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Is it the end?

Four Horseman Death

Look around and you'll see lots of signs pointing to a major upheaval in our world; not just politically but think about all the natural phenomena happening very recently. The small quakes in California and just off the coast; tremors in Alaska and Yellowstone; now a big quake in Chile.

Of course scientists say they can't be sure if these are precursors to a huge upheaval because we just don't have the technology or knowledge to be able to accurately predict when a big quake or volcanic explosion will occur. I'm sure most of us have seen or read about the caldera in Yellowstone; how the ground has been rising over the past decade or so most likely due to the build up of magma in the caldera. Scientists studying the geology say that every so many years the caldera explodes and we are overdue.

If the Yellowstone super volcano explodes, it will be an even the likes of which man has not seen, at least in recorded history. It appears we may be on the verge of something big. Reports are coming out of Yellowstone that after the 4.8 quake hit on March 30th, the animals started leaving the area. Small quakes hit the area regularly and animals get nervous; there are even widespread reports throughout history that animals can sense when a big quake is coming; but to have the animals begin to flee the area en masse is unusual.

With the bison, elk, deer and other fauna running for the hills, is it time for us to panic as well? We won't know for sure until it happens but something tells me that we should probably start stocking up on supplies and find a secluded cave...

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