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That’s cold; I love it!

Some people can get really creative when dealing with others, especially if the other person is douchebag.

A girl posted on her FB page that she just pretended to add her phone number to an obnoxious guy's cell phone. What she really did is edit his mom's contact information. Hope she likes receiving pics of her son's penis and 2 a.m. booty calls.

One girl posted on FB, glad I haven't been on FB much lately, too busy spending time with my babe and working hard. Her boss replied that she'd posted 11 times the day before, 13 times the day before that, and 11 times the day before that; all while she was at work. Oh it get's better; her supposed boyfriend posted that he hadn't seen her for two days because she said was wasn't feeling well.

A girl posted a picture of someone she said was her friend. The photo was of a woman who had shaved her head. The girl said screw cancer, like if you think my friend is beautiful and strong for beating this horrible disease. The woman in the photo replied that she didn't have cancer and had never met the girl posting the photo.

A guy posted a photo of an IV tube and needle inserted into his arm. He said, gotta love morphine. He even went on to say he hits a button and it gives him more of the drug and he was feeling no pain after having an emergency appendectomy. His sister posted that he was lying and he was actually on a saline drip because he'd had Montezuma's revenge for over a week and was dehydrated.

A blonde woman took one of those online quizzes that automatically posts your results to your FB page. This was an IQ test and she posted that she'd scored a 125 on her IQ test today; smiley face, smiley face. The photo showed her actual score; an 85. It's a good thing she has a large chest.

A girl posts that the music at the club is pumpin', drinks are flowin', she's been getting the VIP treatment since she walked through the door and that the other girls in the club are jealous because she looks so fine all the guys are drooling over her and ignoring them. Her roommate posts, WTF? You have been in your PJ's for the last 5 hours, sitting on the couch, drinking Natty Lite and watching Game of Thrones reruns. We just had a conversation about toilet paper. Maybe she got less than an 85 on her IQ test.

A girl posted on FB that her boss was always hitting on her at work and that she had just told him to stop it or she'd file a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Maybe she forgot she'd added her boss as a friend, not to mention some coworkers. They pointed out that she'd only be on the job for 2 days and failed to show up for her shift that day. The boss said he was going to give her a chance to explain but now... a story her coworkers backed up.

I guy posted that he'd just run into Harry Styles at a Detroit Tiger's game. He claimed that Harry had given him a $100 bill to buy 2 beers and told him to keep the change. Harry just so happens to be on FB and got a notification that he'd been tagged in the post. Harry posted Harry responded that he wasn't at the Tiger's game, in fact, One Direction was currently shooting a video in Europe. But it's a cool story bro.

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