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A new place to live

There's no shortage of people telling the population of planet Earth that we'd better find a new place to live. That doesn't mean there's a consensus on why we have to find a new planet. Some believe aliens will attack Earth in their search for life sustaining resources; others believe an alien race is really God and they've been watching us develop as a species and will probably end their experiment at some point in the future by killing us all. Al Gore believes we will destroy our planet by emitting too many greenhouse gasses. More realistically, scientists say it's just a matter of time before some random asteroid rams into Earth again we won't see the sun again for a very long time. Thus the search for a new place to inhabit, assuming of course we can dominate the species already on the floating orb.

Researchers operating NASA's Kepler space telescope have announced the discovery of the first seriously potentially inhabitable planet in another system. Kepler has been operational for about 16 months now and has discovered about 2300 new planets, some of which have to be confirmed as planets and not floating rocks similar to Pluto. Right now scientists have confirmed the existence of 700 other planets. While there are several dozen potential planets, or candidates, that may be inhabitable, this is the first to be confirmed as having met the base requirements; in a solar system with characteristics such as ours; the planet it the right distance from its sun; being about the same size as Earth; all things that indicate the planet could have liquid water, temperature and other climate conditions that could sustain life as we know it.

Given that the planet is a long way away it's probably prudent that we start preparing now to leave for the Goldilocks planet, as scientists are calling the potential new home. Anyone up for building a space ark in their back yard? Maybe the redneck rocket scientists on the History Channel, they seem pretty smart and good at building things out of useless stuff. God knows there's a lot of useless stuff sitting in trailer parks in the south.

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