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Monday Morning Funnies – Upset liberal parents edition

liberal parents seem to take a lot more pride in how they raise their children as opposed to conservative parents. This certainly does not mean that conservative parents don't care about their children, quite the contrary, I think we raise more well-rounded children and children that are better prepared to deal with a life and become productive members of society. But liberal parents, like so many other things in their lives, are much more vocal about how they raise their children and seem to brag about little things more than anybody else. So I was interested in this story that was related to me by an acquaintance. I think it is typical of liberal parenting and the indoctrination they put their kids through.

This gentleman is a conservative and was outside one evening this past week when his neighbors, who are Uber liberals, want to buy with their young daughter, who is probably around eight years old. Apparently the conversation turned to a recent career fair at her school and this gentleman asked the young girl what she would like to be when she grew up. The girl replied, "I want to be president of the United States". The gentleman replied that that was very laudable and asked what she would do if she were president. The girl replied, "I would give all the homeless people some money and a house so they wouldn't have to be poor and homeless anymore." Of course the liberal parents beamed with pride at their daughters plans knowing that they had raised her "right".

My acquaintance told her that she did not have to wait and should tell she was president to begin working on her goal of curing homelessness. The girl wondered how she could begin now. The gentleman said you can come over and mow my lawn, pull some weeds and trim the hedges every week and I would give you $50, then you can take that $50 down and give it to a homeless person so they can buy some food and other things. The girls hundred this for a moment and said well, why doesn't the homeless person come work for you and you give them the $50 directly? My friend responded, "welcome to the Republican Party." The liberal parents were very upset and haven't spoken to my acquaintance since then. I'm sure that young lady is being told what a mean person he is and how homeless people cannot be expected to fend for themselves.

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