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The Greatest Generation

Today we remember a time when our nation was attacked and our citizens rose up without great debate and did what had to be done. There were many heroes recognized on that day and in the years that followed. When men and women realized what was going on in Pearl Harbor they ran towards the explosions, fires, devastation, they did not turn away and run to safety. They went to help. Others ran to their planes; some ran to battle stations, even if they were not properly trained because each knew that we had to fight back or submit to an aggressor and condemn our country to a life of servitude. Freedom is not cheap, monetarily or in the price paid by the men and women who put their lives on hold and answer the call of duty.

Lest we forget there was a great debate raging in America prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. One in which many Americans did not want to get involved in the war in Europe or the Asian theater. Pacifists were, if not the majority, a very loud minority; if not pacifists many were isolationists. There was a belief that the two great oceans provided us with an almost impenetrable barrier to direct attack. People in Britain, led by Neville Chamberlain, believed they were somewhat protected as well and had a piece of paper signed by Hitler to prove it. We know how both of those views worked out. Germany was also working on attacking the United States; either by crossing the Atlantic at first using U-boats and secondly developing allies in South America and Mexico. Hitler believed he could launch attacks on the U.S. from those countries.

Today we face similar challenges; people like Ron Paul who want to pull back from our military engagements and bases overseas. Others like Obama who believe, like Chamberlain, that negotiation and mild capitulation lead to peace and understanding. If we do not change the course we are on, we will soon find ourselves under attack again. While we are under attack now, giving up our freedoms as the economy fails, we will once again be under attack by terrorists and fanatics wanting one thing and one thing only, our demise and destruction. Failing to take the fight to the enemy will doom this country. We will also 'waste' the sacrifices made by the Greatest Generation and all of those before and since who have given their lives to save ours. Let's hope the American people wake up before we suffer another Pearl Harbor or 9/11 and not make the same mistakes that lead to those attacks on our country. In the meantime, thank you to those that lost their lives at Pearl Harbor and thanks to those that stood up and fought. You are our heroes and a grateful nation will never forget.

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  1. In my US History class in 1961 the teacher, a rerteid WWII Submarine Commander taught about the Rape of Nanking, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death March, and other Japanese atrocities, which even in ’61 were missing from our History Books as were any mention of the Soviet purges, the starving of the Kulaks, or NAZI atrocities. The dumbing down had begun long since. My kids, in High School in the late ’80s were totally ignorant of recent history that the PC crowd had decided was “irrelevant”.The largest regret of my life is not homeschooling my chirruns.Gerry N.

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