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Sometimes you wonder what people in charge of organizations are thinking. The NCAA is probably one of those organizations that gets second-guessed more often than almost to the federal government. That’s how bad it is when the NCAA makes decisions. This week the University of Texas will travel to the University of Southern California for a football game. It is the first time the two teams have met since the 2006 national championship game which was won by Texas. However in the USC media guide for this weekend’s football game, the Trojans say their all-time record against the Longhorns is 4-0. Now everyone knows that USC lost that national championship game. So how can USC claim to be undefeated against Texas? In subsequent years the NCAA determined that USC had violated NCAA rules and ordered USC remove references to all games played in the 2005-6 season. So technically that game, that some call the greatest game ever, was never played according to the NCAA. I just don’t understand why all reference should be removed, why not just put an asterisk next to those games in the media guide with an explanation that the winds were vacated and do not count because of NCAA sanctions? But what do I know?

You just cannot make this stuff up. Jennifer Lawrence was being interviewed I suppose regarding something she’s doing with relief efforts in Florida. Whatever the reason for the interview, the subject of hurricane Irma did arise. She said America is being punished by Mother Nature for electing Donald Trump president. How stupid do you have to be? So if Mother Nature is truly punishing America for doing something “she” did not like, then what did Cuba do? What did all of those other islands in the Caribbean do wrong? And if Mother Nature has the ability to punish us for actions we take them where has she been while China puts more pollution into the atmosphere and all other countries combined?

CNN was interviewing the United States Senator, at least I think it was CNN I just caught the last part of the interview on the radio. But this Sen. was discussing how Irma not only changed its predicted path but also weekend by the time it hit the mainland United States. He said, “Mother Nature has a mind of her own.” Really? I thought we were the ones that control the climate? If it’s this fictional lady then why is she allowing all of this so-called climate change to occur? Maybe because she wants it to. Or maybe all of the predictions about where and how strong the hurricane would be are just more proof that we really don’t know anything about the weather and the climate. At least not enough to be able to accurately predict what is going to happen or to be able to actually influence what will happen.

People can talk all they want, but if you want to know what they really believe, their actions speak louder than their words. Just as someone what is more important, cancer research or a bag of potato chips. I would bet everyone that answers honestly will say cancer research. But annually we spend between six and $7 billion a year on potato chips and only $4.9 billion a year on cancer research. No wonder we are a fat ass country.

I was listening to a program in which a nutritionist, who was also a medical doctor, was discussing certain things. One of the topics had to do with vitamins and how supplements, whether in pill or liquid form, don’t really do anything for the body. Getting the vitamins you need is always better done by ingesting foods that have those vitamins naturally. He began talking about vitamin D and how we make it by absorbing UVB rays from the sun. But he pointed out that too much vitamin D can be bad for you and that is why the body tans when exposed to the sun. As the skin becomes darker, due to the increase in melatonin in the skin, in great part to block further absorption of UVB rays and the creation of vitamin D. Maybe we should be listening to our bodies much more than we do. Doctors say we have seen an increased occurrence of vitamin E toxicity over the last 20 to 25 years as people have become more likely to take supplements and to avoid being out in the sun.

I was watching a program on the Science Channel that was discussing Venus. The general consensus among many planetary scientists is that Venus is Earth’s twin. Venus is just much older than our planet. These scientists say that we will, someday, being just like Venus. In case you graduated from public school in the last 30 years, Venus is a hot volcanic mess. Now the scientists say that we will eventually be just like Venus because of the natural progression in the life of our planet. This is also due to the deterioration of our orbit around the sun and that in 1 billion years we will be in the position that Venus is in now. Maybe it will happen soon or maybe not but it certainly will not be happening in our lifetimes. But of course some people believe that we are changing the climate for the worse and maybe will be a hot volcanic mess in the next 20 years, kind of like Courtney love’s breakdown.


That’s cold; I love it!

Some people can get really creative when dealing with others, especially if the other person is douchebag.

A girl posted on her FB page that she just pretended to add her phone number to an obnoxious guy's cell phone. What she really did is edit his mom's contact information. Hope she likes receiving pics of her son's penis and 2 a.m. booty calls.

One girl posted on FB, glad I haven't been on FB much lately, too busy spending time with my babe and working hard. Her boss replied that she'd posted 11 times the day before, 13 times the day before that, and 11 times the day before that; all while she was at work. Oh it get's better; her supposed boyfriend posted that he hadn't seen her for two days because she said was wasn't feeling well.

A girl posted a picture of someone she said was her friend. The photo was of a woman who had shaved her head. The girl said screw cancer, like if you think my friend is beautiful and strong for beating this horrible disease. The woman in the photo replied that she didn't have cancer and had never met the girl posting the photo.

A guy posted a photo of an IV tube and needle inserted into his arm. He said, gotta love morphine. He even went on to say he hits a button and it gives him more of the drug and he was feeling no pain after having an emergency appendectomy. His sister posted that he was lying and he was actually on a saline drip because he'd had Montezuma's revenge for over a week and was dehydrated.

A blonde woman took one of those online quizzes that automatically posts your results to your FB page. This was an IQ test and she posted that she'd scored a 125 on her IQ test today; smiley face, smiley face. The photo showed her actual score; an 85. It's a good thing she has a large chest.

A girl posts that the music at the club is pumpin', drinks are flowin', she's been getting the VIP treatment since she walked through the door and that the other girls in the club are jealous because she looks so fine all the guys are drooling over her and ignoring them. Her roommate posts, WTF? You have been in your PJ's for the last 5 hours, sitting on the couch, drinking Natty Lite and watching Game of Thrones reruns. We just had a conversation about toilet paper. Maybe she got less than an 85 on her IQ test.

A girl posted on FB that her boss was always hitting on her at work and that she had just told him to stop it or she'd file a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Maybe she forgot she'd added her boss as a friend, not to mention some coworkers. They pointed out that she'd only be on the job for 2 days and failed to show up for her shift that day. The boss said he was going to give her a chance to explain but now... a story her coworkers backed up.

I guy posted that he'd just run into Harry Styles at a Detroit Tiger's game. He claimed that Harry had given him a $100 bill to buy 2 beers and told him to keep the change. Harry just so happens to be on FB and got a notification that he'd been tagged in the post. Harry posted Harry responded that he wasn't at the Tiger's game, in fact, One Direction was currently shooting a video in Europe. But it's a cool story bro.

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Liberals in another panic; because they just don’t know

the liberal mind is a unique organ in that hypocrisy and irony rule their thought processes. They just do not know it. We have given many examples over the years of how liberals will criticize conservative for doing the exact same thing that liberals do. And one of the other things that liberals are very good at is creating panic where none should exist. Once again that's because they want power not to change the world in a better way.

One of the things I said repeatedly during the tenure of Barack Obama was that he was in acting laws by using executive orders. He did not have the constitutional right to do so but remember he infamously said, if Congress doesn't act I have a pen and a phone, I will. I warned you liberals that this was the rule of man and not to the rule of law upon which our nation was founded. I pointed out that if a conservative were in power in doing the exact same thing you would be screaming bloody murder and here we are; but are we in the same place?

No we are not. The most recent uproar from the left side of the aisle is about Pres. Trump repealing Obama's executive order known as DACA. This is commonly known as the Dreamer's Act. Pres. Obama wanted to ensure that children who came here illegally to the United States through no fault of their own could stay and he wanted to reassure them that they would not be deported to a country they really did not know anything about. He could not get Congress to pass the provisions of the act that he wanted so he issued an executive order basically enacting legislation which is unconstitutional. For you recent public school graduates, all laws must first originate in and be passed by Congress and signed by the president of the United States. This prevents a single individual from having complete authority over our lives by enacting laws that he or she wanted to.

The law was originally designed to be a temporary order lasting about two years which Obama felt would give him time to get legislation through Congress to accomplish his goals. The executive order was challenged in the courts where the fifth District Court ruled against the Obama administration and the matter was headed towards the Supreme Court where it faced a likely loss. Again, not because of the content of the executive order but because it was unconstitutional. Executive orders originated as a way for the president to clarify how duly passed laws should be implemented. Remember, one of the president's duties is to implement duly passed laws on a daily basis. Because legislation can that anticipate all situations or does not clarify how the law should be implemented, that is the president's responsibility. But as time has gone on some presidents have used executive orders to basically bypass Congress, something that Obama was notorious for doing.

So Donald Trump issues in order telling the Justice Department and other agencies that DACA will no longer be effective or enforced. The reason he gave and the reason that Jeff sessions gave him his press conference was that the order was unconstitutional. Pres. Trump gave the agencies involved six months to begin winding down the program and to allow Congress to do their job. You need to know that the provisions in Obama's executive order or provisions that were rejected by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress when considering immigration reform. So all this rhetoric about Pres. Trump being bigoted or the Republicans being bigoted is a load of crap.

All of the panic about the so-called dreamers being rounded up and shipped out of the country is also a load of crap. Pres. Trump has issued no such order and has no such plans. He is trying to put pressure on Congress to pass immigration reform, specifically his proposed immigration reform plan. Included in that plan is a fast track to citizenship not only for dreamers but other illegal immigrants who can prove that they are contributing members of society. That is they have not committed any serious crimes, they have been employed or have been students while they been here, and so on. That legislation would not only build a wall but it would widen the door for other aliens to come here legally and make it easier for them.

So if you look at the facts, much of what Pres. Trump has proposed regarding illegal immigrants is exactly what the liberals have proposed. And if you sit back with an open mind you cannot come to the conclusion that Pres. Trump is trying to deport all of these children. But the liberal elite want control back so they will say anything including lying to accomplish that goal.

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It’s not Monday, but let’s act like it is

It's the first day of the work week so it doesn't matter if it's a Tuesday or not. I'd argue that going back to work on a Tuesday is harder than a regular Monday since we've been out camping, playing golf, drinking... you get the idea. Let's brighten your day a bit with some brutally honest answers wives gave to their husbands.

Today my husband asked what I wanted for Mother's Day; I said for him to give up his mistress. Ouch. He probably thought she didn't know so that could have been a double whammy.

Today I bought myself some flowers. When my cheating husband asked who'd sent them, I said a male co-worker after we'd gone to lunch. I can play with his heart too.

Was it wrong for me to laugh when my husband asked if he was still sexy? Oh no, he must have answered the "do these jeans make my butt look fat?" question incorrectly or honestly; same thing really.

My husband asked what I wanted for my birthday, which was in a few weeks. I said, a hotel room all to myself for the weekend. Maybe I could get some sleep for once.

Our 10th anniversary was approaching. He asked what I wanted; apparently "a divorce" wasn't the right answer. I wonder what she would have done if he said, "Perfect!"?

Hubby asked which one I'd chose, him or the cats. Wasn't even close.

We started swinging a few years ago. One night he asked if he was the best I'd ever had. Honesty is not always the best policy. But I did offer to give him a couple of tips.

Trying to be romantic on Valentine's he asked if I'd marry him all over again. I told him I never make the same mistake twice. Someone call the burn unit!

Husband asked me to stop flirting with other guys so much. Told him if he'd pay more attention to me I wouldn't have to flirt. Umm, maybe you need to pay more attention to him too lady.

My husband asked for a pie on his birthday; I hadn't offered anything so I wrote 3.14 on a piece of paper and put it on his plate.

My husband asked what I'd do without him; be happy again wasn't what he was looking for.

My husband asked for a sexy pic. I sent him a photo of a guy I work with. OMG!!!

My husband asked if I wanted to have kids. Who would be the father is what I responded.

My husband said if I was so miserable being married to him why don't I leave? Told him I'm waiting until he can afford a bigger alimony payment.

My husband asked why I didn't want to have sex with him. I said I would if he got a life size penis.

Ladies, you can be brutal, to say the least. I think we're going to have to find some brutally honest husband responses.

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No really, staaaappp!

Okay this is getting completely ridiculous now. ESPN announced that they were removing a play-by-play announcer from the Virginia football game that takes place in a couple of weeks. The only reason they are removing him is because of his name, Robert Lee. This Robert Lee is Asian. But because his name is so similar to the former Confederate General, Robert E Lee, they were worried that his name might cause problems. Initially this was reported in the press release from ESPN which made it sound like, that this was management's decision. As the decision has been ridiculed in the twitter world and other areas, ESPN has said that Robert Lee, the television announcer, approached them about the situation and they reached a mutual decision to reassign him.

This really has to stop. First of all it shows the ignorance of the masses in understanding what Robert E Lee stood for and what he stood against. I will say it again because some of you don't seem to get it, he was adamantly opposed to slavery and had spoken out against slavery before the war. He was also offered the commander in chief position of the Union Army because he was considered a brilliant military strategist and leader. But as was common in those days, people thought of themselves as citizens of their states probably more so than citizens of the United States. Robert E Lee declined the offer because his home state was seceding from the union and he owed loyalty to them. It also goes to show that the reasons for secession were multiple and slavery was a minor concern at the time.

So to say Robert E Lee's name is offensive because it represents slavery is absolutely wrong. The ignorance of people combined with their willingness to commit acts of violence as well as censorship by removing his statues and name and images, which will be shortly followed by removing him from history books, is leading to ridiculous actions like this.

And who is committing the violence? It was not the white supremacist or neo-Nazi group that demonstrated in Charlottesville a few weeks ago. It was the left wing, members of ANTIFA and/or Black Lives Matter. Why did they show up to demonstrate against the white supremacists carrying two by fours with nails embedded in them, covering their face with masks, wearing helmets to protect themselves, and apparently ready to commit violence? They even attacked people who were there spontaneously to demonstrate against the neo-Nazis but were not part of their group.

Quite simply people like George Soros are paying demonstrators to show up and commit acts of violence. To say that Robert Lee, the TV announcer, and ESPN were worried about white supremacists is wrong on their part. Their fear is misplaced. The white supremacists and neo-Nazis responded to being physically attacked by the counterdemonstrators. We have that on video as well as eyewitness reports from independent witnesses. We also have the history of groups like ANTIFA & BLM showing up in multiple places and committing acts of violence.

I heard someone say that white supremacist groups are becoming more active in America. That is not true. What is becoming more prevalent are the violent attacks and hateful rhetoric being spewed by left-wing groups. They show up everywhere ready to commit acts of violence and it's a rare occasion when they don't. Until we begin calling them out and demand that they be prosecuted along with people like George Soros who are paying them to engage in these violent acts it is only going to get worse. We have to demand that our political leaders, along with their friends in the media, open their eyes and tell it like it is. And if they don't we need to vote them out of office or quit buying their papers or watching their news broadcasts so that they lose and revenue. We have the power we just haven't been using it now we find ourselves in this situation.


Just Stop Already!!!

I was listening to the Ryen Russillo podcast on Friday show during which he was joined by Ellie as cohost. This was the first time I had heard as a cohost of radio shows but she has been around ESPN in various capacities for a while. For the purposes of this post, it is important to note that she is a black woman, which she said she is reminded of every day in both a good way and a bad way. Maybe we’ll get to that part later but this is more about symbolism and as she and Ryan put it, “optics”.

Over the last couple of years ESPN has done what they call a fantasy football marathon. On both television and radio they go for 28 straight hours with various shows talking about players and their impact in various fantasy football leagues, how to run a league, etc. This year’s show included a fantasy football auction during which participants were given a pool of money and could bid upon football players to add to their team. Now this differs from most fantasy leagues in which you have a draft of some type but similar to what the NFL has for the real NFL league.

A very vocal minority was upset about the player auction, which by the way in golf we call it a Calcutta, because they said the optics made it look like a slave auction. Yes, the majority of players in the NFL are black but every player in the NFL was available to be auctioned. I don’t know the exact workings of this auction and how they decided what players to put up for bid but I’m assuming they took the top players in each positional category and the participants had to decide how much they were going to spend on the player if they wanted to get them on their team.

So now people are upset and ESPN has apologized for holding what appeared to be a slave auction even though there were white players auctioned as well as players of other ethnicities. But of course the optics or the way it looked is what’s more important to those who are complaining and not going deeper than the surface to see whether or not that was the intent of the organizers and making a decision about whether this should be offensive or not.

Now Ryan Russillo try to dance around and say he thought people were overreacting by he didn’t want to offend anyone so if he was trying to say that people were overreacting it didn’t come across very clearly. And he admitted that is difficult for him as a white male to understand how people could be offended and to empathize with them. Once again it’s bunch of bull crap that means we cannot learn about things in this world that we have not experienced. But Ellie said that it was a fail by ESPN and she understands how so many people compare this to a slave auction. I guess the players put up for bid were enslaved, showed up in chains maybe or were on the auction block against their will not having chosen to play football.

But Ellie took this in a couple of different directions including saying the combine that the NFL holds every year where they put players to mental and physical tests to help rate their future success in the NFL could also be seen as having ties to slavery. Many positions in the NFL require a high level of athletic ability which can be demonstrated in some part to the physical testing the players endure at the NFL combine, where they engage in things like speed tests, strength tests etc. There are also mental tests and interviews that they participate in, which I don’t think ever occurred in a slave auction. But because the majority of players are black, Ellie and others have said this could be reminiscent of what happened at slave auctions 200 years ago.

Ellie also said that she grew up in Georgia and she knew it someone had a Confederate flag sign in their yard or on a flagpole in their yard, she knew that that person did not want her there. Really? Because the Confederate flag did not stand for slavery when it was used it has been turned into that by ignorant people who have no clue as to what the Civil War was originally fought over. Many people use that Confederate flag similar to the “don’t tread on me” revolutionary flag to say they are rising up against governmental tyranny. Many people do not even associate that flag with promoting bigotry, discrimination, or slavery.

But I have a very strong feeling based upon other comments she made that she supported Hillary Clinton in the last election. While Hillary Clinton had a campaign button with her logo on it but the background was a Confederate battle flag. Does that mean that Hillary is racist or bigoted and doesn’t want people like Ellie around? Well if Ellie is going to be honest intellectually, then she has to say the same thing about Hillary Clinton. She won’t of course because Hillary is a Democrat and one of the most liberal areas. Remember she was married to the “first black president”. Who by the way also had a similar campaign button in 1992.

They then turned the conversation to a street in Boston named Yawkey Way. The street is named after former Boston Red Sox team owner Thomas Yawkey there is quite a bit of controversy right now over the naming of the street and an effort to change it because Thomas was a racist. Now I don’t know if he ever espoused racist viewpoints are supported racist policies but I understand he refused as long as he could to higher black players for the Boston Red Sox. Boston does have a reputation for being a racist community and maybe he was making a business decision not wanting to upset his loyal fans or maybe he agreed with them.

But the fact is that he did a lot of good in Boston and was apparently a very charitable man. I understand he was involved in a lot of community organizations, donated to hospitals and other charities, and so on. But a group of people wants to rename the street that is named after him because of his racist views. Once again they are ignoring probably 90% of what the man did and focusing upon the 10%. Certainly if he was actively or even in actively racist that is not a good thing and people should know that. But life is not simple nor is a black and white. It is gray. We cannot throw out the baby with the bathwater and remove all things that might be offensive even if they are true.

But back to Ellie and her comments regarding Thomas Yawkey. She said she is more offended by the Confederate flag because to keep her down because of her race and it directly affects her. She is not as offended by the street name because that does not directly affect her. Isn't it kind of odd for a liberal to say they can put their nose in somebody else’s business? That's what liberals do all the time. But in this case shouldn't she speak out against racism, if she believes Thomas Yawkey was racist? I think that's the right thing to do. But again liberals do not have principles, at least not in the way most of us do. It depends upon the situation whether or not they agree or disagree with a specific behavior.

Quite simply the furor over the NFL auction conducted on ESPN or the street name in Boston or the Confederate battle flag being displayed are all overreactions by people who represent the minority of Americans who are easily offended by things they don't understand. They have a victim mentality and want to cry Wolf every opportunity they get and destroy other people that they do not like. There are much more serious and real problems in this world that might get solved if these professional victims and agitators spend all of that effort trying to solve the real problems of the world.


Random thoughts and quick hits

the Democrats and liberals have become so wound up in identity politics, which is their formula for keeping them in power, that they don't know anything else. That's why they haven't really had a message about how to improve the economy, international relations, any problem is faced assassination for 40 years. But you know the one biggest problem with identity politics we can never be united again as long as that is the primary motivator for our politicians. Because the inherent message in identity politics is that if my group get something then your group doesn't or vice versa. It's as if there is a finite amount of opportunity or wealth or anything else and that my group must get it in order to keep your group from taking it away from me. Until we go back to identifying ourselves as Americans, were going to have the strife that we are seeing now in America.

Kind of along the same lines is that we are often told at least we white males are often told, that we can't understand the plight of any minority. Whether that be an ethnic minority women, whatever the identified group is, we can't understand their plight. The inference is that we are the root cause of all problems facing any demographic group in America. But it goes deeper than that. By saying that, for example, I cannot understand the plight of black men in America, you are saying that I do not have the ability to learn. I don't have the ability to observe, to read, to listen and to use consequential thinking skills to be able to understand the plight of any downtrodden individual or group. That is completely incorrect. We all have the ability to learn. We may not be able to feel the way they feel because of the experiences they've had but we can come darn close. Yet, while the liberals tell me that I can't understand their plight, they can tell me they understand everything that motivates me, everything that I feel, everything that I think, etc. So how does that work?

Marshawn Lynch, the current running back for the Oakland Raiders said he will not stand during the national anthem at NFL football games. He said one of the main reasons he will not stand is because of America's past transgressions when it comes to race relations and his inability to forgive and forget. So I guess his ability to look at history and see how we have improved, even though there is more improvement to be made, and his ability to forgive is nonexistent. I'm not asking him to forget what has occurred in America but and asking him to think about all of the products we may ask how much more needs to be made in other parts of the world. I'm asking him to look at history and see that it was not just white men that participated in the slave trade. Is he unwilling to forgive his black ancestors in Africa that sold the slaves to white European males? Is he unwilling to forgive the Muslims who enslaved people of all ethnicities, religions, etc.? Or does he even know about the full history of slavery in this world? Maybe not because the left wing is trying to erase all offensive history.

Nick Robertson, a reporter for CNN, said that Bowl Cut Jr. of North Korea will not enter into any agreement with the United States because he doesn't trust us after what we did to Mohamer Qaddafi of Libya. In Robertson's opinion Kin Yung Un believes that Qaddafi did everything the United States asked yet we still had him killed. Or in the alternative he was killed by his own people and we stood by and watched not living up to the perception that we were going to protect him. So North Korea won't give up their weapons and become peaceful because he believes that we will allow at the very least his people to rise up and overthrow him. He enjoys a very lavish lifestyle and doesn't want to give it up. But you're also assuming that Bowl Cut Jr. thinks rationally. We have practice a policy of appeasement for 25 years and North Korea has never lived up to their end of the agreements. The ultimate endgame has to be to remove the dictator from power in North Korea. Because as long as he lives there and has complete control over his people they will never rise up. The difference between North Korea and Libya, the biggest difference, is that the people of Libya had contact with the outside world the people of North Korea have very little idea what the rest of the world is like and don't know anything about freedom. Besides, Kim could take his wealth and find refuge in another country and let the lifestyle he wants. It's been done before Nick, check your history.


The NFL pundits just can’t get it right

whether it is truly deserved or not the NFL has an image problem when it comes to the way they discipline their players for violation of legal rules. Remember a few years ago when Ray Rice was caught on a hotel security camera knocking out his girlfriend and dragging her by the hair into an elevator? The NFL issued I think a three-game suspension and they were excoriated for not being tough enough on Ray Rice. There were a couple of other subsequent instances regarding domestic abuse that the league was criticized for not being tough enough. Now Ezekial Elliot, the running back for the Dallas Cowboys has been suspended for six games after allegedly being involved in a domestic violence situation prior to becoming an NFL player. And while there is a line of support for the six-game suspension there is also a lot of criticism of the NFL and their handling of the situation.

the supporters of Elliott are saying that he was not charged criminally for any of the incidents that his former girlfriend alleged occurred because the district attorney said that was not enough evidence and it may have been that she fabricated some of the alleged violent meetings. Many are saying that because Elliott was not charged criminally he should not be punished by the NFL. Others are criticizing the NFL for taking a year to investigate the situation before handing out punishment.

Let's make sure we understand a couple of things, the NFL was criticized for rushing to judgment in the Ray Rice situation and other disciplinary hearings. So for them to take a year, which might be on its surface an excessive amount of time, they were trying to be thorough and had to do a deeper investigation because the police and district attorney dropped their investigations apparently and wouldn't share information with the NFL either. And how quickly do people really get to trial in a criminal case? Not very quickly at all; it's not unusual to have a case schedule more than a year after an arrest.

let's also not forget that often in domestic violence situations the victim refuses to cooperate in the criminal investigation which makes the prosecutor's job almost impossible. If there is not independent verifiable and documentable evidence such as videotape then there's almost no way you can prosecute someone successfully when it's a he/she said situation. The credibility of the alleged victim in this case was easily called into question and so the prosecutor decides that it's not likely he will get a verdict in his favor so decides not to pursue the case.

The standard of proof in order to be successful in a civil case or matter, which is what the NFL is dealing with is much lower than that of a criminal case. Look at what happened to O.J. Simpson, he was cleared of charges in the criminal case but found guilty unanimously in the civil case brought by his ex-wife's family. And let's not forget that the NFL is a private business and has the right to hold their employees to a specific standard of behavior in the right to meet out punishment as they see fit. The players union gave the NFL front office staff the ability to be the sole determining of punishment if a player violates league rules.

The NFL has to make money and if they become seen as a Lee that is full of bugs, wife beaters, drug addicts, murderers etc. then they are going to lose viewers and sponsors just like the NBA did 20 years ago. Whether you agree with the punishment meted out Elliott, it doesn't really matter because the NFL has the right to do that.

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Let me get this straight…

the current atmosphere in America is vitriolic and divisive. Much of that is due to ignorance and I will point that finger directly at many on the left side of the aisle. I will also point to those entrenched in the power structure who use issues like race to divide us and put themselves in power or keep themselves in power. I think what has happened over the weekend in response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia is representative of what's going on in our country right now.

a neo-Nazi group holds a demonstration in support of their beliefs which the vast majority of people in America regardless of their ethnicity disagree with and find abhorrent. David Duke, one of the leaders of this group, says that he supports Donald Trump and they like much of what Trump is doing. So immediately the powerbrokers and the liberals jump on that and say Donald Trump is a racist bigot who agrees with a bunch of Nazis. It doesn't matter that Donald Trump has come up before and came out again and said in no uncertain terms that he does not support their agenda or their belief system. He has done nothing in his private life as far as his actions to stop give anyone legitimate reason to believe that he's some type of white supremacist. But true to the liberal way of doing things they throw that out there as if it's a fact and a lot of people who are ignorant believe it.

Then that belief or that "fact" is taken to the next level where anyone who supports Donald Trump or voted for Donald Trump must agree with the Nazis as well. Then the left wing, a minority groups such as the race baiters in Black Lives Matter says that the Nazis viewpoints are representative of mainstream white America. This is the type of blanket racist statement that takes away from the real issues that need to be discussed. I've said it before and I'll say it again there is racism in America but is not institutionalized in the way that the left wing claims it is. Our government gives preferential treatment to minority groups and against white men primarily. That in and of itself meets the definition of racism but it's legalized racism against white men. We have given these groups of neo-Nazis and white supremacists a reason to say that America is racist against them.

And of course as has happened so many times over the last year the left wing protesters become violent first. They are the ones that began throwing bottles and rocks at the demonstrators who have a legal right to be there and express their views. That's no different than any other group irregardless of their beliefs. They have a right to free speech and while many of us, most of us for that matter, disagree with what they were saying we will defend their right to congregate and say it. It doesn't mean that we agree with them. What it does mean is that we hold our individual rights dear and realize that these extend to all citizens of the United States.

Now this idiot that takes his car and drives into a group of protesters injuring several and killing one, is just that, an idiot. But what is definitely interesting is that it appears based upon some of his social media posts and other records that he supported Hillary Clinton in the campaign and is very much anti-Donald Trump. Now that may be proven to be in accurate later but right now that's what it appears like. So it makes me wonder if he was even one of the neo-Nazis at all. Maybe he had a different agenda and thought he was running into some of the neo-Nazis rather than the protesters. But the simple fact is this, the vast majority of people in this country do not agree with what he did in any way shape or form no matter what his beliefs were. Yet the left wing is there to tell you that he represents mainstream America.

I find it quite interesting that the people who are calling all white Americans racist, bigots, and supporters of white supremacy and especially calling Donald Trump all of those things because this group supports him are the same ones who failed to call out Barack Obama. That Donald Trump has never made a statement supporting any white supremacist group whatsoever. He has made a number of statements condemning them in their beliefs. However Barack Obama said on several occasions that he supports Louis Farrakhan and the nation of Islam and believes that they have some good ideas that need to be discussed in America. The nation of Islam is a racist group that espouses many beliefs similar to a white supremacist group only they call for black segregation and supremacy. On their webpage in there's statement of what they believe they say that Blacks and whites cannot get along together and should live in separate nations.

There are some simple truths that people are ignoring: if someone says they support me it does not automatically mean that I support them and that extends to our politicians and everyone else equally; neo-Nazis, Nation of Islam, Black lives matter, the new Black Panthers, white separatists, any of these groups that base their belief system upon racism and bigotry do not represent the majority of people in America or the principles upon which this nation was founded; I can support someone with whom I disagree on some issues, it doesn't mean that I agree with them on everything; Finally and most importantly we can and should disagree with each other in a civil manner without calling each other names or engaging in violence.

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Every now and then a liberal gets it right

As many of you know from these columns or the radio show, I spend a lot of time listening to ESPN radio. I believe that a large portion of ESPN's money problems are due to the increasing inclusion of political talk into the sports shows. Don't get me wrong, there are times when sports have been catalysts for change in society and there are political and societal issues cross over into sports. But at its core, sports is entertainment for the vast majority of the fan base and they use it as an escape from the rest of the world. When their escape becomes too much like the rest of their world, they'll go find something else to watch.

Colin Kaepernick is one of those issues that, at first, may have been something that most people could have used to stimulate discussion about larger, societal issues regarding race relations and police brutality. But because of what I'll call his inability to articulate just what he was protesting, he did not become an icon of change for most Americans, including a large portion of the African American community.

Will Cain is a relatively new host on ESPN radio. I believe he's on a regular show weekend mornings or maybe just Sunday morning and is a frequent fill in host for weekday shows when the regular host is gone. I have listened to him enough to know that he's very into political issues and is a liberal. You can imagine that I don't see eye to eye with him very often but on this day I have to give him credit for understanding the anger most Americans have with Kaepernick's actions.

Cain said that while many Americans did not and would not like Kaepernick taking a knee during the National Anthem, they would have shown more tolerance towards him if he'd been able to articulate a valid reason for his protest. But Kaepernick, like many liberals, spoke in broad generalities saying things like America is a racist country; police are targeting and killing minorities, and blacks are treated as 2nd class citizens in America.

Cain opines that Kaepernick would have garnered more support both inside and outside of football and have suffered less vitriolic criticism if he'd been more specific in expressing his concerns. Pointing out statistics or specific areas where there are problems rather than painting us all as bigots for example. For once a liberal gets it; no one of significance denies that there is racism in America; no one denies that some cops are racist or overly violent; but America itself is not racist, our policies are not racist, cops don't deliberately, as a force, target anyone for arrests. Race is a sensitive issue even under the best of circumstances and when you try to paint an entire demographic as racist or bigoted or anti-anything, then you lose the support of the majority. And that solves nothing.

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