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Who’s in charge here? Us or the politicians?

If Judge Roy Moore is elected to the United States Senate in today’s election in Alabama, current members of the United States Senate have said they will open an ethics investigation into him with the sole purpose of expelling him from the Senate. Of course they are pointing to allegations made against him that occurred decades ago. Some of the allegations made against him have been proven to be false while others are questionable and he has admitted to having an interest in younger women. None of the allegations made occurred within the last 10 years so maybe he has changed his ways.
But the bigger picture problem here is that his opponents in Congress are usurping the power of the people. These allegations against Judge Moore have been well publicized and known for quite a while. The people in Alabama have had the opportunity to judge the character of Mr. Moore and the veracity of his accusers. If they choose to believe that either he did not commit these acts or that he has reformed his behavior for a significant period of time, that is their right. It is also their right to elect him as their representative to the United States Senate.
For the self centered, egotistical politicians in Washington DC to try and deny the people this right is a very slippery slope. Ethics investigations are almost exclusively concerned with behavior or actions that took place while the individual was in office. To say that a member of the Senate or the House of Representatives could be denied his or her seat because of actions that took place decades ago means we are headed towards an oligarchy. It means that any duly elected representative from any state could be denied their rightful seat if the people already in power disagree with that person in any way shape or form. It does not have to be limited to unacceptable social behavior or even criminal activity, especially if it was known prior to the election.
If the leaders of Congress are going to adopt this standard that let’s open an ethics investigation into each and every one of them and get rid of them all. I will guarantee that the majority of the 535 members of Congress would not survive. In fact I would put the over under at 490 to be expelled. I would also bet that if the investigation were done in a truly impartial manner, most of them would be expelled for behavior or activities that have occurred since they were elected to whichever body in which they sit. This might be the best way to get a new group of representatives into Washington that are not part of the current power structure.
Some of you liberals might say that I’m being hypocritical when it comes to Al Franken. It appears the allegations made against him occurred prior to his being elected to the Senate. But I would point out that while a few members of Congress called for an ethics investigation into Sen. Franken, one was not conducted and he chose to resign his seat himself. The pressure may have come from members of his party or an outcry from his constituency as well as the media but he was not booted out by his peers.
I would also point out that the allegations made against Sen. Franken were not known at the time he was elected to office. The voters did not have an opportunity to make an informed decision. However, I would say the same thing regarding he or anyone else; if they have reformed their behavior and any offenses took place prior to them being elected to office, that I don’t think the Senate or the House of Representatives has a right to remove them for those actions. Certainly public pressure can be brought upon them to resign but it should be up to their constituents to make that decision, which they could ultimately make the next time he runs for reelection.
This is just another example of power protecting power. The party leaders on both sides of the aisle know that Judge Moore will support Pres. Trump’s policies and they cannot have another “renegade” in Congress. This would threaten their control over not only those bodies but the American citizens as well. That is all this is about, power. End of story.

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