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Facts prove global warming is not man made

In 1988 when NASA scientists published a paper claiming man's CO2 emissions were going to lead to a doomsday scenario and significantly increasing Earth's temperature. At the time J. Hansen et al laid out several scenarios including the complete ban on CO2 emissions which would result in no CO2 emission caused by man after the year 2000. This data was used by Al Gore, the CRU and the MSM to cry wolf and scare our politicians into enacting a number of onerous regulations.

Looking back it turns out the actual temperature of the Earth is lower than the "No CO2 emissions after 2000" scenario outlined by the dumasses at NASA. So wouldn't an open minded scientist take a look at the data and say "whoa, we were wrong. It would appear man's CO2 emissions have no measurable effect on the temperature of the Earth."? Not in the world of Al Gore and the alarmists. Even a recent article claiming to debunk the global warming skeptics authored by Richard Muller admits that the statistical methods used to analyze the U.S. temperature utilized temperature recording stations that were not reliable. Muller says "low quality stations may give incorrect absolute temperatures, they still accurately track temperature changes." Doesn't using incorrect data skew the results? And looking back at Muller's data collection points over the last 150 years, there were very few if any outside of clusters in Europe and the U.S. Shouldn't we have been collecting and including data from Asia, Africa, Australia and South America as well? What about the polar ice caps? Muller even seems to completely ignore the fact that NASA's predicted global temperature scenarios are way off; the actual temperature is lower than their 'best case' scenario...

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  1. If the theory that comsic rays increase cloud development that 2% should be no problem. With the lower solar output more comsic rays are hitting the Earth. Between that and the AMO and PDO both in cooling mode I’d say that warming will be the least of our worries for some time to come.

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