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Then v. now – Snowflake edition

I think we have put this post up before but it's always amusing and probably appropriate now because of the way our Utes have acted during this election cycle. We've raised a generation of namby pamby wussies.

Scenario one: Johnny goes quail hunting before he goes to school. He drive straight to school after hunting and his shotgun is hanging in the back window from the gun rack.

1970 reaction: the Vice Principal sees Johnny's gun hanging in the back of his truck, goes to his truck pulls out his shotgun and shows it to Johnny they talk about how many birds each one shot that morning.

2016 reaction: the Vice Principal sees Johnny's gun in the back of his truck locks down the school calls the SWAT team. Johnny is arrested and his truck and gone are seized by the police. The school calls in counselors to help the little snowflakes deal with the trauma of having a gun in the parking lot.

scenario two: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight outside of school.

1970 reaction: the crowd gathers all the to fight it out. Johnny wins the fight, picks Mark up off the ground shake hands and go their separate ways. Neither one holds a grudge.

2016 reaction: a crowd gathers to film the fight with their videophones. As Johnny begins to win a couple of marks friends step in to help you. Ultimately a member of the school administration sees the videos posted on Facebook calls the police and both Johnny and Mark are arrested. Both are expelled from school. Counselors are called in to help the snowflakes deal with the trauma of violence in the vicinity.

Scenario three: Billy breaks a car window when he throws a baseball while playing in the front yard. The car belongs to a neighbor. Billy's dad yells at him.

1970 reaction: Billy's dad makes him go next door and tell the neighbor what happened. Billy spends the next four weekends working for the neighbor to pay off the cost of replacing the window. Billy doesn't make the same mistake again and goes on to a successful businessman after graduating college.

2016 reaction: a neighbor sees Billy's dad yelling at him and calls CYFD. Billy is removed to foster care as is his sister. Dad is arrested and charged with child abuse. A counselor says that Billy sister suddenly remembers being sexually abused by her father. Billy's dad goes to prison and must register as a sex offender when he's released. Both Billy and his sister in the bouncing from house to house, using drugs and ultimately go to jail themselves. Billy's mom has an affair with the psychologist who identified her ex-husband as a sex offender.

Scenario four: Pedro moves to America from Mexico with his family. Pedro fails English class.

1970 reaction: Pedro goes to summer school to improve his English. He gets good grades the next year, goes on to college and gets his degree.

2016 reaction: an advocate for minority rights here's about Pedro and takes up his cause. The national media pick up the story and find experts to say the teaching English in American schools is racist. The ACLU files suit against the school system and the English teacher, as a result English classes are removed from the core curriculum at the school. Pedro doesn't learn English, gets his diploma anyway, and ends up mowing lawns for a living because he can't get a job where English is spoken.

Scenario five: Bobby take some firecrackers panels them on top of finance bed and put the can over them. He likes one and runs away to watch what happens.

1970 reaction: ants die and a coffee can flies in the air.

2016 reaction: ATF officers are called and arrested Johnny charging him with domestic terrorism. PETA asks for animal cruelty charges to be filed also. Johnny's parents were arrested and their computers are confiscated. Because Johnny's dad bought the fireworks for a Fourth of July celebration he is charged with domestic terrorism and is put on the no-fly list. The children are removed from the home and put in foster care.

honestly, we could go on and on most of the scenarios having to do with overreaction by public authorities and counseling for little snowflakes that didn't even know something was going on around them much less get traumatized by it. And we wonder why so many kids today were crying and claiming to be in fear for their lives when Donald Trump got elected.

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