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Random Thoughts & Observations – AGAIN!!

as I was driving along coming back from seeing the client, I of course saw quite a few animals including deer, coyotes, and some javalina. It got me to thinking about our society and especially our education system. For the last 30 to 40 years we have been promoting mediocrity. It is not about equality of opportunity but equality of outcome and were worried more about the feelings of the little snowflakes that go to our education system then we are about the knowledge that is imparted to them or training them to be critical thinkers. Now this comes from people on the left side of the aisle who often claim to favor the "natural way" of things in our world. Protecting the environment and the animals that live in it for example. Being awed by, as they should be the animal kingdom. But if you think about it everything in nature is geared towards the survival of the fittest. The week and those that are unable to adapt die out those who can outthink their prey or the ones chasing them survive. Those that are stronger survive. When it comes to plants, you have to figure out a way to survive and that's why we have so many different types of plants in different climates. So shouldn't we be teaching our kids the same things? Adaptability, persistence, toughness; not to say that we don't teach compassion and love, but to survive in this world our kids need more than just compassionate love.

Isn't it interesting that the Democrats keep saying that the Russians hacked into our computer systems and cost Hillary Clinton the presidency? But they keep pointing out that she won the popular vote. If the Russians were going to hack into the system to keep Hillary from becoming president when they have made sure she did not win the popular vote?

I read this some time ago and did not have a chance to get it done to a previous show, some of the environmental not jobs think we should be having environmental a safe sex. These so-called "scientists" believe everything from heavy breathing to petroleum-based lubricants and condoms are bad for the environment. Are we having so much sex as a species that are heavy breathing is contributing to climate change or global warming or whatever they are calling it now? Are we putting so much hot air into the atmosphere that we are causing forests to turn into deserts? I really doubt it. Were breathing anyway and if that's the case then a bunch of you including myself should lose some weight. Heavy breathing from walking to the fridge and back to your couch is probably just as damaging to our climate as that 30 second sexual encounter you have once a year with your spouse. If we were really that good in bed I'd be bragging about melting the polar ice caps.

I am an adult, I know when I've had enough to drink. Generally when I throw up in the back of a police car.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity". I don't think you understand the problem. Mean first of all if you see some of the offspring that screwing has produced over the last 30 years that is one of the best arguments for remaining a virgin as long as you can. Or if you're an environmental not job bringing more children into the world will put a huge strain on our planet's ecosystem and so you should, likewise remain a virgin. So see screwing is kinda telling people that maybe you should remain a virgin. And then you ask okay should we have not fought World War II or World War I and let the aggressors press hundreds of millions of people? You do realize that Hitler and the Nazis were killing not only Jews, but homosexuals, artists, and anyone they deemed to be inferior. But I guess we should not have fought a war to bring peace to the world

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