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More shower thoughts

I said in an earlier post that these things go in bunches and this week has been a boon for random shower thoughts; so here are some more for you to ponder:

think about this for a minute, your age reflects the number of times you have ridden a giant rock around a giant ball of fire in a random solar system.

It seems to me that replying to an insult is much easier than replying to a compliment.

If I am lucky, the seatbelt I put on every time I get in an automobile will continue to be useless.

Most relationships start off with "don't ever change", then progress to "you have to change", and end with "you've changed".

Popping bubblewrap is not as much fun when you realize that you are releasing toxic air from China into our atmosphere 1 cm³ at the time.

Why is it that my Dragon dictation system recognizes the word "bubblewrap" but Microsoft word does not?

When a medication says you should not operate heavy machinery while taking that prescription, they probably mean don't drive my car, but my mind always wanders to a front end loader.

With cell phone cameras in everybody's pocket or purse, we now have a generation that has diligently documented themselves accomplishing almost nothing.

It's funny that most men who kiss a sleeping or possibly dad Princess in Disney movies are idolized, while men who do that in real life end up in prison.

A person's legs and privates makeup their lap. think about that acronym.

UPS will leave a $500 Christmas gift in a box on my front porch. Yet, I have to sign for a $10 pizza.

I wish I had a real voodoo doll of myself, and I could give myself a backrub. You could probably also do some other things but I'll leave that to your imagination, you sick person.

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