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Really, you’re that petty?

we have all had bad dates in our lives. Most of us just move on, maybe complaining to our friends or these days you might shame the other person on social media and then let it go. Some people however are just a little snowflakes that have to make the point leaving no doubt about who the real ass hole is.

Brandon Vendinar met Crystal Cruz on the website "bumble", which I guess is a dating site. After exchanging a few messages they agreed to go on a date. If you are 15 you might not know the best place to take someone on a first date. But if you are in your late 20s or early 30s you think you would have figured this out by now. Meet someone for a cup of coffee or a drink so that you can talk and get to know each other. It also gives you a quick out if things are not working out. Taking someone to see a movie on a first date just defeats the purpose of getting to know them doesn't it?

However that said Brandon decided to take Crystal to see the new movie, guardians of the Galaxy. Brandon says that about 15 minutes into the movie Crystal pulled out her cell phone and began texting nonstop. It got so bad that he suggested she take it outside. Crystal's version of the story is that her best friend sent a text to ask if she was okay or if she needed a phone call to get her out of the date. Crystal said it was to text messages and that's it. Brandon said that after he told Crystal to take it outside, fearing that the theater management would kick them out, she stood up, leaned into him and said she'd be right back. Of course she never returned. Smart girl.

The next day Brandon sent Crystal a text message telling her that she was extremely rude and he wanted his $17.31, the cost of the movie ticket, back. He said she ruined the date and made him pay for a ticket that was ultimately not used. She of course refused saying that essentially he was the one that made her leave because he was a little pansy and a whiner. At this point Brandon could've just moved on and letting go, but of course he did not. He told Crystal that if she did not reimburse him he would file a claim in court. And that is exactly what he did.

A local television program got a hold of the news and interviewed both of them, then suggested they meet and try to work it out. Crystal was very magnanimous and apologized for her behavior and leaving without being specific. She gave him the $17.31 which he promptly counted to make sure it was all there before accepting her apology. He had one last chance to try and convince the world that he was not a petty, whining little mama's boy but he blew it. He could've just said you know what, an apology was really what I wanted, you can keep your money.

But at least other women in the Austin Texas area will now know to swipe left on his Tinder profile.

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