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Monday Morning Funnies: more shower thoughts

I really don't know what causes things to come in threes but it happens; it is almost an undeniable truth of life. Shower thoughts have been coming fast and furious and not just in the shower but that is where they are the most common. So here are some more random thoughts for you to ponder what you are lathering up and rinsing off.

We can replace a person's heart but we still have not figured out how to evenly heat a pop tart.

If only my bed was as comfortable when I was trying to fall asleep as it is when I am waking up.

We all are already living in a post-apocalyptic era, the dinosaurs went through an apocalypse.

Why is it that when we are dreaming our brains do not see the plot twists or the scary moments even though our brain is the one creating the dream?

Funny names for your wireless network are the new funny answering machine messages.

If an alien race browsed our Internet, they would probably think that our planet is ruled by kittens.

isn't it ironic that in order to show people you really did laugh in a text message you have to type out the words I laughed out loud instead of just typing LOL?

Whomever said "nothing is impossible" has never tried to eat a nature Valley granola bar without getting crumbs everywhere.

It's not "cosplay", you are just wearing a costume.

Is it really premarital sex if you never marry that person?

Harry Potter went to a school staffed by experienced wizards and a bunch of wizards and witches in training yet no one knew a spell that could cure his eyesight?

People disobey traffic laws all the time yet I've never seen anyone mess with a traffic cone.

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