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Quick hits

quick hits

So far no one has been jailed for violating Uganda's anti-homosexual intercourse laws but Obama has ordered foreign aid to the country be slashed. Monday of this week, the bodies of 7 Egyptian Coptic Christians were found on a beach outside of Benghazi in Libya. Yes, that Benghazi. The victims were kidnapped from their apartments and shot in the head, execution style. It is believed Ansar al_Sharia is responsible for the executions. Stories abound about heavily armed men going door to door in Benghazi asking occupants if they pray to Allah or Jesus Christ. Answer Jesus Christ and you will be dragged out and beaten or shot. So far not one word from the Obama administration.

Lobbyists for large banks are pushing Congress to end the tax exempt status for nonprofit credit unions saying it gives them an unfair advantage over for profit banks. Adding taxes to the bottom line of credit unions would of course reduce interest rates paid on savings; increase interest rates on loans; cost jobs and hit mostly middle class customers and small businesses. Never mind that credit unions have only 6% of the market share. If it was such an unfair advantage don't you think the CUs would have a larger market share?

The new defense budget approved by the Senate this week slashes the size of the U.S. military to pre-World War II levels. Certainly there is pork to be shaved out of the military complex but why is Obama cutting the pay of active duty military, reducing the subsidies military families enjoy at the PX and on base housing; increasing healthcare copay amounts and reducing retiree benefits. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Congress has taken important step in recent years to cut costs but the DOD must do more. What a moron. Congress hasn't cut crap from any budget or continuing resolution in decades. Instead of cutting the pay and benefits of those risking their lives why not cut Congress' pay; pay of their staffers; pay of Cabinet members; cut food stamps for perpetual welfare recipients; oh that's right Obama and the liberals don't like the military.

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