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Just how stupid can you be?

Not everyone who commits a crime is stupid; sometimes someone feels a sense of desperation and believes they have no other choices. But to commit to a life of crime shows a lack of intelligence; if you get caught over and over, especially for the same reason, you jump to the top of the stupid criminal list.

Zachary Munoz, 26, of Cheyenne WY is making his bid for the title. Munoz was arrested last month and charged with breaking into a equipment rental store on 3 different occasions. He took various power tools including chain saws, drills, lawn tools, etc. He had pawned some of the chain saws at a local pawn shop but the clerk couldn't positively identify Munoz and surveillance cameras weren't much help as Munoz wore a cap and never looked up.

But not to worry, on the first occasion of Munoz's visit to the rental store, he decided to check out what was in the fridge in the employee break room. Yahtzee! There was someone's lunch including a peanut butter & jelly sammich. Munoz took the meal, eating only half the sandwich and leaving it at the scene. Police of course sent the unfinished lunch off to the lab and were able to get a match positively identifying Munoz as the perpetrator. Munoz was arrested, arraigned, told how they caught him, and then released on bail while awaiting trial.

It did not take him long to return to his wicked ways. Within the space of 2 weeks shortly have his release, Munoz broke into and robbed the J.C. Penny's store 3 times. Each time he took jewelry and pawned some of it at the same pawn shop where he sold the chain saws. The first time he broke into the store at the Frontier Mall, Munoz made a cup of coffee and left the cup sitting on the counter in the jewelry department. Yep, the lab made a positive match to Munoz's DNA off the coffee cup, leading to his arrest once again.

Police caught up with Munoz after the J.C. Penny robberies behind the Sportsmen's Warehouse attempting to break into that store. At least they avoided being burgled 3 times. Did anyone else notice that Munoz established a pattern of robbing a store 3 times? Is he OCD? What is going on in Cheyenne that you can successfully rob the same store 3 times? Do they not make changes to their security? It happened, oh well, at least it won't happen again, no one is stupid enough to rob the same place twice or now three times? Maybe the cold has affected their brains.

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