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It’s about the power, not what is right


It's almost one of the undeniable truths of life; when it comes to politicians, bureaucrats, or anyone else with some level of control or authority, often their actions are designed to keep them in control, give themselves more power, or generally make your lives fit the mold of what they envision is right.

Global warming alarmist have been doing so for decades and once again they've been caught manipulating data in order to prove their hypothesis. We've known for a long time that we are in the midst of a 15 year global cooling or as some called it, a pause in global warming. That verbiage is designed to continue instilling fear in the general population. Think about how it's perceived: hear 'global cooling trend' and don't you relax a little bit? But if you hear someone say,"pause in global warming", now you're thinking we aren't out of the woods yet.

'New' climate data from NOAA scientists doubles the warming trend since the late 1990's by adjusting temperature data and inflating temperatures in more recent years. Now certainly we would want more accurate data and as technology improves or the number of data collection points increases, we should get more accurate data. Being a bit of skeptic, I'd want to know why there was an adjustment of pre-cooling trend data and an increase in temperature averages for the last 15+ years. What happened?

To get the data to fit the narrative, NOAA scientists decided that certain data collection points were more "reliable" because of their greater accuracy. So the really smart manipulators decided to adjust upwards the temperature readings obtained from ocean buoy arrays and ship based temperature reading devices. Why those are considered more accurate data collection devices, I didn't see. But just to be sure, they also adjusted upward land based temperatures as well. Amazing that none of the adjustments were downward. Aren't there a lot of places that claimed to have experienced the coldest winters in a hundred years over the last couple of seasons?

Of course the result was to double the previous global warming temperatures and bring them back in line with their hypothesis. Now the data for the years 2000-2014 essentially matches the trends established from 1950-1999. I'll bet those scientists at NOAA are relaxing now that they have a reason to scare everyone into giving them more money and more control over your activities. Not to mention that they have now out manipulated the Climate Research Unit. USA! USA! USA!

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