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It is not being widely reported in U.S. news outlets aka the mainstream media but the violence in the Middle East, especially towards Israel is escalating. It's almost a daily occurrence that Hamas or Hezbollah are firing grenades or rockets into civilian neighborhoods in Israel. Israel then retaliates. That's been going on for years. Iran has been supporting both terror groups for a long time but in the past several months has become much more active and open in their support of anti-Israeli activities. The drone that Israel shot down over Israeli territory was an Iranian helicopter drone flown by Hezbollah. Iran has been providing more and more weaponry to both groups. Then last week we found out Sudan's government has begun building missiles for Iran; the plants were blown up by what is believe to be Israeli fighters.

Sudanese President Omar Bashir vowed to take decisive action against Israel, calling all Israeli interests legitimate targets. Early today, Palestinian forces fired Grad missiles at Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona. The missiles missed their target, thankfully but exploded in the Ramat Negev district just south of the reactor. The Israeli Air Force hit a rocket battery in the Gaza Strip, from which Hamas had fired the missiles. This shows us a couple of things; Palestinian Hamas has decided to expand their target area to include a nuclear reactor and is allowing Iran to use Hamas and the Gaza Strip as it's southern operational arm, much like the Iranians are using Hezbollah in the north.

If history is any indicator, and intelligence officials say it is, Hamas will continue to target not only the nuclear reactor but also Israeli air force bases and the U.S. X-band radar station in Negev. Traditionally, Hamas doesn't have very accurate weapons and must fire several 'test' rounds in order to dial in their ultimate target, so you can expect Hamas to continue firing missiles until they get it right or Israel decides enough is enough and opens up a serious can of whoop-a** on Hamas.

An Iranian drone had been able to fly over the reactor building and photograph the building and it's air defense systems on Oct. 6th. Intelligence officials say that information was given to Hamas to help them with this missile attack.

One final note, Egypt had brokered an informal cease fire between Hamas and Israel in observance of the Eid al-Adha festival which started on Friday. Hamas violated that truce by firing 4 Grad rockets at Beersheba on Saturday.

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