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Georgia Special Election; what it is and what it’s not

We will have a runoff in the Georgia special election because no candidate got 50% or more of the vote in an open election. Running up to the election the left wing was telling you that this was potentially a referendum on the presidency of Donald Trump. Of course the results would determine whether or not they would continue with that line of reporting. This was not a referendum on Donald Trump in any way shape or form. Let’s get a few facts straight about this election.

If the Georgia special election was truly a referendum on Donald Trump and the job he is doing is president, then why wasn’t the Kansas election also a referendum? Oh that’s right, a Republican one that election. So once again, when the left wing and the mainstream media don’t get the result they want, they move on as if there is nothing to see here.

Jon Ossoff garnered 48% of the vote and will face a runoff election with Karen Handel. Ossoff is the Democrat candidate while Handel was the top Republican. Handel garnered just under 20% of the vote creating the narrative that voters in Georgia and thus around America are tired of Donald Trump and don’t like the job he is doing. But looking beyond the headlines and the pablum being fed to you by the left-wing media, Karen was one of 15 Republican candidates who clearly split the vote on that side of the aisle. Ossoff was one of three Democrat candidates and benefited from a tremendous amount of outside money poured into the race by the Democrats.

It should be noted that the ad campaigns run by the Democratic National Committee and other Democrat organizations rarely even mentioned Ossoff and what he stood for. Instead they concentrated their advertising on running against Donald Trump. Samuel L Jackson’s radio had never even mentions the candidate’s name but talks about the racism and bigotry of Donald Trump. Maybe that’s because also is a borderline communist who supports high taxes, large government; in fact he has proposed a 100% tax rate on income and profits over a certain level. I don’t think that would go over well in the sixth District of Georgia which is generally conservative. So don’t run on what you believe run against some other Dragon.

It’s likely that many of the people who split the Republican vote will come out in support Handel in the June runoff election. It’s also likely that more of Ossoff’s beliefs and principles will become an issue in this election between now and then. Either way, those results still will not be a referendum on Donald Trump.

How is it that also can even run for Congress in this district? He lives outside the district. In several interviews he said that he is, “only one and a half miles down the road” from the district. He said he will move back to the district when his girlfriend graduates from medical school but how does she know she’s going to do her internship for residency in that district? But even then he does not live in the district and could not even vote in this election. Further, he claimed that he had grown up in the district. So what?

If you want to follow his logic, using that term very loosely, then everyone should be able to run in any political race for any political office wherever they want to. I live about a mile outside the city limits but I cannot run for political office in the city. Ossoff should not be able to run for office in the six the district either. I grew up for the most part in SilverCity living on Panorama Road, 12th St., Oak Street, and other places in SilverCity. Also said growing up in the six the district gives him knowledge about what the people of the district want. While I grew up in SilverCity and work inside the city limits so I must have knowledge about what the people of SilverCity want, so why can’t I run for city Council?

This is just another example of why so many Americans are fed up with the political process. It’s not just the hypocrisy of the left wing saying this is a referendum on Donald Trump when the election they lost is not a referendum, but it’s the bending and breaking of the rules that we all thought we knew allowing somebody like Ossoff to run for Congress in district in which he does not live. It’s another example of why we need to get rid of all the career politicians and bureaucrats. Maybe we need term limits not only on politicians but on bureaucrats as well.

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