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Liberals in another panic; because they just don’t know

the liberal mind is a unique organ in that hypocrisy and irony rule their thought processes. They just do not know it. We have given many examples over the years of how liberals will criticize conservative for doing the exact same thing that liberals do. And one of the other things that liberals are very good at is creating panic where none should exist. Once again that's because they want power not to change the world in a better way.

One of the things I said repeatedly during the tenure of Barack Obama was that he was in acting laws by using executive orders. He did not have the constitutional right to do so but remember he infamously said, if Congress doesn't act I have a pen and a phone, I will. I warned you liberals that this was the rule of man and not to the rule of law upon which our nation was founded. I pointed out that if a conservative were in power in doing the exact same thing you would be screaming bloody murder and here we are; but are we in the same place?

No we are not. The most recent uproar from the left side of the aisle is about Pres. Trump repealing Obama's executive order known as DACA. This is commonly known as the Dreamer's Act. Pres. Obama wanted to ensure that children who came here illegally to the United States through no fault of their own could stay and he wanted to reassure them that they would not be deported to a country they really did not know anything about. He could not get Congress to pass the provisions of the act that he wanted so he issued an executive order basically enacting legislation which is unconstitutional. For you recent public school graduates, all laws must first originate in and be passed by Congress and signed by the president of the United States. This prevents a single individual from having complete authority over our lives by enacting laws that he or she wanted to.

The law was originally designed to be a temporary order lasting about two years which Obama felt would give him time to get legislation through Congress to accomplish his goals. The executive order was challenged in the courts where the fifth District Court ruled against the Obama administration and the matter was headed towards the Supreme Court where it faced a likely loss. Again, not because of the content of the executive order but because it was unconstitutional. Executive orders originated as a way for the president to clarify how duly passed laws should be implemented. Remember, one of the president's duties is to implement duly passed laws on a daily basis. Because legislation can that anticipate all situations or does not clarify how the law should be implemented, that is the president's responsibility. But as time has gone on some presidents have used executive orders to basically bypass Congress, something that Obama was notorious for doing.

So Donald Trump issues in order telling the Justice Department and other agencies that DACA will no longer be effective or enforced. The reason he gave and the reason that Jeff sessions gave him his press conference was that the order was unconstitutional. Pres. Trump gave the agencies involved six months to begin winding down the program and to allow Congress to do their job. You need to know that the provisions in Obama's executive order or provisions that were rejected by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress when considering immigration reform. So all this rhetoric about Pres. Trump being bigoted or the Republicans being bigoted is a load of crap.

All of the panic about the so-called dreamers being rounded up and shipped out of the country is also a load of crap. Pres. Trump has issued no such order and has no such plans. He is trying to put pressure on Congress to pass immigration reform, specifically his proposed immigration reform plan. Included in that plan is a fast track to citizenship not only for dreamers but other illegal immigrants who can prove that they are contributing members of society. That is they have not committed any serious crimes, they have been employed or have been students while they been here, and so on. That legislation would not only build a wall but it would widen the door for other aliens to come here legally and make it easier for them.

So if you look at the facts, much of what Pres. Trump has proposed regarding illegal immigrants is exactly what the liberals have proposed. And if you sit back with an open mind you cannot come to the conclusion that Pres. Trump is trying to deport all of these children. But the liberal elite want control back so they will say anything including lying to accomplish that goal.

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