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Stupid criminals – local edition

normally we have to go to the South for our stupid criminal stories, especially Florida which is a gold mine of stupid people. But every now and then something happens locally that just really exemplifies not only how much our public education system is failing our kids and not teaching them how to think critically, but also gives us a chuckle. And very often we can identify with some of the people and the situations they find themselves in and how they react.

I was reading this story in a local fish wrap, it concerned a baby daddy and the baby mama's new boyfriend or husband. According to the story, baby daddy was visiting baby mama and their children. I would assume that one of the younger children used a curse word because baby daddy and new boyfriend began arguing about whether or not children of that age should be using curse words. It certainly is a discussion I would want to have with the new boyfriend had I been in that situation. Again the story is not clear but I assume that baby daddy did not want his children cursing and new boyfriend didn't think it was a big deal.

So how would you deal with it if you were at an impasse with new boyfriend? Walk away or maybe take your kids aside and tell them why it's not good to use those words and encourage them to not learn from new boyfriend? Based upon baby daddies next action, I assume that the disagreement with new boyfriend was more about the fact that he is in the house with baby mama and their children rather than baby daddy being there.

Baby daddy's next step was to pull a gun and pointed at her new boyfriend. One thing I don't think you should ever do when someone is pointing a gun at you, especially if the situation is heated, is asked the question, "what, are you going to shoot me?" That's an invitation for baby daddy to pull the trigger and prove his manhood. Which happened, with the bullet striking new boyfriend in the leg. Now I have to think that cursing is a much more desirable trait to have in young children as opposed to showing them how to handle conflict by pulling a gun and shooting the other person. But that's just me.

And when as with many of the stories that we've done over the years, it does not end there. Baby mama realizes that new boyfriend has been shot in the leg, grabs a couple of the little kids and new boyfriend, puts them in the car and drives him to a bar. Yes it was a closed bar, but a bar nonetheless. Because that is where I would think about taking someone who has been shot, even if it was to be able to meet the ambulance and/or officers of the law. And what about the other kids that she left at the house with baby daddy who was by now realizing that he made a mistake and could be going to jail or prison?

Fortunately the Oakland police were not involved in the training and the situation, and baby daddy had apparently left the residence before police arrived. Think certainly could have gotten out of hand and we are grateful for that, no doubt about it.

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