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We’re back, with more liberal hypocrisy…

We took a little time off from this page after the election, but have been posting more on Facebook. Maybe that's why kind of forgot about putting things up here. But we do have some thoughts about the liberal hypocrisy that has been raising its ugly head in fantastic fashion.

I've seen several stories about the people who are being bused into locations like Oakland, Seattle, anywhere that a demonstration has turned violent. There are two things that are apparent. It appears that only about half of them actually voted but they're protesting anyway. Maybe if they had voted there would not have been something to protest. But many of them are being paid. Not not talking about all of them and most of the ones that are in peaceful demonstrations probably have not been paid. But the ones that are in the violent protests, many of them have been paid by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg back organizations.

The tolerance from average citizens who do not like Trump is president is absolutely 100% absent. Okay not 100% but it is amazing how many of them have been spewing vitriol against our President-elect and anyone who supported him. We have seen multiple reports of high school, college students, and average citizens attacked and physically beaten because people believed they voted for Trump. They don't always know for sure but some of those cases did have situations where it was clear they did vote for Trump. One man was stopping a carjacking, his car by the way, when the people trying to steal it exited the vehicle and began beating him. A crowd of African-Americans stood around and videoed the incident with their phones and began chanting "fuck Trump". There was no indication the guy voted for Trump except that he's white into the liberals that means he must have voted for Trump because we are all racist.

As I said on last week show it's very clear that liberals want to things: first that we all look different; second that we all think alike. There is no room in the liberal agenda for diversity of opinion. Now even the hit Broadway play, Hamilton, is involved. On a night when vice president elect Mike Pence attended the play, the cast came onto stage at the conclusion of the play and one member began lecturing Mike pence about racism and tolerance and relations. Typical liberal babble. Pence did get up and walk to the back of the auditorium but stayed to listen. Many people have criticized the cast for doing so. Some of the audience booed by the way. Not at the cast but at vice president elect Pence. The vice President-elect had a very classy response basically saying it was their right to exercise their right of free speech and he was glad they did so in a polite way.

Now many liberals are calling him a baby and criticizing him for his response. Somewhere out there somebody is misinforming the the public as to what he actually said. He did not attack the cast of the play, he praised them and respectfully disagreed. That is what tolerance looks like the liberal wouldn't know what hit them in the face like a brick. All they know is they did not vote for him and thus he must be killed. Or at the very least silenced. But isn't that the typical liberal response when they don't get their way?

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