated. Because Johnny's dad bought the fireworks for a Fourth of July celebration he is charged with domestic terrorism and is put on the no-fly list. The children are removed from the home and put in foster care.

honestly, we could go on and on most of the scenarios having to do with overreaction by public authorities and counseling for little snowflakes that didn't even know something was going on around them much less get traumatized by it. And we wonder why so many kids today were crying and claiming to be in fear for their lives when Donald Trump got elected.


You think waterboarding is bad? You don’t know bad, you can’t handle bad.

So many leftists and a few on the right are against waterboarding calling it torture. Never mind that it's an effective way to obtain information from bad guys and Americans don't put others lives in danger. Whether it's bad or not, we've come a long way in our methods of torture or punishment or interrogation. Just look at what pirates used to do.

one method of punishment that tyrants use was called sweating. The offender was tied by a short road to the mast. The rest of the crew would try and/or poke him with their swords. The offender had to try and dance or jump around to avoid the pokes. Often if there was someone who had a fiddle they would play music while the offender danced around.

While it may not have been as common as movies try to make us think it was, walking the plank was an actual punishment for prisoners or members of the crew who had betrayed their shipmates. The person would be blindfolded and told to begin walking, but they weren't always stupid, they knew where they were headed. So it was not uncommon for the sentenced party to be shot in the legs forcing that person to fall off the plank. They also knew that that would attract sharks and their death would be even more horrible.

Flogging is another well-known form of punishment. And it was as you saw in the movies; the person was tied to the mast and went across the back. What is not as commonly known is that salt and vinegar would then be poured into the wounds. That was often more painful than the actual punishment.

If your shipmates were so mad at you that they didn't want to take the time to let you walk the plank they would just throw you overboard. Sometimes they would tie you to a rope and drag you along until you drowned or succumbed to hypothermia. All while they drank rum and took bets on how long you would last.

If you are offense was not so severe that your shipmates wanted to kill you, they would tie you to a board and dunk you in the ocean several times. How long you stayed under or how many times you got dumped depended not only upon the severity of your transgression but the drunkenness of your shipmates.

Keel hauling was similar to being dumped but probably meant that your shipmates were a little bit more mad at you. Or they were too drunk to keep lifting you out of the ocean so they would tie you to the keel and let the ship to the work.

My ruining someone on a deserted island was also fairly, and whether they be prisoners or members of the crew that had fallen out of favor. There was little to no chance of survival but often the offending person was allowed to take a pistol with one shot so they could end their life if they so desired. That was thoughtful.

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