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So it’s really about saving the planet?


OK Al and all of you so called scientists, activists, and Earth loving tree huggers. You believe that all of the programs, regulations, speeches, and calls for action are really about saving the Earth from man caused climate change. Then why don't you use scientific principles and quit manipulating the data. If it really was about saving the Earth, don't you think you'd want to correctly identify the problem and implement feasible, effective solutions? Don't you think you'd want all countries to adhere to the same requirements? You would think so.

But the climate change racket is not about really saving the Earth, it's about creating fear and making money. The Climate Policy Initiative recently released a study that shows just how much money is involved in the whole climate change 'industry'. Last year alone, $391 billion was spent by governments and private sector entities on "low carbon and climate resilient growth" programs. Governments alone, mostly in Western Europe and the U.S. spent over $148 billion backing green energy research.

It's not going to get any less expensive either; the group says it will take at least $13.5 trillion for some countries, like China, to cut their carbon dioxide emissions to 'required' levels in order to save our planet. The CPI says there is more money in climate change than there ever has been and it's only going to grow. Another $16.5 trillion is needed to meet the United Nation's goal of limiting future warming to 2 degrees celsius by 2100.

So you see, it's simple to understand why the global warming alarmists don't want to have any sort of accuracy in the data; don't want to acknowledge that they might be wrong. Remember they told us in the 80's that we'd all be under water if we didn't change our habits and get rid of fossil fuel by 1990; then in the 90s, they told us the corn belt would be a desert if we didn't get rid of coal and cars and air conditioners. I don't see too many sweaty folks driving horses and buggies, or a sand dune in Iowa.

It's an undeniable truth of life, if you want to know what's really going on, follow the money. It's hard to give up your slice of the pie when it's counted in the trillions.

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