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Liar, Liar pants on…

Once again Obama and the left, with the assistance of the MSM are using fear tactics to sell their agenda and there is no truth to what they are claiming will happen if we don't raise the debt ceiling. Obama said again "I am not going to have a monthly or every three months conversation about whether or not we pay our bills because that in and of itself does severe damage. Even the threat of default hurts our economy. It’s hurting our economy as we speak. We shouldn't be having that debate."

Suggesting the U.S. might default on it's debt is factually wrong. We have enough money to make our interest payments no matter what, if anything or nothing, Congress does with regards to the debt limit.

If this what Obama claims was true, why in 2006 did he argue against the Republican effort to raise the debt ceiling? Do we need to remind you of what then Senator Obama said? Remember he said raising the debt limit was "unpatriotic and a failure of leadership"?

He's a liar and one of the best we've ever seen. It's too bad that so many ignorant citizens continue to believe what he says. I'm convinced that Obama could stand in front of the national T.V. networks, live on camera, in front of the White House and say the sky is polka dotted and at least half of America would believe him.

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