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Da Pope hates Trump & America; or does he?

You have probably heard a number of stories over the last 10 months or so that Pope Francis does not like Donald Trump or America. There have been a number of stories about Pope Francis saying that we are the cause of many problems in the world, like global warming or climate change, Muslim terrorism, immigration, and so on.

There was a story this week that was reported in the media as Pope Francis saying Pres. Trump is not sufficiently pro-life because of his repeal of Obama’s executive order known as DACA. I guess the inference was that if many of these people stay in their home countries, they would be having abortions because they were concerned they might not be able to raise a child and feed him or her for example. But one of the bishops, who was on the plane during the interview released the transcript of the entire interview. The story told by the entire interview is much different than what the media reported. Imagine that!

Some of the things that Pope said that were not reported; there is a natural right for people to emigrate from a country in order to find or make a better life. That was reported in the mainstream media has an effort to criticize Pres. Trump’s recent actions. But the Pope said immediately after making that statement that a country accepting immigrants also has a right and the responsibility to make sure they can handle any immigrants. The receiving country has a right to screen those coming into their nation to ensure that the people are not there to harm them, that they will contribute to society, and they will assimilate to the rules and laws of the society to which they are emigrating.

He also went on to say that those countries that have high rates of immigration have a responsibility to change things making lives better in their countries so that people can provide for their families, can create a safe and sustainable life.

The Pope also said that the Catholic Church and other private organizations have an obligation to help immigrants who come to their country once they have arrived. The media reported this as saying sanctuary cities are supported by the Pope and the Catholic Church. What the Pope said was that the Catholic church and other private organizations are not here to recruit people to come to a nation but that once they arrived they are here to provide them with guidance so that they can find housing, jobs, and understand our laws and become productive members of society. Doesn’t that sound more like what the conservatives are saying rather than but the liberals are saying?

I do find it interesting that the Catholic charities helping out immigrants to this country are funded to the tune of 98% by taxpayer dollars. The Catholic Church is one of the richest organizations in the world and doesn’t seem to want to put a significant amount of money where their mouths are.

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