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It snowed yesterday, damn global warming


April 26th; isn't it supposed to be April showers bringing May flowers? I didn't know the adage meant 'snow showers'. It was funny that a couple of responses to my FB post about snow in April and blaming global warming brought out some people who wondered if I believed in global warming. So we need to revisit some facts I guess.

First, if there is global warming, it is not caused by man. We've shown, that is scientists have shown, that one volcano continually erupting in the Hawaiian Islands emits more of the 'greenhouse' gases in a day or two than all of the autos in the U.S. emit in one year. How can we have a significant causal effect upon the temperature of the atmosphere if we don't equal one volcano's output, not to mention all of them?

We do not really know if the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere is out of whack or not. We only have about 100 years of actual data that we can analyze and the validity or accuracy of that data is iffy at best. We don't know how accurate those temps are because humans didn't have very accurate measuring devices; we didn't have them all over the world and records are incomplete. Not to mention that the Earth is a lot older than 100 years and that time frame is not statistically valid.

Let's not forget that the CRU and other experts claimed in the 1980's that if we didn't change our ways significantly that California, Texas, New York and all the coastal areas would be under water by now. The heartland would be a vast dust bowl and we'd all be starving; and we wouldn't have seen snow in the North American continent for at least a decade. The computer models they used were based upon assumptions that were created by the alarmists.

We were told last month was the hottest March on record since 1880. U.S. government scientists said 2014 would be the hottest year on record. NOAA claimed that their temperature data showed surface temps gathered from the Global Historical Climate Network proved the Earth was warming. Yet other data gathering systems, such as the Remote Sensing Systems and the University of Alabama's system, which collect temps from satellites and don't have the placement bias of the GHCN, differed. The two satellite systems show that the atmosphere's temperature has been steady at worst and slightly cooling at best, for over a decade.

Let's not forget that the data from the GHCN is 'adjusted' by the government scientists, who make money off of fear mongering. For example, the temperature chart for the Puerto Casado collection point as adjusted by NOAA researchers shows a steady increase in the Earth's temperature. Analysis of the data by independent researchers shows that NOAA has continually adjusted older temperatures down and recent temperatures upward. Their reasoning for this is something akin to collection bias but that doesn't make sense since they claim to have accurate collection mechanisms in place now.

Independent researchers using the raw data from the 3000 collection stations monitored by the GHCN shows that the temperature readings are actually decreasing. At the Puerto Casado collection station the temps have been on a clear downward trend, going from a high of 26.25 degrees C in about 1960 to 24.5 degrees C in 2011. Let's not forget all the emails from the 'scientists' at the CRU showing their panic at the data trends and the need to adjust the raw data to conform with the models.

In short the picture is one of a steady climate not one that is deteriorating; and it's one of manipulated data by those who stand to gain financially from crying "wolf".

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