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How’s that Iranian arms deal working out?

Iran President Rohani

Glorious Leader wasn't pulling a prank when he said on April 1st that Iran was living up to it's end of the nuclear 'we can't call it a treaty' pact he made with Iran. Despite Iran still supplying Hezbollah with weapons, testing banned missiles, and doing pretty much anything it wants. Yes he did say that Iran needs to send better signals about it's intent to quit doing these things but he's not withholding any aid and in fact he's going to give them more just to reward them for something.

In fact, he is going to allow Iran to gain access to more U.S. dollars because the $150 billion we've already given them, by them I mean the big six, hasn't had an immediate positive impact on the Iranian economy. That proves that he still doesn't have a clue about economic practice or foreign policy. You can't pull any economy out of several decades worth of mismanagement in a few months or without a complete change of philosophy. Neither can you believe that Iran is spending that influx of capital on economic growth as opposed to military growth.

While Iran continues to flaunt the terms of the agreement, there is one thing that is continually swept under the rug by Obama and the media; Iran has never signed the deal. Not the real powers that be. It was agreed to by President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, not by the Grand poobah Ayatollah Ali Khamenei nor the Revolutionary Guard. Without their support, the deal will never be ratified by Iran nor will they abide by the terms of the agreement, but Obama continues to live in his fantasy world; either he really believes that the trust and good will he exhibits will change the behavior of the Iranian government or he's working to build them up and destroy the West.

According to most sources, Iran is using the money that has been given to them to fund the very projects that were supposed to end under the terms of the agreement. Fully 50% of the new influx of capital is being diverted to items termed 'defense', which means the nuclear and missile development programs. Also some of that money is going to Iran's overseas military operations including funding Hezbollah with more and better weapons, subsidizing the Syrian rebels, funding new terror organizations operating in the Sinai Peninsula specifically to attack Israel and the moderate, pro-West government in Egypt.

In fact, word from inside Iran is that Obama's waffling and capitulation has virtually destroyed the opposition reformists inside Iran. Remember, Rouhani was seen as a 'moderate' and was part of the opposition to the Ayatollah, as much as you can call them an opposition party. Now the Ayatollah has begun to ramp up the rhetoric about dissolving any opposition parties and groups. Way to go Obama. Is that what you wanted? Many of us are beginning to entertain the thought.

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