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Dang it, facts get in the way again!


Earlier this week Senator Barbara Boxer verbally attacked Father Robert Sirico, a Catholic priest and member of the conservative Action Institute. His crime in her eyes was that he disagreed with the Pope about man caused global warming. Bill Nye said he would be in favor of jailing anyone who disagreed with the 'scientific consensus' regarding climate change. (Doesn't that go against scientific methods?)

But now even NASA has to admit their claims about climate change are not being born out by the facts. Once again, NASA's data shows that Antarctica is not only not shrinking, but it's growing. Even worse for them, the increasing size of Antarctica is reducing sea levels by .23 mm a year.

This comes on top of reports that the Earth's temperature is not even increasing but it's actually cooling. What is a governmental agency, who's mission has been changed to combating global warming supposed to do? Maybe they'll focus full time on educating us on the contribution of Islam to the space program.

The IPCC recently put out another report that said the ice mass in Antarctica is slowly melting and causing increasing ocean levels that will kill the human race by not only reducing land masses around the world, due to higher sea levels, but also contribute to the mental health issues that cause global terrorism.

Makes you wonder what scientific data the IPCC is using to support their claims? Oh, that's right, they've made up data before to support their claims and get more grant money. Facts, schmacts.

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