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Monday morning funnies

Did you ever notice the things we really don't like about other people are the things we don't like in ourselves? Gary Chaplin was a highly paid head hunter in England; "was" being the operative word. Gary responded to an email from a guy looking for a job; an email sent to 4,000 recruiters at the same time. Gary thought this was rude and let the job seeker know in no uncertain terms that his inability to use the "bcc feature in order to make him feel unique and special" meant the job seeker was "too stupid" to work in banking or finance. So does the inability to hit 'reply sender' rather than using 'reply all' make Gary too stupid to work in executive recruitment? Yes it does. Gary is now looking for another $300k a year job where he can demean people.

If a woman tells you she is a doctor and wants to make your penis bigger by injecting something into it, well, you do the math. Justin Street, 22, thought it would be a good idea to visit Kasia Rivera, 34 and allow her to give him a penis enlargement treatment for just $50. She promised him she'd was a licensed physician working out of her home since it was cheaper and she didn't need nurses or other staff. She then injected his manhood with silicone and told him to rest for a day. He's now taking a dirt nap after some of the silicone broke loose and entered his bloodstream causing an embolism. That sucks, not only did he die but at the funeral his rod is going to be tiny again.

If you are going to hide a camera in a public bathroom, you might not want to record yourself doing it; I'm just saying. Police received a call that someone had placed a cell phone in a public, unisex bathroom in the Crossroads shopping center tin St. Cloud MN. Police were not sure they could track the owner as it was a prepaid cell phone but they got a huge break when the viewed the videos stored on the phone's camera. Right there for everyone to see was Joshua Lavalle, 24, recording himself placing the camera, along with commentary on why he was doing it and how much fun it was going to be. Police were able to identify Joshua quickly as he'd been caught doing it before... stupid is as stupid does.

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