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Let me get this straight…

the current atmosphere in America is vitriolic and divisive. Much of that is due to ignorance and I will point that finger directly at many on the left side of the aisle. I will also point to those entrenched in the power structure who use issues like race to divide us and put themselves in power or keep themselves in power. I think what has happened over the weekend in response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia is representative of what's going on in our country right now.

a neo-Nazi group holds a demonstration in support of their beliefs which the vast majority of people in America regardless of their ethnicity disagree with and find abhorrent. David Duke, one of the leaders of this group, says that he supports Donald Trump and they like much of what Trump is doing. So immediately the powerbrokers and the liberals jump on that and say Donald Trump is a racist bigot who agrees with a bunch of Nazis. It doesn't matter that Donald Trump has come up before and came out again and said in no uncertain terms that he does not support their agenda or their belief system. He has done nothing in his private life as far as his actions to stop give anyone legitimate reason to believe that he's some type of white supremacist. But true to the liberal way of doing things they throw that out there as if it's a fact and a lot of people who are ignorant believe it.

Then that belief or that "fact" is taken to the next level where anyone who supports Donald Trump or voted for Donald Trump must agree with the Nazis as well. Then the left wing, a minority groups such as the race baiters in Black Lives Matter says that the Nazis viewpoints are representative of mainstream white America. This is the type of blanket racist statement that takes away from the real issues that need to be discussed. I've said it before and I'll say it again there is racism in America but is not institutionalized in the way that the left wing claims it is. Our government gives preferential treatment to minority groups and against white men primarily. That in and of itself meets the definition of racism but it's legalized racism against white men. We have given these groups of neo-Nazis and white supremacists a reason to say that America is racist against them.

And of course as has happened so many times over the last year the left wing protesters become violent first. They are the ones that began throwing bottles and rocks at the demonstrators who have a legal right to be there and express their views. That's no different than any other group irregardless of their beliefs. They have a right to free speech and while many of us, most of us for that matter, disagree with what they were saying we will defend their right to congregate and say it. It doesn't mean that we agree with them. What it does mean is that we hold our individual rights dear and realize that these extend to all citizens of the United States.

Now this idiot that takes his car and drives into a group of protesters injuring several and killing one, is just that, an idiot. But what is definitely interesting is that it appears based upon some of his social media posts and other records that he supported Hillary Clinton in the campaign and is very much anti-Donald Trump. Now that may be proven to be in accurate later but right now that's what it appears like. So it makes me wonder if he was even one of the neo-Nazis at all. Maybe he had a different agenda and thought he was running into some of the neo-Nazis rather than the protesters. But the simple fact is this, the vast majority of people in this country do not agree with what he did in any way shape or form no matter what his beliefs were. Yet the left wing is there to tell you that he represents mainstream America.

I find it quite interesting that the people who are calling all white Americans racist, bigots, and supporters of white supremacy and especially calling Donald Trump all of those things because this group supports him are the same ones who failed to call out Barack Obama. That Donald Trump has never made a statement supporting any white supremacist group whatsoever. He has made a number of statements condemning them in their beliefs. However Barack Obama said on several occasions that he supports Louis Farrakhan and the nation of Islam and believes that they have some good ideas that need to be discussed in America. The nation of Islam is a racist group that espouses many beliefs similar to a white supremacist group only they call for black segregation and supremacy. On their webpage in there's statement of what they believe they say that Blacks and whites cannot get along together and should live in separate nations.

There are some simple truths that people are ignoring: if someone says they support me it does not automatically mean that I support them and that extends to our politicians and everyone else equally; neo-Nazis, Nation of Islam, Black lives matter, the new Black Panthers, white separatists, any of these groups that base their belief system upon racism and bigotry do not represent the majority of people in America or the principles upon which this nation was founded; I can support someone with whom I disagree on some issues, it doesn't mean that I agree with them on everything; Finally and most importantly we can and should disagree with each other in a civil manner without calling each other names or engaging in violence.

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