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Another politician gets really rich and other observations

so many of you are worried that Donald Trump will take actions as president that will enhance his business interests making him much richer. Based upon history, it's a valid concern and bears watching. We can argue that if Donald Trump creates business conditions that benefit everybody including himself that's different than a politician who lined his or her pockets while in office. Let me ask those of you who are screaming the loudest about this potential problem why aren't you criticizing Obama? When Obama entered office his net worth was about $1.5 million: as he gets sent to leave office his net worth is now $12.2 million. How does a man who makes $400,000 a year save $11 million in eight years? Mathematically, for you public school graduates, it is impossible. Yet it happened and not one word from you liberals. At least Bill and Hillary waited until they got out of office before making the majority of their money.

John Kerry gave a speech regarding the recent vote at the United Nations to condemn Israel and their settlements in the West Bank. It is unprecedented for the United States to betray the only democracy in the middle east and our biggest ally. But Kerry justified it in several ways, none of which were accurate or historically truthful. But probably the most egregious thing he said was that Israel has to make a choice; they can either be Jewish or Democratic but not both. Why not? They have more freedom than any other country in the region. They also allow Palestinians to come into Israel and work and live not to mention others that are Islamic or of Arabic descent. Which country in their region that is trying to attack them does the same thing? Iran is not going to allow Jews to live there in their country, neither is Palestine if they get to be state. That list goes on. So does the same principle that the secretary of state spouses applied to Islamic countries? I guess Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries in the region can be Islamic because they are not democratic. And isn't it ironic that the administration like Obama's is calling for America to open its borders to all sorts of refugees but wants Israel to respect the borders of Palestine and other countries?

When did it become necessary that we have chicken nuggets with a hamburger and fries for a meal?

I was reminded by a friend of a flight we took a number of years ago. We were flying out of Elko Nevada headed for Reno. This was a smaller plane, about 25 passengers and had two propeller driven engines. As we were waiting at the gate, the pilot came over the public address system and advised us that they were having a little problem with the left engine but he assured us, they would try and get it fixed before we took off. While I would hope so, what if they didn't get it fixed? Were we going to take off anyway? Why would you say that you would try to get it fixed, tell us you're going to get it fixed or we won't take off that would make me feel much better. And if you're not going to be able to fix it before we get in the air then you better open up the bar.

A restaurant named Café eight in Honolulu has put up a sign that says if you voted for Donald Trump we will not serve you because we don't want any Nazis in our establishment. While they shouldn't have the right to refuse service because of someone's belief system should they? We've seen other businesses forced to provide services to people with whom they disagree philosophically. Of course the difference here is that the liberals will agree with this restaurant and their position so it's okay to discriminate.

Ed Asner and a bunch of other left-wing act doors are really upset about the new minimum wage laws in California. A whole bunch of them have gotten together and asked for an exemption from the minimum wage laws that apply to all jobs in California, requiring businesses to pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour. According to Asner and his friends small theaters cannot afford to pay $15 an hour to act doors, set designers and builders, sound engineers, ticket sellers or anyone else that works for the small theaters. Asner claims it will put them out of business and ruling opportunities for the future stars of television and movies or Broadway. Asner says, correctly, that the small theaters or where a lot of future stars learn their trade and without the ability to exempt themselves from minimum wage laws those opportunities will disappear. I'm sure they still don't see the correlation between the small theaters and any other small business in California, but you and I do.

Do you remember when the media got all upset over president elect Trump going to dinner one night and not letting them know he was going or not allowing a pool reporter and photographer to accompany them and get pictures? NBC television made a huge deal out of it as did many other mainstream media news outlets. They began to worry that Donald Trump was going to shut them out of the process and not let them tell us what he is doing every minute of every day and of course this meant that he was going to be hiding a lot of big things too. Just to prove that they do not have principles to which they adhere consistently, Pres. Obama ditched the media on his last vacation to take his daughter to a water park. Did you hear anything about that and his lack of transparency? No of course not. In fact the New York Times even opined that it was understandable given the high level of scrutiny that Obama's family is under and their desire to have some privacy and normalcy.

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