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More lies about ‘Climate Change’ from the left


over the years we have documented on these pages the myths about climate change being caused by man. In fact we've shown time and again the science behind our Earth's climate that not only shows global warming is not occurring, (thus the change in nomenclature from global warming to climate change), but that there is hard data showing that the claimant is not doing what the alarmists said it would do. We've also shown you the data that says not all scientists agree with the conclusions of the climate change alarmists.

Yet another study has found that all of the handwringing, crying, and alarmism regarding Antarctica is once again false. Scientists have been reviewing data from satellites and other data gathering devices and comparing those readings with data documented and obtained by Ernest Shackleton, the famous Antarctic Explorer who failed in his attempt to map the continent because of not only the harsh weather conditions but the amount of ice at our South Pole. Researchers have determined that the amount of ice located on the seventh continent is essentially no different than it was in 1917. In fact it's not only Shackleton's expedition that several other expeditions that documented as well is it was possible at the time the amount of sea ice they encountered on their expeditions.

This is combined with satellite data that shows the depth of the ice at the South Pole has increased over the last two decades at least rather than decrease as many global alarmists would have you believe. They also indicate that the temperature is steady and cooling slightly, as is the temperature around the world, as opposed to what the CRU said earlier this month about the temperature at the South Pole being the highest in recorded history. It's not even close.

But as we have told you before and you know inherently, the global warming/climate change alarmists making a lot of money off of being chicken little. If they were to be honest with you about all the data, the inaccuracy of their predictions, and the fact that man could not change the climate if we really tried they would lose that income. I also believe that they are afraid of losing credibility by admitting they were wrong, but a good scientist never lets their ego get in the way of the truth. A good scientist will admit they were wrong when the data proves it. But then again, these people are not real scientists, they are moneymaking machines.

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