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Quick hits – one star hotels edition


I've been traveling a bit more recently and have been using some of those discount hotel websites. Just an aside, Trivago advertises that they search all the discount hotel sites, because not all sites get the same price for the exact same hotel room. So I tried them and guess what, all the different sites had the same exact price for 99% of the hotels retuned for my search. But that's another story.
One of the sites has or had a tag line that you could get a 4 star hotel for a 1 star price. But you know what happens when you get a 4 star hotel for a 1 star price? You get a lot of 1 star guests at the 4 star hotel. You know the rednecks that bring the whole family, 12 people staying in one room; Mom, dad, grandma & grandpa, 8 kids. All of them at the pool at the same time, with a buffet set up on the table, Cheetos, Doritos, dips, cookies, cakes, sodas, Ho-Hos, every snack food known to man. More perch bellies than a hog farm. Is that a dog swimming in the pool? Yep, that's our dog and we paid good money for that room, he's going to swim too. I pay my taxes. Yeah, sales tax maybe. And they've used all the towels provided by the hotel for the pool. 52 towels laying around the deck. 'Merica!

I was traveling across Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and New Mexico this week. I saw a town somewhere along the way called 'Mountain Valley'. Um, isn't that a bit redundant in a way? That's not the word I'm looking for but in order to have a valley, don't you have to have mountains? Otherwise that low lying area is a plain. The dictionary definition is a low lying area between mountains or hills. Just wondering.

We always hear about studies that find all kinds of germs and nasty stuff on the handles public restroom doors. But what do you do? You wash your hands and throw the towel away and have to touch the door handle to get out. It's hard to make the door an outward opening door for obvious reasons. But I have a solution. Put trash cans in the hall right outside of the restroom door. That way, you take the paper towel you were using to dry your hands, grab the door handle using the paper towel as a barrier, then throw it away as you walk out of the restroom. You're welcome.

If your single, you probably have some married friends trying to set you up with a date. You can really tell what your friends think of you by the quality of the person they match with you. If you see your date and think, man, not even at closing time, you know they don't think much of your personality.

Across Texas some of the programmable road signs carried the message, "468 fatalities this year in auto accidents in TX. 59% were unbuckled." I wasn't sure exactly what message they were trying to relay to motorists. I'm pretty sure they were saying, you have a better chance of surviving an auto accident if you are wearing your seat belt. I took it a step further. Almost 6 out of 10 people who were killed weren't using seat belts which means they might not have been the smartest people on the roads. Doesn't that mean we are cleaning the gene pool? Natural selection is working out and the species is becoming smarter for it. I know, some of you think I'm being insensitive to the surviving family members but deep down, they know their dead relative was a moron.

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