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More of the same

The news today is pretty much the same; Obama's lips moved and he lied. The violence in the Middle East continues to escalate. Iran is getting steel from Georgia in exchange for coal in violation of U.N. sanctions. Syria's Assad agrees to a cease fire with the rebels for EID observance, then attacks rebel strongholds. A gay man in WI is beaten and hospitalized because he was working for the GOP campaigns; media fails to call it a hate crime; a VA Senator's son resigns from his father's campaign after being caught on tape advising a poll worker how to vote for 100 people who don't vote; yet there is not any voter fraud to worry about. Obama puts out a pamphlet with his 2nd term agenda but even CNN's pundits call it boring and unrevealing; a rehash of what he's done in his first term.

Call me when something exciting happens; I'll be in my backyard building a fallout shelter.

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  1. Yep… Agreed on the same ol’ ugly news… I’m thinking of getting a gun and stocking up on bullets and getting canned goods… Ahhhh.. Just another day!

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