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Black History Month and Real History

February is Black history month, a time to celebrate the achievements of black people in America and to reflect upon what still needs to be done to minimize the effects of racist people and racist policies in America. That we can have a discussion about how far minorities have calm, how well they have it in America as compared to other countries, and so on. But it's interesting that the Democrats tracked themselves out every February and claim to be the champions of minorities and to decry what the conservatives or Republicans want to do to the black community. As we know, whomever controls history controls the future. So it's worth going back and looking at the actual facts in our past when it comes to racism.

the Democratic Party supported slavery since its inception and it became popular in America especially in the South. In 1816 the 13th amendment 100% support from the Republican representatives to Congress while 78% of the Democrats in Congress opposed abolition.

In 1868 the Democrat party nominated Horatio Seymour and Francis Blair as candidates for president and vice president respectively. Their campaign slogan was, "this is a white man's country. Let white men rule".

In 1916 president Woodrow Wilson issued an order segregating restrooms in what is now known as the Eisenhower executive building. The order read. "Beginning Wednesday, August 9, 1916, the toilets in the state, war, and Navy Department of buildings will be allotted for use as toilets for women, for white men, and for colored men". It was signed by none other than secretary of the Navy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In January 1922, Republicans in the house of representatives passed a bill that would make the lynching of black people a federal crime. It was a crime that was not being prosecuted in the South by states which were controlled by Democrat governors and legislators. Democrats control the United States Senate and filibustered the bill ultimately killing it.

in 1937 Pres. Franklin Roosevelt nominated Hugo Black to the Supreme Court. Opponents were concerned about his association with the Ku Klux Klan. Black never said a word but let his supporters denied that he was ever a member or supporter of the KKK. After being confirmed Justice Black admitted that not only had he been a member of the Ku Klux Klan but that he had earned the gold passport or lifetime membership.

United States Senators Al Gore Sr. and John Kennedy rallied the Democrats against of the original civil rights act sponsored by Pres. Dwight D Eisenhower and Congressional Republicans. Pres. Kennedy then reintroduced the Civil Rights Act and in Congressional debate in 1964 Sen. Robert Byrd, former grand Cyclops of the KKK, filibustered the measure. Republicans finally garnered enough votes to break the filibuster but Sen. Byrd and 22 other Democrats still voted against the Civil Rights Act.

When it came time to vote on the nomination of Thurgood Marshall to be the first black Supreme Court justice of the United States, there were 11 votes against him. 10 of them were Democrats. The only Republican to vote against Marshall was Sen. Strom Thurmond who had been a segregationist Democrat before joining the Republican Party.

We could go on about Governor George Wallace or Bull Connor of Alabama, or the Jim Crow laws and efforts to keep black from voting in the south, all carried out by Democrat politicians; but we won't. Those are, or should be well known examples of the racism of the Democrat party.

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