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Sometimes even stupid people come up with a good idea, even if it is designed to circumvent the law; but don't worry, they'll screw it up in the end. Hayley Oates had been drinking. When she left the bar, she knew she was over the legal limit and to her dismay, there was a cop sitting in the parking lot. What to do, what to do? Hayley called 911, not from her phone, to report that a woman was being assaulted in the parking lot of another bar, about 2 miles away. Sure enough, the cop that was hindering Hayley's desire to drive home sped away. She took off and made it home safely. All was well and good until Hayley decided to brag on her Facebook page. "lmao, 2 mins later the cop peals out. silly piggies trick r for u." Apparently she went into a bit more detail and someone reported the post to the police. That gave them enough info to show up, arrest her, and charge her with filing a false report and creating a false public alarm. You just couldn't leave well enough alone could you?

This is how it starts: King Carl Gustaf XVI of Sweden is getting ready to attend the UN Conference on the Human Environment in Paris later this month told a local magazine that he had an epiphany. He was apparently staying in a hotel the day before the interview and had to run a bath because the room did not have a shower. Then it hit him; "we need to ban all bathtubs". It really struck him that it took a lot of fresh water and energy to fill the tub to a level that allowed him to bathe. He said, "I really felt ashamed then, I really did." He then admitted that his call for a ban on bathtubs was bit "lighthearted" but quickly said there is truth in there and such small details have an enormous effect upon the environment. Yep, he may say he feels a bit silly but you can bet he will begin pushing for a ban on bathtubs and then when everyone has showers, there will be a call for usage limiting devices that keep you from staying in the shower for long periods of time. Get ready to start smelling like the French.

Craig Arnolds and his wife Laura seemed to have a happy life, albeit they'd run into hard financial times when the economy slowed. But it was all an illusion. When Craig went on yet another business trip to New York, he left his iPhone at home in Warwickshire England. Laura heard the telltale beep of a text message and what she saw was devastating. It was a message from a half naked woman describing in minute detail all of the naughty things she was going to do to Craig when he arrived in NYC. Rather than confront Craig, Laura found other similar messages and decided to get even. She put their house up for sale on a website designed to help homeowners sell their houses quickly. Craig returned home after the 2 week trip. He knew something was amiss when he arrived at their home about 11 p.m. to see all the lights on and the T.V. was blaring. Craig said Laura was rarely up at that time and there was also a Nissan parked in the driveway. His key did not work and after ringing the bell, a '21 year old hippie' answered the door. He told Craig they'd bought the house a few days earlier. Included in the price was some vintage furniture and fixtures, including Craig's 1930's era radio that he'd inherited from his grandfather, his golf clubs, and a set of tables and chairs that had been custom built by Craig's father. Craig doesn't have much recourse because they had put the house in the names of Laura's parents after his business had fallen off a few years earlier, so nothing illegal was done. Craig was not amused when asked if the affair was worth the loss.

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