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See, we don’t need the government all the time


Certainly there are certain things that government must do, taking care of us as if it was our parent is not one of them. What is more effective and representative for that matter, is to let market forces, aka consumer demand, force change in the products we are offered.

More and more companies are moving away from complicated, potentially harmful ingredients in the food products they offer to consumers and it's because the consumer is using technology to figure out what they are being fed. That is pushing more companies to offer products containing fewer chemicals and artificial ingredients and more natural ingredients. Smart phones and computers are driving the consumer's demands and companies are responding.

Pepsico announced they will no longer make Diet Pepsi with the artificial sweetener, aspartame. Kraft has removed artificial coloring from Mac & Cheese and Nestle's is removing artificial colors and flavorings from its candies because consumers don't trust the additives which could have negative health effects. What these companies are seeing is consumers reading labels, then using their smart phones or tablets to look up ingredients with which they aren't familiar and then steering away from ones they don't like or trust.

Imagine that, consumers driving change in the market by 'voting' with their dollars and companies responding to what consumers demand. All without Congress making a dumb law telling us what we can or can't have. And just so you know, Coca Cola is not changing Diet Coke, in case there are people who don't care about consuming aspartame. Free choice, what a concept.

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  1. It’s about time somnoee wrote about this.

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